Philly Fed 'Hope' Plunges To 2 Year Lows As Prices Signal Margin Collapse

While the Philly Fed's headline sentiment indicator jumped from 19.9 to 25.7 (above the 21.5 expectations), it is what's under the covers that it most interesting.

1. Hope is fading fast... (Philly Fed 'Business Expectations plunged to their lowest since March 2016)


2. Orders up, Staff down?... (New Orders rebounded but the number of employees dropped to lowest since Sept 2017)


3. Margin Compression looms... (Prices Received - Prices Paid is collapsing as the inability to pass on higher input costs to a cash-strapped consumer is crushing margins)


But apart from that, everything is awesome.





MuffDiver69 Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

Actually a good report for that FED....Yeah...after a huge tax cut for business I’m sure they are disappointed they can’t keep all that extra cash as input prices rise..they were “hoping” the cheap shit would keep flowing...

gdpetti MuffDiver69 Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:55 Permalink

Most of those execs don't plan on staying around much longer... unless they are complete idiots or psychos or both... as their OWO is being taken down in favor for the NWO... which will be built on the ashes/corpses of the OWO... and these data analysis reports can be used in that manner by simply showing/telling the truth... if and when it helps sell their agenda... 'out with the OWO, in with the NWO'... expose the OWO for being totally corrupt... isn't the whole RUssia, RUssia, Russia meme doing just that? showing the entire establishment as inept, corrupt, insane etc? Most Repubs are rather quiet, except psycho McCain of course and his psycho tools, as most of them are establishment but their role is fake opposition, so it their role has been sidelined in favor of libtard progammed self-destruction... isn't that obvious?

Not IF  but WHEN... when will the SG order their puppets to pull the rug? just staying the course will do that... .as rates rise alongside debt.... the can getting crushed against the wall of reality... how much longer has always been the question.... most of us didn't think things would go to this level of excess, but none in the OWO want the gravy train to end, so they stay the course, go along and do the same, over and over... .BTFD!.... but they fail to realize that the 'smart' money is exitting the game... as the markets won't be needed in the NWO, and neither will 'competition', nor the establishment... so like most workers whose jobs are being outsourced, these banksters, politicians, media porn stars etc are being tasked with their own elimination.... perfect ,no?

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