Putin Slams "Pathetic Cabal" Undermining Russian-American Relations In 'Off-Script' Remarks

After the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit sent the 'Russiagate' McCarthyite commentariat into overdrive this week, Russian President Putin directly addressed the current climate of fevered and fear-driven Western media panic in what he introduced as "off-script" and "personal remarks" at an official event in Moscow. 

As we noted on the heels of Monday's events, it’s become clear that U.S. politics is reaching a breaking point as the level of hysteria over Donald Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin is wholly disproportionate to what actually occurred.

And now Time magazine has unveiled its new cover which involves Trump and Putin morphed into the same person, and CNN is already gushing

In it, Trump's distinctive blonde hair, wispy eyebrows and pursed lips merge with Putin's nose and blue eyes. The stunning photo illustration, by visual artist Nancy Burson, "is meant to represent this particular moment in US foreign policy, following the pair's recent meeting in Helsinki, Finland," Time said in a statement.

Meanwhile, as Al Masdar News reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin went “off-script” while addressing a meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives of the Russian Federation at the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Moscow on Thursday, severely criticizing an "anti-Russian cabal" in the United States seeking to undermine Russian-American relations at their own expense.

“Going off script and speaking personally, I’d like to say a few words,” the Russian president said.

"We see that there are forces in the US which are prepared at the drop of a hat to sacrifice Russian-American relations for the sake of their internal political ambitions in America,” he said.

“They are prepared to sacrifice the interests of their own businesses” and “the interests of their allies in Europe and the Middle East,” as well as “their own national security,” Putin said.

“These people are neither despicable or pathetic,” he said referring to famous Russian satirists of the past. “The opposite, they are quite powerful and strong of they can peddle, sorry for my expression, various hard to swallow stories to millions of people,” he concluded.

During his speech, Putin also stressed the need to “develop relations with the European Union” despite current political tensions. He also said that any country looking to try and include Ukraine or Georgia in the NATO sphere of influence “should think of the possible consequences of this irresponsible policy” because Russia would “respond in kind to any aggressive steps that directly threaten Russian.”

The speech comes days after Putin and US President Donald Trump held bilateral talks in Helsinki. Trump has faced harsh criticism back home after appearing to side with Russia instead of the FBI over Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections.



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if russians really are going around trying to poison people who stand in their way, please explain to me how soros is still breathing? him and his goon pals are responsible for almost a decade of sanctions, many billions of dollars worth of economic damage to russia and it's corporations. yet he's still up and about

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DingleBarryObummer GunnyG Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:02 Permalink

For Putin to even address this is undignified and gives it undue credence.  He should not tap dance in response to every hysterical piece of rhetoric coming from left politicians and MSM (and paid internet troll shills [looks around supiciously]).

Ignore them like a crying whining child.  They will eventually realize they are wasting their energy and quiet down. 

they are quite powerful and strong if they can, excuse my crudeness, force-feed millions of their people various stories that are hard to digest in normal logic."

The average democrat voter is concerned about work, their bunions, getting suzy to gymnastics on time, taking a bike ride.  As Trump himself said, Russia is a competitor and that's probably how they view them.  They don't want their sons and daughters to go to war and die over hillary clinton

Edit: Just a thought... If you get in a car accident there's a decent chance the M.D. who pieces you back together could be a democrat voter (specially if you live in a city).  I'm not excusing voting democrat (because it's inexcusable), I'm just saying it because it's true.  When your leg is dangling like a limp noodle you are not going to care about partisan political theater B.S. - LOL - "You voted Hillary?  NO!  LET MY LEG DANGLE THERE LIKE THAT.  I'D RATHER BE A GIMP THEN LET A HILLARY VOTER FIX MY LEG!"

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Of course, the more Trump lashes out, the more the media covers him lashing out. And around and around we go...

Of course, Trump is the world's largest troll and he wants them to lash out.  Notice how many people talked the deep state stepping forward to take over after the Trump-Putin news conference.  They're outing themselves.

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slightly OT

On the other thread ZH user janus linked youtube video (presumably) to: "The Magnitsky Act - Behind the Scenes" (by Andrei Nekrasov) which has been deleted from youtube and which many ZHers replied asking for alternative links. It is available on bitchute, which I've also linked on the other thread.

Here is the link:



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"I’d like to say a few words,” the Russian president said.

"We see that there are forces in the US which are prepared at the drop of a hat to sacrifice Russian-American relations for the sake of their internal political ambitions in America,” he said.

Putin full well knows the "forces" are and always have been the rabid warmongering jew supremacists !

(((They))) are the evil force that cause by far the large majority of all mayhem, physical, psychological & economic TERRORISM throughout the entire world.

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power no matter how small- NOW! 

"In 19AD the jews were expelled for the second time from Rome. This time by means of a Senatus Consultum, Emperor Tiberius expelled 4000 jews, who had been involved in various scandals, but none of these expulsions were properly enforced and the jews who continued to be present in particular as usurers, would play a significant role in the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire."


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Would the "cabal" by any chance have to do with Israhell? It was rather odd that the summit highlighted and was heavily emphasized on Israhell security instead of perhaps... peace in the Middle East, for instance.


Here, Putin is hinting at it without actually saying it.

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WillyGroper JSBach1 Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:57 Permalink

thanks johann!...i missed that.

there's always a more nefarious angle.

laughed my head off at a post yesterday on the hangings of spade/bourdain & their theory of the breakup of the family...just 1 problem.  how does one manage to hang themselves from a door knob?

you have someone hold their feet w/the body elevated off the ground.



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janus JSBach1 Thu, 07/19/2018 - 17:20 Permalink

Thanks for posting this, JSBach1.  Although I knew it was being scrubbed, I assumed i'd still have time to download after watching...not so.  this documentary is one of the most powerful things i've seen in years.

Browder is as slimy as they come.  If ZHealots take the time to watch (and I HIGHLY recommend you all do), you will see that the magintsky narrative was fabricated whole-cloth.  Almost nothing browder says is true.  And though the film's producer doesn't make the specific assertion, he walks you right up to an inescapable conclusion, to wit: browder had magintsky and four others killed to cover up a MASSIVE theft and corruption scheme.  basically, browder orchestrated a plan to defraud the russian government of 250 million in taxes, sell several companies, liquidate the assets of these companies and move them about in a typical kike shell game.  to cover his tracks, browder invents a story about a cop who steals company documents and has those companies transferred to his cronies (the cronies were actually browder's functionaires, whom he later killed in the coverup).  

and then, as if murder, fraud, tax evasion and theft weren't enough, we see the type of temerity unique to kikery.  i mean, why murder and steal and let it be when you can leverage your crimes to gobsmakcing proportions?  obviously not satisfied with the blood of innocents, a billion plus in corruption and theft, the slander of police officers and a slew of ruined lives when they can parlay all this into a geo-political crisis?  if you're a kike, it's a matter of course.  so, browder -- a made man in the kike mafia -- sets the gears of kikery in motion.  marshaling all their power in the US Congress, our representatives are convinced to enact groundbreaking legislation abrogating Russia's sovereignty, passing the Magintsky Act and in turn pushing the world to the brink of WWIII.  i do not exaggerate.  the fraud and the subsequent legislation covering the fraud (and murders) constitute an act of war...and i promise you, had such a thing happened on these shores, whatever nation was guilty would be undergoing regieme change right now.

we are looking at nothing short of a modern Dreyfus affair.  this mess will be the catalyst for the West once again alerting to the JQ...it's that big.

mark my words.

what else could we expect from the grandson of the communist party usa's founder?  what else can we expect from the self-same people who butchered the Romanovs, a third of Christian Russia and who're matriculated in a culture of corruption...cuz muh anti-semitism.  it's well-past time kikes grow up and stop blaming others.  their reputation is well-warranted; their expulsion from every country in which they've lived is justified; and their refusal to abandon perfidy and mendacity as a way of life is suitable cause for a reevaluation of our relationship with them.

i expect nothing less than full disclosure on this matter and significant contrition and pertinence from our state within a state -- international jewry.  you've gone WAY too far this time.  pushing us to war with Russia so you can go on pilfering nations and bring the world to ruin so that you may crow atop the dung heap?  did you really think you'd get away with it?

no, our enemy is not Russia.  Our enemy is not China.  Our enemy is not an ideology.  Our enemy is in our midst.  They hate us and seek our destruction.


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I actually replied to your other reply on that very thread in order to ask if you could confirm that this was in fact the video which you've originally referenced; and now you did, thanks!  We all have to work together to unravel these nefarious schemes that are corrupting and poisoning our institutions and the populace at large. Spread this video around...


BTW, another ZH'er made a very interesting point on his/her reply to me on another thread:


corsair  JSBach1 Thu, 07/19/2018 - 16:04 Permalink

Putin never really expected to be given access to McFaul and Browder (he is not stupid). What he wanted was for McFaul and Browder story to hit the headlines, so that American population gets a glimps at what real meddling looks like.

And that is exactly what he got.


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flapdoodle JSBach1 Fri, 07/20/2018 - 12:18 Permalink

Thanks again JS for the video. Its starts out with Browder's narrative so I wondered if the CIA had switched videos! But then it gets interesting, and more interesting and builds one hell of a case that Browder (likely with Clinton's help) not only swindled Russia but had the US Congressional lackeys like McCain run cover for the swindle.

The Magnitsky act banning one of the Russian investigators (NOT one of the police accused of stealing the Hermitage documents and arresting Magnitsky) into this swindle from traveling to the US was a Kafka-style touch of course.

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Chupacabra-322 Free This Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:35 Permalink

@ Free,

Patience is virtue my friend.

Watching the Veil being torn off the faces of these Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious ZioNeoConFascist Globalist’s is very Gratifying.

Literally hundreds of not thousands of years of Globalist NWO Central Planning & Preparation blown to smithereens right before our very eyes.

Epic Times. 

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Dickweed Wang Gaius Frakkin'… Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

Bill Browder here we come.


For the good of the world that motherfucker Browder needs be hunted down and shot . . . with extreme prejudice.  Add Soros to that list also. It should tell everyone a lot about the MSM when they have Browder on as some kind of expert or pundit.  The man is a piece of shit in human form.

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SybilDefense August Thu, 07/19/2018 - 20:38 Permalink

And no questions about his $400M gift to Hillary, or how his buddy Soros is doing.

If you get that close, just shoot damn it.

Invite all these bastard to a Podesta Pizza party, but give them a surprise lead pepperoni slug when they walk into the love room.  Our country will MaGA by dropping one pedo at a time. 

Night of 1000 hold the anchovies.

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caconhma Gaius Frakkin'… Thu, 07/19/2018 - 14:52 Permalink

Putin is a total POS. Just look at Kim. Nobody dares to make him upset.

As for Putin, he could retaliate against NATO countries sanctions. He could stop selling:

  • Oil and gas to EU members
  • And stop delivery of already sold rocket engines to Lockheed and Boeing with NASA saying goodbye to the International Space Station and God knows who would launch US military and commercial satellites (maybe China or India or even North Korea?)
  • Metals like titanium to NATO members. Say goodbye US military planes F-22, F-35, F-18 etc., engines as well and hypervelocity programs, etc.,

Why didn't Putin do it? Because he is a CIA asset! It is that simple.

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