Republicans 'Overwhelmingly' Approve Of Trump's Helsinki Performance, Poll Shows

Republicans who criticize President Trump often drop their objections pretty quickly in the face of public backlash. And while the outrage over President Trump's performance in Helsinki was louder than the typical Trump administration controversy, Republicans appear to have already fallen in line behind the leader of their party.

And if there were any doubt left as to why (poll after poll shows that President Trump remains overwhelmingly popular among Republicans and his support has been climbing among independents), a recent Axios/SurveyMonkey survey once again affirmed that Trump's supporters have his back, come hell or high water.


As the graphic below shows, Republicans overwhelmingly approved of President Trump's performance in Helsinki: 79% "totally approve" of Trump's performance, and apparently haven't been persuaded by James Comey and his ilk's cries that Trump elevated a Russian President over Trump's own intelligence agencies.

This is in keeping with polling showing that a similarly wide majority of Republicans view the issue of Russian election interference as a distraction (while the vast majority of Dems see it as a serious issue). Earlier, we pointed out that a recent Gallup poll showed only 1% of Americans see the "Russia problem" as the biggest issue facing the US.


According to Axios, this poll is a clear foreshadowing of the national drama that could unfold after the midterms, as some elements within the Republican party will inevitably search for a third candidate to challenge the president. That effort is almost certainly bound to fail, as Trump's grip on the party remains unassailable. And that probably won't change, even if Trump were to shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, as he famously boasted during the campaign.


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for posterity

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Tea party? Lol.

All Boomers must die in glorious Boomer Holocaust, because they are agents of Zion.


You are a faggot! You would not know a real man if he slapped your lips off! Zion my ass, son!

What is that pixie dust icon you got there anyway, gay boy?

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you guys downvote MoreSun, but what he's saying is somewhat valid.  janus has himself been subject to a slew of tacit death-threats in the past two weeks.  it does spook's supposed to.  the man of courage takes it all into consideration, balances fear against fortitude, and presses right ahead -- making sure at all times that the stand one is making is principled.  

having had a lot of experience with bullies, they all share one common trait: the bullying is a compensation for cowardice.  once the bully is confronted and you stand there unflinching, you can expect to see them scurry.

we are going to transmute this russiaphobia into something else.  they are trying to focus on Putin, we will deflect to browder.  

it seems to me that the director of the FBI may be covering for bill browder...i certainly hope this isn't the case...and i doubt Trey Gowdy would be so craven.

okay, Director Wray, let's say the interview with the ambassador is off the table (but, puleeze, we know how little deep state thinks of ambassadors...we haven't forgotten Amb. Stevens, btw) for now.  Why not give the investigators access to bill browder, son of the communist party USA's founder?  after all, if he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to fear -- that's the justification you use for mass surveillance...isnt' it?

love the comment about the stuff of which your spine is composed -- plays great in fly-over country...but at present, i'm more interested in the mettle of your soul.  what side are you on?  deep state or The People?  it's an either or propostion; inasumch as the one is clearly at enmity with the other.

it's like this:  bill browder goes down or we take this shit to the mat.

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Agreed, plus, it is impossible to know what the real DJT thoughts are.  He may well have seen himself getting a little too far over his skies, and decided to do a little back-filling for the plebs.  Just keep watching what he does. 


He hit the non-Feredral Federal Reserve today...and I doubt if they want a lot of media attention to their charter,  With that, I see the strategy as setting THEM up for crashing the economy, not Trump.  Anyone who thinks Trump is a moron, is a moron.

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Trump is a wrecking ball to the left. He will walk back a statement or do something to feed the talking heads and while they are gloating and patting each other on the back whoops there goes another crappy Obama monstrosity. He knows exactly where their jelly spot is and he hits it every time.

It is not about what you talk about, it is all about what you do. Trump has the biggest stick on the playground and boy, does he know how to swing it!

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janus...I am willing to work with ANYONE! I don't make broad stroke generalizations about anyone!

moresun - tells us that the holocaust is a hoax - and I refute that with my whole heart.

My uncle fought from Normandy to the Elbe - he wrote home about those death/work camps, describing the piles of dead bodies, the furnaces with skulls in them, and all the rest.

He then calls me a jew - if he said that to my face I would fucking rip his fucking face off! He is calling my uncle a liar, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his, yours and my LIBERTY! He spits on his grave and for that I would...I will not go there!

That mutherfucker and anyone who thinks that way owes me and everyone else on this board a GD apology! Otherwise FUCK HIM and the horse he wrote in on!

I believe my DEAD uncle over that horses ass shit of revisionist history! Got that? I hope so!


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The down votes, It's mostly the jew supremacists & jew enablers that come out after 3 p.m. eastern time everyday.

And "freethisjew" just above is part of the jew clan that trots out his fake uncle stories that all jews are trained to inflexivly do. That's the only way they can keep the whole holohoax falsity alive is to hand the baton off to the next generation of jew supremacist hoaxsters. These lies of theirs has been proven in courts of law to be false over and over again. Until the jew supremacists were able to pass laws which stated "TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE". These are wicked, wicked people, that care not for any but their own. 

Also it may be some of those like many that voted for Trump which of course we were of, and are not appreciating our pointing out the obvious; but we have noted his serious penchant for caving and bidding for the jew supremacists.

His number one promise was "I will Build The Wall" he has not performed on that #1 promise, and it is one of the jew supremacists prime objectives to maintain open borders for all western countries. So, it is no surprise that he has not made much headway in that area.

Also, Freethis's tactics are to scream about globalists, commies, russians, leftists, progressives etc, in other words generalizations of a un-named faceless boogeyman. Never really naming the enemy-they are trained to do just that-Obfuscation/Distraction is the goal, keep your eye on the shell game.

When he, as well as most on this board know very well the name and the face of that insipid boogeyman is the JEW SUPREMACIST TERRORIST MACHINE and always has been !!

(((THEY))) continually throughout history and at present conduct economic terrorism, military terrorism (death & destruction), psychological terrorism, propaganda terrorism, educational terrorism, moral subversion terrorism, and every other means of evil daily.


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LOL, you're the fake man! Take away my uncles letters for laughs, what about the hundreds, if not thousands of hours of documentary footage, pictures, books and the like.

You have nothing, give up Hitler's ghost man...I've said over and over the dual jews in govt I also have a big problem with, what does it take?

And calling me a jew, is stupid, plain stupid, so stop already.

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Besides running your foul mouth, do ever do any serious research. If you did you would know without a doubt the whole (means entire) jew extermination holohoax is just that. You have got to come out of your jew supremacist protected shell of deceit and face the truth regarding the lies upon lies your fellow jew supremacists have fed to the world. The media has been full of their fictional propaganda non stop. Get over it.

If you want truth then read 5 of the books we posted and just try to factually refute any of the content. Come on try it. Your Anti defamation league (adl) couldn't do it, even with all their jew money & lawyers.

Thats why they did an end run in most european countries and passed draconian laws that state "TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE" Thats what your jews resort to. They lost in court (their stories were proved fiction). So they passed laws so a credible, scientific, forensic, documented proof, & truthful argument could not even be presented before a court anylonger. That's what you call jew justice? That's what we call PURE EVIL !!

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To American voters, the issues that matter to this country—the USA—are what matters, and contrary to the Comcast / Disney media, the foremost American issues do not include Russia anything. No one says it better than Ann Coulter in this hilarious article, especially the part about how American intellectuals prove their brows are high.…

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LOL, it won't matter, it will be over by noon, count on it son! And if you ain't on the restore America bandwagon you will pushing up daisy's! Feel me yet?

But you gotta make the first move, otherwise we kick your asses via the color of law with TRUMP! Either way you LOSE!

I gotta love these pencil dick keyboard warriors, who have the heads so far up their ass, that they can taste their own saliva can post the crap they do?

I got some real surprises for you, when the time comes!

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My general take? It all becomes rather mindless. Why is anyone still trying to find either The Enemy or the Perfect Life? Those tropes where trotted out in the novel 1984 and for good reason. The State wants you to hate simply because the State can control simple hatred. Anything more complicated than "hate your neighbor as you hate yourself" starts to sound dangerous to the State.

I would advise you to think for yourself, but you are probably already doing that as well as you can and I can see the results, so maybe I'll not add anything to the conflagration.

Honest suggestion: Assume that everything is an illusion. Because everything is. Even myself. And not that everything is a conspiracy because that too is an illusion. Just, everything is an illusion and your best move is not to play.

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I can have respect for what you say, but for me it's not about a book, and I try to look to make things better, and not resign myself 'to this is how it is'.

Either you stand for something or fall for anything - that is my book!

Quitters never win and winners never quit - is what I drilled in to my kids heads every day!

I have LOST everything before and have re-made myself multiple times, from rich to poor and back again. I am now faced with bankruptcy and foreclosure, but I have a million $$$ deal I have been working on, and it is about to come to fruition, just the last hurdle to pass. And look, all this turmoil, could fuck it right up...I shrug my shoulders, meh!

I believe in Jesus Christ, I am re-born in Him and repent of my sins, and try to sin no more - maybe that won't be enough.

The way I see it, we are here for a blink of an eye, time wise, better to make something of it, than accept defeat!

Our country and our Constitution is at a crossroads, it will either survive or burn. I intend to make it survive! I am willing to put it ALL on the line, lose everything I have worked for and make the ultimate sacrifice for it.

I am not scared to DIE, because I die every day, little by little!

My family has shed much blood for all of our FREEDOMS and LIBERTY, I intend to honor their sacrifice!

This is my RIFLE...

Sic Semper Tyrannys

EDIT: I don't hate anyone, I was taught to love everyone. I will be your best ally, unless you cross me, then I will be your worst nightmare! I am not joking when I say that.

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Your sigh, says a lot about you friend. All I can tell you now is, it won't hurt but for a millisecond. I feel sorry for your kind, you are a mouse, waiting for your so called 'trap'...for me...I am the trapper!

Big Difference between us, actually a gulf, a chasm, but it is your choice to accept defeat. Maybe I get slaughtered in the final analysis, but I am willing to take my chances, because I know how to fight and I don't fight fair!

Carry on!


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Lookit, you light weight libertarians and nazi's are gonna have your fucking hands full dealing with the communists, blm, nation of islam, illegals, and all the rest.

You better embrace your war hawk brethren such as me - or you will be TOAST!

I am willing to extend a hand in friendship and work with you...but you gotta get on the bandwagon, or you will become a jackwagon.

Quit the generalizations and broad brush crap, there is good and bad in every barrel. You've got to get behind Trump. This is your only hope!



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Not mocking anyone, just telling it like it is! I liked Ron Paul, he is a great Patriot, a man of principle, but no one listened, he was too weak.

As to the nazi's, well, they can can fight beside me, but I will not go around murdering jew's for them, period!

I gave you a thumbs up arrow!

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