America's Derangement Syndrome A Danger To World Peace

Via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

It is significant that Presidents Putin and Trump have both spoken out against “haters” among America’s political establishment who would rather see conflict between Russia and the United States instead of a normalization of bilateral relations.

Following their landmark, successful summit this week in Helsinki, Putin and Trump separately made public comments deploring the hostile hysterical reaction emanating from broad sections of the US political establishment and its dutiful, controlled news media.

Speaking in Moscow to his diplomatic corps, President Putin warned that there were “powerful forces” within the US which are ready to sacrifice the interests of their country and indeed the interests of world peace in order to pursue selfish ambitions.

For his part, Trump also slammed opponents in the US who “hated” to see him having a good meeting with Putin. “They would rather see a major confrontation with Russia, even if that could lead to war,” said the American president.

That’s it in a nutshell. Rather than welcoming the opening of a cordial dialogue between the US and Russia, the American political establishment seems to desire the deepening of already dangerous tensions between the world’s two nuclear superpowers. If that’s not deranged, then what is?

Significantly, the hostile reaction was overwhelmingly on the American side. Russians, by and large, welcomed the long-overdue summit between Trump and Putin, and the potential beginning of a new spirit of dialogue and partnership on a range of urgent global problems. Problems including arms control, nuclear proliferation, and working out political settlement to conflicts in the Middle East, Ukraine and the Korea Peninsula.

Few people would believe that these problems can be resolved easily. But the main thing is that the leaders of the US and Russia are at least attempting to open a dialogue for understanding and political progress. That in itself is a breakthrough from the impasse in bilateral relations which have frozen into a new Cold War since the previous US administration.

We dare say that most citizens of the world would also endorse this effort by Trump and Putin at improving the relations between the US and Russia.

Significantly too, according to recent polls, most ordinary Americans seem to be agreeable or neutral about Trump’s diplomatic engagement with Russia. According to a Gallup poll out this week, the vast majority of US citizens are far more concerned by economic woes than they are by anything untoward in American-Russian relations.

Thus, what we are seeing in the explosion of hostility towards the Trump-Putin summit is twofold. It is an American phenomenon, and secondly, it is an angst that animates only the political class in Washington and the news media corporations. This constituency, it is fair to say, is an elite faction within the US, albeit extremely powerful, made up of Washington politicos, the state intelligence apparatus, the corporate media and think tanks, and the deep state establishment of imperial planners and strategists. In short, this constituency is what some observers call the “War Party” that transcends the US ruling class.

Any reasonable person would have to welcome the friendly rapport engendered between Trump and Putin, and at least their initial commitment to working together on major matters of global security. The dangerous impasse of recent years in which dialogue was absent must be overcome for the sake of world peace.

Nevertheless, what has become crystal clear this week following the Helsinki summit is the “War Party” within the US is more determined than ever to sabotage any rapprochement with Russia.

No sooner had Trump returned to the US, he was assailed with a tidal wave of vilification for having met Putin in a mutual, agreeable manner. The most disturbing aspect was the recurring slander denigrating Trump as a “traitor”. The hysterical name-calling was conveyed by all the major news media, citing former intelligence officials and politicians from both Democrat and Republican parties.

Which again shows that in the US there is really only one party, the War Party.

President Trump was evidently forced into making an embarrassing U-turn over his views expressed in Helsinki. He made an unconvincing disavowal of statements made alongside Putin. Trump had been pilloried for appearing to dismiss allegations of Russian interference in the US elections while he was in Helsinki. Within 24 hours, he was forced into making a retraction, saying that he did – kind of – believe that Russia had meddled in US democracy.

What Trump was subjected to by the US establishment was akin to the worst years of McCarthyite Red-Baiting as seen during the Cold War in the 1950s and 60s, when Americans were mercilessly humiliated and ostracized for being “Communist sympathizers”. Today, official American paranoia is back with a vengeance. In truth, it never went away.

To be fair to Trump he has not completely capitulated to the American derangement syndrome. He has since said that he is looking forward to holding a second meeting with his Russian counterpart and continuing their promises of partnership as announced in Helsinki.

However, it is instructive that the American president is, in effect, being held hostage by powerful elements in the US ruling class who view any kind of detente with Moscow as an unforgivable betrayal.

Trump’s instincts are correct that the whole so-called Russia-gate mania is a phony contrivance. That has been orchestrated by the US establishment based on its refusal to accept Trump’s democratic mandate, as well as being based on an abiding hostility towards Russia as an independent world power.

The object lesson here is that the scope for improving US-Russia relations is limited, in spite of Trump’s favorable personal inclinations.

An entrenched animosity towards Russia remains among the American War Party, and the current president has evidently little room for implementing his avowed policy of normalizing relations.

Russia therefore cannot place too much faith in making progress towards peaceful relations, because all-too apparently President Trump has actually very little freedom to exercise his democratic mandate. That is a damning indictment on the charade of American formal democracy. A president is elected partly on the basis of peaceful engagement, but the unelected powers-that-be have another agenda of conflict which they are pursuing come hell or high water.

What’s more, the American derangement syndrome is becoming even more virulent, as can be adjudged from this week’s hysterical backlash over the successful Helsinki summit.

Trump’s willingness for dialogue with Russia is a welcome development. But the far more disturbing development is the full-tilt belligerence and derangement on display among the American political class. This American political chizophrenia is a clear and present danger to world peace. American citizens are as much a victim of the madness as are Russians and the rest of the world.

One positive aspect of the new phase of Cold War is that before it was largely concealed, and deceived, as a simplistic bifurcated confrontation of Americans versus Russians. Today it is evidently a situation of an American deranged elite versus the rest of the world, with the latter including ordinary American citizens who have much more to gain from standing in solidarity with Russian citizens.



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The article clearly says israhell in every paragraph from start to finish (even a blind man can see that) with an honorable mention of Gadot at the end so, the Soros botz were perfectly within their Artificial Intelligence Rights to jump it ;-)

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From the article:

"Thus, what we are seeing in the explosion of hostility towards the Trump-Putin summit is twofold. It is an American phenomenon,"



And it's a jew supremacist warmongering machine that operates throughout the entire world, it's not isolated to the U.S. or we should say jewmerica.


Please obtain and read a copy of each:

"Controversy Of Zion" By Douglas Reed

"The Bad War" By M.S. King  (banned by jewmazon)

"MegaCaust" By Michael Walsh 

Many, many more eye opening (epiphany causing) titles upon request.


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Why is every storm a mind shattering, end of the world catastrophe where you get 4" of snow?

Yellow journalism always has a purple cover page.

In Politics they have to set you up to tell you what to think you saw.

Trump sold your dog to that fuckin evil vote grabbin Putin. That's what you saw.

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"Trump sold your dog to that fuckin evil vote grabbin Putin. That's what you saw."

Nope. I saw a rather benign summit where the US president was (once again*) criticized by the national press for coming across as soft .

* Bush, heavily criticized by team blue for

"I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul; a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country."

and Obama, denounced by team red for the hot mike comments

" ... need more time .. particularly with missile defense. This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” 

Again; how the fuck was this summit any different from the usual bs ?

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Yep.  I grew up having nightmares about nuclear dragons flying down from the sky and torching the entire world.  After the fact we discovered that there were several times it almost happened for real, too.  I much prefer how Russian/US relations are now to the possibility of everybody I ever knew being roasted alive.  And I usually do try to be tolerant of other views, but in this case, if you disagree then fuck you hard and forever.

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As the left outlaws testosterone in an attempt to break all glass ceilings, America has become the scornful ex wife forever bitching about what you did or didn't do, all the while not listening to or even desiring any solutions.

With the US at its infancy in global politics, the adult countries should in one voice say " Shut the Fuck up, Trump IS your president, grow the fuck up and quit whining like a bitch "

Its the lefts voice which is the loudest so we all have to deal with how IT makes us look.  Even an intelligent person speaking wisdom from one end stinks if they constantly fart from the other



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Bush had had 2 summits with Putin during his presidency, as did Obama .. why was this one with the current US president considered either landmark or historic? 

Because this summit happened during a period of peak hysteria against a POTUS and an obvious and unprecedented, unified opposition by almost the entire media establishment?

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I second those 3 books you recommend - I have them all. Read them folks!

I would like to add one more to read right now - its now FREE online because amazon were pressured by the self-chosenites to censor the new updated 7th edition and the author wants you to get the information (good man):




It lists every camp and studies the 'evidence'. You can scroll straight down to the chapter "Auschwitz" and learn the facts and decide for yourself (if you're tired of being fed disinformation by the Zionist media and Jew controlled hollywood.)

It begins:

  - "The story of the “Six Million” has, for many people, become an article of faith. Some will therefore find it surprising to be confronted with the reality that the entire story is at the very best, a poor concoction of lies, and at the worst, an utterly evil conspiracy designed to besmirch the German people."

I would add:-

Bernard Lecache, President of the World Jewish League said in 1932 (BEFORE Hitler came to power!):


and they did. During the war, instead of military targets, the heaviest populated German residences (inner city) in every town was mass bombed by US and Britain to depopulate (Bomber Harris). AFTER WWII German soldiers, and women and children were starved to death deliberately by Eisenhower:-



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Soros botz were perfectly within their Artificial Intelligence Rights to jump it ;-)

Are you sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, with pictures of Soros covering the walls, with scribbles in red crayon of charts and timelines, like Jim Carrey in "number 23"?  I'm more worried about Hasbara shills, which this forum is obviously flooded with.  A lot of old time members don't even bother posting here anymore because of them.  I know that because they told me.  Sometimes a 7 year member I never seen before will pop in "been away, what the hell happened to this place!?"

Neo-Nazis from Oregon, Australia, and Ukraine are anti-zionist, are they funded by Soros too?  Man, that guy really gets around!  Does he secretly control the FED and the BIS too?  Or is that old money who (smartly) keep themselves hidden and have many trillions of liquidity to throw at whatever they want? 

Actually, the Ukrainian Nazis are probably funded by neocon zionists that are threatened by Russia!  Do you see how they operate?  And once the Nazis have fulfilled their purpose they will throw them under the bus. 

Soros is a bored ineffective old cunt trying to meddle in things.  If he was effective Hillary would have won.  Get off it.

I have to say, I try and start small talk with lots of people to take the pulse of the collective consciousness, and no one cares about what the left are saying, or Trump for that matter, concerning this hysteria.  They want the beaners and muzzies out, that's about it.  One Russian person said "we are good people here," which they probably are because they work and their culture is compatible with ours.

This is all kabuki put on by the GBO (globalist banker oligarchs) to keep us confused distracted from what is important.  It's sad that some people love their (((masters))), but I am telling you you are attaching yourself to bad karma.  It will come back to bite you.

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versus the rest of the world, with the latter including ordinary American citizens who have much more to gain from standing in solidarity with Russian citizens.


* Via The Strategic Culture Foundation *


Ha! Could this pathetic Russian psyop-BS be any more naked and crass? lol


Sign me up pootie! I'll be your bitch! lol


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This is the way it goes. The Zionists used the Brits and the Brits used the Zionists and then the Zionist and the Brits used the Americans and now the Americans, the Zionist and the Brits use everyone else for Algo Zionist world supremacy through military conquest. Then there are the Mics, the Prods, Waps, the Wogs, the Krauts, the Kikes, the Frogs, the Masons, the Ruskies, the Chinks, Whitey, and Blacky to hate and blame for all their stealth and shortcomings, which leaves only the few of us from planet ZH who are are fit to rule the world.  

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