Ukraine Furious After Italy's Salvini Calls 2014 Revolution "Fake" And "Foreign-Funded"

Ukraine has summoned the Italian Ambassador to Ukraine Davide La Cecilia over a statement made by the Interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini (whose League political party is now the most popular in Italy) on his recognition of the annexation of Crimea by Russia and his slamming the 2014 Euromaidan protests and coup in Kiev as “pseudo-revolution” sponsored from abroad.

"We are responding. On Monday, we will meet with the Italian ambassador. He is a very nice person. I understand that he cannot be responsible for the words of their politicians, especially given that that one politician went to Crimea and just returned from Moscow, where, according to our information, he met with Putin," Olena Zerkal, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister, told the local Channel 5 on Friday."

Ukraine was infuriated by Salvini's comments made during his interview with the Washington Post, published earlier this week. WaPo senior associate editor Lally Weymouth tried to grill the minister over his support for Crimea’s return to Russia, calling the referendum that took place in Crimea in 2014 "fake."

Q. You said that Russia had a right to annex Crimea?
A. There was a referendum.
Q. It was a fake referendum.
A. [That is your] point of view. . . . There was a referendum, and 90 percent of the people voted for the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

Salvini shot back, saying "compare it to the fake revolution in Ukraine, which was a pseudo-revolution funded by foreign powers – similar to the Arab Spring revolutions" adding that "There are some historically Russian zones with Russian culture and traditions which legitimately belong to the Russian Federation."

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry angrily responded that Salvini words were "not grounded in real facts and in contradiction of recognized principles and norms of international law."

Zerkal also downplayed Salvini’s words on Friday by saying that "it was hard to expect any different rhetoric from him," following the "pro-Russian" Salvini’s recent visit to Crimea as an Italian lawmaker.

The tension goes back to the February 2014 "Maidan" revolution, when then-president Viktor Yanuvkoich was overthrown in a violent, US-assisted coup d'etat. Obama's Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, made numerous trips to Kiev to telegraph US support for the anti-Yanukovich protesters, and was even spotted handing treats to the demonstrators, boasted that Washington had invested $5 billion into the promotion of democracy in Ukraine. In the now infamous leaked recording in which the Asst. State Secretary said "Fuck the EU" over the Union's lack of support for the US strategy, Nuland was revealed as the mastermind behind the Ukraine unrest.

Victoria Nuland hands out bread to protesters at Independence square in Kiev December 11, 2013.

The new pro-Western government sent tanks to eastern Ukraine in spring 2014 where the population refused to recognize the coup, at which point Russian soldiers were dispatched to Crimea - a critical chokepoint for the US navy - which held a referendum that saw the local population vote overwhelmingly to join Russia.

In response, the US and the EU accused Russia of annexing Crimea and stoking the conflict in Donbass, as they slapped Moscow with several waves of sanctions targeting individuals, companies and whole sectors of economy. The animosity between the US State Department, if not so much the US president, and Ukraine continues to this day.

And while most of Europe had strictly adhered to the conventionally-accepted western narrative, the statement by Salvini indicates that as Europe is washed over by a populist wave, recent history is also being reassessed.


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He's right.  Most of the "revolutionary" actions in Ukraine were funded by Western sources.  Just ask Victoria Nuland, wife of the kike, Robert Kagan.  Her influence caused the ouster of duly-elected, President Viktor Yanukovych.  More meddling in Eastern politics by the hubristic and "virtuous" West.

What Ukraine needs is a spiritual revival of its historic Cossack heroes.  These "White Russians" were the thorn in Lenin/Stalin's side which impelled the latter to impose draconian starvation tactics against those humble peasants and kulak farmers which became known as the "Holodomor".  This was a REAL Holocaust of innocents which has never been properly avenged - neither through historical recognition nor actual physical violence.  After so many millions of distant relatives were so callously murdered, I marvel that there isn't an innate lust by the Ukrainian descendants to inflict a just retribution upon those treasonous elements in their midst.  Instead, those same outside tribal entities continue to push for the dissolution of Ukraine.  It's a never-ending infection.  Until the white blood cells of the nation rise up to repel that bacillus... only inflammation, pain and finally death will ensue.

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The US did not get Sevastopol.

Obama, Kerry, Nuland and McCain got egg on their faces.

A Ukrainian Buk missile took out the Malaysian 777 killing 298.

The Dutch got their gold back after the cover-up.

The Ukrainian gold reserve was shipped out west, probably to the same place Gaddafi's gold went.

Something like 4000 deaths because of the failed US $5 Billion dollar NGO effort to give the whole country over to the Fascists

Hunter "the nose" Biden got a cushy Director job at the Ukraine gas company

Vlad, sadly, had a lot of popcorn all during the West’s travesty in Ukraine.

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A good guess…


“A Ukrainian Buk missile took out the Malaysian 777 killing 298.”

It is known that the missile was launched from inside Ukraine.

And of course, just like the Skripals  Syria gas attacks, and  US Election.. it was the Russians at fault.

Just look what they did to the World Cup.


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There's a lot of reports that Vlad's plane, or was it some other Russian VIP, that looked a lot like the plane shot down. The deep state was very successful in killing many people via airplane in the 21st century, so they prob expected to get another one. Putin had every reason to pay back the arrogant Hillary Harridan.

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Hm, let's assume Salvini is right, and it is completely OK for a local minority to set up a Referendum, to join a neighboring country. With or without military occupation by that country.

Very nice. That would mean South Tyrol, with their German speaking majority, and distrust of Rome, should set up a referendum in the next few months, to leave Italy and join Austria. Austrian troops would surely support them "logistically", if you look at what the FPÖ people are REALLY thinking.

Of course, that would not be the end of it. The Valle d'Aoste might be interested, too.

But maybe Salvini's background thinking is that if an Irredentist annexation of this kind is possible, a Secession would be even more possible. He probably thinks that the South (5 Stelle) and North (Lega) Italian coalition will not be stable long term, and wants to have a ticket for the North to secede. 

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Ukraine is another Failed Destabilization Campaign at the hands of the Criminal Obama Administration, Victoria Nuland, John McCain & the 500 Billion for the Operation. 

If memory serves correctly, the State Dept. wink, wink, CIA armed, funded & trained the Fascist Opposition?  


This is merely a continuation of yet another failed Policy of Destabilzing Sovereign Countries.  Turning them into Empire Vessel States.



Shortly after "Ukraine-gate" broke, Sergei Glazyev, advisor to Russian president Putin claimed that the US was spending $20 million per week on the Ukrainian opposition, including supplying opposition with training and weapons.

Nuland replied that such claims are "pure fantasy."

Perhaps, but that is just what Nuland had said previously about claims that the US was meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine. And then the tape came out. That was just what she said about Russia's "impressive tradecraft" in intercepting the telephone call. Then we discover that she was discussing highly sensitive issues over completely unsecured telephones.

Is the US training and funding the Ukraine opposition? Nuland herself claimedin December that the US had spent $5 billion since the 1990s on "democratization" programs in Ukraine. On what would she like us to believe the money had been spent?

We know that the US State Department invests heavily -- more than $100 million from 2008-2012 alone -- on international "Internet freedom" activities. This includes heavy State Department funding, for example, to the New Americas Foundation's...

...Commotion Project (sometimes referred to as the “Internet in a Suitcase”). This is an initiative from the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative to build a mobile mesh network that can literally be carried around in a suitcase, to allow activists to continue to communicate even when a government tries to shut down the Internet, as happened in several Arab Spring countries during the recent uprisings.

"Commotion Project." What an appropriate name for what is happening in Ukraine.

It is not a far leap from the known billions spent on "democratization" in Ukraine, to the hundreds of millions spent on developing new tools for regime-changers on the ground to use against authorities in their home countries, to the State Department from the US embassy in Kiev providing training and equipment to those seeking the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. 

The apparent goal of US policy in Ukraine is to re-ignite a Cold War, installing a US-created government in Kiev which signs the EU association agreement including its NATO cooperation language to effectively push the Berlin Wall all the way to the gates of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

NATO has expanded to central Europe, despite US assurances in the 1980s that it would not do so. The US rolled over Russia in its deceptive manipulation of a UN Security Council resolution on Libya to initiate an invasion. The US continues to arm jihadists seeking to overthrow the secular Assad government in Russia-allied Syria. The US and EU have absorbed the Baltics, leaving their large ethnic Russian populations to dangle in non-person limbo. The US and EU had all but absorbed Georgia. Now the US is clearly in the process of absorbing Ukraine, with its strategic importance to Russia, its proximity, and its nearly 10 million ethnic Russian minority.

Surely there is a point to where Russia will take steps to concretely limit its losses. In December Russian president Vladimir Putin said in a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovich that Russia and Ukraine should resume comprehensive military cooperation. Other bilateral defense agreements are already in place.

What would have to happen to trigger a Ukrainian request to its close neighbor for assistance putting down a bloody and illegal coup d'etat instigated by foreign governments? Will US serious miscalculation of Russian resolve over Ukraine lead to a tragedy of almost inconceivable proportions? What if this time Russia does not blink?…

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Still ruling the roost and adding insult to injury, in many cases, on the Tax-payers Tab. Nice work if you can get it.

The one's bailing/already bailed out of Government, pick up a cushy MIC/Lobby/Media-Exec/Banking Post.

The next Batch of Trainee Scum Replacements arrive from Harvard/Yale to undertake/run the next several decades of Fuckery. 


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While I am not Ukrainian,  I can tell you that they are not nearly as delusional as hard core republicans or democrats. 

Like all countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact,  they are quite skeptical of the news media,  but you have to remember that Soros' minions (and others) have been working there for decades to shape public opinion. 

Additionally there isn't exactly a warm and fuzzy history  in that region. It wasn't just the Soviet Union that was oppressive.  Many of the tsars were quite brutal.

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oh, please, give it a rest with the connection between the communists and the jews. The jew neocons in this century are hard core right-wing arms and drug dealers and banksters. They are the polar opposite of communists EXCEPT that the Fed does now act like a Soviet economic planning committee and NOT a free market. Open up your pathetic brainwashed skull to some actual nuance some lifetime.

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Regardless of what anyone in the West knows and says, NOONE that has Russia as a neighbor is happy about it. They are corrupt to the core, and their mafia operates with impunity in all the former Soviet republics.

I know the deep state sucks, but don't act like the Russian cabal are full of sweetness and light. They are essentially a large gang, their own kind of vampire squid stagnating the Russian nation.

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Yes Jews are running the Ukrainian "NAZIS" seriously. Just as Israelis were running Georgia when it invaded South Ossettia. They apparently have their claws into everything malevolent.
I know and am good friends with Ukrainian Catholics. They think that those of Russian Descent are not "Ukrainian" and ethnically that is correct, and yet those Russians have been in Crimea a LONG time. So instead of feeling sorry for the Russo Ukrainians feel sorry for the Ukrainians who are now under the thumb of "Nazis" whose BOSSES are Jews. Those of Russian heritage in Crimea have a Big Daddy watching over them PUTIN, who is real good.

Red Ice Radio: Kevin Macdonald – Trump-Putin Meeting in Helsinki & Big Tech’s War on Nationalists July 19, 2018
Links to Professor MacDonald's websites:

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"Yes Jews are running the Ukrainian "NAZIS" seriously. Just as Israelis were running Georgia when it invaded South Ossettia."

Yes. Plain as day to see. So now let's consider the last time they went big with this confidence game, the Big One, WWII.

All Adolph adorers out there. Get a grip. You are still being played. Adolph was a double agent. He was very useful. Consider the implications.

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IBID: Faux Jews.  To be precise (use a finer paint brush), they are Ashkenazi 'Jews'.

Ashkenazis are not direct descendants of the ancient (and apparently extinct) Yehudites of Palestine. Ashkenazis are a self-chosen tribe of converts to JudaismWith strong beliefs and practices of Talmudism (rabbinical writings of worldview and values that span centuries).

They claim that their DNA originates from the ME. Sure, if you look back far enough in their DNA tree, they do originate from the ME. But so does almost everyone else who left Aftica countless generations / millenia ago and first settled in Palestine, after which their descendants migrated to other all parts of Eurasia. They conveniently omit the fact that their "ME DNA" made a nice long stop in Central Asia. Their ancestral home has a closer link to  Ukraine and the Caucasus, than the ME. Even their head gear is a tell. If they were ME, they'd wear some ME raghead fashion. Instead, their fundamentalist rabbis wear Asiatic, furry hats. Their more liberal friends wear European hats that have morphed into a Western hat fashion.

Read up on how the tiny TRIBE (not "race") of Ashkenazis almost went extinct 700 years ago, and the few hundred survivors made a most remarkable comeback.…

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It boils down to an Italian, almost certainly a Christian, leader of a predominately Christian nation, discussing realpolitik with another Christian head of state. Both nations having a long history of non-Christian fuckery.

The Ukraine coup was almost entirely orchestrated by non-Christians, and now non-Christians are running the country. They seem to forget that their worst years were under non-Christians, which is a lesson not lost on other Christian nations.

The battle lines are being drawn between Christians and non-Christians. Where it all ends no one knows, but it will be violent and the weapons both sides have today are a far cry from what they had even decades prior. 

Remember this, there are a few religions that just want to be left alone, such as Christianity and Buddhism, and the other religions can be free to do what they want. It's the other religions that want to exterminate all those that aren't them.

May our Creator have mercy on us all.

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NTI... I appreciate your opinions and concerns regarding the tolerance of Christianity.  However, we are reaching a point where mere survival of the race - which is the fundamental building block of all life forms - is of paramount concern.  Religion must be placed on the back burner whilst we deal with harmful agents of genetic destruction in our midst.  At this point, the delineation of the battle front is quite clear.  Now, we must draw up our plans against the (((eternal enemy))) and deploy them to ultimate victory.

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Racist is a made up term by Leon Trotsky - google it. If we were talking about any other organism, then the term species would be used instead of race. For example, there are over 1200 species of Drosophila (fruit flies). If one has clear wings versus marked wings, then it's a different species. If one has straight wings versus curly wings, then it's a different species, etc., etc. But for bipedal hominids we seem to think it politically correct to use the term race. I always hear this nonsense about judging somebody "by the color of their skin." Did you know you can tell the individual species (caucasian, negroid or mongoloid) just by looking at the skeletal structure? And since we've mapped both the entire genome for Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis in the last decade, we now can see DNA differences between the species.  For example, if you're from European or Asian extraction you have anywhere from 2-4% Homo neanderthalensis DNA. Subsaharan Africans were geographically isolated for 200,000 years and did not mate with the much larger brained Neanderthals. Instead they mated with Homo erectus. Hence, the phenotypic differences. If you were taught in the previous century that a) we're all out of Africa and b) different species could not breed and have viable offspring, then you were taught wrong. The fact that you have Neanderthal DNA disproves it. The fact that the oldest bipedal hominid fossils have been found in Europe debunks the politically correct "out of Africa" theory. But I digress, we were talking about Jewish Bolshevism, no?    

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Species: usually defined as any group of individuals able to breed with each other. It does not depend on "straight wings vs curly wings", the differences may be minimal, as long as the individuals do not interbreed, they are regarded as a species.'s_biological_species_concept

It is a contested definition, of course.

Race: maybe defined as any group of individuals which have some common phenotypical denominator, eg hair or skin color, but still are able to interbreed. Used only with domesticated species afaik, eg dogs, cows, humans (it is believed we domesticated ourselves).

Regarding your hominid theories, those are always in flow. Using the definition above, Neanderthals and Denisovians would probably not be described as species, as they did interbreed with Homo sapiens sapiens (the "sapiens" self declared but doubtable, as I see not many wise people running around these days).

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Christians just want to be left alone?  You've got to be fucking kidding.  Take a look at the long and proud history of missionary endeavors, frequently resulting in extinction for the blessed native recipients.

Discussing christianity and buddism in the same sentence is some sort of blasphemy, I'm sure.  Christianity and Islam are the proselytizing religions.

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