Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Predictable

Authored by José Niño via The Mises Institute,

After pulling off a major upset in the Democratic Primary for New York’s 14th congressional district, 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now being touted as the new face of the Democratic Party.

Ocasio’s victory has rejuvenated the Democratic Party and liberals naitionwide. For many on the Left, Ocasio’s recent victory is a breath of fresh air after putting up with Hilary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in 2016.

Beyond the typical R vs. D analysis that continues to grab headlines, what is most troubling about Ocasio’s meteoric rise to political fame is her complete disregard for basic economics.

A brief look at her platform is enough to realize that the ideas of socialism are alive and well in American politics.

Her platform is centered on the following policy planks:

  • Medicare for all

  • Free public university

  • Universal jobs guarantee

  • Housing as a human right

The common denominator of all her proposals is the amount of faith placed in the State to conduct private affairs. Channeling the spirit of failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders , Ocasio describes her program asdemocratic socialism .

White-Washing Socialism

Leftists have tried their best to re-brand and obfuscate socialism to make it palatable to the misinformed masses.

No matter how many times socialist experiments have failed—from the Soviet Union to present-day Venezuela—many naïve leftists continue their never-ending goose chase for a socialist experiment that works.

The casual mention of socialism in political discourse is troubling.

When countries like Venezuela are crumbling before our very eyes it is astounding that many elected officials continue to flirt with the idea of implementing socialism.

In the Left’s imagination, Scandinavia is the silver bullet to the capitalist model.

This tired trope ignores several crucial details about the Nordic countries’ prosperity:

1. They are among the freest economies in the world (which admittedly may not be saying much), according to various economic freedom indices. At worst, they are mixed economies.

2. As highlighted in works like Scandinavian Unexceptionalism, Nordic countries first became rich through capitalism well before the welfare state was established.

Facts notwithstanding, the political Left continues to doze off into economic lala land and relies on raw emotion to draw conclusions on political economy.

Democracy: The God that Failed?

Many naïve minds on the Left make the mistake of asserting that Ocasio’s democratic socialism is something novel and bringing about socialist policies by democratic means, instead of authoritarian takeovers as in the Soviet case, will somehow avoid the pitfalls of socialism. Frankly, such an assumption is wishful thinking.

Harebrained socialist policies such as price controls will have the same effect—shortages—regardless if they were approved by a voter referendum or implemented by dictatorial fiat.

Democracies are not magical political systems exempt from economic and political downturns.

In fact, democracies with very little institutional checks and balances can devolve into systems where property rights are put on the chopping block and mob rule becomes the order of the day.

As avid students of history know, some of the Founding Fathers were justified in their skepticism towardsdemocracy . The Athenian case of democracy, albeit limited by today’s standards, was a story of an innovative political system that eventually succumbed to tyranny after Athens engaged in numerous military adventures and grandiose spending programs—all which were approved by the rubber stamp of democracy.

For that reason, the Founders championed more of a republican model of governance with several democratic features, but ultimately buttressed with strong checks and balances and competitive federalism.

Just More of the Same

The 20th century has witnessed the Founding Father’s original vision wither away in favor of a managerial state that gets constant democratic seals of approval at all levels of government to justify overreach.

In fact, Ocasio’s rise to prominence is no hack of the system. It is the logical end result of multiple generations acclimating to expansive government expansion.

New York is a telltale example of this. A state that was once a paragon of American capitalism during the Gilded Age , New York has taken the path to massive government intervention in the last few decades.

High taxes, out-of- control spending, lavish union privileges, and strict zoning laws, have compelled countless New Yorkers to move to other states with more affordable housing markets and friendlier business climates.

The media brands Ocasio-Cortez as revolutionary, but her ideology is part of the same old tired Leftist agenda of state control but this time it comes with a prettier face.

Multiple decades of media and institutional desensitization has culminated in a scenario where socialism is discussed nonchalantly in public forums.

Ocasio will very likely go on to win her seat by a comfortable margin, but the real losers will be her constituents.

Socialism’s marketing may change, but its results always remain the same once implemented - economic collapse and misery.



SafelyGraze Vlad the Inhaler Sun, 07/22/2018 - 11:18 Permalink

not just a right.

a duty.

you must visit a healthcarer once a month

you must attend a university until it tells you to stop

you must take your prescribed materials and receive your prescribed injections

you must attend your employment and do as instructed by management

you must check into your assigned housing at the prescribed time

carry on, citizen!

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zob2020 SafelyGraze Sun, 07/22/2018 - 11:25 Permalink

Compulsory working for the state that also determines your wage. No taxes! No property! You will be given one place to live at suitable distance from the work and the prescribed job description where you have ben ordered upon pain of death. You will never see meat in the coupon stores but plenty of apples and cabbage... if willing to cue for 5 hours. After a decade there will be a reform that moves the prescribed shop for you and your co-workers to your work-unit.
Being late for work is treason and sabotage and will be punished by execution. No trials, the state does know best after all.

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brushhog Hal n back Sun, 07/22/2018 - 13:21 Permalink

The good news is, the democrats are finally out of the closet. For decades they have denied being socialists even though we all knew it. Sanders and Cortez basically represent their big, long over-due coming out party. Like that gay kid you knew in school who talked about girls while we all rolled our eyes.

We should be proud of the democrats, it takes guts to admit you like slobbering all over men's cocks.

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A Sentinel brushhog Sun, 07/22/2018 - 14:13 Permalink

“Misinformed masses”


”Disinformed masses” is more accurate.

Misinformed means some arbitrary/accidental process where the one being informed gets wrong information. Disinformation is deliberately misleading information that is calibrated carefully to achieve a certain error in the target.

The American public has been the target of a massive DISinformation project using the department of education, the mass media, the sjw infiltration of universities and so forth.

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any_mouse are we there yet Sun, 07/22/2018 - 16:15 Permalink

The "third thing" which must be denigrated and ultimately genetically wiped out.

Holodomor is real. Wakanda is not real.

Minnesota used to be like that. Now, if one doesn't like "New Minnesota", they need to get the fuck out. Orders from the wealthy, white Governor. Home of the Farm-Labor party. Sickle and Hammer. That which can't be cut down, must be smashed down.

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james diamond squid peggysue1 Sun, 07/22/2018 - 12:19 Permalink

the rise of ocasio is like sticking needles into the hillary voo doo doll.  but hillary is resilient.  there may be no limits to her denial.  she may run again in 2020.  the hillary/pelosi ticket is there for those who want it.  and if they win, there would be daily addresses to the nation pre-empting all media and we would be forced to listen to her gloat or unplug.


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"Socialism’s marketing may change, but its results always remain the same once implemented - economic collapse and misery."

It is may be true in a long-run but is a short-run it might work very well.

National socialism in Germany economically worked very well. 

Scandinavian country until recently had one very important specificity: they were very uniform with the very solid traditional and cultural foundation. Nowadays, Scandinavian socialism started degenerate poisoned by "cultural diversity". They are an old man slowly walking to their own grave.


History Note

Back in 2017, Russia was very close to collapse. The WWI went badly for Russia. Their czar and Duma (Russian Parlament) realized that things must change. The only question was HOW!

Czar Nicolas II and his family had German roots, nothing Russian. They were "Europeans". They did not understand and did not like real Russian people. They saw Russia becoming more europian but in a faraway future. 

The democratic Duma wanted to transform Russia into another France or Germany ASAP. They too did not understand Russian people, their traditions, history, and culture.

Since the WWI did not go well for Russia Czar was blamed for all failures. The Russia Democratic Duma got a chance to rule and transformed Russia into a democratic European utopia. It didn't work and the country started to disintegrate. Then came Jewish Bolsheviks who were paid and supported by Germans, the WallStreet, and other Zionist-controlled banking mafias. These Bolsheviks called themselves Socialists/Communists. Bolsheviks promised the working and peasant paradise. Bolsheviks have lied. It was a masquerade. However, people of Russia believed them and were enslaved for the next 75 years and close to 100 million people were killed.

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silver140 caconhma Sun, 07/22/2018 - 23:47 Permalink

National Socialism was the brand, like Republicans or Democrats, it had nothing to do with the function. You should know this, why don't you? It was socialism for the corporations. That's the definition of fascism. What we have now is parasitoid corporate fascism, the prefix denotes the fact that new technology in warfare and in the production of toxic pollution has enabled them to destroy humanity, all life, and all possibility of life on this planet.

A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it. Parasitoidism is one of six major evolutionary strategies within parasitism. Parasitoidism is distinguished by the fatal prognosis for the host, which makes the strategy close to predation.


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silver140 gmrpeabody Sun, 07/22/2018 - 14:39 Permalink

Yes, I agree. From the majority of comments here, it seems that parasitoid corporate fascists have succeeded in making ZHers vector Capitalists zombies incapable of recognizing cause and effect, i.e. from the resource war decimation of the planet to the climate crisis caused end of the oceans and atmosphere, you're right, there's no peak stupidity but complete metamorphosis into sociopathic, pathological, ecocidal nonhuman, conscienceless instruments of unmitigated destruction who are advocates of not only the end of life on this planet, but of their children's and grandchildren's. 

A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it. Parasitoidism is one of six major evolutionary strategies within parasitism. Parasitoidism is distinguished by the fatal prognosis for the host, which makes the strategy close to predation.

In epidemiology, a disease vector is any agent that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism;[1][2]

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any_mouse when the saxon began Sun, 07/22/2018 - 17:06 Permalink

BS. O-C is a Spanish Jew. Just like Fidel Castro.

Cortez, where have I seen that surname before?

Wealthy background. Her parents weren't "taking jobs that Americans did not want to do".

O-C is the usual actor playing a role handed to her.

Pelosi, et al. are playing their roles in the farce.

Changing of the Faces only. The same Owners as always.

Corporations owned by Corporations owned by Corporations...


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MoreFreedom Adolfsteinbergovitch Sun, 07/22/2018 - 14:31 Permalink

Ocasio Cortez won not so much because she's a socialist but because Crowley represented the old white, establishment, entitled and corrupt Democrats (supporting Hillary's corruption including cheating Sanders), Crowley didn't show up to debate her (showing his entitled elitism), and while he far outspent her, didn't campaign much, and the district is 56% Hispanic.  Democrats wanted new blood and she was there.  The Democrats embracing socialism will lead to George McGovern like wins, for Republicans.

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