Great Nations Are Destroyed By Being Pulled Into Wars To Defend Tiny Ones

Authored by Martin Sieff via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

NATO's obsession with pulling in as many small, unstable and potentially extremist countries in Eastern Europe as possible makes a world war inevitable rather than deterring one.

The reason for this could not be more simple or clear: Small countries start world wars and destroy the empires and great nations that go to war to defend them.

Belgium doomed England and Serbia doomed Russia in 1914.

The Russian Empire, the largest nation in the world in terms of area and the third largest after the British Empire and China in terms of population at the time, went to war to defend Serbia from invasion by Austria-Hungary.

This was a spectacularly unnecessary and catastrophic decision: Count Witte, the great elder statesman of the czarist aristocracy was completely against it. So was the notorious, but ultimately well-meaning mystic and self-proclaimed holy man Gregory Rasputin., He frantically cabled Czar Nikolai II to not take the fateful decision.

Russia in truth owed Serbia nothing beyond a general feeling of solidarity for a fellow Slav nation. The Serbian government’s attitude towards Russia was far different. They were determined to pull Russia into a full-scale war with Austria-Hungary to destroy that empire. There is no sign that anyone in the Serbian government expressed any concern or regret then or ever afterwards for the 3.4 million Russian deaths in the war, not to mention the many millions who were killed in the Russian civil war, British, Japanese and French military interventions and the terrible typhus epidemic of 1920 that followed.

Indeed, Serbia, in modern terms, was a terrorist state in 1914. Serbian Military intelligence financed, organized and armed the Black Hand terrorist group that gunned down the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Habsburg throne in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Austro-Hungarian intelligence was so incompetent they were never able to prove the connection at the time.

Britain’s descent into the chaos of World War I was even more unnecessary than Russia’s. Britain had no treaty commitment to go to the aid of France but it did have a treaty guaranteeing the security of tiny Belgium. However, that 1839 Treaty of London was 75 years old – even older than the NATO alliance is today and the British were free to ignore it.

Instead, the British therefore went to war in 1914, amid an orgy of public sentiment to defend “gallant, little Belgium.”

But the kingdom of Belgium was not “gallant” at all. A mere four years before the outbreak of war, international pressure had forced Belgium’s King Leopold to end a 30 year genocide in the heart of Africa, the Belgian Congo, later known as Zaire and today as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It was one of the worst genocides and examples of mass killing in human history. Leopold’s agents killed an estimated10 million people in the Congo over a 30 year period in order to plunder it of all forms of natural resources and wealth.

Britain therefore went to war in 1914 to protect the successors to a truly genocidal regime in tiny Belgium. Yet that conflict killed, crippled or led to the premature deaths from injuries and hardships of one in three every male Britons between the ages of 18 and 45 when the war started.

As the great British 20th century novelist C.S. Forester later observed in his book The General, Englishmen through that conflict were dying at in greater numbers and at a faster rate than at any time since the Black Death bubonic plague epidemic of the 1340s, 570 years earlier.

The lesson that obsessive concerns about small and irresponsible countries needlessly pull great nations and empires to their own destruction was retold a quarter century later when Britain and France went to war with Nazi Germany to defend Poland in 1939.

1930s Poland, British historian Paul Johnson pointed out in Modern Times was a racist regime whose systems of legal persecution against Russians, Ukrainians and Jews closely paralleled that of Afrikaaner, white supremacist South Africa in the 20th century.

Yet the Poles, who had previously waged successful aggressions to seize territories from Lithuania, Czechoslovakia and even from the Soviet Union in 1920, flatly refused to cooperate with the Soviet Union, the only nation militarily capable at the time of deterring any Nazi attack. The British and the French agreed with the Poles. Hence they failed to take the only credible action that could have prevented the war.

Today, it is the United States that is treading down the fateful path that Czar Nikolai, the British in 1914 and the Western Allies in 1939 all followed. The United States is committed to defend Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. It has recklessly extended serious commitments to Ukraine and Georgia. In each case, the governments of these countries are often fiercely anti-Russian and prone to extreme and irresponsible nationalist pressures. These are dangerous commitments for a nuclear superpower to make.

Commitments to small nations by big ones are almost always dangerous. The tail wags the dog and the greater nation sacrifices its own interests to maintain an empty prestige among small countries that is not worth having.

Worse yet, large nations like Russia in 1914 or Britain and France in 1939 are drawn into obscure local conflicts where they have no interests of their own and from which they can gain no benefit. Yet they risk being pulled into world-spanning wars that can destroy their own countries.

It is never worth it.


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This article omitted the trap that brought in all the powers for destruction by the Rothschilds and the other central bankers.

I can't remember the details, but  in school we learned about the treaties that tied one nation to another.

Russia and Serbia were tied by treaty, and Austria Hungary was tied to Germany, as were England and France.

The Archduke's assassination had been long since planned, and there were several Serbian assassins in Sarajevo that day. 

His personal driver had been swapped out, and when the shooting started the car kept driving around for 2 hours instead of seeking shelter.

The Federal Parasite Reserve had been quickly and quietly set up the previous December to fund wars, and its depraved twin the IRS was already ripping off Americans to keep the Fed racket going.

Now up until this point nations did have treaties with one another, but primarily they served the purposes of the nations even allowing for central banker infestation and conflict instigation, not an independent cabal of MIC and banking parasitic criminal psychopaths whose careers were and still are spent planning wars and bloodletting one day after another for years on end.

Yes, the bankers had already infested various nations to decay their finances and trigger wars for more loot, but nothing like what we have since the first world financial firestorm.

So the Archduke and his wife get murdered by a Serbian, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, Russia declares war on AH to side with its ally S, then AH declares war on R right back, Germany then declares war on R for declaring war on its ally AH, R declares on AH and G, France has a treaty with R so declares war on G and AH whereupon G and AH declare war back, England has a treaty with F and R so declares war on G and AH who declare war back on E, the Ottomans came in on the side of their allies the Germans and declared war on all the others and away we go.

Interestingly, the Sultan did not want to get mixed up in the war since his Empire was stabilizing and capital projects were everywhere, so he did not have money to burn.

So the central bankers convinced  him to put up the new Constantinople to Mecca/Medina railway system as collateral and guaranteed that Germany would win when they knew very well that it was scheduled for destruction. 

After the hoax they seized the railway which came in handy for the post war plan of taking down the Middle East and splitting it up.

The war would not have spread so quickly if all nations were not tied in by a sadistic treaty system that was set up for no other purpose than to drag them all into a war.

It probably would have been limited to Russia trouncing Serbia and a fight with Austria-Hungary, and maybe not even that, had things not spiraled out of control so quickly as planned by the Federal Parasite Reserve.

That treaty system destroyed 2,000 years of civilization in 4 years. 

With a population of millions staggering around in a state of trauma and grief afterwards, it was easy for the central bankers to pick up what they wanted, and start their destruction of the Russian people, and others as they liked.

They always have their pet monsters in a room all set to terrorize and finish off the target populations.

Their pet monster Stalin was actually a Rothschild employee in Baku.

He had a violent criminal record -- murder, arson, assault, robbery, -- in other words, a star Rothschild employee with potential for growth, so he was perfect for the job of leading their biggest prisoner catch.

The First World Central Banker War drew in every nation in the British and French Empires, meaning people who lived in the Pacific, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and N/C/S America were drawn in.

Small European countries were caught in the dragnet whether they wanted it or not.

Of course since Americans kept declining the RSVP to attend the party, they had to make us an offer we couldn't refuse, hence the Lusitania false flag.

Even the US army departure and arrival slogan was ready -- "Lafayette we are here!"

Absolutely everything went according to plan like clockwork.

As soon as that one cooled down, they instigated a few more civil upheavals and murder sprees ( Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Hungary, etc.) while making plans for the next big bloodletting 20 years later to finish up what they started.

And that blood fest was followed in turn by the series of non stop revolutions that we all remember only too well and have to deal with as of this writing with more planned by the same psychopaths.

If you think that all sounds preposterous think again.

That is exactly were we are with the NATO racket.

World War -- what is it now, I've lost count -- 4.0? 5.0? 10?


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Circle the correct answer.

Three biggest empires in the world, British, Russian and German, led by three aristocrats from the same family so inbred that on photos they practically look the same, who knew each other personally very well and had a wast armies of diplomats, went to war with each other because:

a.) money and power.

b.) a barely literate 19 year old, begrudged because he watched 5 of his siblings die from malnutrition, killed the commander in chief of a occupying army from a declining regional power.


Hint 1: If your answer doesn't start with "a.", your brain could be fatefully reproduced with a handful of transistors, couple of batteries and a soldering iron.

Hint 2: Martin Sieff is a neocon bullshit vendor.

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Gavrilo Princip, the guy who killed Ferdinand.

BTW, my post is not directed at you. Your analysis is excellent!

I just wanted to point out that big powers don't go to wars because of small allies but ONLY because their own interests.

Balkan proverb: "Dog doesn't bark for the sake of the village. It barks for its own sake."

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Thanks -- did not know that Princip's siblings starved.

The circumstances of such a tragedy must have been awful.

In any case, that would go a long way to explain his seething anger and unmitigated sense of revenge. 

The NWO always finds such cases and makes use of them.

Ironically, he did not meet the death penalty requirements because the Archduke was a very forward thinking man and had just amended the laws to prohibit anyone under 21 to face the death penalty.

Did he ever think that his own killer would benefit from his generosity.

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In Princip's trial indictment document his father's occupation is stated as "a serf".

A serf! We are speaking about 20th century here. Austro-Hungarian Empire was not called "the dungeon of nations" for no reason.

Princip hated Austria for rather obvious, personal, realistic and not really ideological reasons. 

But, that doesn't help in whitewashing colonial empires responsibility for what happened, does it?

Plus, the opposite helps selling bullshit books even today!

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fleur de lis DogOfSinope Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:06 Permalink

I would not call Princip credible about the "serf" term.

After all, he had an axe to grind.

The AH Empire was not such a bad place, and who knows what kind of a man that his father was.

Maybe it was his fault that his children were malnourished.


This movie plays non stop.

We currently have Kommissar Alexandria piously telling all who are foolish enough to believe her that her mother cleaned toilets for a living.

Are we to believe that an architect's wife living in a well to do community had to clean toilets to supplement their income?

Were they really so cold and hungry, and could not afford medical and dental care, and had to walk to school in their bare feet in clothes donated by charity, and they felt so different, and had no lunches when the other kids had great food, blah, blah, blah.

They all play the poverty story like a piano. 

Outside of huge institutions who has a job doing nothing but cleaning toilets?

Who would pay her to come into homes just to clean the toilet?

Not demeaning honest and necessary work, it just seems odd.

Kommissar Alexandria simply has a chip on the shoulder so she peddles the questionable poverty story to get what she wants and take down her perceived enemies.

Like all the rest of them.

Aunt Maxine is a perfect example -- yammering on about poverty but living in a mansion and doing what to improve her constituents' lives?

There is no reason to rule out that Princip did the same.

Clearly he hated the Austro-Hungarians but his story is non credible to me. 

Anyone who can shoot dead an unarmed stranger and his pregnant wife as a matter of childhood revenge -- displaced or otherwise -- is not someone who is to be believed.

He was a stupid NWO stooge and nothing more.

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The above is not his story, it's what Austrian prosecutors wrote.

I fail to see how resisting foreign occupation amoun's to being a NWO stooge? He didn't shoot Ferdinand in Vienna, did he?

Inbred Habsburg bastards had no business in Bosnia in the first place.

Grabbing foreign lands and subjugating foreign people comes with some occupational hazards. (pun intended)

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Point well taken but I am still a skeptic.

We don't know the whole story.

The term "serf" does not mean now what it did then.

Try to avoid using our mores, laws, and societies to judge the people of the past, or at least exercise caution when doing so.

Be careful not to give too much leeway to his anger, he would have shot you just as fast if someone asked him to, no questions asked.

Furthermore, the Archduke was only on a state visit. 

The civil chaos was instigated by the same psychopaths who instigate groups like Antifa today.

There was a reason the Black Hand ( Serbian assassins) were in Sarajevo that day, and it had nothing to do with freedom, despite what they were lead to believe by their NWO handlers and liars.

It had to do with the mass murder of millions and the enslavement of even more, along with widespread destruction.

They were only selected to do the dirty work and kick off the war, because the NWO knew how to capitalize on their revenge, seething hatred and nationalist ego problems.

They murdered the Archduke and Archduchess that day but they also condemned the whole world to death for a century and it continues to this day.

Would they have murdered them if they thought that doing so would ignite a world firestorm? 

A serf by comparison is not such a bad thing.

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"Today, it is the United States that is treading down the fateful path that Czar Nikolai, the British in 1914 and the Western Allies in 1939 all followed. The United States is committed to defend Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia."

Really???!!!! That says it all about how full of shit this disingenuous this author is....WHERE IS ISRAEL on this list???!!!

A little about Martin Sieff:

"Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust
Instructor: Martin Sieff , Wednesday evening

This course will cover a wide range of topics on how Jews resisted during the Holocaust. These will include the Warsaw Ghetto revolt (distinguishing fact from ction); Treblinka – “De ance in Hell”; Belorussia – modern Belarus – the greatest resistance; why there was so little armed Jewish resistance
in some locations, and why and where resistance was disproportionately high; the most numerous warriors - the 700,000 Jews in the Red Army; and the Jewish role in the liberation of Auschwitz."…

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It’s also pretty myopic. Had we actually had a defense treaty with Poland at the time they would not have been the first country to fall. Also, the author is an obvious Russian shill, the reason Poland didn’t want to cooperate with the USSR is obvious, they didn’t want to become another soviet occupied territory. 

I feel like half the bullshit on this site is written by the FSB.

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I Am Jack's Ma… MacGruber Mon, 07/23/2018 - 01:05 Permalink
  1. why in the fuck would we have had a defense treaty with Poland?
  2. how is it that invading Poland was an intolerable act of war for the UK and France when Germany did it, mostly taking formerly German territory, but NOT when the USSR invaded and occupied eastern Poland 2 weeks later?
  3. And why was brave little Poland allowed to be completely occupied by the USSR after the war?

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"Extremist eastern European countries"???? Oh - you must be talking about Russia and Belarus!!

Tyler's saying we should feel sorry for russia because they can no longer attack smaller nations who joined NATO - get a life tyler!

The only extremists in Europe are the E.U. elites, western european nations, and most definitely Russia.

Poland should be the model: no migrants, no terrorism.

Hungary has also been leading the way in its opposition to Soros and far left extremists - and Poland is going to use Hungary's playbook against liberals in Poland - including the media, so well done Victor Orban - a true modern day hero - who like Poland - truly sets the standard for normalcy in Europe!

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This site's a joke indeed - funny to see Tyler write articles possibly in response to the comments of those who aren't russian shills.

The thing with Tyler is that he goes after the US - but portrays russian propaganda as perfectly legitimate! yeah... their propaganda sounds 'different'... but it's not intellectual to argue for your own destruction, just because russian propaganda 'tickled' your mind.

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I fully agree that the article is Russian propaganda. This is clear when you look at accusations towards Poland. The official reason for Soviet coperation with Nazi to occupy Poland was liberation of minorities. That is why the author mentions fake racism in Poland as this word has very strong meaning in western countries. By the way, what races where then in Eastern Europe? Russians are still ashamed of the cooperation with Nazi and currently it is against the Russian law to mention it, but you can look here:–Soviet_military_parade_in_Brest-Litovsk

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"The United States is committed to defend Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia."

Anyone who has a clue of how the Wheels of Power turn would know that that statement is JUST WORDS. There can be no interest in "defending" these countries because NO ONE is planning to attack them other than the "defender" through a provocation.

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Yep, the author thinks that the nations in question actually had their own best interests in mind, mistaken or not, when in fact all nations but Russia were under the control and direction of central bankers.

The central bankers funded the English and French Revolutions with no thought for all the bloodshed since they never, ever serve in any army, they only control armies and tell them what to do, where to go, and who to kill.

"Let's you and him fight."

The Russians managed to fight off the parasitic central bankers the longest which was why they vengefully saved the most sadistic punishments for the Romanovs and the Russian people.


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There it is!! Like old Faithful!

Blame the Joos™.  

This is essentially all part of a plan by our great Humanitarian Vlad, who merrily crushes his opposition, invades and takes control of sovereign states and nations... it is the unimportant little nations that cause Global War.

So, we must not be drawn into a Global War on behalf of some meaningless little nation. While Vlad marches across the little, meaningless little Baltic and Eastern European states, the great powers - like The US, UK, France, Gernany maybe Italy... they must stay out, after all, they are losing little countries, not worth fighting and maybe dying protecting,

Yes, if a great global power neither invades nor seizes power in a small state then no one needs to protect them. But, there are these little things called freedom and history.

And, history teaches us that the virus of oppressive regimes being allowed to spread in Europe is global conflict, because, after all, we share a set of common values and belief in human rights.

So, Vlad seeks to exploit the weakness or lack of resolve. The US is becoming a brown nation that increasingly sheds its shared values and beliefs with Western Europe, With nationalism on the rise, the next step towards a Russian sweep through Europe is the dismemberment of NATO, and the withdrawral of the mighty USA from other people’s wars.

Ecactly this brand of nationalist appeasement led to the horrors of Nazism and the slaughters of Stalinism.

But these same troll propagandists will say the stories of Nazi atrocities are lies, these things never happened. That Stalin murdered no one.They say the Jews and CIA knocked down the Twin Towers and flight 17.

Ukraine was not an invasion, Crimea was not annexed by force. It belonged to Russia anyway - just as ALL the Soviet States still do.

Now, forget your defending Europe because that will mean global Nuclear war, which, by the way you will lose because of our new super weapons - so don’t start it by using nukes when we decide to stroll through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc etc etc,. Oh and Montenegro! You want hypersonic tsarbomblets raining like flies over Mar-a-Lago?

There it all is in a neat package,. Maybe Trump is stupid enough, chicken enough, or actually in Vlad’s pocket enough to go along. I dont think so. And I sure as hell hope not.

Yeah. Our trade deals need to get better, and they gotta pay more of the load. But FUCK YEAH the United States will stand behind our friends and allies in the West, right up until the day there are so many recent immigrants who don’t know or care about Western history to understand what it means to have a fascist murderer building and flexing his muscles in Europe.

And maybe you got ahead on some tech by breaking every missile treaty - and then blaming the US!

Until then, Vlad, until the US stands for nothing, and will bend the knee to your pissant Tin pot dictatorship run by a bunch of thugs and murderers, please piss off. There are no small nations in the coalition of the free, or the Alliance of liberty.

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I Am Jack's Ma… LaugherNYC Mon, 07/23/2018 - 01:11 Permalink

My, someone is triggered!

It’s NEVER the fault of any Jew, even when Jews did it!

Israel is always defending itself when it bombs a water treatment plant or shoots an unarmed medic...




Squeal, ziopiggy!  Squeal!

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LaugherNYC I Am Jack's Ma… Mon, 07/23/2018 - 01:32 Permalink

Hey, Jack, what meaningless little nation do you  come from that you are so scared and intimidated by a small group of Jews sequestered in a tiny little bump on the map in the vast expanses of the Middle East?

What sackless, sad pathetic breed of pissant are you that a bunch of desperate refugees living in a mnicroscopic little triangle pose such a threat to you and your backward tribe of inbred jackanapes? Are you so massively turdlike that this minuscule tribe of hard-working, spirited, freedom-loving White folks who built an Eden out of a wasteland have been so able to outmaneuver all the other great peoples of the world to so dominate the policies of great nations and powers?

According to you this insignificant percentage of humans have had such an ourtsized hold on power that they can destroy squirming little whiny weasels like you with barely a flick of the wrist!

This same, sad excuse for the tyrants, despots, dictators and murderers whose failed nations look to place the blame for the theft of their patrimony, the enrichment of crony kleptocrats, the subjugation and mass murder of their own people - time and again, they turn on the smallest nation, the most vulnerable - the Joos.

What a howler - the Jews control history - the Jews commit the atrocities, the Jews are responsible for all the evil in the world. The criminal will always blame the victim given the chance.

Yes, the JEWS were behind 9/11!!! Man didn’t land on the moon!!! The Joos killed Kennedy! They started WWI and WWII. They started every conflict in the ME. They created AIDS to kill Africans, and knew their bestir HRC could steal a billion from a Foundation built around “helping” those AIDS victims!

The Joos™ can take no credit for the blundering genocide of history’’s thugs, and their pathetic, bootlicks like you. Are you a Muzzie, a Russian troll, or just a shitforbrains dumbfuck?  Because, at this point, trying to blame the Jews is getting more than a little absurd.

Elon Musk is a secret Joo, and that Tesla he put into space is actually loaded with novochok and is aimed at Moscow to kill all the innocent intelligence agents at 22 Kirova Street in Moscow!

Trumo is a Joo! Muller is a Joo! Merkel is a Jew! Hitler was one, so was Stalin! Ghengis Khan? Joo. Mengele? Joo. Neal Armstrong? Joo.

Reagan? Joo. Chairman Mao? Joo. Tsar Nicholas? Joo. McArthur, Patton, Eisenhower? Joos! They’re ALL Joos, plotting to — plotting to —- plotting to — keep the globe free from oppression and repression, restrain the ambitions of Putin and his Russian elite backers, cure the great diseases, feed the hungry, you know, nasty, awful stuff.

C’mon man! The Jews are a decent people just trying to survive like most other minorities in a touch world. They run no super-cabals or mega conspiracies. Some rich ones seek to use their money and power to advance their agendas, and while most arte positive a very few are not.

But, this absurdity is an embarrassment to the ROW. Man up. Take the credit where due, along with the blame. Stop being such whiny asshats.

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LaugherNYC I Am Jack's Ma… Mon, 07/23/2018 - 01:48 Permalink

Yah, I LOVE this story.

Absolutely every sane person on Earth knows this was a fog of war disaster, which was the usual SNAFU and FUBAR of military enterprise. She was in the wrong water at the wrong time, on the wrong frequencies. I have been over this a hundred times.

All your conspiracy theories are just the rantings of lunatics. 

Come on, man!!! Come into the real world, the one of facts and reality. Israel had exactly ZERO intention of blowing up the Liberty. It was a combination of incompetence and stupidity. Not like it was the first or the last time, either. It has been so thoroughly debunked, it’s hardly worth More than a shake of the head and a laugh of revulsion for the pathos of someone who would either believe or spread such tinhat stupidity.

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commiebastid LaugherNYC Mon, 07/23/2018 - 06:56 Permalink

picking off sailors swimming for their lives..... Of course this doesn't count because goy aren't really human. The chosen ones use your dollars, bombs and blood. Rather useful. As Bibi brags how he controls the US

and how he controls Trump…


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NotGonnaTakeIt… LaugherNYC Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:50 Permalink

Glad you said it. That so many ZH readers appear to be closet KKK members (or easily indoctrinated morons, wait, that's being redundant), is depressing. So many little minds working furiously to find a way to blame Jews for all the world's problems.  As if Assad, killing 400,000+ of his own citizens, is orchestrated by Jews. And then there are the total idiots that proclaim ISIS is an Israeli creation. I suppose Hamas must also be an Israeli creation. Created by Israel to attack it for years on end. And let's not forget the Black Panthers who intimidated and in some cases attacked white voters during the Obama elections- they must also have been created by Jews. 

And the Jews, who control the entire world, must have purposely created the millions of Jews in Israel and around the world who live in poverty and squalor. Yeah, they must have done that to make it look like they're really not in total control.

And finally, in France, where Muslims attack Jews at will, on the street and in their own apartments, where French authorities always release the Muslim perps as 'mental illness' cases, that HAS to be orchestrated by Jews, right???

As I said at the top, ZH has too many indoctrinated morons posting here. I'm just curious how they ever had time to learn to write while being force-fed bilge by their parents 24/7.


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LaugherNYC Dude-dude Mon, 07/23/2018 - 01:56 Permalink

I don’t think Vlad gives a fuck, I think it makes Vlad happy to see the arguments and to send out trolls like you to provoke response.

Vlad runs a pissant country that has utterly failed to grow and prosper along with its fellow white Christian nations for the past 100 years, because they are stupid sheep who follow corrupt kleptocrats. It is not the Russian people’s fault. they are educated and inculcated with this garbage from birth.

130 million people in a vast nation rich in natural resources, with great traditions of education and culture. And yet, it would be a nothing, a nobody, a joke, if not for its 10,000 nuclear warheads.

What if Russia tried to be a civil, moderm state that dealt with the world as an open and fair trader, built up service industries, and allowed the wealth to be spread beyond the Putin sphere iof influence, not just to his cronies and family, but the Russian people?

What if, instead of unleashing hypersonic warheads, he unleashed hypersonic education and productivity, got his nation off its ass and working, so that when you called the Moscow office of an international company, all the Russians hadn’t already left at 15:00? Why has its economy SHRUNK over the past five years rather than GROWN like every western nation, and failed to diversify away from a total dependence on what is under the ground instead of in its people’s brains and muscles?

Great things would happen. But, better to team up with the Mullahs and Assad - you know, forward-thinking champions of a better world. 

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bluecollartrader powow Mon, 07/23/2018 - 03:43 Permalink

Bullshit. The strategic importance of the middle east for the entire world is undeniable. The ME is teeming with thieving despots and has been for centuries. Smarmy little fuckers who's goal in life is to be famous on the world stage by taking it 'hostage' to pad theirs and their progeny's pockets with 'gold.' All the while, stomping on the lives of their peasants. 

Most Americans don't want to be there or anywhere else across the world. The people who complain about it are inevitably tied to the idea that if only there were no Western power nearby, they could dominate their people, their neighbors, and perhaps, the world. They're all over the Middle East right now, in Asia, Cartels in Mexico, street gangs in the USA, etc. It's been this way for all of human kind. When people complain about it, I know that they're working an angle of hate or profiteering and the only thing standing in the way of their grand plans of domination is a superior power.

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"Today, it is the United States that is treading down the fateful path that Czar Nikolai, the British in 1914 and the Western Allies in 1939 all followed"

Wrong. The leaders were told to enter these wars by the ruling oligarchs in each country. All these wars were planed in advance for profit. There is no war without profit and never has been.