Skin In The Game

By Chris at

When last did you really need help from complete strangers?

Last week my wife, daughter, and a friend headed down to the beach to ride the horses (yup, the same ones I wrote about here).

To get to the beach from where the hay-burners are kept is about a kilometre through quiet neighbourhood streets. Normally, this is no problem.

The most excitement from a trip to the beach typically involves waving to some of the old wrinklies while they water the gerberas... or watching little sprogs get excited, racing inside yelling, "Horsey, Mummy! Horsey!"

Not this time, though.

This time all hell broke loose as a scrappy little terrier with Napoleon syndrome came charging at the horses about halfway to the beach. With a snarling mutt tearing at their legs the horses panicked, went all bronco, bucked the riders off, and bolted with little "Napoleon" in hot pursuit.

Now realise that nobody, not even Ben Johnson fuelled with an extra dose of roids, can keep up with galloping horses. And so they promptly disappeared to God knows where.

And this is where my original question comes in... When was the last time you needed someone's help?

Which brings me to what happened next.

Within minutes folks in the neighbourhood had noticed horses galloping down the road, sans riders — not a normal thing.

Neighbours came out to see if they could help, then called neighbours further up the street, someone called the police, and within 10 minutes, and I kid you not, my wife, daughter, and their friend had been picked up by some bloke in his car and were searching the streets looking for the panicked nags.

Streets had filled with people on a mission to locate the horses and help. The police had arrived, cordoned off two roads which exited onto a busy street and thus presented danger for panicked horses and motorists. And a full scale horse hunt was underway.

The horses, not being the thickest animals on the planet, must have recognised surroundings and promptly bolted back to their home. The community determined to help out in the chaos connected via phones, loud yelling, and running kids to locate the horses, the police, and my wife, and co. This was like a military exercise where even Waldo couldn't hide. Not only that but the owner of "Napoleon", after securing her dog... which by this stage had put a few holes in the nags, rang the vet and promised to pay for the repairs.

Why do I tell you this?

This is a small little country where the sense of belonging and community is still incredibly strong. People buy in to what being a "Kiwi" means.

It got me to thinking about what are the pieces required to getting such a strong sense of community? How do you get a society that pulls together when isht inevitably goes wrong?

The same way you get buy-in from literally anything else.

Skin in the game and one core culture that everyone buys into.

When Japan was hit with the tidal wave and Fukushima disaster the way the community dealt with it is telling. Anthropologist John Traphagan, from the University of Texas who specialises in Japan, puts it this way:

"Japan is a very community-oriented society,"

"What is happening is that people band together very tightly and help each other get through it," 

The sense of collective is supported both by cultural norms and "is reinforced by social and political structures in Japan," 

When you contrast this to the pillaging of private property, rapes, and lawlessness which followed the aftermath of the New Orleans Katrina hurricane, the reaction by the populace couldn't be more stark. 

Look, it's not politically correct to say so but the hell with politically correct because the advance of mankind has always been about facts and truth. And when we deny the truth we risk much more than mere ignorance. It's how millions have repeatedly died under failed ideologies.

The facts are the facts. I mean, we can ignore them and end up like present day Venezuela where it costs over a year's salary to buy a single bottle of whiskey. We can do that. It's just not particularly smart.

The truth is that multiculturalism doesn't work. What does work, and this has been proven by America of old, is that a multi-ethnic integration under ONE culture works tremendously well.

When the Italians moved to the US for a better life, within a generation they never saw themselves as Italian Americans. They were Americans. When the Irish moved — the same thing.

Nobody says, "Hey, I'm Polish American/British American/German American". No, they say, "I'm American".

Underlying this is an acceptance to the terms of what that means. America worked because those that came into the system all came with the intention to integrate into the culture... and then did. Which is why the term African American was the first destructive terminology introduced. It's actually racist despite what the soy latte-drinking, hemp-wearing screeching banshees will tell you.

We've the same thing in New Zealand where most everyone buys into being a Kiwi.

The price paid is adherence to the laws, taxes, and following expected norms. And when people diverge from that, the repercussions aren't only from law enforcement, they're social.

This makes for a society where in times of crisis they come together to help one another. It is why Japan dealt with the Fukushima disaster in an orderly and efficient manner. It is why the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand was met with strong community support sans looting, raping, and pillaging. Everyone has skin in the game.

Which brings me to the fustercluck that is Theresa May's Brexit.

As you can see sterling bounced off the lows brought by the Brexit shock. But ever since the frumpled-looking hag who is in charge of making Brexit happen has been flip flopping over the issues it's been taking a beating. The problem, of course, is that May never wanted Brexit. In fact, she campaigned very hard to prevent it. And yet she's now tasked with making it happen. This makes as much sense as hiring Hitler to look after a Jewish orphanage. She's no skin in the game, and worse, doesn't' actually want it to happen.

Still, things could be worse.

The Brits could have chosen to remain and entwine themselves in the sinking ship that is the EU. Or worse still they could have decided waaay back to actually join the disaster that is the euro. As troubled as the murky shores of the Kingdom are, I'd certainly rather be holding sterling over euros.

But more important than currency moves is what happens with society.

That Brits chose to leave the EU isn't the issue. You can agree or disagree whether this is a good thing all you like. The issue is that it needs to be implemented. In a democracy this is how things are meant to work.

But that's not happening as May champions a "soft Brexit". What we're seeing is the contract between the state and its citizens being eroded.

As I mentioned in an earlier article on why Brexit happened in the first place, I alluded to one of the elements that citizens expect in their society:

At the very beating heart of the contractual relationship with the nation state is the agreement that citizens will be kept safe from invading armies and domestic threats. When Europe lost control of its borders it broke this contract with its citizens. 

Now, here's where things can really go off the rails.

The populace who voted to leave the unelected kleptocrats in Brussels behind, bothered to actually put down their pints, leave the pub, and vote because they felt like they had skin in the game. Otherwise, why bother, right?

So when their elected government refuses to implement what's been agreed upon, they themselves no longer feel like they should adhere to the the principles of that society. In short, they feel like those elected to govern no longer have any skin in the game, and why hell if that's the case, then why should they?

And there is sufficient historical evidence which indicates that pushed too far, when a society feels like they're not allowed inside the house they thought they had a right to, they'll burn it down just to feel the warmth of the fire.

A culture, a society, a community is a pretty fragile thing and it is largely held together by accepted norms. The alternative is an overtly authoritarian regime which enforces a particular culture. Much of the Middle East and Northern Africa provides us with adequate examples of this.

I've no idea whether or not our pasty friends on that muddy island can pull this together.

However, what's pretty clear to me is that with each passing day the rational law abiding folks (you know, the ones who tuck their shirts in and pull their socks up) are feeling like they're not being let inside the house.

They may just begin to pull their socks down and let their shirts hang out. And if that happens, I really wouldn't want to lose a horse in such a society because instead of helping find it, someone will more than likely eat it.

- Chris

"I can assure you that Donald Trump has got it absolutely wrong. The police in London are not afraid to go out and police the streets. [...] Politicians should be very careful as we are dealing with the issue of terrorism, as we fight terrorism, we need to be bringing communities together. Bringing greater cohesion in communities, not seeking to divide." — Theresa May before Trump's election


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Occams_Razor_Trader Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:16 Permalink

Can't for the life of me figure out why the horse wouldnt take his massive shoed hoof and stomp the little shit?

Have we bred the survival mechanism out of horses for the sake of a trail ride?

SubjectivObject Occams_Razor_Trader Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:49 Permalink

there's a video, somewhere

there was a big big croc closing in on a guy struggling to get ashore

when his friend [a real true friend] on the shore reaching for the guy realized that the guy would not make it

the friend did a cannon ball into the water

and this spooked the croc which ducked away

and broke off the croc's approach long enough for both guys to get away

datum of the story is that animals of any size and brain can be spooked

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Dindu Nuffins IDrankWhat Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:41 Permalink

When New Zealand continues importing non-whites, they'll finally figure out what causes a sense of community when they've lost it: racial homogeneity. A culture is a product of racial aptitudes, not something that everyone of diverse backgrounds can share. Few blacks are biologically suited to act like whites, few white like asians. The trick is not have a mix of different peoples, period. 

He's talking about how he wants to be non-PC and then mentions Hurricane Katrina looting sprees without saying the word "niggers" 

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BetterRalph Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:20 Permalink

I want reparations too, I want against the deep state traitors and for having to listen to fake news, for getting a heart attack from the food pyramid, I want reparations against the illegals on the BALLOT in California. I want reparations for wasting night after night reading through primary source documents for year after year of this FBI, DOJ, CIA, SES treason.  Oh yeah and Irish right we built the rail road.  /sarc

sarc however the illegals on the Ballot is real news.  If they get elected, such neighborhood loyalty to each other will never exist since such nice neighborhoods with HORSE owners will never exist.

Cloud9.5 Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:22 Permalink

Good luck with winning back your country.  Devolution is in the cards.  As the boom of the last two hundred years unwinds, things are going to get dicey for all of us.

MK ULTRA Alpha Mon, 07/23/2018 - 07:54 Permalink

London is a no go city of stabbings and acid attacks, therefore it's May who doesn't know what she's talking about. Politicians in London are preventing the enforcement of the nations laws to kowtow to politically correct thought. Is May a communist?

The other example was New Zealand, which I believe has a more homogeneous population than the US and hasn't opened it's door to dangerous elements. In fact, long before the recent immigration refuge waves into the EU, the US has allowed the flow of refugees through legal immigration for years. Today, Germany's economic refugee crisis is a small insignificant amount of people, they can't handle when compared to the huge numbers in the US? (remember Kerry and Obama planned to flood the nation with Muslims from the Middle East, one should research the number of refugees from Kenya and Kenya isn't a refugee war zone. It was cover to flood the nation with people of color for the planned race war to install a new form of government, a communist dictatorship because they know better.)

It's much more dangerous in the US than in the EU. Since 2001, 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegal economic refugees. In contrast to the Vietnam war and similar time period, 58,000 Americans were killed. That level of slaughter is not something the Europeans have been exposed to since WWII. But as usual the Americans must suffer to prove we're good people. (no, just stupid people who are now bankrupt fiscally, politically and morally.)

The US has sprawling mega cities divided on income, race, culture and now language. All US cities are cities of divided neighborhoods. The US has each world economic status, 1st world, 2nd world, 3rd world, 4th world, and 5th world, there is slavery in the US, something we outlawed, however since a huge portion of the population wasn't born here, didn't grow up here, their culture becomes the norm, not assimilation. Thus, slavery is a vice that is now a growth model in the US.

There are countless no go zones across the US, some no go zones like in Chicago are notorious for the police not answering calls for help. There are Muslim compounds closed off from main stream America, not just in the cities.

However, the US is based upon economic progress, thus social issues are over come through universal economic mobility. Unfortunately, this has stalled over the years resulting in a planned communist take down of the US.

In South Africa, the president of that nation has stated he will order the genocide of over 5 million whites to take their farms. The former US president made a speech in South Africa promoting communist doctrine. Communist MSM didn't present the data with the genocide statements, I wonder why? Where was Maddow? Blitzer?

At the same time, the South Central LA riot instigator Congresswoman Waters was stirring it up to the point an American flag was burned at the same time Obama was in South Africa. (I could be off on the exact times, but my point is to correlate the two events, which seemed to happen during the same news cycle week.)

Considering the Democratic National Committee has officially endorsed a race war, I would say, blacks are being radicalized as pawns for a communist take down.

The governments, federal, state and local only call out Trump supporters, and death threats against democrats are prosecuted by the DOJ, but not those who make the same comments targeting Trump supporters.

There can be no comparison between the US and any nation on this planet. The borders are wide open, and the flow continues. Some categorize my essay as racist? no, it's the cost, we're paying through the nose, and we have no real security after over $3 trillion has been spent on defense against terrorist. An MS-13 gang member who kills kids isn't terrorism. But if an Middle Eastern origin legal or illegal killed the kids, then it's terrorism. This is because of the culture of the Zionist Christians and the MSM controlled from NYC.

We've taken over 40 million legal in the last twenty years, not based on merit. The illegal numbers are over 30 million, but the governments number of 11 million is wrong. At the same time, the communist are broadcasting the illegals can vote, even a federal judge stated in a ruling, no one has to prove citizenship to vote. Considering over a million illegals voted last time, and a higher number counting voting fraud, it was easily around 5 million unlawful votes. It means this nation is not under the rule of law, but the rule of the mob.

0ver 70 million foreigners, I doubt New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the EU can take that many, while the US is force to provide free defense and massive anti-terrorism systems. All with constant complaints of being a police state. (I have always wondered, with a massive security apparatus, how can so many be killed by illegals and how can gangs numbering over a million members flourish, well now we know, the government is corrupt and has been compromised.)

The only way to prevent a meltdown is strong jobs growth, a wall, and deportation of dangerous criminals. These three important counters to the civil war being instigated by the communist are flash points which proves the communist have no intention of working together.

The psychology of America is division at all levels and all aspects of our lives. The divisions are promoted with scientific mind control programming from NYC, the bastion of communism. This is why, the narrative is only for television minds. Programmed parrots who can't think for themselves, thus those who can think call it fake news, just another name for propaganda.

Up_The_Creek Mon, 07/23/2018 - 08:58 Permalink

The populace who voted TRUMP, to leave the SWAMP CREATURES in WASHINGTON behind, bothered to actually put down their APPLE PIE, leave the HOUSE, and vote because they felt like they had skin in the game. Otherwise, why bother, right?

So when their SWAMP CREATURE government refuses to implement what's been agreed upon, they themselves no longer feel like they should adhere to the the principles of that society. In short, they feel like those SWAMP CREATURES WHO govern no longer have any skin in the game, and why hell if that's the case, then why should they?


There, I fixed it for you.

ConanTheContrarian1 Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:34 Permalink

Good article. Let's not forget, though, that in order to truly conquer a country, you have to destroy its culture. The courts of the US no longer dispense justice, they dispense favoritism. So very few trust the courts. Same with the FBI, etc. The "higher" education system serves as a propaganda outlet to destroy moral values, so that we can believe that a man with a penis can dress up as a woman and go to the girls dressing room and it's "normal". And on and on.... Trump wasn't my first choice, but I back him 100% now, just because he's the only hope we have at the moment.

newworldorder ToSoft4Truth Mon, 07/23/2018 - 13:52 Permalink

Blacks had a very raw deal in America up to 1965. Three generations after 1965 they are devolving, - in the majority, - into perpetual self-made ideological victims, - forever.

Hispanics will replace them by 2030 as the majority-minority population. Hispanics will have final say as to whom they ally with and whether there will ever be racial and ethnic peace in the USA.


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Consuelo Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:54 Permalink

Couple of things:

- A horse without the temperament to remain composed at the presence of barking mutt is not a horse one mounts.

- New Orleans and the events therein from the hurricane do not a 'whole of America' make.

ToSoft4Truth Consuelo Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:43 Permalink

Hey, guy.  Let's change a word or two -


- A 'black' without the temperament to remain composed at the presence of barking 'white' is not a 'black' that (one) "lives". 

Feral blacks still protest. 

Video Goodness:

No arrest in fatal shooting during argument over handicap parking space…

In reply to by Consuelo

llisio Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:44 Permalink

Big dogs look at their people and see cute little things. From this they infer they are part of a pack of cute little things and act like cuddly puppies à la labs, etc.

Little Jack Russells look at their people and see big huge bruisers. From this they infer they are from a pack of alpha killers and act like they rule the roost.

Somebody has got to do the research, but this is observable fact.