Husband Of Stormy Daniels Files For Divorce, Restraining Order

The husband of porn star, stripper and Trump accuser Stormy Daniels has filed for divorce, according to her attorney Michael Avenatti, who made the announcement over Twitter on Monday. 

Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, married former porn bigwig Glendon Crain in 2015, however the two have rarely been sighted together since Daniels came out with accusations against President Trump.

The news comes one week after Clifford was arrested at an Ohio strip club - where she told police she was not married, according to TMZwhich also reports that Crain has filed a restraining order against her. 

It is unclear why Crain filed for divorce, however Avenatti's suggestion that "Stormy's daughter remains her number one priority," along with the restraining order offers some clues. 

Some have noted that the police sketch of a man Daniels says threatened her after she came forward with claims that she and Donald Trump had an affair, looks just like Crain.