New York Daily News Fires Half Of Its Staff

The New York Daily News announced plans on Monday to cut half of its newsroom as part of a broader restructuring plan at the newspaper, reports NBC News

Among those departing will be editor-in-chief Jim Rich and managing editor Kristen Lee. 

The paper's staff was notified via email from the human resources department which also detailed a new direction for the paper - which will increase focus on breaking news with an emphasis on crime, civil justice and public responsibility. Local news and sports will still be covered, according to the email. 

Daily News Journalists were called to a 9 a.m. meeting and then told to wait for the email notifying them of the cuts. 

The email also notified employees that editor-in-chief Jim Rich and managing editor Kristen Lee were among those parting ways with the company. Rich tweeted early Monday an ominous warning: "If you hate democracy and think local government should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you.

Robert York will be the new editor-in-chief. He was most recently the publisher and editor-in-chief of The Morning Call, a newspaper serving eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. -NBC News

The Daily News was bought by media conglomerate Trone last September, adding it to its portfolio of other newspapers and magazines - which include the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun. 

The paper has been one of the most aggressive New York City papers in terms of covering President Trump - with his most recent gaffe or faux pas frequently gracing its cover. 

The layoffs come as local publications across the country are cutting jobs. According to a Pew Research Center report published Monday, over 1/3 of US newspapers laid off staff between January 2017 and April 2018

Between 2014 and 2017, the number of newspaper newsroom employees dropped by 15%, from about 46,000 to about 39,000. There was no significant change in digital-native newsroom employees, however, as the number remained around 11,000 to 13,000 over the same three-year period. Layoffs at digital-native news outlets, in other words, may have been offset by hiring at other outlets, which was not part of this analysis. -Pew


The report also found that while newsroom employees were dropping, 

Those laid off at the Daily News were told on Monday if they lost their jobs, and are receiving 90 days of severance pay. 

"The decisions being announced today reflect the realities of our business and the need to adapt [to] an ever-changing media environment," the email stated. "They are not a reflection on the significant talent that is leaving today. Let there be no doubt: these colleagues are highly valued and will be missed." 


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"The paper has been one of the most aggressive New York City papers in terms of covering President Trump - with his most recent gaffe or faux pas frequently gracing its cover."


Seems like Trump Derangement Syndrome doesn't sell newspapers.  We'll see in November how well it sells candidates. 

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“Sorry, seems our 24/7 bloviating on all things leftist and hyperbole from Trump Derangement Syndrome is not selling papers. That Bird store closing over the weekend took away our other source of income from cageliner sales so we are going to have to let you go. I hear youtubing and blogging are becoming viable sources of income in the gig economy. I’m sure you can work out your 165k in student loans to be deferred from West Central New York Poly-Technical Collegiversity. Good luck.”

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Jim Rich is now Jim Poor.

"If you hate democracy and think local governments should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you."

Yeah, Jim... I DO hate unbridled "democracy"... especially when the 80-IQ herd is entirely driven by fake news brainwashers such as yourself to vote for the criminal likes of Hillary Clinton.

And, yes... LOCAL governments should operate unchecked by the controllers and according to the dictates and desires of their constituents.  It is the massive FEDERAL government that now operates unchecked and in the dark, hence the term, "Deep State".

Yes, Jim... it is a good day for me.  Thank you.  And don't let that revolving door hit your pompous and hubristic ass on the way out.

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Also the growth in non-Western communities all over NYC brought in newspapers from those parts of the world.

For all the yammering about the benefits of widespread multiculturalism, the .gov screwballs never took into account natural ethnocentrism -- adherence to one's one culture and its values.

The new communities do not share the values of previous New York immigrants.

Some values yes, but for the most part they resolve things within their own communities.

They do not assimilate as readily as past immigrant communities because they do not have to.

They have not formed dangerous "no-go" zones like what the Euro weenies have, but at the same time they have no interest in leaving the bounds of their own neighborhoods.

Health, welfare, education, and .gov workers have to accommodate them rather than the other way around.

They are under no obligation to learn English since they have their own news outlets which interest them more, and they do not identify with the passing generations of NYC inhabitants from other places who made life so easy for them and created the opportunities they now have.

So they really don't care what is in the Daily News because the articles do not interest them, but that in turn represents a lost population that is not being replaced.

Indeed it means that the media competition is getting tougher. 


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Just be careful with that. I told one of my insurance customers that I occasionally do that with  AARP adverts.  He did it too. Only he wrote something on there. He had secret service outside his very secluded home  in short order. He was dead in 18 months from cancer. I don't know for sure what he wrote, but he got their attention.

He was a very healthy guy until he died from cancer. He was running a lawn service biz in his 60's. Didn't really need the money, but kept him busy.

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"I take the credit card offers, rip them up and mail them back to them.

Have them pay for the postage. "


I used to get bombarded with credit card offers from Capital One.

I even sent a couple of them back with a note to quit sending these offers to me.

Finally I saved up a few over 30 of them, which did not take very long as I would get multiples each week.

I took a cardboard box that was originally an apple gift box I received from work (fruit not computer). I took about a 40 lbs piece of concrete from my back yard, put it in the box, put their offers on top of it, then topped that of with a sheet of paper that stated "if you continue sending me your garage, I will send you mine", sealed the box, attached one of their postage prepaid envelopes, and sent it to them.

Got a few more the next 2 weeks and then the spamming stopped.


Lucky for them because the next box was going to be an 80 lbs pound bag of hardened concrete. If they did not stop, I could have made the Post Office profitable all by myself.


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"If you hate democracy and think local governments should operate unchecked and in the dark, then today is a good day for you."

Actually, I DO hate democracy because democracy is mob rule. America is a republic, but being a member of the media, you probably don't know or care about the difference. Also, pretending that you are the only media around that can shine spotlights on local government is arrogant and self-serving. Besides, most reporters in today's world are too lazy to do the deep, hard work of digging into a story that might takes weeks to develop.

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