Amazon Slides After Trump Hints At Antitrust Action

President Trump is on a roll this morning, lashing out via Twitter at every and any one who has wronged him this weekend.

His latest target is Amazon's Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post, as Trump angrily tweets "The Amazon Washington Post has gone crazy against me ever since they lost the Internet Tax Case in the U.S. Supreme Court two months ago."

Trump then went one step further, adding that "In my opinion the Washington Post is nothing more than an expensive (the paper loses a fortune) lobbyist for Amazon. Is it used as protection against antitrust claims which many feel should be brought?"

Finally Trump raged that "Next up is the U.S. Post Office which they use, at a fraction of real cost, as their “delivery boy” for a BIG percentage of their packages..."

This follows  Trump's accusations from April  that "Amazon costs taxpayers billions" adding in a flurry of tweets earlier this year, the president claimed that anybody who believes Amazon isn't ripping off the Post Office is a fool (even as other more business-friendly Republicans have warned Trump that this isn't necessarily true, and that he should be quiet before he wrecks the market rally he's so proud of).


Bezos wealth is taking a hit this morning...

And all the FANG stocks are fading...