Trump May Revoke Security Clearance For Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, & Rice

Update: The responses have begun. James Clapper spoke on CNN this afternoon, calling Trump's actions "a petty way of retribution."

“Well, it’s interesting news. I’m reading it and learning about it just as you are. I think it’s off the top of my head it’s a sad commentary,”

Clapper said. “For political reasons, this is a petty way of retribution, I suppose for speaking out against the president, which I think, on the part of all of us, are born out of genuine concerns about President Trump.”

“It’s frankly more of a courtesy that former senior officials and the intelligence community are extended the courtesy of keeping the security clearance. Haven’t had a case of using it. And it has no bearing whatsoever on my regard or lack thereof for President Trump or what he’s doing,” he continued.

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President Trump is exploring ways to strip several former Obama officials of their security clearances over politicized statements, including John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Susan Rice, and Andrew McCabe, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. 

Responding to a question about comments tweeted earlier in the day by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that former CIA Director Brennan should have his clearance stripped, Sanders replied: 

"Not only is the President looking to take away Brennan's security clearance, he's also looking into the clearances of Comey, Clapper, Hayden, Rice and McCabe," said Sanders, reading from a prepared statement, "because they've politicized, and in some cases, monetized their public service and security clearances. Making baseless accusations of improper contact with Russia or being influenced by Russia, against the President, is extremely inappropriate." 

"The fact that people with security clearances are making these baseless charges provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence." 

Earlier in the day, Senator Rand Paul tweeted: "Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump ?" 

Brennan, a senior national security and intelligence analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, said that President Trump's comments following the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin "rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors," adding "It was nothing short of treasonous."

Of course...

James Clapper, meanwhile, is an employee of CNN, while former FBI Director James Comey has been traveling around the country peddling his book, telling people to vote Democrat - just not "Socialist Democrat.



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Nation's most prominent birther conspiracist does not like baseless accusations - fify


McCabe’s has already been revoked btw, but facts don’t matter to this press secretary


When 5 or 6 gfs tell you you’re unhinged ... it may be you bruh 


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Cognitive Dissonance Tarzan Mon, 07/23/2018 - 15:22 Permalink

As is usual, I am confused.

So when the Director of the FBI or CIA is removed from office, they still keep their security clearance?

What exactly do they do with this non-revoked security clearance? Are they still briefed by the FBI and CIA?

Is it used in private practice such as going to work for Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, CACI etc?

Does no one review their security clearance from time to time once they are fired from government?

This isn't fair. When I left iHop they made me give back the washroom key.

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bshirley1968 philipat Mon, 07/23/2018 - 23:12 Permalink

"Trying to find a way" to revoke their security clearance?

What the hell? One, they should of had it revoked when they left their position. Two, why hasn't it already been pulled, and why would the POTUS not be able to get thus done immediately?

Maybe tmosely will come on here and explain Trump's master plan in this matter and why he is waiting so long to get this done. I am sure there is a completely rational reason to let these scum suckers maintain their high level security clearance.

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After all of the BS the neo conservatives ran about the mistake Trump made in firing Comey, finally it comes out that he was nothing but a wingman of the Clapper/Brennan "get trump at all costs" coup de etat group and the firing was not only legitimate but necessary. 

I don't get it, revoke their clearances then troll their asses on social media and threaten military intervention if they come near any TS information. Call them what they are. The resistance to our constitutional way of life and they must be shunned. 

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Zorba's idea QueeroHedge Mon, 07/23/2018 - 21:56 Permalink

Do you think Senator Rand Paul's proposal to terminate security clearance for all government employees when they exceptions. That would be a powerful way to cull the Deep State herd. I'm surprised Twitter didn't try to repress his tweet. 

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And at least 30-50 other suspected logins, slowly being “upgraded” to the list of infamy.

He's a bit like Herpes, you can never get rid of him..

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just for personal reasons,

the phrase "7 ways from Sunday" has been a recurring mantra for a few years now...


hope it can be resolved civilly, judiciously and properly -

but not counting on it -

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now wonder why it is your circle of friends does not give a thought to a practice that would lead to peace and beauty lifestyle - because the entire media is so tightly controlled that they really do heavily influence the populace thoughts hence behaviors


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