Elon Musk Threatened to "Engage Counsel and Sue" Popular Tesla Critic

Elon Musk has joined the ranks of infamous CEOs who have pursued, or at least threatened, legal action against prominent critics (in addition to threatening shorts in his stock with "untold carnage"). That is the latest revelation in  a statement  by well-known Tesla bear Montana Skeptic.

Montana Skeptic took to Seeking Alpha today to release what he said would be his final statement. He confirmed our report yesterday - claiming that Elon Musk did in fact call his boss yesterday – without making an attempt to first contact him directly – and that he told a colleague of his he would "engage counsel and sue" if he did not stop writing about Tesla.

The text of the letter, as posted on Seeking Alpha, states the following:

Yesterday, July 23, I decided to cease writing about Tesla (TSLA) here at Seeking Alpha web site. I also deactivated my Twitter account, where I was @MontanaSkeptic1. Here is what prompted those decisions.

Yesterday afternoon, the principal of the family office in which I am employed received a communication from someone purporting to be Elon Musk. Doubtful that Elon Musk could actually be attempting to contact him, my employer asked one of my colleagues to investigate and respond.

My colleague then spoke by phone with Elon Musk (it was indeed him). Mr. Musk complained to my colleague about my writing at Seeking Alpha and on Twitter. Mr. Musk said if I continued to write, he would engage counsel and sue me.

My colleague then spoke with me about the phone call. We both agreed that Mr. Musk’s phone call and threatened lawsuit were actions that would tend to involve our employer in matters in which he has had no part. To avoid such a consequence, I offered to immediately cease writing at Seeking Alpha and to deactivate my Twitter account.

How did Mr. Musk learn my identity, and that of my employer? It appears to me his information came thanks to the doxing efforts of some of his followers on Twitter.

Neither Mr. Musk nor Tesla has ever attempted, at any time, to contact me. Instead, Mr. Musk determined to go directly to my employer.

I do not know what Mr. Musk’s precise complaints are about me. I do not believe he has any valid legal claim, and I would have no trepidation in defending myself vigorously were he to bring such a claim. My response to his threats were simply to protect my employer and preserve my employment.

And so, you might say, Elon Musk has won this round. He has silenced a critic. But he has many, many critics, and he cannot silence them all, and the truth will out.

I am proud of everything I wrote at Seeking Alpha, and have immensely appreciated the extraordinary support of so many SA members and contributors.

As a reminder, yesterday we first reported the story that Musk had reportedly called the employer of this well-known critic in order to complain about his negative takes and analyses on Telsa. Montana Skeptic has been one of the most vocal critics of Tesla and Elon Musk for the better part of the last couple of years. So when he disappeared from Twitter yesterday without explanation, it set off red flags to many Tesla skeptics.

That was until this Twitter post from Quoth the Raven, who has hosted Montana Skeptic several times on his podcast. He tweeted:

Guys - I'm beside myself & before you ask, this is NOT a joke - I just got off the phone with Montana Skeptic. He told me that he voluntarily deleted his Twitter account after Elon Musk personally called his boss to complain. I asked for Montana's permission to Tweet this. $TSLA

— Quoth the Raven (@QTRResearch) July 23, 2018

The "skeptic" recently appeared on the Quoth the Raven Podcast to voice his skepticism of the company in a debate with HyperChange TV's Galileo Russell, a well known Tesla bull and investor in the company:

Skeptic has also written a multitude of articles on Seeking Alpha covering the story from a bearish standpoint. Naturally, he has disclosed numerous times that he is short Tesla by owning long-term puts in the name.

As we stated yesterday, this behavior brings fresh attention to Musk's emotional state and (in)ability to handle criticism.  His conduct is totally unbecoming that of a CEO of a $50 billion company and in light of recent grumblings by TSLA shareholders, this move - more appropriate of a Chinese fly-by-night fraudcap CEO - may lead to more harm than good.


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“If it had been another car brand, you would maybe be a bit less forgiving,” said Henrik Eriksen, who had to send his new Tesla S in for repairs almost immediately after he bought it because of a problem with the main fuse. “But it’s just like a football team, you want to cheer on the one you believe in.”


delusional demented cognitive dissonant useful idiot fanboyfag

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Alright, help me out and check out my speed reading... it is a little drifty.


So I gather that Elon Musk has a daughter Sue.  And I suspect she is a big girl and the neighborhood kids have fun with Sue Musk....  they must call her SuMu.  And he called her employer to get her free from bad things people are saying about her.  Is she a professional girl?

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This is the only way to become very rich in a hurry.

Show your courage: let Musk sue you and sue him back. Earn as much publicity as you can. There always will be a good lawyer to take your case for free. This is one in your lifetime opportunity to join the rich & famous society.


I lost once my own chance. I was suing a multi-billionaire and has settled too early. My lawyer was mad. Shit!

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Awhile back one of the execs working on the Tesla self drive project left to start his own firm. Musk immediately sued the guy claiming he stole Tesla tech. The guy hires an outside firm to go through his whole business and they confirmed he stole nothing. Tesla had to settle with the guy. Says a lot when a guy goes into competition with his old employer and thinks so little of the technology he wouldn't steal anything.

Before stomping on Montana Skeptic for folding early consider his thinking. He likes his job and does not want to bring grief to his employer. If he stood his ground and let Musk sue him the press would be all over him and his employer like stink on shit. He might be able to find a free lawyer but as others have pointed out deep pocket companies, like the government, will keep it going until you are broke financially and mentally as your free lawyer can't work for free in a drawn out battle. Musk still has lots of true believers in the media and these guys will go through Montana's whole life and those of his employer, friends, and neighbors looking for dirt to bury him.

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Key word - YET.

Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were eventually found guilty. Ken died before they sentenced him and Jeff went to jail.  Musk is running a Ponzi scheme plain and simple along with taxpayer subsidies I might add.  People are FINALLY starting to realize this.

Like Enron was for the 2000 tech bubble, TSLA is the poster child for the next economic collapse.  Mostly smoke and mirrors, a lot of distraction, and very little substance. 

Beware of the rock-star CEO.

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The guy has lost it. He should not give a rats ass about anything any of these guys says He should just concentrate on working to prove them wrong. I doubt he can, but that is what he owes his shitholders.

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Im sure he isn't a fan of Tyler.  The scams of monopolies or those getting tons of government money appear to border on state secret.  I wonder why that would be.

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Problem with Tesla is that it has one pilot for all the cars, and that pilot, which was one of the main selling points, was involved in a number of fatal accidents. 

Kind of describes Musk himself, too...

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Another fairly major problem is he has no idea how to mass produce quality cars - and now people are starting to notice the lack of cars and quality.

Porsche, GM, Nissan, BMW etc. will eat his product for breakfast and take all his customers. EVs don't save any CO2 either and the BMW i3 was recently praised as being greener, the Elon defence was that the model S was a bigger car. Well musk, if smaller cars save more CO2 and you are claiming to save the planet WTF are you doing making bigger cars FFS?

He's toast, he and his ponzi is becoming unglued at the seams.

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Some common sense served here: QTR #47 - What the F*ck is Elon Musk Doing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGZ_TspF2c0

So much fakery around Musk and his projects. Here the remains of the HyperLoop hype (from Thunderf00t).   

Thunderf00t at the 12 million dollar HYPERLOOP! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktO6IvLT2eg

200mph Hyperloop.... BUSTED!


A Tesla in 'space', and vertical landing rockets that look like cheap gamer CGI?? Are you fkkn kidding me? Musk is part of the data mining psyop of the 'CIAnalitics/Psynalitics Group' to see how gullible the sheeople are before launching the 'Alien Invasion' card that Ron RayGun and Heinz Kissenger have flagged up as the way to 'bring us all into the OWG modelled Digital Dungeon/PanoptiCON.

One day Musk may actually produce something the world needs...small personal electric vehicles more like SMART cars than high end supercars for upper income earners, saltwater powered ocean drones that clean up plastic and radionuclides, powerwalls that don't need rare earths...

All about as likely as a flamethrowing minisub for pedos...

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When 'baffle them with bullshit' finally fails, there is always bluster and bully in the tool's bag.

At this point, I would pay good hard money to watch Elon strap one of his batteries to his own back and 'Rocketeer' himself into a brick wall.

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This needs to stop. This is robber baron activity. This is using the courts to silence people. Courts need to rightfully hold plantiffs accountable in civil court for frivolous lawsuits. And enough to make sure it hurts.

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You mean preparing to live out his days in Argentina?


Well it worked for Hitler - certainly his remains have never been identified - therefore no one really knows, the bunker idea for an elite seems rather unlikely however.

Maybe Musk is building a tunnel there? And for other elites - his Boring company may not have really just been a whim created by a traffic jam...

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  Let's start a Go Fund Me page called "flaming pieces of shit".

   I'll donate to that. All the proceeds can be donated to legal council of Musk critics.