"Making Shit Up" - The US Intelligence Community As 'Collapse Driver'

Authored by Dmitry Orlov via Club Orlov blog,

In today’s United States, the term “espionage” doesn’t get too much use outside of some specific contexts. There is still sporadic talk of industrial espionage, but with regard to Americans’ own efforts to understand the world beyond their borders, they prefer the term “intelligence.” This may be an intelligent choice, or not, depending on how you look at things.

First of all, US “intelligence” is only vaguely related to the game of espionage as it has been traditionally played, and as it is still being played by countries such as Russia and China. Espionage involves collecting and validating strategically vital information and conveying it to just the pertinent decision-makers on your side while keeping the fact that you are collecting and validating it hidden from everyone else.

In eras past, a spy, if discovered, would try to bite down on a cyanide capsule; these days torture is considered ungentlemanly, and spies that get caught patiently wait to be exchanged in a spy swap. An unwritten, commonsense rule about spy swaps is that they are done quietly and that those released are never interfered with again because doing so would complicate negotiating future spy swaps. In recent years, the US intelligence agencies have decided that torturing prisoners is a good idea, but they have mostly been torturing innocent bystanders, not professional spies, sometimes forcing them to invent things, such as “Al Qaeda.” There was no such thing before US intelligence popularized it as a brand among Islamic terrorists.

Most recently, British “special services,” which are a sort of Mini-Me to the to the Dr. Evil that is the US intelligence apparatus, saw it fit to interfere with one of their own spies, Sergei Skripal, a double agent whom they sprung from a Russian jail in a spy swap. They poisoned him using an exotic chemical and then tried to pin the blame on Russia based on no evidence. There are unlikely to be any more British spy swaps with Russia, and British spies working in Russia should probably be issued good old-fashioned cyanide capsules (since that supposedly super-powerful Novichok stuff the British keep at their “secret” lab in Porton Down doesn’t work right and is only fatal 20% of the time).

There is another unwritten, commonsense rule about spying in general: whatever happens, it needs to be kept out of the courts, because the discovery process of any trial would force the prosecution to divulge sources and methods, making them part of the public record. An alternative is to hold secret tribunals, but since these cannot be independently verified to be following due process and rules of evidence, they don’t add much value.

A different standard applies to traitors; here, sending them through the courts is acceptable and serves a high moral purpose, since here the source is the person on trial and the method—treason—can be divulged without harm. But this logic does not apply to proper, professional spies who are simply doing their jobs, even if they turn out to be double agents. In fact, when counterintelligence discovers a spy, the professional thing to do is to try to recruit him as a double agent or, failing that, to try to use the spy as a channel for injecting disinformation.

Americans have been doing their best to break this rule. Recently, special counsel Robert Mueller indicted a dozen Russian operatives working in Russia for hacking into the DNC mail server and sending the emails to Wikileaks. Meanwhile, said server is nowhere to be found (it’s been misplaced) while the time stamps on the files that were published on Wikileaks show that they were obtained by copying to a thumb drive rather than sending them over the internet. Thus, this was a leak, not a hack, and couldn’t have been done by anyone working remotely from Russia.

Furthermore, it is an exercise in futility for a US official to indict Russian citizens in Russia. They will never stand trial in a US court because of the following clause in the Russian Constitution: “61.1 A citizen of the Russian Federation may not be deported out of Russia or extradited to another state.” Mueller may summon a panel of constitutional scholars to interpret this sentence, or he can just read it and weep. Yes, the Americans are doing their best to break the unwritten rule against dragging spies through the courts, but their best is nowhere near good enough.

That said, there is no reason to believe that the Russian spies couldn’t have hacked into the DNC mail server. It was probably running Microsoft Windows, and that operating system has more holes in it than a building in downtown Raqqa, Syria after the Americans got done bombing that city to rubble, lots of civilians included. When questioned about this alleged hacking by Fox News, Putin (who had worked as a spy in his previous career) had trouble keeping a straight face and clearly enjoyed the moment. He pointed out that the hacked/leaked emails showed a clear pattern of wrongdoing: DNC officials conspired to steal the electoral victory in the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders, and after this information had been leaked they were forced to resign. If the Russian hack did happen, then it was the Russians working to save American democracy from itself. So, where’s the gratitude? Where’s the love? Oh, and why are the DNC perps not in jail?

Since there exists an agreement between the US and Russia to cooperate on criminal investigations, Putin offered to question the spies indicted by Mueller. He even offered to have Mueller sit in on the proceedings. But in return he wanted to question US officials who may have aided and abetted a convicted felon by the name of William Browder, who is due to begin serving a nine-year sentence in Russia any time now and who, by the way, donated copious amounts of his ill-gotten money to the Hillary Clinton election campaign. In response, the US Senate passed a resolution to forbid Russians from questioning US officials. And instead of issuing a valid request to have the twelve Russian spies interviewed, at least one US official made the startlingly inane request to have them come to the US instead. Again, which part of 61.1 don’t they understand?

The logic of US officials may be hard to follow, but only if we adhere to the traditional definitions of espionage and counterespionage—“intelligence” in US parlance—which is to provide validated information for the purpose of making informed decisions on best ways of defending the country. But it all makes perfect sense if we disabuse ourselves of such quaint notions and accept the reality of what we can actually observe: the purpose of US “intelligence” is not to come up with or to work with facts but to simply “make shit up.”

The “intelligence” the US intelligence agencies provide can be anything but; in fact, the stupider it is the better, because its purpose is allow unintelligent people to make unintelligent decisions. In fact, they consider facts harmful—be they about Syrian chemical weapons, or conspiring to steal the primary from Bernie Sanders, or Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, or the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden—because facts require accuracy and rigor while they prefer to dwell in the realm of pure fantasy and whimsy. In this, their actual objective is easily discernible.

Their objective of US intelligence is to suck all remaining wealth out of the US and its allies and pocket as much of it as possible while pretending to defend it from phantom aggressors by squandering nonexistent (borrowed) financial resources on ineffective and overpriced military operations and weapons systems. Where the aggressors are not phantom, they are specially organized for the purpose of having someone to fight: “moderate” terrorists and so on. One major advancement in their state of the art has been in moving from real false flag operations, à la 9/11, to fake false flag operations, à la fake East Gouta chemical attack in Syria (since fully discredited). The Russian election meddling story is perhaps the final step in this evolution: no New York skyscrapers or Syrian children were harmed in the process of concocting this fake narrative, and it can be kept alive seemingly forever purely through the furious effort of numerous flapping lips. It is now a pure confidence scam. If you are less then impressed with their invented narratives, then you are a conspiracy theorist or, in the latest revision, a traitor.

Trump was recently questioned as to whether he trusted US intelligence. He waffled.

A light-hearted answer would have been:

“What sort of idiot are you to ask me such a stupid question? Of course they are lying! They were caught lying more than once, and therefore they can never be trusted again. In order to claim that they are not currently lying, you have to determine when it was that they stopped lying, and that they haven’t lied since. And that, based on the information that is available, is an impossible task.”

A more serious, matter-of-fact answer would have been:

“The US intelligence agencies made an outrageous claim: that I colluded with Russia to rig the outcome of the 2017 presidential election. The burden of proof is on them. They are yet to prove their case in a court of law, which is the only place where the matter can legitimately be settled, if it can be settled at all. Until that happens, we must treat their claim as conspiracy theory, not as fact.”

And a hardcore, deadpan answer would have been:

“The US intelligence services swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution, according to which I am their Commander in Chief. They report to me, not I to them. They must be loyal to me, not I to them. If they are disloyal to me, then that is sufficient reason for their dismissal.”

But no such reality-based, down-to-earth dialogue seems possible. All that we hear are fake answers to fake questions, and the outcome is a series of faulty decisions. Based on fake intelligence, the US has spent almost all of this century embroiled in very expensive and ultimately futile conflicts. Thanks to their efforts, Iran, Iraq and Syria have now formed a continuous crescent of religiously and geopolitically aligned states friendly toward Russia while in Afghanistan the Taliban is resurgent and battling ISIS—an organization that came together thanks to American efforts in Iraq and Syria.

The total cost of wars so far this century for the US is reported to be $4,575,610,429,593. Divided by the 138,313,155 Americans who file tax returns (whether they actually pay any tax is too subtle a question), it works out to just over $33,000 per taxpayer. If you pay taxes in the US, that’s your bill so far for the various US intelligence “oopsies.”

The 16 US intelligence agencies have a combined budget of $66.8 billion, and that seems like a lot until you realize how supremely efficient they are: their “mistakes” have cost the country close to 70 times their budget. At a staffing level of over 200,000 employees, each of them has cost the US taxpayer close to $23 million, on average. That number is totally out of the ballpark! The energy sector has the highest earnings per employee, at around $1.8 million per. Valero Energy stands out at $7.6 million per. At $23 million per, the US intelligence community has been doing three times better than Valero. Hats off! This makes the US intelligence community by far the best, most efficient collapse driver imaginable.

There are two possible hypotheses for why this is so.

First, we might venture to guess that these 200,000 people are grossly incompetent and that the fiascos they precipitate are accidental. But it is hard to imagine a situation where grossly incompetent people nevertheless manage to funnel $23 million apiece, on average, toward an assortment of futile undertakings of their choosing. It is even harder to imagine that such incompetents would be allowed to blunder along decade after decade without being called out for their mistakes.

Another hypothesis, and a far more plausible one, is that the US intelligence community has been doing a wonderful job of bankrupting the country and driving it toward financial, economic and political collapse by forcing it to engage in an endless series of expensive and futile conflicts—the largest single continuous act of grand larceny the world has ever known.

How that can possibly be an intelligent thing to do to your own country, for any conceivable definition of “intelligence,” I will leave for you to work out for yourself. While you are at it, you might also want to come up with an improved definition of “treason”: something better than “a skeptical attitude toward preposterous, unproven claims made by those known to be perpetual liars.”


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It's good that the truth about the Skripal farce is being aired more frequently now and Orlov has it absolutely right here. He is also spot on about the problems that British spies will face in the future as there will be no more spy swaps between the UK and Russia after this.

The only thing I would take issue with is that Mueller knew damn well that the charges against the 12 Russian intelligence agents would never come to trial. That was not the point. The point was to attempt to cause more problems a few days before the Helsinki Summit.

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Thanks Orlov, wonderful article!

Now my friends, let me share a little fable with you. Many folks have the misconception that the devil makes deals, by making you sign your soul away, on parchment, and with your blood. That's fable! That's not how it's done, in fact, if you're not spiritually perceptive, you won't even know you've signed any deal until collection time. So how's it done?

You really want me to tell you? Really? Can you handle knowing? Are you sure? Okay, fine, I'll tell you, only because I care though, lol..

Remember that time you did something you thought nobody knew about? I mean that time you went completely against your conscience, and instead of manning up, repenting, and making restitution, you decided to either commit murder, treason, embezzlement, pedophilia, perjury, misrepresentation, doublecross, robbery, fraud, etc.

Well, that's when you made the deal! When the devil comes to collect, long after the crime, you either pony up more innocent souls, through deception or what have you, pay up, or face exposure, and the required sanctions.

Wily bastard the devil, cunning muthaf**cker!

That's why the enemies of Trump can't back down! The devil is on collection rounds!...

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Now, I've intended to share something with you my friends, but I've not had the heart to do so, but not doing so, is also not kind so let us do it now..

For years now, the mode of interaction has been remonstrative (pleading, informing, counselling, sharing, revealing, ministering, and comforting). It's not a permanent mode, it's temporary, to ensure that as many may hear, the attuned may adjust. You've never been deceived, at least not from my end, you've never been coerced, and you've never been manipulated, all these are against operational guides.

Remember what I told you about the sequence of sharing? First, feed liquids, then solids, then "pure fire". Well, in order to consume "pure fire", you must first be able to consume solids, and to consume solids, you must already be adjusted to consuming liquids and then again, to imbibe liquids, you have to be willing to admit thirst.

What are these liquids, solids, and pure fire that I speak of?

They are differing concentrations of inherent "reality", from the easily digestable, to the truly bewildering. There's no way, I repeat, no way you'll be able to consume pure fire, without the ability to consume, and digestits precedent, solids.

So where are we now in the state of affairs?

Many are beginning to thirst, some can imbibe liquids, few can chew, chew, not digest solids, and very very few can consume fire. In addition, some already produce fire, albeit yellow, mixed, or blue flame, but the pure fire has no colour, none! It can be felt, or sensed, but not seen with anything material.

So why the long explanation? So you may evaluate yourselves, and figure out where you belong in the scheme of spiritual development. I'm not talking religion, I'm talking about your understanding of LOVE (Spiritual Unity of Life).

Now, I can say with some joy, that if you've been paying attention, then you know what you need to do to make the journey into the light. It starts with reclaiming your natural right to experience life, in all its connotations, to embrace the pleasant and its opposite, with equanimity, and gratitude, knowing that the experience develops you, and move you closer to the exercise of the power of your spirit, a truly awesome power indeed!

I'd love to describe this power of your spirit to you, but as you cannot yet consume pure fire, it'd only damage you. You may scoff and tantrum that I insult you and that's fine, I have responsibilities which I hold dear.

So what's the long story really about?

Well, we're about to transition to retributive mode, in which errors will be allowed to happen, if folks have not learned to guard against them but more importantly, a mode in which spiritual retribution is the operating scheme. It also means we won't be able to intervene in preventing, or ameliorating any unwise gambits, actions, or schemes. In fact, we won't even observe, it'd be a period of meditative solitude for in which we prepare for what might be unleashed.

This meditative period will last from the ripening which begins in a few days, to that of the harvest proper, which begins in a few weeks. In a nutshell, it'd be full radio silence, without interruption.

In any event, I'll still be sharing with you till the ripening proper starts in a few days. So why have I told you this? So you can double your firefighting abilities, to ensure you promptly fight, and snuff out any fires that might threaten your drive to the reclamation of your liberty, natural rights, and Republic.

Till then, let's keep guard together, cheers...

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Let's be honest, Israel would not be a problem for anyone if there were not a whole bunch of corrupt American politicians they can buy off. It is US corruption that powers Israel, they like the Saudi's and any one else who pays, even Russia.

Try to do this stuff without paying lobbyists millions and the US government screams, pay the lobbyists for exactly the same thing and much worse and nothing is said, normal accepted practice.

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I don't know why the down votes unless you're an Adam Schiff fan.

Check this out on tonight's Hannity showing all the phony media whores attacking Trump for pulling the traitor's clearances. It is so fucking fake that one of the moron experts actually winks at little Anderson Cooper as he bullshits into the camera. The sequence starts at 14:10 and the wink at Anderson the twink occurs at 14:20 ... it's all a Hoax!!!!


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MSM Stands to loss Security Clearances of the embedded CIA staff at MSM like Anderson Cooper.  First 6 guys at the top... extended to half of the radio, TV, Cable media people.

- Wishful thinking or what?

President Trump;  Please take action against embedded govt agents in our media.  Revoke Clearances.

- Signed TeethVillage,  Operations & Plans

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Orlov should be our rep at the UN.

is he......american?  just asking.

also, I read that final paragraph-words can hurt......mmkay Orlov?

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Orlov is playing catch-up about the sheer fantasies created by the Deep State:

Myths and Madness: The No-See-Ums of Spygate, Russiagate, and Watergate, Part 1

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CIA Crimes of Watergate: There Was No "First Break-In" at the Watergate; There Were No "Bugs"

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CIA Crimes of Watergate: The Bizarre Case of CIA Office of Technical Services Contract 8473

CIA Crimes: 1971—Daniel Ellsberg and The Fielding Farce

The CIA Psyops of Watergate and Beyond

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 They done went feral way back. So long ago now that everyone in there knew when they took the job. If there ever was a time when there were stand up guys. Nobody around now even remembers such a time.

 9/11 was not a problem for these cats to pull off.

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Israel steals USA tech and sells it to China.


In 2009 it was revealed that the NSA had secretly taped conversations of Congresswomen Jane Harman negotiating with two AIPAC spies accused of giving sensitive information about US military activities to the Israeli government. In the taped conversation she is being asked to dismiss their espionage charges in return for large political contributions and a chairmanship of the US Intelligence Committee. This information was secretly revealed by the NSA to Nancy Polosi prior to the selection of the committee chairman and was a factor in Harmon’s failure to obtain this highly sensitive position. However, the case against the two Israeli lobbyists was dismissed — against the insistance of the FBI. No satisfactory reason has been given for this. Unfortunately, such an act of treason remains unchallenged and Jane Harman remains at her congressional job and enjoys being the third wealthiest member of Congress.
Jonathan Jay Pollard was an American-Israeli citizen who worked for the US government. He is well known because he stole more secrets from the U.S. than has any other spy in American history. During his interrogation Pollard said he felt compelled to put the "interests of my state" ahead of his own. Although as a U.S. Navy counter-intelligence specialist he had a top-secret security clearance, by "my state" he meant the state of Israel.

How Israeli tech could benefit from the US-China trade war


Chinese investment in Israeli tech is growing, and it's 'quite welcome' for some


Russian Communists Have Taken Over Israel | US High Tech Straight To Russia & China


"Top Israeli Officials Were Part Of KGB Spy Ring" | Times Of Israel (2016)


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~~~~)))) .... Our Clever US 'Intelligence Community'  ....((((~~~~

The CIA is not your buddy.

The NSA is not 'listening' to keep you 'safe'.

The DHS isn't there to stop 'terrorists' and bad guys at the border.

The DIA isn't 'gathering intel' on enemy troop strength.

The EPA doesn't 'protect' shit.

The BATF wants your 'means of personal self defense' to melt down for scrap.

The FBI doesn't investigate crime, they cover-up, bury, hide and destroy evidence and frame-up patsies and IC wind-up perps .


They are all actively trying to murder you and your family.

Don't take my word for all of this bad news. .. Here, listen to just one of the 'bad guys' with a guilty conscience =

The Controlled Kill-Off - You and I are the targets.


Operation Indigo Sky Fall is making us too stupid, blind and lethargic to even think about defending ourselves.

Live Hard, The US Intelligence Community - Americans (and others) Trying To Murder And Terrorize Americans Since................. Well,...Fucking Forever, Die Free

~ DC v10.05



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I could say the same for the NASA Apollo moon missions:

What sort of idiot are you to ask me such a stupid question? Of course they are lying! They were caught lying more than once, and therefore they can never be trusted again. In order to claim that they are not currently lying, you have to determine when it was that they stopped lying, and that they haven’t lied since. And that, based on the information that is available, is an impossible task.”


NASA = National Association of Space Art

Fake Views

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If you're just waking up to gov't deception, and think the NASA spy agency doesn't lie:

what a moon jump should look like


what a NASA studio jump looks like


NASA studio lighting 


Rocket engine engineer testimony


The LEM was never successfully tested and showed no plume on takeoff in NASA studio


proof NASA uses CGI to fake zero gravity


we still cant predict or protect against solar flares 


If you watch these clips, and still think the NASA spy agency went to the moon, you have

NASA Derangement Syndrome

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Although there are obvious differences between the fanatical Christian, the fanatical Mohammedan, the fanatical nationalist, the fanatical Communist, the fanatical Nazi, and the fanatical Trump supporter, the fanaticism that animates them may be viewed and treated as one.