Is Bill Browder The Most Dangerous Man In The World?

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The darling of the war party needs to answer some questions...

At the press conference following their summit meeting in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of resolving potential criminal cases involving citizens of the two countries by permitting interrogators from Washington and Moscow to participate in joint questioning of the individuals named in indictments prepared by the respective judiciaries. The predictable response by the American nomenklatura was that it was a horrible idea as it would potentially require U.S. officials to answer questions from Russians about their activities.

Putin argued, not unreasonably, that if Washington wants to extradite and talk to any of the twelve recently indicted GRU officers the Justice Department has named then reciprocity is in order for Americans and other identified individuals who are wanted by the Russian authorities for illegal activity while in Russia. And if Russian officials are fair game, so are American officials.

A prime target for such an interrogation would be President Barack Obama’s Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, who was widely criticized while in Moscow for being on an apparent mission to cultivate ties with the Russian political opposition and other “pro-democracy” groups. But McFaul was not specifically identified in the press conference, though Russian prosecutors have asked him to answer questions related to the ongoing investigation of another leading critic, Bill Browder, who was named by Putin during the question and answer session. Browder is a major hedge fund figure who, inter alia, is an American by birth. He renounced his U.S. citizenship in 1997 in exchange for British citizenship to avoid paying federal taxes on his worldwide income.

Bill Browder is what used to be referred to as an oligarch, having set up shop in 1999 as Hermitage Capital Management Fund, a hedge fund registered in tax havens Guernsey and the Cayman Islands. It focused on “investing” in Russia, taking advantage initially of the loans-for-shares scheme under Russia’s drunkard President Boris Yeltsin, and then continuing to profit greatly during the early years of Vladimir Putin. By 2005 Hermitage was the largest foreign investor in Russia.

Yeltsin had won a fraudulent election in 1996 supported by the oligarch-controlled media and by President Bill Clinton, who secured a $20.2 billion IMF loan that enabled him to buy support. Today we would refer to Clinton’s action as “interference in the 1996 election,” but at that time a helpless and bankrupt Russia was not well placed to object to what was being done to it. Yeltsin proved keen to follow oligarchical advice regarding how to strip the former Soviet Union of its vast state-owned assets. Browder’s Hermitage Investments profited hugely from the commodities deals that were struck at that time.

Browder and his apologists portray him as an honest and honorable Western businessman attempting to operate in a corrupt Russian business world. Nevertheless, the loans-for-shares scheme that made him his initial fortune has been correctly characterized as the epitome of corruption by all parties involved, an arrangement whereby foreign investors worked with local oligarchs to strip the former Soviet economy of its assets paying pennies on each dollar of value. Along the way, Browder was reportedly involved in money laundering, making false representations on official documents and bribery.

Browder was eventually charged by the Russian authorities for fraud and tax evasion. He was banned from re-entering Russia in 2005 and began to withdraw his assets from the country, but three companies controlled by Hermitage were eventually seized by the authorities. Browder himself was convicted of tax evasion in absentia in 2013 and sentenced to nine years in prison.

Browder, who refers to himself as Putin’s “public enemy #1,” has notably been able to sell his tale of innocence to leading American politicians like Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Ben Cardin and ex-Senator Joe Lieberman, all of whom are always receptive when criticizing Russia, as well as to a number of European parliamentarians and media outlets. In the wake of the Helsinki press conference he has, for example, claimed that Putin named him personally because he is a threat to continue to expose the crimes of the mafia that he claims is currently running Russia, but there is, inevitably, another less discussed alternative view of his self-serving narrative.

Central to the tale of what Browder really represents is the Magnitsky Act, which the U.S. Congress passed into law to sanction individual Kremlin officials for their treatment of alleged whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky, arrested and imprisoned in Russia. Browder has sold a narrative which basically says that he and his “lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky uncovered massive tax fraud and, when they attempted to report it, were punished by a corrupt police force and magistracy, which had actually stolen the money. Magnitsky was arrested and died in prison, allegedly murdered by the police to silence him.

The Magnitsky case is of particular importance because both the European Union and the United States have initiated sanctions against the identified Russian officials who were allegedly involved. In the Magnitsky Act, sponsored by Russia-phobic Senator Ben Cardin and signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, the U.S. asserted its willingness to punish foreign governments for human rights abuses. The Act, initially limited to Russia, has now been expanded by virtue of 2016’s Global Magnitsky Act, which enabled U.S. sanctions worldwide.

Russia reacted angrily to the first iteration of the Act, noting that the actions taken by its government internally, notably the operation of its judiciary, were being subjected to outside interference, while other judicial authorities also questioned Washington’s claimed right to respond to criminal acts committed outside the United States. Moscow reciprocated with sanctions against U.S. officials as well as by increasing pressure on foreign non-governmental pro-democracy groups operating in Russia. Some have referred to the Magnitsky Act as the start of the new Cold War.

The contrary narrative to that provided by Browder concedes that there was indeed a huge fraud related to as much as $230 million in unpaid Russian taxes on an estimated $1.5 billion of income, but that it was not carried out by corrupt officials. Instead, it was deliberately ordered and engineered by Browder with Magnitsky, who was actually an accountant, personally developing and implementing the scheme, using multiple companies and tax avoidance schemes to carry out the deception. Magnitsky, who was on cardiac medication, was indeed arrested and convicted, but he, according to his own family, reportedly died due to his heart condition, possibly exacerbated by negligent authorities who failed to medicate him adequately when he became ill.

The two competing Browder narratives have been explored in some detail by a Russian documentary film maker Andrei Nekrasov, an outspoken anti-Putin activist, who was actually initially engaged by Browder to do the film. An affable Browder appears extensively in the beginning describing his career and the events surrounding Magnitsky.

As Nekrasov worked on the documentary, he discovered that the Browder supported narrative was full of contradictions, omissions and fabrication of evidence. By the time he finished, he realized that the more accurate account of what had occurred with Browder and Magnitsky had been that provided by the Russian authorities.

When Nekrasov prepared to air his work “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes,” he inevitably found himself confronted by billionaire Browder and a battery of lawyers, who together blocked the showing of the film in Europe and the United States. Anyone subsequently attempting to promote the documentary has been immediately confronted with 300 plus pages of supporting documents accompanying a letter threatening a lawsuit if the film were to be shown to the public.

A single viewing of “The Magnitsky Act” in Washington in June 2016 turned into a riot when Browder supporters used tickets given to Congressional staffers to disrupt the proceedings. At a subsequent hearing before Congress, where he was featured as an expert witness on Russian corruption before a fawning Senate Judiciary Committee, Bill Browder suggested that those who had challenged his narrative and arranged the film’s viewing in Washington should be prosecuted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (FARA), which includes penalties of up to five years in prison.

Because of the pressure from Browder, there has never been a second public showing of “The Magnitsky Act” but it is possible to see it online at this site.

Bill Browder, who benefited enormously from Russian corruption, has expertly repackaged himself as a paragon among businessmen, endearing himself to the Russia-haters in Washington and the media. Curiously, however, he has proven reluctant to testify in cases regarding his own business dealings. He has, for example, repeatedly run away, literally, from attempts to subpoena him so he would have to testify under oath.

When one gets past all of his bluster and posturing, by one significant metric Bill Browder might well be accounted the most dangerous man in the world. Driven by extreme hatred of Putin and of Russia, he personally and his Magnitsky Myth have together done more to launch and sustain a dangerous new Cold War between a nuclear armed United States and a nuclear armed Russia. Blind to what he has accomplished, he continues to pontificate about how Putin is out to get him when instead he is the crook who quite likely stole $230 million dollars and should be facing the consequences. That the U.S. media and Congress appear to be entranced by Browder and dismissive of Moscow’s charges against him is symptomatic of just how far the Russia-phobia in the West has robbed people of their ability to see what is right in front of them. To suggest that what is taking place driven by Browder and his friends in high places could well lead to tragedy for all of us would be an understatement.


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Great that Philip Giraldi uses the embedded Vimeo llink in his article that is still operational since the bitchute link has been taken down.

Or follow this same link to the Vimeo English version:


Courtesy of another poster:

Bill Browder April 15, 2015 Deposition in case of U.S.A. vs. Prevezon Holdings LTD. (watch his reactions):

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5

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full transcript:

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"The Most Dangerous Man In The World" is the guy who is always staring back at you, when you glance at that shiny surface which hangs off of the bathroom wall. Stripped of critical acumen, via over-immersion in "social media" - devoid of that degree of reasoned skepticism integral to a functional survival instinct, the denizen of the west is confronted by a menu of "choices" between different flavors of the same monolithic media machine which now puts into practice the ultimate "leninist control both sides of the debate" technique by which the same end is reached by [false]trails going in opposite directions.

Pushy Pootin luvers are invited to buy into the most bizarre storylines which mispresent the eastern wing of the talmudic-kabbalist behemoth now in control of ALL media/finance/government EVERYWHERE to be a kind of badass white hat outfit striving to purify our world of evil...

but if your tastes in disinfo run instead to believing in miracle cures for what ails Amerika....

dopey failed casino operators and "developers" heavily indebted to "swamp critter" moneychangers and financed day to day by laundered Turco-Russ mafiya funds scooped up via the VERY SAME SCAM which Browder used to good effect at the very same time and place...[!!!]

do not worry - we gots something for you to believe in too. It's all the same bullshit - direct from the same source. Buy it at your own peril. Those who fail to ask themselves the obvious question.... why would Phil be ragging on one scion of the moneypower operating his age ol scam (Browder)but...

butt.., not be so eager to shed the same light on the crew of turco-russ mafiya yids who stole infinite amounts of Russian peoples collective assets and are now 'protected' species of buddies of the Chabad Lubavitch puppet in the Kremlin.... untouchable and unmentionable in all accounts of the "good guy/bad guy score by which the fake news mediaz hypnotize their reader/victims into silly cheerleading. When Giraldi starts dropping names like Abramovitch, Alievnov, and the rest of the ghouls whose serial looting of the former USSR is mysteriously un-noted on these pages....

I'll start believing he's more than [yet another] once fabulous foe of the moneypower now inveigled into shillin for da man. Like our lil critter here who is tasked with constantly running off at the mouth about Nuttyahoo/bad/Putin/good... its all show. All the time. One Ring to Bind Them.

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Browder is a total (((scumbag)))

Yes? And the rest of the triablists mentioned - pursuing the exact same modus operandi by time honored tradition, but now close buddies of Pootin and heavy contributors to Chabad Lubavitch 'charity work' such as Jared and the Drumpsters love to support...


are somehow not? What's your take? Real or fake> we're hungry for your take Jake.


I luvs me the smell of "alt-media" psyops a burnin in the mornin.

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Amazing story of lies and deceit on the part of Browder seems like. I don't judge people by the way they look, but just looking and listening to this guy makes me believe he is one BIG slimey fellow, even without watching the movie.


i'd turn him over to the Russians for questioning. After all, he has nothing to worry about if he has nothing to hide.

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Early on when weaving his (Browder's) version of the tale, I was struck especially at one point by the deception highly visible in his (Browder's) eyes. I will be watching it again, in full, and try and ferret out the exact moment. It was early in the film.

Then too, there was the weak, effeminate giggling moment, like a giddy school boy, that struck me as odd, out of place. But overall, the fact that they work so diligently taking down the link, work furiously at not allowing a public release, the various threats etc. screams of the guilty. Now, put that with the inability of governmenr to draft law that does not somehow benefit the criminal class themselves, ALWAYS, and KNOWING whose finger prints are all over this ACT .. well, what more can be said really ..

The piece above already spoke volumes ..

I suppose it comes down to, what are they afraid of, and most thinking folks already know the answer to that question. Folks wonder why all this shyster business in D.C. drags on and on, and on ..

I don't wonder ..

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The Killing of William Browder is still the best in my opinion on this, particularly Chapter 5 which leaves you in no doubt as tho how much of a serial liar this mendacious mid-range narcissist is.…

Great book and easy read. Banned from Amazon. He has a modified version of this book out now too. THE best on this topic.


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Browder, who refers to himself as Putin’s “public enemy #1,” has notably been able to sell his tale of innocence to leading American politicians like Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Ben Cardin and ex-Senator Joe Lieberman, all of whom are always receptive "TO BRIBES AND UNDER THE TABLE PAYMENTS,  TO MOVE IN THE DIRECTION ANY BILLIONAIRE SHIULD WANT TO GO!!

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ZH Russo trollbots working overtime, I see. Putin hates him because all of his foreign assets will be frozen if enough countries go Magnitsky. But, hey, if the Russian justice system says he’s a fraud, he must be, right? Give me a fckng break. 

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If ever you wanted an eye piercing bird’s eye view into the mind & psyche of the pathological lying Jew, Browder is it. The entire narrative from start to finish is a charade of epic proportions. A billionaire can grease a lot of palms. The man(police officer)accused of personally killing the lawyer excuse me accountant for whom the act was named sold his flat in Moscow to defend his honor in London in the libel trial. Nekrasov the director is as close to a Putin hating dissident as your going to get an even he finds Bill Browder despicably guilty...

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He's a Jew, why are all these Jews doing this? Why are we not allowed to say it's a Jew and why are they doing this? We are not allowed to question the Jew in the US.

Years ago, when I started in 2003, the term Zionism was not allowed on Yahoo. It would be censored. No one in America knew the term. I wrote and wrote, went nationwide teaching it.

Now, many people have heard of the term Zionism.

Question? Have you ever heard the term or read the term Zionism in MSM? It's not allowed in the US. The only time I've heard the term was when Biden said he was a Zionist. I wonder what percentage of the Americans knew what Biden meant?

The term neocon is another term for Zionism.

Today, the term Zionism is added to the term Christian, as in Zionist Christian.

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Are you a Jew? Or is it a Zionist Christian? Zionist Christianity is based on a racial caste system of Jews on top, then whites and blacks on the bottom. It's the culture of the south and it has spread nationwide. It's the main thought process culture of the white lower socioeconomic class.

So which is it, a fanatical Zionist Jew or a crazed racist low rent white lower social economic class? Brainwashed by a mean spirited religion of hate.

Zionism is racism, what the fool whites don't realize, the Jews look at the crazy whites like the whites look at black people. To Jews we are niggers, all of us, white, black etc. Only the lower socioeconomic class whites believe in the racial caste system of Jew on top, then whites and black on the bottom.

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Could you pay for my bills too, just put it under psychosis caused by the pathological lying nature of the chabad Jewish cult we know as international Zionism. Ethnic purity in Israel for me and mind blowing cultural suicide multiculturalism for thee, in the Christian Goyim European west. Endless vacuous wars in the Middle East celebrated in Tel Aviv, as innocent Christian and Muslim men slaughter each other for Israel hegemony. Dancing Israeli’s celebrating as the towers come down on 9/11filming, there to “document the event.” Yeah I’d say if you & your pals could shell out a couple trillion for pain and suffering since the Balfour & Transfer Agreements for starters...that would be great! Can I send you my contact info?

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It's something am currently studying in depth.  The dot connected here is what I nickname "Back to Egypt" Jews.  What Jeremiah is warning about in the Old Testament (the Asteroth & Baal worshipers) are basically what we're seeing here in the US with many liberal Jews.  The land promised to the Jews is well beyond what's there now but the problem from my view is they've become mostly secular.  They want to be David but lack the "heart for God".  In the meantime the Bolshevik bankster's think they're Moses & have the ability to "plague" you if compliance isn't achieved.  It's mind numbing that this has been going on for millennia.

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Wowsers, first in,....  or not.  Snooze, you lose.

So I tried to watch the video documentary and got this

"This video has been blocked for breaching the site community guidelines, and is currently unavailable."

This article is spot on.

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yes he did - but he knows. The whole system must come down and revealing this would do it. It would take a lot of steel to be the man that does it. To live through it - he would need all of us to show up.

He has more to lose than most of us - but if he/we were successful, Trump would go down in history with the greatest leaders ever of humanity.

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