Lawmaker Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen Resigns

Georgia state lawmaker Jason Spencer resigned Tuesday night after he was duped into an appearance on comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime series, "Who Is America." 

Spencer, a Republican, initially refused to resign after the segment aired, which features him baring his buttocks, shouting the n-word, and doing a terrible impression of a Chinese tourist. He changed his tune on Tuesday after harsh rebuke, with a terse resignation letter which reads: "This email/letter is to serve as an official resignation notice to your office that I will be resigning my post effective July 31, 2018."

Spencer appeared in a segment in which Cohen portrays an Israeli military expert who is making a video about how to mount a personal defense against potential terrorists. In one scene Cohen's character urges Spencer to draw attention to an unfolding attack.

The lawmaker responds by shouting the n-word.

In another, Cohen says that Muslim extremists are religiously repulsed by human buttocks. He persuades Spencer to fend off an attacker by charging at him backwards ― he shouts "USA!" and "America!" ― with his bare bottom exposed. -NBC News

Cohen is known for pranking various public figures with his "Ali G" character, including Donald Trump. After about a minute, Trump realized something was wrong and walked off. 

Of course, that wasn't the first time Trump walked out of an interview...