US Army Secretary: Army Building Next-Gen Weapons To Counter Russia And China

The US Army has begun to develop and field next-generation weapon systems – like autonomous killer robots, fifth-generation fighters, hypersonic technologies, laser cannons, rail guns, new squad automatic rifles, and quantum computers – in order to contend with its top rivals [Russia and China] on the modern battlefield across multiple domains—space, cyberspace, air, land, maritime, before the next round of hybrid wars break out around 2025 to 2040 timeframe.

During the Aspen Security Forum, which took place from July 18 to 21, Army Secretary Mark Esper spoke about the new Austin-based “Futures Command” as “the biggest organizational change since 1973” when the Army established Force Command and Training and Doctrine Command to counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Almost half a century later, the purpose of adding a new command [Futures Command] is to maintain America’s empire of 800 military bases around the globe, along with countering new economic systems [Belt and Road Initiative and Maritime Silk Road] that Russia and China are attempting to bring online.

“It is important to note that the National Defense Strategy released earlier this year tells us that we need to be prepared for a high-intensity conflict and that we should consider strategic competitors such as China and Russia as those against us”, said Esper, emphasizing that the military is “ready for any kind of threat today”.

“In the meantime, as we implement our vision, we want to make sure that in a number of areas we can ensure that we are superior in different areas to ensure that we are able to deal with Russia, and eventually with China over this longer period,” he added.

Since the September 11 attacks, the Army has concentrated on fighting insurgents across the Middle East. To pay for the warfighting, military planners cut funding for next-generation weapon programs to fund the trillions of dollars needed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But with the Pentagon withdrawing forces from Afghanistan, the Army is pivoting back to another Cold-War style era against Russia, and now China.

Esper said the Army plans on replacing weapons that have been in service since the 1980s, with replacements sought for aircraft, tanks, Paladin artillery systems, and M4 carbine/ M249 light machine guns.

Esper told the audience to expect next-generation weapons deployed in the near term, including semi-autonomous robots that can scout the battlefield for soldiers, killing enemies without risking American lives.

“As we think about future challenges and future threats we see an immediate near-term, what’s right in front of us, of course, is North Korea, over the five to 15-year period, we see Russia as our pacing threat, if you will, so we look to them in terms of their formations, their tactics, their equipment, those things that they would bring to bear against us, but the long-term threat is clearly China,” Esper said.

“This is the strategic competitor we aim for, because the country’s economic power, size, ambitions, all these things are our focus, and why the National Defense Strategy calls us to focus on the People’s Republic as a longer-term, bigger threat,” he added.

To counteract this, Esper said the Army is accelerating the development and acquisition of new emerging technologies. With Futures Command, he said the Army’s modernization efforts have been centralized and focuses on priorities such as long-range hypersonic missiles, laser weapon systems, robots, artificial intelligence, and new light machine guns.

Esper also talks about multi-domain warfare, which he describes as air, land, sea, cyber, outer space, and across the electronic warfare spectrum. He said the Army needs to have “capabilities” across all those domains for future battle.

Esper concluded and said it is a race America cannot afford to lose.

“Whoever gets there first will have unmatched lethality on the battlefield for years to come,” Esper said.

Considering Russia and China are, in fact, years ahead of the US hypersonic program, one can only hope that this time around – America is not the loser. 


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I beat powow.  But seriously who is going to pay for all these weapons?  The printing cant go on forever.  Eventually the world will be awash with USA dollars.  Hyperinflation is definitely in the cards for the future.

evokanivo COSMOS Thu, 07/26/2018 - 01:15 Permalink

The Fed printed a lot and is now reeling it back in, creating a dollar shortage and dollar demand. Don't try to move off of the dollar system or you will be destroyed - see Libya and Iraq. All fiat currency goes to zero eventually, but I wouldn't make the mistake of conflating the moral outcome with the expected one, at least in the near term.

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Scipio Africanuz COSMOS Thu, 07/26/2018 - 06:33 Permalink

The US military is still fighting the last war, the kinetic type. The next war will not depend on kinetics, except for defense. The next war, is one of cooperative influence! Those who can best persuade gently, will have the advantage, kinetism will fail woefully in the next war, in fact, it'll only hasten defeat!

If the US military focuses on defense of US homeland, and State focuses on gentle persuasion, then all great powers are balanced, middling powers restrained, and emerging powers, stabilized.

On the other hand, if the US military goes looking for non-existent enemies, or decides to turn competitors into adversaries, or refuses to learn that the world needs to move from conflicts, to cooperation, then what else is there to say but "Let errors occur that folks might learn cooperation"...

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You sure? 

The Pentagon has already spent $21Trillion more than we funded them. I’m sure they haven’t stopped, they print their own money now. Who else prints their own dollars? How long can it last? Very spooky subject, I suspect it can go on like this for a long time. Maybe another 20 years.

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Army Secretary: “Building next gen weapons to employ thousands more government employees and accompanying free market (hahaha) contractors, go totally bat shit debt crazy, and to justify my position.”  Fixed it for you. 

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And the 1 million Russian Jews living in Israeli are chomping at the bit to get their hands on that expensive new US tech to hand over to Russia for pennies on the dollar. How else can a poor country such as Russia afford a high tech army? They steal it from the USA who values its friends such as the Rosenburg's and John Pollard.

Top Israeli officials were part of KGB spy ring — report…

FreeEarCandy Davidduke2000 Thu, 07/26/2018 - 10:14 Permalink

The tech you are using to write your stupid comment is none other than USA. That flat screen you use to read your stupid comment is also USA. The name you use to hide your identity is also USA. We are not exceptional, however we are very inventive and competitive. Russia has an economy the size of Texas. You cannot buy an American Limo with wooden nickels unless you are using Russian math.

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Typical American thinking. Everyone on the planet is stupid except for the exceptional people in the one exceptional and indispensable nation on the planet. Russia may be smaller now that it's not the Soviet Union but it is not poor. For a long time they have had many of the finest scientists on the planet. With the government owning the defense industries there are no hugely overpaid executives and their equally overpaid staffs with their planes, perks, and sky boxes at the major venues thus getting bigger bang for their defense buck. Plus being smaller and always under the western gun the Russians have an incentive to work harder and more efficient on defense. They know the US military would have nuked Russia into oblivion years ago except presidents like Kennedy, my money says the military killed him, stopped them.

If any county is poor it is the US as the debt is 21 trillion, that's not counting trillions in citizen debt, and going ever higher. Once the printing press can't keep the US afloat the shit is gonna hit the fan huge. The US is never going to pay back the debt as they run it as high as they can then default taking down the whole world economy and financial system with it.

Maybe the Russians don't have these fantastic weapons and it's all a psyop. A psyop that's working as the US is printing ever more money on defense and allowing the rest of the country to fall apart as the US tries to catch up. Russia is doing to the US what the US did to the Soviet Union during the Reagan years.

One wonders how much "American" technology was actually stolen from other countries.

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If any county is poor it is the US as the debt is 21 trillion

You forget that we owe that 21 trillion to a private bank that has no standing army. We could take the private banks money at gun point, but that isn't necessary. Rather, we can print our own national currency and return every fed note as fast as we can print our new NATIONAL currency. The communist just don't understand how to fuck people over properly. That is why we are exceptional and everyone else is our prey. The rest of the world has no idea how stupid they are because they are naturally stupid. So to sum this up, it is the stupidity of the world that makes the USA exceptional. We have nothing to do with our exceptional rating, and we have your stupidity to thank for it. We thank you!

Russia can steal all the secrets its can and we will still out play, out invent, out spend all the jealous bastards from around the world. The USA invents prosperity with our minds and imaginations and not our backs. One only need look at our funny money to see how that works.

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Hate to tell you, Mr. Esper, but Russia has already developed, tested, and implemented these weapons. You are in catch-up mode, and by the time you come up with US versions (that work), Russia and China will have developed the next stage.  So give it up and attend to those in poverty in the US.

I understand you are trying to steal the hyper-missile technology from Russia.  Didn't you just accuse China of doing the same thing to the US (stealing intellectual capital)?  In other words, you are no better and a hypocrite.

Element RG_Canuck Thu, 07/26/2018 - 04:49 Permalink

You realise the Russian version of what it claims as a 'hypersonic weapon' is just to strap an aging battlefield ballistic missile to an ancient MiG31. You realise that, don't you?


Did you know the US did very similar things in the 1960s? Do you realise the US could do what the Russians have done, using an LRS missile, in less than a week? The Russians have developed nothing new. In fact the US also developed nuclear power cruise missiles in the 1960s. 50 years before Russia.


As for the Russian hype weapon being hypersonic, under that definition, 100% of the USA's current strategic ballistic missiles are hypersonics!  LOL


And they have been for almost 70 years.

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“Whoever gets there first will have unmatched lethality on the battlefield for years to come,”

*What they are not telling you; is that the aforementioned battlefield is on your streets in your town...

FreeEarCandy Thu, 07/26/2018 - 01:26 Permalink

Whoever gets there first will have unmatched lethality on the battlefield for years to come,” Esper said.

There is nothing faster than a suitcase nuke placed in a bus terminal locker. As fast as the speed of a cell phone call. We have had then for years, and who knows how many are out there waiting for a phone call.

MuffDiver69 Thu, 07/26/2018 - 01:38 Permalink

I’m waiting for the first audit ever to finish. Whatever one thinks of Mattis, I have no doubt he will want to show the true fraud if nothing more then to buy new toys. My bet is north of 200 billion

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Army is nothing but dumb fucks from shit hole towns.

Do you honestly think that 8 weeks of basic or jump school airborne is gonna make the next gen of army? We've lost every fucking war since Viet Nam. But thanks to the 8 week program and machine skeletons for fat fucks who can't read the army is gonna be great again.

This military force improvement is obviously nothing but a dig at its weakness.

Austin Command the biggest thing since '73? Really? Is that special? That was 45 fucking years ago.

The only thing the army has to do is coordinate to destroy infrastructure and put bullets into brains. That's it. Rail guns, laser cannons, hypersonic are navy. Quantum computers are undefined. Autonomous killer robots are drones. Automatic rifle tech sort of ended with the AK, but whatever.

As always you fuckin' retards we aren't in a war with Russia or China. We are in a war in Yemen, some shit in Libya, Syria, fucking anywhere but Russia or China. We will never be at war directly with Russia or China; that's all bullshit. It's all bullshit.

In 45 years from now out of Austin... Really? It's like talking up antifa out of PDX. We've finally found our core. No.

Everything the US military does is reactionary bullshit that wastes billions of dollars because we have more nukes than God. All that means is the inevitable bad chess move. Your kids will come home dead just like 20 years ago. Analog. Librarian mommy couldn't stop her 18 year old going out and he came back in a box blown up by an rpg. She took a walk home. Sheriffs found her miles away. But we call them "US TROOPS". It's an honor to die in an unsanctioned covert operation not passed by congress. At least taxes is only money. Your children being blown to bits is not taxes.

Austin command. Sec Army, all these fucking morons not talking about what really the fuck is going on and talking about bullshit. Fuck that. How come Viet Nam had no airplaines and won? Want to talk about it? Fucking dumb ass seal team six jarhead jive slick recruiters gonna take your kids and talk about hypersonics and exoskeletons and meanwhile no one can do fucking shit while we fight everyone but Russia and China and don't do shit but die in a simulator. Fuck you Sec Army you scab. Talking shit is all any intel officer does and is too old and too broken in thier butthole to do anything but lick it up.

Join antifa you geriatric faggots. You have sucked since '73 by admission. Assholes.

khnum Thu, 07/26/2018 - 02:04 Permalink

How about a pack of titanium exo-skeletoned,damascus steel toothed,autonomous,ir night vision xray and uv equipped,20mm chain gun with laser designator inbuilt,hf,vhf,sattelite capable chupacubras?

katagorikal Thu, 07/26/2018 - 02:32 Permalink

IFF and only IFF...

How are these robots going to identify the enemy?
By the color of their uniforms? LOL
Do we hand out RFID tags for the enemy to wear?
Anything we give our own troops will not be available to civilians.

deepelemblues Thu, 07/26/2018 - 02:35 Permalink

US has been engaged in military hypersonic research since the space plane project was transferred from NASA to the DoD in 2004. the US being behind russia and china is a smokescreen. That space plane goes up there to do hypersonic glide research and test launches. Been shooting it into low orbit since 2010 and since the x-37 can stay up for years at a time now (longest one so far spent 2 years in low orbit before coming back)... that's a lot of research. Just putting the thing up there and bringing it back landing it where the US wanted it to land in the first place was step 1 of the R&D. The space plane itself reaches hypersonic speeds. Why the fuck was it transferred to DARPA and why has so much money been spent on the program if it isnt for weapons, the X-37 isn't launched up into low orbit by the military to do peaceful research for NASA. Russia and China have land based hypersonic missiles? The US is going for low-mid orbit based ones. The space planes can almost certainly launch advanced multiple warhead nuclear tipped missiles already. The Pentagon has been extensively R&Ding this shit for over a decade.

Dr. Bonzo Thu, 07/26/2018 - 04:54 Permalink

Just keep hiring ethnic Chinese research associates.

The senior Putonghwa language instructor at DLI in Monterey, California is a card-carrying member of the Communist party. That means she has been able to pass on lists of every single US service member who has come through the DLI's Putonghwa program since she started working there over 20 years ago. This essentially means the DIA's entire Asia Office is compromised.

Good job guys, good job. Keep impressing.

Another own-goal by the Military Industrial Complex and the sad-asses running the whole fucking farce...


We fleece you... to build China.