Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds

Americans are opposed to going to war against Iran by a more than two-to-one margin according to a new poll

This week relations between Iran and Washington entered a heightened intensity and new war of words, with the dangerous potential for an actual war seeming to rise daily, especially after President Trump's latest twitter warning to Iran of "consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before..." should Iran's leaders threaten the United States. 

The US has repeatedly threatened to throttle Iran's international oil trade as it's moved closer to imposing sanctions on countries including key allies that don’t eliminate or significantly cut imports of Iranian oil by Nov. 4. It's but the latest crisis to emerge after the White House pulled the US out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May. This is why gauging public opinion on the prospect for war with Iran is particularly important at the end of this week.

The new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds the prospect of war with Iran out of step with the American public on a bipartisan basis:

Just 23 percent of the public say they’d support the U.S. deciding to declare war on Iran, while the majority, 53 percent, oppose the idea. Just 9 percent would strongly support declaring war, while 37 percent are strongly opposed.

The survey further finds: "Voters who backed Hillary Clinton in the last election are the most vehemently against the idea, with 82 percent opposed and just 6 percent in favor; non-voters are also opposed, 48 percent to 20 percent." 

And concerning Trump supporters: "Voters who backed President Donald Trump’s campaign are more likely to support a war against Iran, but even among that group, backing remains below the majority level, with 47 percent saying they’d support declaring war, and 29 percent that they’d oppose it."

Numbers among Trump supporters:

The poll was taken early this week, soon after Trump blasted Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on twitter, eliciting multiple belligerent statements from Iranian military generals which followed. 

The poll also found that 60% of Americans surveyed were aware of the Trump tweet through news reports, with 12% saying they'd seen in directly on twitter.

Numbers among Clinton voters:


About 60 percent of Americans polled say they’d heard about Trump’s tweet, although just 12 percent had seen it directly on Twitter, with the rest learning about it from the news.

The poll concludes of Trump's general handling of Iran-related issues: "Overall, 36 percent of Americans say they approve of Trump’s handling of issues related to Iran, while 42 percent disapprove, and the rest is uncertain. That net -6 is slightly more positive than overall views of Trump’s job performance."

There are a number of hawks in the Trump administration who would like to see a preemptive strike happen based on the claim of an alleged continuing nuclear weapons program, most notably among them national security adviser John Bolton and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Though notorious uber-hawk Bolton may have had his wings clipped by President Trump, he's on record as wanting "regime change in Tehran" before 2019


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Interesting story exposing kabuki theater.

Tasnim News is the Iranian news agency.

Involves Zionist SJWs attacking the CIA backed group opposing Iran's theocratic government. The same Iranian government that pledges to destroy Israel each and every day and twice on Saturday.

CodePink does have humane reasons for doing so, going back to the destruction of Iraq and the installation into power of similar CIA backed groups.

Just as a story with super heroes needs equally super, but evil, villains, Israel needs Iran. It's good for profits at the box office.…

"A secretive member of the US-backed MKO terrorist group refuses to talk about the nature of their organization to the members of CODEPINK, a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement in the US."

"Medea Benjamin and National Director Ariel Gold two members of social justice movement faced an uncommunicative member of the US-backed Mojahedin-e Kahlgh (MKO or MKE) when they try to have an interview about the nature of the group at the terrorist organization’s headquarter in DC."

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Maghreb NiggaPleeze Sat, 07/28/2018 - 08:14 Permalink

It was the same story in the U.K before the collapse of the Empire.

Aleister Crowley actually grew up in a Christian Zionist environment with the Plymouth Brethren. They appear to be what people refer to as a British Intelligence Cult with members entering into the higher echelons of Academia and the Security Services. They came up with the whole Rapture Concept as a get out of Armageddon free card.

Apparently the guy who botched the Jack the Ripper Investigation was with the Brethren. So was one of Britains most prolific serial killers Bodkin Adams. Adams escaped prosecution for what many believe was several hundred murders. He was physician to the Prime Minister's father in law and head of the Freemasons Lord Cavendish.

I always wonder if Crowley was a fucking saint compared to the rest of them. He might of been a New Age freak but the movement that spawned him wanted to help bring about the Apocalypse in the name of Christian Zionism. Trying to become a God through black magic seems less of a problem than instigating the End of the Days. 

Keeping these freaks in check despite the Zionist financing is a full time job. Wouldn't be surprised if the same system exists in the Middle East as well. Wahhabi's and hardcore Shiites are being funded by Israel to help escalate the war.  

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It's all a mistake you see. Zero Hedge got the lost ZOG HOG propaganda trouncing America, Palestine, and the world, all wrong in this article. Don't worry it will be all right, and very soon. 

The correct title of this article was that the vast majority of real Americans overwhelmingly favor disbanding the Satanic bandit nation of Black Magic Zionists in Israel—not to mention removing all Satanic Judaic Zionists from America and the World Stage—permanently. 

That is the real title of this article, and the only story on the table in the world. Once the Jewish Problem is solved, which is happening now, the world can get on with what is really important. That is, the protection of children. Of all children. You will see this unfold in the world now. 

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Matteo S. SocratesSolutions Sat, 07/28/2018 - 12:52 Permalink

You are incredibly naive if you think the Israeli tail is wagging the American pitbull.


The dog loves his tail. The dog takes extreme care of its tail and licks it any time one nerve of its tail tells its brain that it wants to be licked.


The dog would feel extreme pain if it’s tail was crushed or cut off.


But it is not the tail that tells the pitbull that it must go to the throat of anyone not submitting to its will.


The US does not need Israel to want to go to Russia’s, China’s, EU’s throat. Not even Iran’s.


The point concerning Iran is that it ceased being a vassal 40 years ago and this intolerable to the anglo-saxon empire’s aristocracy, with or without Israel.

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Dr. Acula,

Is it neo-Naziism to eject a proved entrenched enemy (jew supremacists) of your country's people and their hard won Republic from its shores.

Or, is it just the right thing to do for the preservation of all those whom have been suffering under a morally destructive & economic tyrannical jew supremacist manifestation which inflicts nothing but destruction on every hand.

Though Hitler has been proven right time & time again, it is not neo-Naziism- it's just the right and proper thing to do.

The rot of the jew weimar republic stage is upon us- Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power, no matter how small-NOW!

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any_mouse MoreSun Sat, 07/28/2018 - 06:28 Permalink

Sigh, the Third Reich never referred to themselves as "Nazis".

The closest word to "nazi" is "nazir". "Nazir" is Hebrew for "prince". Coinkydink, I'm sure.

The Third Reich was led by Jews. Hitler and his beard, Eve Braun, were Jews. The "Final Solution" was led by Eichmann and Himmler. Two Jews who were tasked with the genocide of Jews. The majority of the Third Reich's Officer Corps were ... Jews. The financiers and industrialists of the Third Reich were Jews.

Parasites throughout known "History". A false history written by Parasites, that is designed to make you think that the World has always been this way, infested with Parasites, and that the Parasites are the Hosts and they are beneficial to lesser Humanity.

Talking about a couple of hundred families, inbred for generations upon generations, that own most everything. Everybody that is, or was, anybody is related to each other.

Stanley Ann Dunham. No coincidence that she was chosen to be Obama's mother. Related to Lena Dunham and the Dunhams. Related to Lord Stanley. Makes Obama related to the usual suspects. Therefore legitimate to be POTUS, regardless of any other facts.

Want to be a star in Hollywood? Be born into one of those 200 families. Talent is not needed. A faked background that shows you were born into ordinary circumstances, being just a nobody who was quite ordinary before deciding one day to get involved in acting. For gay male actors, born lower to middle class, working as a laborer, with a stint as a boxer back in the day, now MMA, then stumbling into an acting class and discovering their hidden nature.

Pretty much everything you know is false. It is not your fault. The gas light is heavy.

This situation will not right itself, nor will it be resolved through any mechanism of the system.

A global raising of consciousness to the hoax? Then what?

Giant Meteor may be the only hope to end the hoax.

Crash the system. Fix it with a patch, followed by a reboot.

This may have already occurred. How many times?

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chunga Juggernaut x2 Fri, 07/27/2018 - 22:22 Permalink

I wouldn't. There has been no explanation for the rockets fired at the fake chemical weapons sites in Syria. Has there?

That's ok. The maverick (he is president and commander in chief, not Hillary or Barkey) will follow that up 8 hours later with a tweet about "fake news" and all will be well with the flock. Because he's not as bad as X.

The reds are taking votes for granted.

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Sy Kloine Bee Juggernaut x2 Fri, 07/27/2018 - 22:32 Permalink

I would be. I would bet that Iran can do something inside the US, or at least that is what they are saying:

Latest from Qassem Soleimani, IRGC Quds (Jerusalem) Force Commander:

“I am your foe; my forces are your foes. Every night we don’t sleep without thinking of you. Mr. Trump we tell you O gambler, as you are powerless, we are too close, in a place that you can’t imagine,”


It might not be a bluff; IRGC has a reputation for success among the US military elite. Witness Mattis shooting down reports of imminent war at the press conference. 


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