Facebook Follows YouTube's Lead, Blocks Alex Jones' Pages

Just days after YouTube barred Alex Jones from live-streaming for 90 days, and President Trump stepped into the Twitter 'shadowbanning' of conservatives fiasco, CNBC reports that  Facebook - amid their worst week ever - has banned InfoWars' Alex Jones from posting for 30 days.

Several Facebook pages tied to Alex Jones, including the official pages for Infowars and Alex Jones himself, are close to being removed from the platform for violating its community standards multiple times,  a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC.

Jones' personal account was temporarily banned from Facebook Thursday for 30 days after it was found responsible for uploading four videos that went against community standards. The clips were posted on different pages operated by Infowars and Alex Jones. Jones had previously been warned he could be blocked by Facebook for other infractions, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

One of the removed videos shows a man shoving a child on the ground to "prevent liberalism," while another discusses drag queens in a crude fashion and suggests they are child sexual predators. Another suggests Muslim people have "conquered" Europe, and will kill everyone and sexually assault women.

These are reportedly the same four videos were also removed earlier in the week by YouTube, which also barred Jones from live streaming for 90 days.

InfoWars' Owen Troyer provides some more color as to what just happened...



Masher1 Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:02 Permalink

Ahhhh... Ok. So we can expect to see a bunch of bs about censorship flowing all through the AJ crowd.


Not everything is as it seems... Some times the best move is to become a wounded duck to draw the danger away from the offspring... I see this as a PR move, not a banning... Did AJ break the rules? Looks like... Did his supporters go full metal retard about this? Yes... See above.... Does it work to drive more users to his content? Sure it will... As was the plan.


I don't trust any part of the AJ realm, Not the news, not the content, Not the actions against him not one bit of it... AJ is a trick and has been ever since the days of the post 9/11 bullhorn shit.... To me he looks more CIA than ever....


It sure is amazing what you can see in a ZH comment stream...

DownWithYogaPants FireBrander Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:09 Permalink

Internet communities run under "safe harbor" where the site is not responsible for what the community user puts on their website. However if the site starts deleting things does that not automatically forfeit safe harbor? Thus making the site responsible? I would think it would. That would open said site to much litigation and perhaps criminal charges...........

If the law is not written this way it should be amended to do so.

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DCFusor DownWithYogaPants Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:17 Permalink

I believe that with minor exceptions in special cases, the law IS written that way, or that's the take I get from Mike Masnick at techdirt.com.

They've fought a number of legal battles (and won) over the safe harbor act.  You might go over there and search for that or "fair use" and get a lot more info.

We are talking about companies that seem to be above the same laws we little people have to deal with, though.

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BlackChicken Bunker Boy Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:27 Permalink

Economically being shot right now :-)

This is a trial balloon to see if the anti-left can be censored prior to the midterms.  The left in general is losing its collective shit and getting more extreme by the day.  Their failed policies, derangement, and hypocrisy have turned off normal people.

Expect wholesale insanity after they get their asses kicked in November.

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Klassenfeind beemasters Sat, 07/28/2018 - 07:21 Permalink

I don't agree much with Trump, but I'd 100% support him if he would break up Facebook, Twitter and Google. Having said that though, I'm afraid that he ain't gonna do shit.

As always, he'll huff and puff about "shadowbanning" and "fake news," but in all fairness, what can he do without getting labelled 'an enemy of the free press?' Even the biggest Trump fan wil have to admit that what the Left/Liberals have done over the last few decades is pretty slick and smart: they outsourced censorship to the private sector and allowed it to prosper under the guise of 'not interfering with the free press.'

They, the 'Liberal' Left Wing, have ever so stealthily infiltrated the mainstream and social media, all under the guise of "freedom of speech," "diversity," and "fighting racism," to such an extent that it has become virtually impossible to break it up.

The biggest irony is that any attempt by Trump to break up Facebook, Twitter and Google will be met with a massive outcry and accusations of "CENSORSHIP!!!" while it's Facebook, Twitter and Google that are actually doing the censoring!

The only way to break up Facebook, Twitter and Google is to do it by brute force, which IMHO poses a real danger of the pendulum swinging too far in the other direction, especially considering Trump's love for totalitarianism, waterboarding, building a Berlin-style Wall, and his adoration of the MIC.

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Justapleb BlackChicken Sat, 07/28/2018 - 01:02 Permalink

Yeah, it's amazing to watch.   With Trump in 2016 they went with "Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, insane person", etc. and now they're going with "Russia" and censorship.  

Labor was such a longtime stronghold for the Democrats and they've lost it.  Labor doesn't give a shit about Russia.  Everyone though, is sick of the corruption.   #Walkaway.   The whole "Russia" hoax is designed to blow a huge smoke screen into the felony crimes committed principally by Clinton allies and the deep state. 

The immolation of both the legacy media and the democratic party is occurring simultaneously.   We have seen Peak Facebook.  

We have some real giants out there like Stefan Molyneux.   A whole galaxy of them helped bring Trump into the White House and as legacy platforms censor, new ones arise.   

I am afraid that historically we better be prepared for what the left does when it doesn't get its way and that is violence.  Look at how the media is openly inciting violence.  They've made heros out of thugs who rob, out of violent shit-and-piss hurling hooligans, and democratic local bosses have stood down as law-abiding citizens assembled for peaceful speech.  

So the wholesale insanity is going to be more than screaming at the sky.  


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Polynik3s FireBrander Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:48 Permalink

Alex Jones is exposed and getting his Zionist ass handed to him on a daily basis.

This banning is a desperate act to keep Alex Jones audience that is leaving in droves.

Know More News, Adam Green is the next generation and not owned by Israel. He kicks Jones sorry ass for covering up 911. Any legit news will tell you who did  911, Jones always covers for Zionists.


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MK ULTRA Alpha khnum Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:39 Permalink

Someone advocating NOT to give it back to those who are saying they want to do me in, so I'm not allowed to give it back? How old are you? and where did you learn to lay down and die. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THE LEFT IS CALLING FOR KILLING.

The MSM and just about every loony tune so called celebrity is calling for the kill off of anyone who supports Trump and Trump himself.

It sure looks like Maxine Waters isn't being censored. MSM loves Maxine Waters hate rant, or how about the DNC? official DNC political plank for a RACE WAR. I didn't say that, I asked you Mofos to work together, it's too late now.

Are you against Trump? because it's more than being against Trump and the loss of Clinton, we can all see the opposition is out to kill us.

Obama did his best to do us in and lied and the MSM lied their ass off. Now he's out stirring up a communist take down. He will be killed, watch, Clinton will be killed. THERE WILL BE A LOT OF KILLING IN THIS NATION BECAUSE THESE MOFOS HAVE GONE TOO FAR.

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MK ULTRA Alpha khnum Fri, 07/27/2018 - 18:53 Permalink

I'm an old combat soldier, I haven't got much time left, come for me and what happens? They'll lose a few.

Please answer, are you a Trump supporter? or are you against Trump, that's all I asked really. Because if you hate Trump, then you're against this nation, everyone can see this now, it's out in the open.

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 07/27/2018 - 19:01 Permalink

LOL your profile says Australian.

I'm an American, I'm prepared to die for my country. I died a long time ago.

And you really aren't seeing it up close, the MSM is not explaining it to the world. We're on the edge of the abyss, this could go off at any time. It's much worse than the 60's. It's much bigger today, we realize now, communist from the 60's were waiting for years to set off a genocidal civil war. It's here and the demographics do not favor us. We have armies of communist combat cells from Central America and Europe. Also the Chinese are instigating here and are not just stealing technology.

Communism is huge here and the communist take down is a real reality most can now see.

We have millions of hard core gang members and the FBI must be afraid to take them down or they use them for an excuse for more power.

Since 2001, 63,000 Americans have been killed by illegals, a similar time frame for the Vietnam war caused the death of over 58,000 Americans. We're at war.

Voting? the vote is rigged, it will be worse next time and they've already said in our face, more illegals will vote next time.

Again, the Chinese are actively organizing and indoctrinating communist thought on US campuses nationwide, Facebook Zuckerberg carried Xi's book around for years reciting to youth, it was like Mao's little red book, so glad the traitor was shut down by China a few days ago, lets hope he's completely destroyed for what he has done to us.

There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese intelligence agents working for Chinese state security here, hundreds of thousands of cultivated operatives both American Chinese and Americans. The 17 intelligence agencies only look for Muslims and have ignored the Chinese. It's too late, we are in trouble and as most can see, the left is trying to do us in.

I'm expecting a naval engagement in the South China sea at any second. I know Australia you don't like to hear that, but you mean something to me, and I want them cleaned out of the South China sea because they're coming too close to Australia.

You mean something to me Australia and you're going to be what Australia is to me and we will defend you with our lives. period.

There is going to be war sooner than later, invasion of Taiwan, East India, payback to Malaysia and Indonesia for running the Chinese back to China, and Australia is the prize of New China, 30 million will be at your door step very soon.

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khnum MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 07/27/2018 - 19:12 Permalink

I dont know Donald Trump from a bar of soap and I dont ever judge anybody until after I have met them personally.To me family country and God come before any political affiliation,I am not American and I do not hate the USA,I have visited it twice once in 1982 the other in 2014.

I do wish him well and do believe that domestically he has achieved good things internationally however I am not convinced that all the state organs Pentagon,State Department,intelligence agencies etc are on the same page as him.This is a dangerous state of affairs.

I dont know if he is genuine or just a great actor,Israel,Saudi Arabia and your deep state keep seemingly getting what they want but Im not privy to your Presidents morning briefings so all I can say there is that history will be the judge.

My concern is that my country blindly follows America into any stupidity and watching your medias current hyperventilating over Russia and China the next act may be dangerous for my country as well.

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MK ULTRA Alpha khnum Fri, 07/27/2018 - 19:46 Permalink

I conducted an operation on Australia. Sent it up the US east coast to Norfolk and later to Australia. Let me see if I can find it. This was around two years ago. I did this for Australia because a young Australian got me out of a nation I was conducting a survey. I couldn't ask the Americans, the Germans nor the English, I knew if I asked the Australian he would do it because I was an American. We will not let you down, we will spill blood to protect you. I have done much more to ensure this and I'm good at what I do.

I conducted this operation in August 2016, it was a sophisticated mind warfare operation, since then Australia and America have worked hard to prepare. The US ambassador jumped around after this came out, remember? By the way, do you know the Chinese mind? they believe it's absurd for only 30 million to occupy Australia and they must be crammed into a coastal plain. In other words, China has designs on Australia.

I did this with God for Australia, we will not let you down.

Essay below and there are many more. It was a full scale MKULTRA mind warfare operation conducted on the US Navy, the Pentagon and Australia.

Chinese Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander War Plan.


Since the beginning of the communist takeover of China (1949), the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander has always been the real government of China. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) was window dressing to appease the masses.

Xi, the Chinese leader, is an extraordinary politician. He has successful brought the military under CCP control. No one has understood the importance of subordinating military leadership to CCP national leadership. There is no longer a dichotomy between national leadership and military leadership.

Xi's plan is a sweeping reform of the military from top to bottom. No Chinese leader until Xi has had the power to reform the military.

Xi is a nationalist, not a globalist. On one of Xi's visits to meet with the communist Obama, he said, I am going to destroy the United States. When Xi touched US soil, he told a reporter, the dollar hegemony was history. He said it with anger and conviction.

Since then, Xi has worked tirelessly to destroy the dollar world reserve currency.

The communist Obama during this time was overheard on an open mic state, the Bretton Woods agreement was the world's problem and it was an agreement by a “group of old white men”.

The dollar reserve currency values economic trade in US dollars. All commodities are valued in US dollars. Obama works for “Open Borders”, one world government (UN), one world bank (world bank), one world currency, and one world religion of worship of the state. This is the long term goal of international communism. Xi doesn't work for a one world currency plan. He works to replace the dollar world reserve currency with Chinese Yuan as the new world reserve currency.

The US military and Federal bureaucracy will do nothing to endanger their pension. When this is over, there will be no federal pension.

War planning of the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander.

The Chinese have developed a weapon which can delay and destroy US power projection in Asia. The Chinese fishing fleet is a dual purpose asset. The Chinese military subsidizes the building of long range fishing boats. The fuel for the fishing fleet is subsidized by the military.

The strategy is a learning curve development from years of combat with the American. In the Korean war, US tactical strategy was the use of firepower. This became the tactical doctrine of the US Army. Find, Fix, Firepower- defeated the Chinese army in the Korean war.

In the Vietnam war, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) developed a tactical doctrine to defeat the US tactical firepower doctrine. The tactical doctrine was to “hug the Americans”, which meant the closer the attack to the Americans, the less firepower could be used to defeat the NVA. This was a successful strategy which didn't go unnoticed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Senior Chinese Field Marshals with experience in the Korean war developed the maritime militia strategy in the late 80's. Today, the Chinese fishing fleet numbers between 700,000 to 800,000 sea going fishing boats.

The Chinese have consistently used the term, “maritime militia” to describe the dual use fishing fleet. And now, the term “People's War” as an option for the South China Sea geopolitical conflict fills the media..

In order for ease of understanding, we will round up to 1,000,000. This is because of coastal freighters and an aggressive maritime build. 1,000,000 times 30 means, 30 million combat soldiers will be landing in nations as far as Australia. And this will be the first wave.

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of long range fishing boats is similar to the “human wave” strategy used by the Chinese in the Korean war. After landing, “Hugging” the Australians with millions of Chinese combat soldiers means US firepower is neutralized. Thus, the US and the Australians will be faced with a “fait accompli”.

There is a specific distinction between regular and reserve military and the militia. Chinese militia number in the 50-60 million range. The militia are former regulars and reserves in the age range of 25 to 50 years old. The input of 10-15 million crew for the fishing fleet must be included.

The militia is an unpaid asset tailor made for nationalism.

The Chinese have stockpiled small arms for a “People's War”. The range of weapons are modern AKM, AK-47, SKS, to older bolt action copies of Russian Mosin Nagant, German Mauser 98K, and the old Springfield we sent up the Burma Road in WWII. The number of stockpiled weapons for a “People's War” is a state secret. A rough estimate of small arms losses from 1945-1949 Nationalist Chinese, Japanese, and 1949 estimate of Chinese PLA strength would be around 20 million. Subsequent regular and reserve modernization from early AK-47 and SKS would be 10 million. Thus, small arms stockpiles in the 30-40 million range would be a conservative estimate.

The trigger for a “People's War” is an economic downturn which throws 200 million to 300 million Chinese out of work. The CCP must divert attention from economic failure to protect the CCP and party cadre. Prosperity for the vast majority of Chinese workers is still an illusive goal. Nationalism is being used as an outlet for frustration to divert attention away from economic failure.

The Chinese war machine and economy require greater and greater amounts of petroleum. They are stockpiling crude oil at a rate of 10%-20% above present needs. Disruption of crude oil shipments will force Chinese leadership to launch the South China Sea “People's War”. The nations producing oil and natural gas in this region are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

The South China Sea geopolitical conflict provides a convenient target for the CCP. It combines ancestor worship, racial-tribal, and nationalism ideology to refocus and subvert demands for internal political change and reform. The Chinese believe their ancestors discovered and claimed the entire South China Sea and the “White Devils” thwarted Chinese historic ambitions.

Recently, US Army Colonel Hanson made a statement in Australia which the Pentagon stated wasn't official policy. Colonel Hanson made the statement - Australia must decide between the Chinese and the Americans. I take exception to the Pentagon and this nation not supporting Colonel Hanson.

The Obama strategy was called the “Pivot”. It was a plan to redeploy military assets and strategic focus from the Middle East to the Pacific. It has been a resounding failure. The Chinese conducted psychological warfare operations to counter the Obama “Pivot”. These operations have been highly productive at countering US deployment of strategic assets to Australia.

Over the last five years, the Chinese propped up the Australian real estate market with $35 billion in direct real estate investment. Strategic infrastructure vital to the defense of Australia was leased to the Chinese. Natural resources investment and partnerships with resource firms caught in the commodity economic downturn were served up on a platter for Chinese capital.

The Chinese bribed the Australians and now the Australians stall US strategic asset deployments. The Chinese economic policy is to stop capital outflow, but in the case of Australia, investment of all types were officially sanctioned and encouraged.


The US must conduct a mind warfare operation in Australia. We must plant a seed in the mind of the Australian people. Colonel Hanson must be supported by our nation.

Colonel Hanson requires technical support to assist him in the education of the Australian people. The above is CIA data, it needs be said the above is CIA data and is the war plan of the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander.

Colonel Hanson and his team create a spectacle to gain the attention of the people. A group of Australians will be designated supporters and opposition. Military, Political, Clergy and Business leaders must work in unison to prepare the Australian people for war.

The technical team and Colonel Hanson use the media system, civic, church, and business group meetings to increase awareness. The opposition, who are working with us, make demands with legitimate factual claims. The supporters work to discredit the opposition with legitimate factual data. Over time the opposition softens and compromises with full acceptance.

Colonel Hanson is the external foreign input which through spectacle brings attention to his cause. The nation focuses on Colonel Hanson because it is new data, unusual, and an angle which must be explored. The opposition attempts to thwart the spectacle. The supporters work to discredit the opposition. The opposition folds and the new narrative of the importance of US strategic asset deployment becomes the mind of the people.(the will of the people)

It is an educational awareness operation designed to plant a seed in the mind of the people. The seed will grow.


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khnum MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 07/27/2018 - 20:07 Permalink

I am well and truly conversant with psychological warfare, psychotronic warfare,the breaking down and rebuilding of altars and current non-lethal weaponry and Im not a great fan as the mind has no fire wall,you are right the next war as well as physical will be a war for the mind.The Chinese are in just about every University in the Western world but they are just part of the bigger picture there is something above nation states and humanities struggle will be with all the useful idiots that work for it or have been brainwashed by its lies .Then it itself.

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MK ULTRA Alpha khnum Fri, 07/27/2018 - 20:38 Permalink

My greatest worry for Australia right now, is Australia's strategic weakness in petroleum. It will be quick, so the US will be  able to rush warships and aircraft to Australia, however logistics will be slow.

Australia must invest in a commercial petroleum system away from the coast. The shale operation was shut down, it needs to be revamped to begin supplying the air force. Australia must spend on aviation fuel anyway, use the shale operation. It was profitable, but I believe environmental concerns shut it down. Well we're almost at war now, I believe Australia must get serious on petroleum infrastructure now.

Storage tanks and refineries on the coast would be hit, internal shale production piped to air fields would be a strong strategic infrastructure plan.

I know Australia is tired of following America in it's wars, we're tired of it too, but the coming war with China will be the last war for a long time for Australia.

I wrote another one too, it was how to fight. I'll see if I can find that one, a top general in Australia wrote a book recently using the same points. It was good he did this. It was the choke point thesis. See, I'm good at killing, that's what they made me. It's not me, but I'm good at what I do.

Essay below, both essays penetrated to your core and the US core, because I published it at a Navy Base and have a following of retried Navy officers. For you, I hit key think tanks and your military.


The “Green Light” for deployment of US strategic assets to Australia is an inexpensive insurance policy to guarantee the continuity of the Australian people's sovereignty, independence, and freedom.

Invasion corridors leading from the South China sea to Australia must have strategic “overwatch” to prevent the invasion of Australia. Naval Forces and Air Power strategic plans must prepare Australia to fight to block strategic “choke points” leading from the South China sea. This can only be achieved with full integration of US strategic weapons.

24 B-1, 24 B-52, 24 F-22, permanently deployed to Australia sends a serious message to the PLA and CCP, any and all attempts through strategic choke points, will be met with total annihilation.

Forward line of defense.

Strategic asset deployment to Diego Garcia, Keeling Islands, Western Australia, Northern Territories, Queensland, and American Samoa will provide the first layer of stand off capability. The strategic dispersal of strategic assets to counter ICBM strikes is important for the defense of Australia.

This isn't a “containment” strategy, this is a common sense defense strategy to prevent the invasion of Australia in time of war. This time, there will be no time to build up and counter attack like in WWII. Thus, we must be prepared to prevent invasion by controlling and dominating the choke points out of the South China sea.

We had the hope of the ages, Christianity would be the dominate philosophy for China, it didn't work. All Chinese economic indicators point to a serious economic correction, how far will this trend continue? The statistical probability for war must be an operational paradigm going forward for the Australian. The American is an insurance policy for the survival of the Australian people.


General Officer

Central Intelligence


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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 07/27/2018 - 21:00 Permalink

By the way, most Australians weren't awake, well they're awake now after the Australian Navy conducted a freedom of navigation in the South China sea recently. China made a big deal out of it and called it an act of war.

Kind of like bullying Australia and everyone saw it. The war has started.

This means what I have been telling Australia. The people weren't behind the military and the build up, and didn't want US troops in the north around Darwin. Well now, the number of Marine has moved up quickly, F-22 made it down to Australia and the B-1. And Darwin infrastructure is being built. All of those US Marines are going to die for Australia. It's going to be real bad. (remember they didn't want so many Marines and US Air Force deployment, well I worked on them, many more essays for Australia. I can't find my shale oil revamp essay.)

A greater percentage of Australians understand and back preparations. This was not the case two years ago.

We need to solve the critical petroleum stores problem now. It's a serious weakness. This worries me in the extreme, it has to be done, it's a huge weakness. Chinese Nuclear powered Hunter Killer Attack submarines with nuclear cruise missiles and nuclear torpedoes will form a blockade of Australia sinking tankers. This has to be solved because Australia is limited in anti-submarine assets. And as you recall, the lone German U-boat campaign against Australia went undetected and made kills. Well today, there can be no comparison. Build up an internal organic aviation fuel system from the shale operation or an alternative.

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khnum MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 07/27/2018 - 22:14 Permalink

Thank you for your analysis I must admit most of my knowledge is at the local level not strategic yes there is a need for more Australian petroleum processing resources we have shut down most of our refineries and are now very reliant on the route to Singapore being open,we have 43 days before we're in real trouble.

Yes I am conversant for a civilian with the Asian mind I frequent the Buddhist temple(Taiwanese) regularly and do tai chi there,I have Sun Tsu and the other 6 military classics,Mao on Guerilla warfare,100 unorthodox Chinese strategies and a few other books.

At 53 Im more cut out to be resistance rather than a combatant but lets hope it doesn't come to that.

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MK ULTRA Alpha khnum Sat, 07/28/2018 - 05:12 Permalink

Right now, the worry about the petroleum infrastructure is starting to spread. In Australia, because the population is small, talking among friends makes the rounds, a rumor in the south becomes news in the south. If it's real, then it will become a focus of attention and national policy.

Australia's strategic petroleum infrastructure is weak, AND there is a belief the war will be quick, no it will be a protracted struggle.

It's real serious, what's dangerous is the left in Australia works to slow and block preparations, just like the left in the US and the EU. The risk is increasing not decreasing. China has used soft power on Australia to weaken preparations.

Today because of technology transfer, the weapons and capability of adversaries is exponential greater than during WWII or any conflict we've observed in modern times.

Strategic overwatch of the choke points delays but doesn't destroy the threat. The delay provides time for mobilization, that's all it does. Island jumping? will be one of the tactics, so it wouldn't be an immediate invasion.(the Chinese would need to invade and occupy land around the choke points in Indonesia, when you see this, starting practicing with a rifle.)

The main weakness for the threat is a prepared Australia.

Good Luck

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MK ULTRA Alpha JCW Industries Fri, 07/27/2018 - 22:37 Permalink

New South Wales to Victoria along the Snowy River. This is the safest region. It's where, "The Man from Snowy River" comes from.

I have his hat, it's a special Australian hat, I just put it on. It's called a AKUBRA hat. It has Snowy River on the leather inside. It cost over $200 and can't be found like this one. It even has an expensive feather band on the outside.

For cattle and horses, Snowy River would be best for water and thick grass. Good ranch land.

One must be aware of drought in Australia. Right now in a region which I predict will be the show down battle between the Chinese and the Australians is in serious drought. It's so bad they have a charity called buy a bail to help these people.

Above the Grey Mountains, boxed in by the Great Dividing Range and the Desert to the west is an invasion corridor through Queensland. This is the only way south, the Australians will kill them off in that strategic killing field.

So Snowy River is further south. Right now in the strategic killing field a drought is hitting hard. It's best not to buy into the Queensland region and the north.

Again, water and safety are important, New South Wales is your best bet close to the river, and it's super beautiful. And snow melts in the Snowy Mountains providing good water.

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MK ULTRA Alpha PhilofOz Sat, 07/28/2018 - 04:46 Permalink

I made a mistake, it's Grey Range, not Grey Mountains. It's a geological formation with good cover and elevation. The Grey Range is the last geological formation before New South Wales and Victoria.

The Chinese will land all along the northern coast, occupying many locations. The invasion south would use the corridor from the Gulf of Carpentaria south through Queensland to the Grey Range, to the east is the coastal mountain range the Great Dividing Range, to the west is the beginning of the desert. This corridor will be the only route south to the major population centers. There is water and farms all the way to the south.

The PLA have targeted the main population centers, the only place a large mass of troops can maintain unit integrity. See, water is important, food?, the Australians will be under martial law working for the PLA to supply them with logistics for a ground army of foot soldiers.

The main invasion/occupation army must use this corridor. It is the only regional area which can sustain a large army.

The box of the Grey Range, the Great Dividing Range, and the desert is a strategic killing field. PLA logistics train will be long and a smaller Australian counter force will be able to defeat them. By that time, police, government officials, veterans, hunters, and anyone who can carry a weapon will move from the population centers to fight. It will be a heroic epic battle for Australia.

Adelaide is more English than the English, fit and proper, well the "Common Yank" has been making preparations for you.

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Sat, 07/28/2018 - 05:49 Permalink

By the way, it's my duty. An Australian saved my life. Australia made a friend for life. I'm fighting as hard as I can for Australia.

It wasn't the Obama pivot, it was me through the Navy to McCain. I wrote a long essay back then warning when no one was aware. McCain did it, not Obama.

Later Admiral Harris would be more vocal and I would conduct operations in support of Admiral Harris.

A young Australian man risk his life for me, we could have both been killed. I could not trust anyone, and I knew if I asked an Australian to help me, he would.

The cost to the Chinese have gone up exponential compared to around 2011.

I began the Australia operation in 2011.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Expendable Container Fri, 07/27/2018 - 23:23 Permalink

Obama made a speech advocating and promoting communist doctrine in South Africa. He accused the whites in America of being racist. It was like he was giving approval to the planned genocide of white farmers to steal their land.

That was more shameful and dishonorable than anything Trump did with the Russians. Understand, it's a known fact the new president of South Africa openly called for the kill off of white farmers and stealing their farms.

What happened after Obama left South Africa, the killings and attacks intensified. Did Anderson Cooper say anything, or how about Blizter, or how about Maddow?

This is why I say, we have passed the Rubicon, MSM and left wing politicians are calling for, promoting and organizing a race war. It has nothing to do with Trump or the election and it has everything to do with race. The communist are using the blacks and Mexicans as pawns for a communist take down of America. They will have to be killed, not for our freedom, but for our survival.

Obama gave his approval for the genocide in South Africa. period.

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MK ULTRA Alpha justa minute Fri, 07/27/2018 - 23:05 Permalink

He's real controversial, however if these comedians can threaten the President with death, motivate like the Facebook page kill Republicans and just took it down, the same page that the congressional baseball shooter was a member without one official word said against Facebook until I believe it was in the last week and a half, well Jones has offended some Jews and is getting his head handed to him. It was all Jewish congressmen who were calling for Jones to be removed and what happens, Facebook is trying to get political support in Congress so they're canning him.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion when the MSM promotes and advocates for Maxine Waters new South Central LA riots, remember she was a major mover and made her start, her mark as the instigator and leader of the South Central LA riots which targeted the Korean grocery stores. Remember?

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I wonder how many millions of tons of aluminum oxide rains out onto those forests? I have heard tell that oxide on the trees makes them burn 20% to 30% hotter.... After all the wild fire in B.C. last year i think this assessment is very true... And Cali is not getting better it is getting worse... as is the tonnage of chemtrail fallout on them over the long years of this program.


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