Sweden Will Remain Sweden In Name Only


For some time now the Gefira Team has been keeping track of the demographic processes that are taking place in Europe, especially in its Western part. 

This time Gefira published a report on Sweden, a well-developed, typical Western state, member of the European Union. The report includes independent calculations, using dedicated demographic software Cerberus 2.0. The report is based on the input that is taken from the official bureaus of statistics.

The Gefira findings based on the official data provided by Statistics Sweden SCB reveal what follows:

  1. the fertility rate of native white Swedes is much lower (1.6) than the country’s overall fertility rate (1.9);

  2. the Swedish parental system fails to deliver more babies;

  3. the number of children with an Islamic name is growing at a fast pace. Since 2010 it has increased by more than 30%, so that now around 8 to 10% of the newborns in Sweden have an Islamic name.

  4. the native white Swedish population will be a minority within a maximum of 40 years. The same source shows that 22% of the newborns have a non-Western migration background.

To compensate for the low birth rate the government is pursuing a systematic re-population policy. That it why it can be claimed that the Swedish community will grow in numbers at a moderate speed in the foreseeable future. The SCB statisticians cannot have come to this conclusion on the basis of the Swedish childbearing numbers nor on the global migration trends. The said growth remains and will be a result of importing highly fertile women from low and medium HDI (Human Development Index) countries.

The future of the Swedish population is bleak. On the basis of official fertility and death rates Cerberus 2.0, software designed for demographic calculations, computed the number of births and deaths for each age group, starting in 1970. The number of white native Swedes grew until 1996 and from there it began to decline in a more or less straight line. In 2017 there were again 8 million people and by 2060 there will be 6.6 million Swedish people left. If the authorities are not able to turn the tide and increase the fertility rates of Swedish women, the population will decline to 5 million by the end of the century. While the calculations predict that there will be 8 million natives left now, the current official data show that there are even fewer Swedes with two parents born in Sweden.

Due to the continuation of the influx of immigrants, the current population is 10 million. According to Statistics Sweden it will be 14 million by the end of this century. The Swedish authorities regard only first and second generation immigrants as foreigners. After one generation a sprawling Pakistani community relocated to Malmö will be regarded as natural Swedish growth.

Another approach is to look at the difference between the computed population and the official numbers. If Cerberus 2.0 forecasts 7 million people in 2050 and Statistics Sweden expects 12 million, the difference is due to migrants, whether it is the first, second or fifth generation.

The forecast made by the Swedish authorities is rather a blueprint or plan for the future than a prediction. Comparing the projection made by Cerberus 2.0 and those made by the state planners, the Gefira report expects the Swedish to be a minority by 2066 i.e. by the end of this century only one-third of the population will be of Swedish descent, which means almost a total re-population.


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To compensate for the low birth rate the government is pursuing a systematic re-population policy.

Anything to keep the (local) Ponzi going. If the central bank driven, exponential growth, fake fiat currency, interest vig scheme is to remain in place, thus keeping those who run it in power, one must grow the population endlessly.

It is that simple.

Since nearly all countries have now bought into the Ponzi, it assures us we are on tract for MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction.

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Software like this always has a lot of assumptions built into it.  Too many Muslims who don't integrate and become productive will crash the welfare system.  Does the software take that into account?  Because it will affect Muslim birth and death rates.  Too many muslims who don't integrate will crash other parts of the economy as well.  Does the software take that into account?  Because that too will affect Muslim birth and death rates.  Muslims won't do well in an industrial, JIT supply chain system once they have to run it unless they get outside help.  Surviving at that northern latitude requires some serious delayed gratification, which, in the absence of outside inputs, will crush anybody with a third world mentality.

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Why not just let the population shrink and just recover naturally on its own?  Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc...are being much smarter about this and staying racially homogenous.  You see very few negros or Muslims there.

Europe is absolutely destroying itself.  Slowly turning into the steaming pile of shit that Africa is.  The USA is getting worse by the year and more and more racially polarized, less united, less cohesive.  This whole diversity idea s white genocide and liberal brain dead white guilt horseshit.


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white people are stupid. asians are smart.  historically common history makes for a common culture which makes for better community and a more stable society. immigration has always been an economic strategy to prop up the ponzi banking system. ironically, unionized usa immigrants stopped the open immigration policies of the turn of the 20th century. labor was a lot smarter back then.

i recently blew up a bunch of sjws when i told them the koch brothers support their goal of open borders. they could only call me a liar.

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Same thing is happening in The State of Minnesota. Trump even took notice. Somalians are becoming the majority in the metropolitan areas. The government is moving them out to rural areas, giving them free housing there as well. They vote. And they are voting themselves other people’s money. They get subsidized vacations to travel back to the old country to visit. 

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I support racial and ethnic homogeneity within nation-states, so that a racially and ethnically homogenous nation is allowed to live, grow, flourish within the safety and security of its own borders, so that no one race is dispossessed of its land or has to suffer marginalization or oppression from another race or ethnicity. Multi-culturalism has failed---it is an abysmal failure, creating hell on earth. I'm delighted that these Syrians, most of whom are muslims, get to return to their dear homeland. I hope they are able to be at peace, left alone to thrive and grow and flourish as a people. The world needs to start strategizing on creating racially and ethnically homogenous nation-states, so that ALL RACES, ALL ETHNICITIES, ALL PEOPLE can live in peace, among people who share their Cultural preferences, their values and beliefs, their overall customs and traditions. It is creating hell on earth to mix muslims with Jews and Christians. It is hell on earth to mix Blacks and Whites. It is hell on earth to mix Mexicans with Blacks. It is hell on earth to mix muslims with Native Europeans. It is hell on earth to mix Chinese with Blacks. It is hell on earth to mix Japanese and muslims. It is hell on earth to mix Chinese and Mexicans. STOP THIS MADNESS AND LUNACY. Racial and ethnic homogeneity FOR ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES is the only way for a nation to have hope for a truly peaceful existence. It is no guarantee, but the research indicates that the probability is much higher for social cohesion and harmony when the races and ethnicities are similar.

These are countries which are known for extremely high percentages of racial and ethnic homogeneity.

Japan has 98.5% Japanese.

China has 92% Han Chinese, and then a small Tibetan population.

Africa has 95%+ Blacks and moving towards a higher percentage

South Korea has 96% Koreans and is considered one of the most ethnically homogeneous societies in the world.

North Korea is about 99% Korean, with the exception of a small Chinese community and a few ethnic Japanese.

Vietnam has many tribes, but they are all Asian with 86% Viet or Kinh and a small Hoa Chinese group.

Philippines are 75% ethnically homogenous, with 25% "other" which includes other Asian groups such as Chinese, but also a small number of Spanish, Native European, and African.


Why can’t Jews, Whites and Native Europeans have their own racially and ethnically homogenous nation? I bet if a random poll were conducted across America and the world, and the following question were asked, I bet anywhere from 55% to 75% of the people would support this: "If you had the opportunity to live in a nation in which only people of your race and ethnicity belonged, would you support this?" While I believe that Black Culture and White Culture permits these two races to work together, I do not believe they will ever, ever, ever harmonize or be compatible to the degree that one race will simply allow the other race to overtake it. And that is because it is a God-given, natural aspect of the PRIMAL COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS to want to be around, to mate with, and to want to socialize with one's own In-Group. Most Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, Asian Indians, Native Europeans—hell, most of the world’s races and ethnicities want homogeneity. That’s not to say it is somehow immoral or bad that someone might choose differently, but my point is to say that it is a God given natural PRIMAL aspect of the Collective Unconscious of a race of people to want to remain racially and ethnically homogenous and that the MAJORITY of people yearn for this. Research has shown that mixing races, certainly races and ethnicities with widely divergent levels of IQ, sophistication, refinement, values, beliefs, traditions and customs creates chaos and social decay and destruction. No race or ethnicity should live in fear within their own nation of being destroyed, dispossessed, marginalized, or oppressed, so planning for ethnostates will create more harmony for the entire world. As a last point, we already have had 3 world leaders speak this truth back in 2010 and 2011.

German multiculturalism has 'utterly failed', says Angela Merkel 10/17/10 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/oct/17/angela-merkel-german-multiculturalism-failed

State multiculturalism has failed, says David Cameron 2/5/11


Multiculturalism had failed, declares Nicolas Sarkozy 2/11/11 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/8317497/Nicolas-Sarkozy-declares-multiculturalism-had-failed.html



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And before that they were held hostage by the Dalai Lama and his Theocratic dictatorship. Most Tibetans prefer China. A few of the Buddhists long for the days when they lived a life of luxury in the palaces and the peasants had one of the lowest standards of living on the planet. Ten years after the Dalai Lama left, the life expectancy had nearly doubled.

Yeah, he's a real nice guy. Hello Dali.

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Jews DO have their own State! Ask the Palestinians.

Jews already had an ethno-state on the border of Russia and China granted them by Lenin and Stalin and it still exists today!


The reality, admitted even by Jewish sources such as the Encyclopedia Judaica, is that Birobidjan was a widely supported initiative to create a Jewish homeland, beginning in 1928 and formalised in 1934.

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Somalians in Australia form gangs and attack White Australians.

The reason 'the government' is moving them out to rural areas in America is that the traditional self-sufficient Christian rural family structure is the biggest threat to communising America for the Zionist Global Dictatorship.

So its the best way to unglue US traditional culture and society. What are you all doing about this illegal invasion sanctioned and promoted by Zionist politicians and communist academics? Anything?

Invasion of national boundaries used to be the very reason standing armies existed. Why the passive, humiliating acceptance by ethnic-Europeans of alien invasions in America and (more advanced) in Europe??

In 1910 the ethnic-European race was 36% of the world's population.

In 2018 the White race is under 9% of the world's population and still falling.

There is a War Against the White Race.


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It's elimination of potential opposition. 

"Islam," literally translated, means "Submit" or "Surrender."  Ann Barnhardt calls it "The political system that poses as a religion."  The intent is to turn the entire western world into a shithole by flooding nations with an underclass population extracted from other shitholes that will overwhelm the traditional western "social safety net," deplete what's left of national treasure, undermine free society, and basically turn nations into occupied territories having little sense of identity or heritage or quality or morality except (presumably) something approximating fundamentalist Sharia Law.  It seems evil, and the individuals and interests sponsoring and enabling it seem traitorous and evil. 

If you live in a nation so affected, it follows that your standard of living will suffer.  Falling EROEI means there will be no economic growth or capital to maintain overburdened collectivist social programs.  Wealth in private hands will be looted "for national security" to support the perverse agenda (if / when it's not being taken to "bail-in" the banking complex).  As the dole dries up, the imports will turn on non-Muslims, and crime will rise even as Rule of Law morphs into Subjugation. 

  • See: Kalergi Plan.  (Tyler, you really must post more on this subject. It's important.)
  • See: Cloward-Piven Strategy.  (This, too.)
  • See also: Carbon Tax (more of same, just replace "national security" with "to save the planet").

Someone, anyone, please explain how this interpretation is in error.

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Just point out that the biggest cost to business is labour... And the easiest way to improve corporate profits is to reduce costs.

Then point out that all of the "progressive" ideology actually reduces corporate labour costs by increasing the amount of labour available... Femninism, internationalisation, mass immigration.

Then ask them if they ever watched the film "inception", where ideas are 'planted' in the minds of opponents.

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Why can't Europe model what Japan does?  Japan is a aging society with low birth rate yet they don't flood their country with immigrants.  I know Japan has its debt problems. But  I'd rather suffer the economic consequences of deflation versus the cultural and racial destruction that mass immigration brings.

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"Then point out that all of the "progressive" ideology actually reduces corporate labour costs by increasing the amount of labour available"

Except one problem: Muslim immigrants\refugees can't do the jobs of Western workers. The don't speak the language, or have the education to do the jobs. Businesses are replacing workers with machines and automation, not no-skilled workers.

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It goes far deeper than that. Open borders is a Zionist initiative against the ethnic-European race globally (no other nations are being flooded with aliens except majority White nations). They captured the Catholic Church years ago and this Jesuit pope works for the Zionist Global Dictatorship (really for their masonic god, Lucifer). Its spiritual warfare.

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Disagree with you about whites;  I think stupid isn't the problem - it's what rule set are they being taught by their cultures compared to the tribe and/or the asians.

Imho Christian palefaces are taught nothing useful about money and power by their cultures and are thus at a serious disadvantage, but can/do learn. They also nominally adhere to the idea of a deity who ~looks like the old man on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel who operates a cosmic afterlife insurance agency.  Tribesmen and asians do not seem affected by this - and thus run with no assumed 'safety net'.


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not self destruction


the (((communists))) those having all the fake money are behind destruction of the West [of White folks that is].

Whites have been brainwashed for many decades about all are equal, race is only skin color, and so on

96% of western world's media is controlled by (((them))). also schools, textbooks, and comic books


it is a jooish genocide of the Godly White race

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