Trump-Supporting Veteran Violently Attacked By LA Mob

A viral video from Thursday night shows a violent mob attacking a Marine veteran who was wearing a Trump shirt near President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The video begins with an enraged man shouting at Los Angeles-based journalist Elijah Schaffer, who showed up with singer Joy Villa and the veteran, wearing pro-Trump attire. The man, shouting at Schaffer, repeats the phrase "I can say nigger if I want to," before Schaffer tells the man to "get out of my face." 

Then, a scuffle breaks out between an Asian man and an individual referred to as a Marine veteran, reports Infowars' Paul Joseph Watson. 

The anti-Trump agitator throws the first punch at the veteran and then the man involved in the first confrontation physically assaults the veteran and Schaffer.

Other anti-Trump agitators join in the fight before one of them launches a kick at a man filming the scenes on a large camera.

A group of teenagers then break out in a chant of “fuck Donald Trump” as Schaffer and the veteran, who ably defended themselves against the mob, leave the area. -Infowars

Schaffer tweeted "We stood our ground," however he says his $3,000 camera was stolen.

Villa weighed in over Twitter following the incident, tweeting "Our Marine Veteran was attacked. They stole Elijah’s $3000 camera. THIS is what @repmaxinewaters call to violence brought here in LA" 

As Watson notes, "This is just the latest in a series of violent attacks on Trump supporters," linking to a list of over 500 such attacks compiled by Breitbart's John Nolte (@NolteNC). 

Earlier in the week, Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was destroyed by a man with a pickaxe. 

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