Crime Rate In The U.K. Soars While 90% Of Recorded Crime Goes Uncharged

Authored by Jon Hall via Free Market Shooter blog,

Homicide and crime rates – including sexual assaults, and knife and gun attacks – continue to rise in the United Kingdom, with 90% of recorded offenses not ending in charges.

report published last week lays bare the shocking numbers – crimes resulting in charges sat at 11%, with the percentage falling two points in just a year to 9%; down from 15% in 2015.

Since March of this year and the 12 months before, only 443,000 crimes out of 4.6 million recorded resulted in charges.

Notably, the number of recorded crimes rose by 11% to 5.5 million offenses – the highest level in over a decade.

Earlier this year, the homicide rate in London overtook New York City – with knife attacks rising by more than 30%. Although crime rates are surging in the U.K.,officer numbers in London have hit a record low.

As it stands, fewer than 1 in 10 of recorded crimes result in a charge, doing little to abate fear that England is undergoing an epidemic of violent crime.

“High-harm” violent offenses involving weapons have soared – with knife, gun, and homicide rates rising rapidly.

Official figures reported by the Office for National Statistics detail that – even excluding incidents with multiple victims, such as the terror attacks in London or Manchester – homicides rose 12% from 74 to 701 in just the span of a year.

At the beginning of the year, after four young men were murdered in separate knife attacks in London during New Year’s Eve celebrations, mayor Sadiq Khan said:

I am doing everything I can to tackle this scourge in our communities. Keeping the country safe should be the Government’s priority too, and it is time ministers stopped shirking this responsibility…

Before being elected in 2016, Khan promised to “challenge gang culture and knife crime head on”. 

However, it comes as no surprise Khan attempted to place the blame elsewhere after making comments claiming that terrorism is “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

Through Khan’s utter refusal to look at the reality before him, the prognosis for the United Kingdom doesn’t look good.

Until politically-correct politicians can admit and recognize they created the crisis  they are experiencing first-hand, crime and homicide rates – and likely eventerrorist acts – will continue to trend upward in the U.K.



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Dude, you didn't read the article. London surpassed New York city in homicide rates and you want to blubber about school shootings? It's gotten so bad many crimes go uncharged, like it never even happened.

There is your "progressive" utopia, you should move there ;-)

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Tarzan nmewn Sun, 07/29/2018 - 08:12 Permalink

It appears this is a growing trend, to let the crazies fight it out.

Here in the States, Antifa can walk the streets in masks carrying bats, beating people for wearing the wrong colors, while the cops stand by watching the chaos.  Notice these pussies never show up in Florida, or Texas, I wonder why...

Last week, the temps at work went nuts with box cutters.  Two black women fighting over a man went at it, blood slinging everywhere, so bad entire pallets of materiel had to be re boxed, and the floors mopped up.  Yet, the cops came, broke everything up, and nobody was charged, I kid you not!

This is just a tiny sample of what's coming, man up America, shits gonna get real!

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Bokkenrijder Tarzan Sun, 07/29/2018 - 08:12 Permalink

"Dude, you didn't read the article. London surpassed New York city in homicide rates and you want to blubber about school shootings? "

Because I know that within seconds, the usual suspects (redneck Trumptards like you) will hijack the thread to order to promote their anti-gunlaw NRA bullshit.

Oh lookie lookie, guess what, here's what YOU already wrote below at 08:07: 

"Have no fear! Give up your guns and rely on the state to protect you!"

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nmewn Bokkenrijder Sun, 07/29/2018 - 08:16 Permalink

"Have no fear! Give up your guns and rely on the state to protect you!"

Well as the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So, I take it you are FOR the disarming the populations of every nation so that ONLY the state can provide the means of their security?

It's not enough that it is ALREADY a proven fact that people don't want a police state large enough to protect everyone, it is your fervent desire that it still be imposed on them by a police state?

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The nitty gritty problem with the fuckwits' "multiculturalism is nirvana" mantra?

The one that blows a hole in it so wide you can ride an elephant through?


Pluck (like Soros does) peoples from 3rd world shitholes, where the value of a life is next to zero, drop them into "civilization", and guess what? Said peoples, conditioned for many generations to think as such in human rights terms, don't miraculously start to behave like model "Englishmen". Especially when the inbred low-IQ shitholes you pluck them from aren't even former colonies.


It isn't fucking rocket science, you dumb cunts (although to be fair, Sadiq Khan isn't dumb, but assuredly a cunt)..

Hopefully, every one of you vermin will be held accountable when the shit hits the fan.

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The criminals became a privileged class in the Bolshevik days. Read up on the Gulag Archipelago if you want a glimpse:

They will remove good people one by one because they don’t realize that their resistance will save others. The death of a society because good people are afraid to kill to defend themselves and loved ones. RESIST and DESTROY VERMIN ASYMMETRICALLY

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Multiculturalism within a nation does not work and is a threat to any nation. A nation can only be monocultural but could be multiracial. The very first culture Western nations need to eliminate is the jewish culture of imposing multiculturalism on Western nations. For the jewish culture is essentially anti Western culture passed off to us as "liberalism".

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What kind of an utter retard are you? You are not only naturally stupid creature, but elementary ignorant too. A nation can only be of one race, imbecilus, as it is an assemble of similar tribes of the same race who also share same or similar culture, customs, values, etc. This is how dictionary defines nation: 

"A people who share common customs, origins, history, and frequently language; a nationality." 

Murica is not a nation, you retard. Just an assemble of radically different races, peoples, nations who are speaking English language. It might have looked like a nation before, being over 90% white european while forcing other european ethnicities to accept Anglo names and language, thus assimilating them, but it has never been a nation. You had a monolithic appearance on racial ground then, but no so now at... what is it, 62%, and mostly old, infertile and liberal, thus destined for disappearance. 

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Khan Bodin Scar Bro Sun, 07/29/2018 - 15:54 Permalink

And that British trash has never been a nation, it too is an assemble of nations: English, Welsh and Scottish who are culturally united through use of English language. But unlike you they haven't managed to assimilate those smaller 2 people, possibly because of history between them. I'd say history prevented assimilation of Scots and Welsh, whereas in Murican case, after extermination of native Red Americans, all european ethnicities were assimilated under Murican by sharing the same language and having anglo cultural names. You are elementary ignorant and senseless.


And when you speak of multiculturalism, do you really refer to culture or religion? You might be mistaking the two. Are those Muslims really Muslims, are they religious, do they follow muslim way of life, or are they atheists just like western liberals? Do you have a beef with them because they are fake, bogus, fictional muslims or because they are Semitic and Indian browns of different sub-race and inherently different in behavior, appearance, things they value, etc? In Murican example there are explicit racial problems, and so does look too in the case of Anglos from Brit islands. Don't be such a cowardly, slithering, filthy whitey. If owls, eagles, sparrows and other birds don't mix and mate, neither should you. You think you are above Nature and her laws, don't you, Anglo trash? Anglos do have that thinking and behavior: they like to say they are the rulers of Mother Nature, not their subjects; they are subjects of their queen and aristocratic capitalist overlords only. ehehehehe

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Sirius Wonderblast Khan Bodin Sun, 07/29/2018 - 20:05 Permalink

If you investigate the DNA of native Britons  ( by which explicitly I do not mean those of Asian, Afro-Caribbean or Middle-Eastern background including Jewish) then you will find that it is essentially that of the pre-Roman inhabitants which we would call Celtic, with some minority Germanic (Anglo-Saxon, Jute, Norse) and very minority Roman, Huguenot, Lombard. Essentially homogenous since year dot. Don't kid yourself about Welsh, Scottish - those were distinctions between factions of princes and nobility, nothing to do with the common people who were pretty much all the same.

You are prejudiced. Try not to be - if sites like ZH have a serious purpose it is to free up your thinking not to close it down.

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Khan Bodin Sirius Wonderblast Mon, 07/30/2018 - 07:28 Permalink

Minority Roman? There were a few Romans commanding exactly 5 legions in Britain. Soldiers were no Romans, they were from all over empire, so if you claim to be descendants of those soldiers, you would not be of Roman origin. But you cannot expect western parasite to understand something simple like that.

And minority Lombard from here (link below)?

Fantasizing again. But that's what parasitical Celto-Germanic westerners do: they fantasize, steal and defraud, and later accuse others who notice their disgusting behavior of hating them (as others should love them by default being such a good people).

Aren't the English founded by Angles and Saxons who defeated Celtic Britons and assimilated them, hmm? Later on Jutes and Frisians joined. Angles and Saxons have managed to defeat Celtic Britons and impose their culture, ways and language on them, thus assimilating them, but failed to repeat their Celtic Britons colonization feat on the Picts (Scotts) and Welshmen, although both have been culturally destroyed and colonized through abandoning their native culture and language (possibly Welsh still speak their native Cymraeg along with the English, I don't know if they do) and accepting English one. 

I am not well acquainted with your English history, and I don't care for it to be so, but my god you are such degenerate people. 

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lincolnsteffens Whoa Dammit Sun, 07/29/2018 - 09:48 Permalink

And when the British Sovereign was defeated in the States who then replaced the Sovereign? It was the People of those former colonies. The People became the Sovereign not the government servants of the Sovereign.

The sovereign People of the States employ their servants to protect them but also have the right of the Sovereign to protect themselves.

British Subjects do not have Sovereign rights.

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Tarzan, Democrats just want Amerika to be moar 'culturally enriched' with illegals instead of hard working American citizens:

A 46-year-old man suspected of cutting his ankle monitor and going on a weeklong crime spree in the Houston area has been charged with two counts of murder and is expected to get an additional murder charge on Wednesday, the authorities said.

The man, Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, was caught on Tuesday after a car chase with deputies....

They have linked him to three killings, a home invasion, robberies and an assault of a city bus driver between July 9 and July 16. In some of the cases, the authorities said, he drove away in the cars of his victims.…

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