India To Purchase US Missile Shield For National Capital Region

To safeguard major cities across India, the government is in discussion with Washington to procure the next-generation air defense system to protect the National Capital Region (NCR) from Chinese or Pakistani aerial threats.

The process for procuring the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II), a distributed and networked medium to long-range air-defense system, is currently underway, which includes new missile shields to replace outdated systems.

Indian sources say the defense acquisitions council (DAC), chaired by defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman, has approved the “acceptance of necessity (AoN) for the acquisition of the NASAMS-II worth around $1 billion.”

Sources told The Times of India that the Delhi Area Air Defence Plan, which includes Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament, North, and South Blocks, could soon deploy these new multi-tiered air defense networks to adequately secure its airspace from incoming fighter aircraft, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The NASAMS-II, armed with the three-dimensional Sentinel radars, short and medium-range rockets, multiple ground launchers, fire-distribution centers, and command and control units to rapidly detect, track and shoot down multiple airborne threats, is the same air defense system embedded in Washington, D.C, NATO countries, and Israeli cities.

India’s move to quickly acquire NASAMS-II comes as the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is nearing completion of developing its two-tier ballistic missile defense (BMD) shield, which is designed to intercept nuclear missiles over the country.

“Once the Phase-I of the BMD system is operational, it will be deployed to protect cities like Delhi and Mumbai from long-range missiles with a 2,000-km strike range. The NASAMS, in turn, is geared towards intercepting cruise missiles, aircraft and drones,” said a source.

The Times of India notes that the government has kept a $2 billion procurement of two dozen Sikorsky MH-60 Black Hawk helicopters on pending status till the “two-plus-two” dialogue between New Delhi and Washington on September 06.

Before granting AoN on the MH-60 Black Hawks, India wants to “assess the US response” on different subjects, including its sanctions regime under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) that attempts to block India from purchasing Russian armaments or Iranian energy.

“The AoN for the helicopters, which are used to detect, track and hunt enemy submarines, has been deferred till September. Earlier also, it was not fielded in the DAC after US abruptly cancelled the two-plus-two dialogue (between Sitharaman and foreign minister Sushma Swaraj with their American counterparts, Jim Mattis and Mike Pompeo) slated for July,” said a source. Indian sources later explained to The Times of India that it was due to US’s upcoming engagement with North Korea.

The Times of India said Washington is moving towards granting a waiver to India from CAATSA, which means certain trade restrictions pertaining to Russia and Iran could be lifted.

India is nearing the final stages in acquiring the Russian S-400 Triumf missile system despite strong criticism from Washington, which could be the trade-off Washington needs to solidify the NASAMS-II transfer. Since 2007, Washington has sold $15 billion in military weapons to India.

As part of efforts to strengthen the country’s aerial security, India is in the process of deploying missile shields over critical cities across the country as the probability of conflict between China and Pakistan increases.


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It's about goddamn time!

The threat to India from China and Pakistan makes this an absolute necessity.

They can probably use a few MRAPs too.

We should toss those in at 25% off retail, paid for in Bitcoin, of course.

ted41776 07564111 Wed, 08/01/2018 - 01:16 Permalink

i'm sure china will have no problem with us installing a bunch of "defensive" missiles on it's border with india. there could be some unintended consequences if china decides to move them from the east and point them at the west instead. unless, of course, that is the plan all along

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Must you bring that up? That is embarrassing.

The main point is that India spends money in the US to keep the weapons industry alive, Egypt does it, Australia does it, Ukraine does it, Poland does it, Israel does it.

Money, money, money ........

India likes to see themselves as an important country so they must be aligned with the US and buying killing tools from them is the best way to please the US. What attraction there would be in India for the Chinese, I don't know. 

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You fail to see the sarcasm in my comment you douchebag.  You believing I'm trying to "control the narrative" shows what an unsophisticated midget mind you truly are.

If you spent a second to review my post history, you...yes even you, might realize that I'm no troll and my comic genius is only rivaled by that of Looney, who I refer to as my brother from another mother.

Perhaps I'll employ the old '/s' at the end of these sorts of posts to assist the mentally know, people like yourself.

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philipat MANvsMACHINE Wed, 08/01/2018 - 10:01 Permalink

So make yourself clear. India has every reason to fear Pakistan (A Nuclear State) and China (Another Nuclear State) over disputes with borders on both. And if India proceeds to buy far better Russian weapons at a fraction of the price, that makes sense.

Sarcasm only works when it is obvious. If you were being sarcastic, it wasn't at all obvious. And I am not American but from the home of sarcasm!

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Hey - all the software for these systems comes from Bangalore graduates! Let's see if they did a better job than all the crap software from there that my programmers fix on a daily basis! (actually we don't "fix" it, we toss it overboard and re-design from the ground up - so that it actually works)

Skateboarder Utopia Planitia Wed, 08/01/2018 - 02:00 Permalink

Any time you inherit shit software, you tell the head honcho, "look boss, this shit is fvkkked uppp! If we're gonna band-aid it, it's gonna be a bitch and a half and you will have maintainability problems up the ass in the future just like you did before. Or... we can rewrite the damn thing to be sane from the ground up, and we will have some meager fun doing it and will end up owning the product forreals instead of something we barely understand."

The bossman says, "band-aid that shit!"

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Hi skateboarder,

Yes the old days when people said:

   you will never get fired buying IBM

   If it aint broke don't fix it (that one was 10 million lines of COBOL)

   HP will be bigger than IBM in 10 years (and were for a while)


and from Holland - We've had the hardware and we've had the software now give us the underwear.

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EXCUSE ME---" As part of efforts to strengthen the country’s aerial security, India is in the process of deploying missile shields over critical cities across the country as the probability of conflict between China and Pakistan increases. "



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This reminds me of the story about the US upgrading the B61 Nuclear Free Fall bombs.

If India can't find something better to spend money on than this boondoggle, they lack imagination or their Military is out of control. It's not whether the system will work, its should they invest in something with a more immediate payback period?

Ghost who Walks Conscious Reviver Wed, 08/01/2018 - 08:26 Permalink

A nice link and review CR.

I will make my logic clear. Its the race between Armour and Guns....thicker Armour then bigger increasing iterations. So the Indians install this missile system, and lets assume it works as advertised. The opposition then adjusts their attack missiles with counter-measures. So the Indians then need to upgrade their system software and maybe hardware. This provides a nice income stream to the supplier. You can never be sure that that the opposition hasn't developed tactics or hardware that neutralises your defence. In which case the expenditure may have been for no desired result.

The expenditure is better spent on something else that improves the quality of life of the broad population or improves productivity.

Within Australia there are a series of coastal forts with big cannons that were installed in the event of an invasion by the Czar's fleet. In hindsight this waste a waste of resources and the money could have made a difference if spent on a key improvement.

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Extreme measures are sometime called for.

The street shitters must be stopped.

Sanitation is important, and an ancient invention.

The Cannibalistic San Franciscans should take a lesson right here.

They will not because they are insane.

It has always been so.

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I wonder how many H1B visas they will get for that.  So many Indians around Atlanta now our movie theaters show a lot of Bollywood movies.

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BRICS country to buy american crap. LOL, soon BRICS will change nae as it will include Turkey, Iran, possibly Pakistan and Indonesia as well as more Asian countries.

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Looks like the author moved to the dark side, he's been running propaganda after propaganda , day after day and the only explanation is the CIA is paying big donations.