MH370 Mystery Remains Unsolved Even As Probe Finds Controls "Manipulated"

A comprehensive final report made public by investigators on Monday has stirred fresh controversy as Malaysian authorities say they "cannot determine with any certainty" why Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014.

However one key irregular finding in the 495-page report is that the Boeing 777’s controls were most likely deliberately manipulated to take the plane off course, perhaps putting to rest theories of remote hijacking, which investigators behind the report also considered, noting only that "unlawful third party interference" could have possibly come into play related to the pilots' decision to turn back.  

Kok Soo Chon, head of the MH370 safety investigation team, told reporters"We cannot exclude that there was an unlawful interference by a third party," in reference to the decision to divert the aircraft from the intended destination. 

MH370 safety investigation reports made public at a media briefing at the Ministry of Transport headquarters in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Image source: EPA photo via Daily Sabah

Data compiled by civilian and military radars analyzed in the report shows that the plane turned back in a complete U-turn after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, which investigator's say must have been done by manual control, and further that Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control (KLATC) "did not comply with established procedures."

Among multiple lapses noted, the KLATC failed to communicate to Vietnamese air traffic controllers that they were handing over communications with the aircraft to Ho Chi Minh, and further ignored the plane's progress after transfer. 

The disappearance of flight MH370 remains among the world's greatest aviation mysteries, and Monday's announcement has reportedly left family members "disappointed" according to multiple media statements. The airline was carrying 239 people, mostly Chinese passengers, before vanishing without a radar trace or any observable signal. 

The jet turned thousands of miles off course from its scheduled route before it's believed to have crashed somewhere in the vast southern Indian Ocean. 

Perhaps the foremost mystery and element of speculation remains the final communication from the plane. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah signed off with "Good night, Malaysian three seven zero" upon the plane's exiting Malaysian airspace and soon before it turned off course. 

The Malaysian pilots' background have long been under intense scrutiny, but Monday's final report presented noth

Chief investigator Chon said of the pilots' background and mental health, which the report spends considerable pages examining, "We are not of the opinion it could have been an event committed by the pilots." The report also summarized an extensive investigation into the health and potential criminal history of each of the passengers, but turned up nothing unusual. 

Yet speaking at the press conference Chon still added that the findings weren't comprehensive enough to rule anything out, as the systems in the plane were manually turned off, and as the team was able to confirm the manual u-turn. 

Via The Daily Mail

The team reportedly looked deeply into every theory that's surfaced over the years, and even cited speculation on social media, including the bizarre conspiracy theories like Russian intelligence interference and alien abduction: "We had over 60 allegations...we removed them one-by-one and saw what remained behind," Kok said.

A number of massive, costly operations have been conducted in the Indian Ocean to locate the wreckage — the most recent concluded in late May after three months which involved the US firm Ocean Infinity scanning an area of 112,000 sq km and netted nothing significant. China, Australia, and Malaysia had previously conducted a $200 million fruitless search last year which covered 120,000 sq km.

The main evidence showing the aircraft at some point plunged into the Indian Ocean includes the 3 confirmed wing fragments that have washed up along the Indian Ocean coast. In all, 27 pieces of debris fragments have been collected but only 3 could be scientifically matched to MH370. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang suggested a continued, open investigation: "We hope that all sides can continue to remain in close contact and coordination, to properly carry out relevant follow-up work," he told a press briefing. 


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"... we therefore conclude that every single eyewitness who claims otherwise is a) lying b) a hopeless alcoholic and c) quite possibly an inbred commie spy. the case is closed: they're just weather balloons. or Venus. or swamp gas."

doesn't matter who writes it, the official story is always a pack of lies

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All the investigation you need is at your fingertips.

1) That plane made a beeline for Diego Garcia and had just enough fuel to get there.

2) Mentions of Diego Garcia are consistently eliminated from all intel-controlled Western media, even to the point of deleting it from maps, as in the map attached to this very article - not the first time I've seen that particular map omission.

I will presume it went to Diego Garcia until and unless I see convincing, conclusive evidence otherwise.

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The lesson here is that every nation should build its own aircraft. They would have more control over the technology ...and the remote control. 9/11 demonstration should have been that wake-up call.

Same applies to missiles/weapons.

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The lesson in all vehicles applies. Were I to buy a newer vehicle, I would understand how it works, or hire someone who does. Disconnect all features not essential. Hard wire as much as possible. I know lots of guys who rip out most of the electronic gizmos, and tune it back to the original design. My old car could start by the key, but it had a push button from radio shack under the dash that went there as well. I only used the key when passengers were in the car. Made for a quick exit in sketchy times. Looking at a failed (?) on the instrument panel of a plane could be a false reading as well. What are the most important things a pilot would need the plane to do in case of emergency?

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The 'last known direction' according to who?

The Malaysian authorities?   lol

I subscribe to the DG theory.

Malaysia and other countries in the region that might have tracked the plane were told (by the US) to STFU or else.




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All kinds of people spotted the low flying plane over the Maldives.

The Maldives is on the way to Diego Garcia from the planes last known location. 

Re. The plane's last known location, west of the Kra Peninsula, heading west. How did the "investigators" that the plane wound up due south, thousands of miles away off of Australia? Continuing the on the last known course would take it to Diego Garcia. 

Also,  look up BUAP, Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilot.  It was installed on MH370. 

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Interesting theory (Peter Myers, Australia) says MH370 plane flew first to Maldives, landed, then on to Deigo Garcia.   His theory accounts for Maldives witnesses' observation hour discrepancy.

Another theory is that MH370 became what later crashed as MH17 in Ukraine; bodies at crash site seemed to have been preserved in formaldehyde and showed little if any blood according to witness who arrived 20 minutes after supposed crash.

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im saying Diego Garcia on this one.  

You gnus are forgetting the most relevant information to date (see link below)

the best theory i heard was that Rothschild owned free scale semiconductor had to kill some of its employees that held joint rights to a patent for an integrated circuit that they wanted.…



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Nope. If you study the routing of MH370 after it left KL, it headed roughly NNE towards Vietnam. It then did almost a 180 degree turn and headed approx SW towards Diego Garcia.

The map above confirms that as do similar maps in past articles.
The final report also states it headed SW after turning.

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@ Sanity

Spot on 100%. 

Supposedly, Boeing wreckage was located near Reunion Island (other side of Diego Garcia) with explosive residue on the OUTSIDE of the fuselage. What could possibly explode on the 'outside' of a plane?   Could have been 'someone' shot at it by 'mistake' and then gave 'everyone' else a 'bum steer' on the 'last known' coordinates so that 'no one' would suspect it had been shot down 'by mistake.' 

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Check out the photos of the bodies of flight 17 that crashed over Ukraine. Some think those bodies had been dead a while and preserved and that 17 had been stuffed with the corpses of the 370 passengers before take off.  Sounds kind of insane unless you know how extraordinarily fucked up some people in this world are.

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Data compiled by civilian and military radars analyzed in the report shows that the plane turned back in a complete U-turn after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, which investigator's say must have been done by manual control, and further that Kuala Lumpur Air Traffic Control (KLATC) "did not comply with established procedures."


I have no idea what happened to this flight. That said, I am always suspicious when an 'authority' is reduced to saying something must have been done.

This type of language and leap of logic peppered the patently false and ridiculous executive summaries of the final reports for the World Trade Towers as well as the WTC building 7.

You can't find what you ain't looking for. Period.

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Israel is a suspect.


Edit: A shoot down and a ‘missing’ jetliner, first ever, both Malaysian, a short while after Malaysia’s human rights court refers Israel to the ICC -  but they arent even a suspect because Israel would never do anything barbaric and underhanded?  

Israel conceivably may have hoped to use it in a false flag perhaps to blame Iran.  But Mossad fucks up too.

They even tried to blame Iran for a while, which had zero motive and that got some media play but was too silly to thrive. 

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Ask Dov Zakheim


In August of 2001, this technology was further demonstrated by Raytheon, which successfully took off and landed a Boeing 727 six times at Holloman AFB in New Mexico without a pilot on board. Raytheon also developed a sensor suite for the Air Force’s Global Hawk drones and Raytheon Network Centric Systems has recently won multiple contracts to help develop advanced communications systems for the E-4B, the US government’s so-called doomsday plane that was spotted above the White House shortly before the strike on the Pentagon and which has since been confirmed was one of four functioning Doomsday Planes operating in the skies on that day.


Curiously, on 9/11 itself Raytheon employees with ties to the company’s electronic warfare division, including a man described as the company’s “dean of electronic warfare” and multiple senior engineers for electronic systems, were among the listed passengers on each of the three planes that hit their targets that day. Raytheon also had an office in WTC2 on the 91st floor, and despite the fact that there were only four survivorsfrom the Twin Towers who were above the impact zone at the time of the plane hits, no Raytheon employees died in the office that day.


Another curious connection presents itself in Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the Bush Pentagon and, until taking over his Pentagon role in 2001, CEO of SPC International, a subsidiary of Sytstem Planning Corporation, which provides a so-called “Flight Termination System” for the US military that the company boasts provides “a fully redundant turnkey range safety and test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles.” As comptroller of the Pentagon, Zakheim was responsible for the trillions of dollars that could not be accounted for in the Pentagon’s books at the time of 9/11 and which prompted Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to declare a “war on bureaucracy” on September 10, 2001.


Flight 77 was supposedly piloted by Hani Hanjour, a flight school dropout who could not handle a Cessna 172, but somehow managed to steer a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn at 500 mph to come exactly level with the ground. Neither experienced pilots nor aviation officials could believe that such a move could be pulled off with such precision at such high speeds by any but the most experienced pilot. Watching the flight on her radar screen, Dulles International Airport air traffic controller Danielle O’Brien later remarked: “The speed, the maneuverability, the way that he turned, we all thought in the radar room, all of us experienced air traffic controllers, that that was a military plane.”


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Fuck you and die.



Whatever happened on 9/11, it is not what the US government and (((MSM))) have maintained.  A mere few hours of honest research should convince anyone of at least average intelligence of that.


This is true irrespective of how all 3 buildings came down, a ‘how’ question argued over mainly by the unqualified and the obdurately biased that has served to derail the inquiry into ‘who and why.’

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No, fuck YOU.

Here's some highlights of what I've posted to these idiotic "911 Truthers" on this site in the past.

911 was NOT a false flag OR a hoax. Rather, it was a retaliatory strike by Islam against the "Crusaders," ie. the US military headquarters and the New York financial interests that support US foreign interventionism in Muslim lands. Bin Laden had threatened something like this for years; and they pulled it off on 911.

I'm usually one of several commenters on the thread trying to talk sense into these idiot 9/11 "Truthers" and Apollo Moon Landing deniers, whose judgment has been completely compromised by Alex Jones nuttery.

Notice how they employ the "gallop" logical fallacy when defending their controlled demolition/false flag theory? It's never just one reason for why it's "clear" that the whole thing was an inside job, it's like 20 reasons. Or 100. The gallop fallacy is used by one debating from a weak position, and involves throwing a series of individually weak arguments at an opponent in an attempt to give the false impression that he has an overwhelming amount of evidence to support his thesis. If not recognized, the opponent can find himself bogged down in rebutting all these trivial and weak arguments, losing the big picture, losing the audience's attention, or running himself out of time. The best response is to ignore the "gallop" points and stick to his own points.

But, for the sake of addressing some of the most commonly repeated, if thoroughly rebutted, arguments for the 9/11 conspiracy, here goes:

On molten steel:

The steel didn't melt due to heating from jet fuel following impact of the airliners into WTC 1 and 2. That's absurd. Nobody is claiming that it did. When you study metallurgy, you learn that you don't have to heat steel past its eutectic (that's the melting point) to weaken it to stress failure. (Hell, you can learn this going to a craft fair and watching an old-school blacksmith forge knives!) If there HAD BEEN molten steel at the site of the WTC rubble, it wouldn't still be molten days (or weeks) later. What some point to as evidence of smooth cut lines in I-beams, that could "only have come from thermite" is actually evidence of post-collapse cutting by the rubble-removal and rescue crews using acetylene torches to aid in rubble removal.

And the reason we typically don't see fires taking down skyscrapers is because of their construction. However, WTC 1& 2 were uniquely built, without central support columns. Like Meade's front lines at Gettysburg, the buildings were weak in the center. The mass of the aircraft sliced through the central elevator columns, cutting the elevators and counterweights' cables, which then allowed both to drop all the way to the lobby, blowing out the walls surrounding the elevator columns, and spilling burning jet fuel all over the floor, furniture, and people standing nearby. This was witnessed by scores of people, whose testimony is part of the record.

Due to this unique construction plan, once the cascade of falling floors began, the only place the buildings COULD POSSIBLY collapse was into their own footprints. Airplanes flying into them absolutely could, and did, cause this to happen. Not controlled demolition.

On WTC7:

WTC7 was heavily damaged by the fall of the North Tower. This damage was mostly on the South side, the opposite of that from which most pictures were taken. A fire burned for hours inside the building, weakening its central columns. When those collapsed, it caused an inward tumbling effect, pulling down the outer extremities of the building. Look at the WTC7 video footage and you'll see the collapse began in the center of the building, quickly cascading to the outer edges. This is the opposite of what one would expect in a controlled demolition. Also, there was no evidence of rigging for controlled demo., eg. blasting cord debris in the rubble.

On the Pentagon hit:

When you work aviation mishaps, the first thing you learn is that at the moment of impact, an airliner (or any other large aircraft) stops flying as a single solid body, and becomes a disconnected jumble and mash of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood, wiring, seat cushions, blankets, carpeting, overhead bin plastic, luggage, jet fuel, and, yes, human flesh and bone; all of which behaves more like a fluid, flowing in the general direction the aircraft used to be flying. It is entirely consistent with every other aviation mishap to observe that the front of the aircraft poked a hole in the Pentagon, and all the other jumble and mash of "stuff" funneled into that hole. One should not expect to see a perfectly-shaped aircraft silhouette on the side of the Pentagon where the plane hit - like in a Loony Tunes cartoon, which is where these 9-11 Truthers belong.

So no, the aircraft did not "vaporize." But it's close to the truth to say it "liquidized." And the engines were all accounted for - including the APU, which is the one “Truthers” mistake for an engine of a cruise missile.

On "evidence" of explosions from a controlled demolition:

I work at a sand mine, where we do controlled demolitions every day. Prepping a wall face for a demolition takes the better part of a day. And that's just a mostly-flat 50 foot by 40 foot wall face. Prepping a fucking skyscraper for a demo is exponentially more difficult/time consuming. The suggestion that WTC 1, 2, or 7, were prepped for demolition during the weeks/months leading up to 9/11, which would have involved hard-hat wearing industrial crews working around the clock, drilling holes in support columns, hauling/pumping in thousands of pounds of explosives, and wiring the miles of det cord required for such a job, and NOT BEING OBSERVED BY ANYONE WORKING IN THE BUILDING is absolutely preposterous. The absence of any blasting cord residue at Ground Zero after the collapses is another observation the "inside-jobbers" carelessly ignore. Blasting cord is bright orange or yellow, and pieces of it are very conspicuous in rubble after a blast.

On Cheney shutting down NORAD:

What a ridiculous bunch of uninformed nonsense this canard is. NORAD was set up to look OUTWARD from the coasts through the ADIZ and beyond at threats COMING IN from OUTCONUS. This military asset was never designed to look INWARD to aircraft taking off and landing INCONUS. By the way, we already have the world's greatest ATC network; and they tracked each of the four hijacked aircraft for the duration of their (short) flights. 

I know the conspiracy theories sound sexy. But there was no controlled demolition. Not a false flag. Aircraft piloted by Muslim hijackers really did take the buildings down. It was a clever plot, which worked only due to the unique design of WTC1 & 2. The event is just the latest example of Muslims doing what Muslims do to the ones they call, "infidels."

The more these 911 "Truthers" continue parroting the delusional nonsense about it being a false flag or an inside job, the more difficult it is for otherwise reasonable people to focus on the real enemy of Western Civilization: Islam.

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What was his former government job....I wonder. But they do tend to pick the lowest IQ's who don't question authority to hire.

"Look at the WTC7 video footage and you'll see the collapse began in the center of the building, quickly cascading to the outer edges. "
I have been looking at the BBC footage reporting precisely WTC7 collapse before it happened. Is that the one??

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My "former government job" was that of a Navy pilot. I edited that bit out a moment after writing it, as it sounded like I was using an irrational argument from authority, and it wasn't really relevant anyway.

Low IQ people don't make it through pilot training.

The BBC did not report WTC7's collapse before it happened. You're experiencing cognitive dissonance. Extract yourself from the "911 Truther" echo-chamber and you may have a chance at recovering a sane view of events that day.

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This guy gets his facts straight from Pee Wee Herman. He obviously has never seen a photo of the massive steel used in the center supports. Talking to this guy about 9/11 is like teaching a pig to sing. A total waste of time. Look what he writes:

"And the reason we typically don't see fires taking down skyscrapers is because of their construction. However, WTC 1& 2 were uniquely built, without central support columns. Like Meade's front lines at Gettysburg, the buildings were weak in the center. "

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