"Better Bring Our Own Guns" - Portland Antifa Plotting "Direct Confrontation" At Pro-Trump Rally"

A violent Antifa cell based in Portland, Oregon is planning a "direct confrontation" with participants in a pro-Trump rally next Saturday, according to a call to action on the leftist website "It's Going Down."

Rose City Antifa has continued their great work of doxxing the Portland area Proud Boys involved in this violence, and is also calling for militant antifascist resistance against Patriot Prayer,” reads the posting first reported by Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit

The Rose City Antifa group notably clashed with members of Patriot Prayer and the pro-Trump "Proud Boys" in early June, which resulted in a viral video of a member of Antifa being knocked out during a melee started by the violent "resistance" group. 

A spokesperson for Rose City Antifa told It's Going Down said that the group plans to "show that the community will not allow violent nationalist opportunists to threaten our city and target our people. We will overwhelm them both by force of numbers and commitment to defending our community. Whatever it takes."

As Fairbanks notes, the call to action urges members to engage in "direct confrontation" to "eliminate" the conservative groups' ability to hold rallies. 

“Without direct confrontation, PP and other white nationalist groups will feel entitled to threaten people where ever and whenever they like. First they target Anti-Fascists and Anti-ICE activists, then they target Pride, marginalized community spaces, minorities, and migrants. They believe ‘might makes right’ and unless the community steps in to stop them, there is no telling who they will attack next for political gain,” the call to action continues. 

"Better bring our own guns too"

Journalist Tim Pool noted a Reddit discussion in the "Anarchism" subreddit in which Antifa members discuss arming themselves ahead of the event. 

"Only thing I'm worried about is some nut with a gun and a bunch of bullets," says one user, to which another replied "Better bring our own guns too just to be safe."

During the June "Battle of Portland," police recovered knives and other weapons, as well as bear mace.  

Last April, 21 people were arrested after violence broke out between Trump supporters and members of Antifa in downtown Berkeley - leading to several injuries and the recovery of weapons from Antifa which included knives and spiked poles.

Let's hope we don't see more of the same this Saturday in Portland - especially gunshot victims.


J S Bach Dr. Acula Mon, 07/30/2018 - 19:27 Permalink

Again, I must compare today's situation to the streets of Berlin in the 1920s.  It wasn't until the National Socialists began crushing a few commie skulls and sending a few to the morgue that the Left rethought their belligerent methods.  The same will happen here.  The difference is that in Weimar Germany, there was still a substantial amount of support for the "right wing radicals" who vowed revenge against the traitors who sold out their country during and after the First World War.  Even a few Judges were lenient toward them.  This does not apply to our present malaise.  The courts and law enforcement are completely in the control of the (((string pullers))) and their insane liberal agenda.  It's hard to predict exactly what will happen when the Right begins to retaliate in kind against the cowardly pinko instigators.

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glenlloyd Manthong Tue, 07/31/2018 - 00:21 Permalink

Well their leader Maxine Waters was calling for exactly this same thing not all that long ago.

I think these antifa people don't realize what they're calling for here if they are really telling members to bring their guns.

This will turn into a shit show for a lot of people, and it won't be the level headed ones that will be hauled away by the police.

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Tarzan Bubba Rum Das Tue, 07/31/2018 - 06:33 Permalink

They don't know what their getting themselves into, but their handlers do, as they lead their mob to slaughter.  Their public call for arms is a dog whistle, deliberately poking the bear, purposefully egging on both sides to show up with arms.

Funny how the right is accused of being a hateful intolerant lot, while the left gets more violent by the day.  My advise is to starve the beast, don't show up, wait until you see the whites of their eyes, in your neighborhood. 

There's a reason they only show up in bastions of leftists.  But they may have picked the wrong leftist town this time...

Open carry is legal in Oregon even without an Oregon Concealed Handgun License. Check your local regulations because they are allowed to regulate local firearms in public. Public buildings are also off-limits to open carry unless you have a license. The minimum age to open carry in Oregon is 18 years of age.

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HopefulCynical Tarzan Tue, 07/31/2018 - 08:10 Permalink

Funny how the right is accused of being a hateful intolerant lot, while the left gets more violent by the day.

  • Being parasites and psychopaths, they have no valid arguments; all they have is violence.
  • The accuse us of that which they themselves do.
  • They scream in pain while striking us.

Why Communism Kills: https://www.schwarzreport.org/resources/essays/why-communism-kills

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Meat Hammer HopefulCynical Tue, 07/31/2018 - 08:31 Permalink

Antifa is doing this in an attempt to get their enemies riled up so that they will bring their guns. 

Picture this... Agent provocateur fires a shot in the air and right wingers shoot back, killing dozens of these fuckers. The Left paints the Proud Boys and other patriots who participated in the “massacre” as violent psychos and then paints all Trump supporters with the same brush. More and more Trump supporters are then attacked, and the cycle continues until CW2 begins.

Sound about right?

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Meat Hammer Free This Tue, 07/31/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

Agreed. I don’t get the point of these Trump rallies. The Left is imploding; they are being beaten in the realm of ideas, witnessing devastating anti-Democrat-Party movements such as #walkaway, and getting killed at the ballot box. Stay out of their way, pop some popcorn, and remain entertained as they continue to destroy themselves.

August 4th is a set-up. I hope the Trumpers stay home.

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HopefulCynical Meat Hammer Tue, 07/31/2018 - 09:56 Permalink

I don’t get the point of these Trump rallies.

Just like C'ville, they're being organized by controlled-opposition plants. (Whether those plants glow in the dark or not is irrelevant.)

You are correct; nothing good comes from these public anti-leftist demonstrations; the media controls the narrative the normies get. The GOPe is trying to lose control of both houses, so the Dems can impeach and remove Trump. The only time we need to turn out is on Election Day, to vote for every (R) on the ballot, even the shitty ones, so that DC is struck with Trump for at least two more years.

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WorkingPoor Algo Rhythm Tue, 07/31/2018 - 10:33 Permalink

The sentiment is understandable, if not unfortunately seasoned with TIMING...lit too soon, and the enemy sees it and can prepare countermeasures. Too late, and one  cannot do all the best one may in the fight.

Understand, antifa and its ilk are not hamstrung by ethic or even self-dignity. I feel sure that they will, as in the TWILIGHT ZONE "He's Alive!", shoot their own, if they can do so without detection, to provide martyrs to their Cause.

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IvannaHumpalot ZENDOG Mon, 07/30/2018 - 22:23 Permalink

silly strategy.


Smart thinkers would say: if you need to shoot, always shoot to wound. Shoot the knee-cap off or the hand eg.


That creates a cripple who is a burden on his immediate social network chewing up their resources, weakening them. Eventually he is seen as the author of his own misery having voluntarily fronted up to a demo.


If you shoot to kill you create a martyr, whose family and friends are galvanised to fight and rally politically against you. You create sympathy for the victims and hatred for your side who are correctly pegged as violent killers.


Stupid advice you have given.


And you know the best advice? In the current political climate, the smartest of all advice is : if you have to shoot, shoot with your CAMERA


it's way more damaging to shame the opposition publicly than it is to cause a physical injury or death to one of them.


You need to defeat them in the marketplace of ideas, and shooting with a camera is the way to do that, capturing their dumb unattractiveness to dissuade others.

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IvannaHumpalot A wind is rising Tue, 07/31/2018 - 00:50 Permalink

are you thick? a thick wind is rising LOL


you're the one that doesn't get it. If Antifa did unleash lethal force then they would be the ones to lose - especially if the patriots are peaceful and offer no resistance.


The first one caught on camera committing violence LOSES. They're the  ones who get the bad press and get designated as domestic terrorists then hassled by cops and spies forever.


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HopefulCynical IvannaHumpalot Tue, 07/31/2018 - 08:24 Permalink

"Marketplace of ideas?" Are you on crack? The (((MEDIA))) is that marketplace for the very normies you want to reach. Do you think for a second they will portray these Antifa shitbags as anything other than courageous freedom fighters, bravely facing down LITERALLY HITLER?

We need to hang Soros by his nutsack in front of the Washington Monument - or perhaps FROM it. But that's down the road a ways. Unfortunately, the aggressor sets the rules and in this case, it's the fucking commie shitbags. They always force violent conflicts, because violence is quite literally the only thing they have. Reality is completely against their parasite ideology and while the useful idiots are totally clueless, the leadership most definitely is not.

The only thing I'll grant you is that Soros wants a bunch of Antifa to get killed; he thinks it gets him the martial law he craves. All it will actually get him is roving gangs of Antifa-hunting vigilantes, who will consider any LEO or military who tries to stop them as communist sympathizers.

This inevitably ends with dead globalists, but being consumed with psychopathic power lust, they will never see this...until the nooses are around their necks. For the record, it really pisses me off, because the level of murder and mayhem that's coming is totally needless. They have no hope of winning. At all. Humanity has always thrown off such attempts, and this time will be no different.

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Free This IvannaHumpalot Mon, 07/30/2018 - 22:54 Permalink

You are missing one point, what you say works in a conventional war fought by brothers in arms, these fags could care less about each other, and would let them bleed out while running away.

What marketplace? youtube? there are tons of videos and still nothing gets done about these communists.

If they rise up, plunk 'em in the forehead and they fag friends will think twice about any uprising in the future!

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IvannaHumpalot Free This Tue, 07/31/2018 - 00:53 Permalink

On the contrary, Free This -- what i said works doubly in the domestic realm where public opinion matters a shit lot more


you are correct those Antifa "brothers in arms" do not care one fig for each other. That is extra reason why it works. when they are doxxed and shamed non-violently, the people who care about them - the only ones - their families and colleagues and friends -- put social pressure on them


they risk ostracism. They will do ANYTHING to avoid that, which is why they wear masks in the first place. SO doxx them - don't freaking kill them!!

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the artist IvannaHumpalot Tue, 07/31/2018 - 01:58 Permalink

First, if you feel like you need to bring a gun to a rally like this, stay home. This is not the time or venue to lose your liberty. 

Having said that, if you find yourself confronted with violence and cannot or will not retreat...

If you need to shoot, shoot to kill. Aim for the center of mass and keep firing. The advise this dude is giving is plain bad advise, period. 

This advise is the same while using fists or any other type of weapon. Go for maximum damage then get out. 

Obviously I hope nobody is faced with this situation but if you are, disregard everything the dude above has to say and remember the one rule. 

You may miss and or just wound in the process but if you are aiming for a hand (just the thought of doing this feels stupid) you will probably miss altogether as it is a smaller target and moves quickly compared to the center of mass. 

What you are saying about filming is true but takes a distant back seat to defending yourself. That is a macro strategy and has no bearing on the calculation to defend yourself. If you are dead or hurt you lose. 

Other advice for anyone going into a melee like this is to wear some identifying clothing but only to you and your buddies. never get more than arms reach away from each other. Cover each others flanks. Have a set of verbal signals planned out for "incoming", "retreat", and "stand your ground". Know where your enemy is at all times and know where your buddies are at all times. 

Do not get drawn into chasing someone down. Show restraint and strike when you are well flanked by friendlies and protected. 

If you go in with friends then commit to each others safety. Do not leave each other and do not get separated your chances of survival decrease exponentially once you are separated. 

Have a way to quickly change appearances like a pink shirt below your green or a light jacket you can shed and if you do end up doing some real damage take it as a sign and get the fuck home...there is no reason to stick around and wait to be identified. 

Wear gloves...the kind that are cut resistant and can redirect a sharp weapon if necessary. You need confidence in hand to hand combat. Gloves can remove one aspect from your split second calculations. 

I doubt seriously if these idiots are dumb enough to bring guns but explosives are on the table for sure. They have already shown that they will use them against crowds and police. Beware charging forward in a crowd because you become an easy group target for something thrown or just placed on the ground in a backpack or concealed in an article of clothing like a landmine drop pass. Your eyes are in front of you and suddenly you get hit from the ground. This is a real danger. Ill let you imagine the possibilities here. 

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IvannaHumpalot the artist Tue, 07/31/2018 - 02:13 Permalink

Artist: imagine you did that. At an Antifa rally imagine you took your own shitty advice and "shot to kill" some antifa.


What do you think is going to happen next:


1) to you as the shooter?


2) to anybody politically associated with you? Your side? your 'team'?


Let me make this simple for you:


The person that dies loses their life.


The person that kills them ALSO loses. The killer is NOT the "winner". 


The political side associated with the killer also LOSES.


The side associated with the victim, who is now dead, wins.


This might come as a surprise to you, as you are used to thinking about survival reflexes and not political consequences. 


That is why "grunts" have to follow orders on the battlefield. It's not your fault. But you're not on the battlefield now so try to develop your mind.


The best way of surviving such an interaction is also not to have a gun or anything that looks like one (it increases the risk of a rooftop police sniper shooting at you) but  instead to have a bullet-proof shirt and not to get involved in any violent confrontation in the first place. Instead try non-violent passive resistance. That wins the public argument of ideas, makes your opponents look like shit and also increases your own public safety. You may get kicked or a punch to the head but you'll survive and you won't get shot at.



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the artist IvannaHumpalot Tue, 07/31/2018 - 11:08 Permalink

The best way of surviving something like this is to stay home...as I stated. However some will not. It is their choice. 

The best way to survive any situation where you are confronted by someone who wants to do you harm by fist or gun or knife or club is to use whatever means you have. If that is running then so be it, a gun then so be it. 

You are giving horrible and useless advise for suggesting that someone shoot a hand or a knee. Your argument is pure hyperbole and you are deliberately conflating two separate issues. 

1. Best overall political strategy for winning hearts and minds

2. Best way to stay alive while you are actually present in the moment. 

You obviously have not been to one of these things and seen how it goes first hand. 

Further, you are trying to suggest that I do not think politically when you don't know me and can easily go back and see my comments that prove otherwise. 

Your political strategy you mention seems to me and probably others is a "no shit sherlock" Politics 101 lecture. Its good but  obvious. I don't disagree with half of what you said but the other half you should acknowledge is a mistake.

If you want to say 'don't bring guns to things like this because xyz' then fine...

My issue is that you conflate it with a strategy/philosophy on the ground that will get you hurt or killed.

Don't suggest using said gun to wound somebody. That is bad advice. 

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Free This IvannaHumpalot Tue, 07/31/2018 - 08:41 Permalink

Okay, I hear ya, how you gonna dox a person masked up? They wear those masks, not to look cool, but to hide their ID. Besides, most of these punks are lifetime losers and have nothing much to lose, except their freedom.

They probably look forward to jail to get off the streets for a day or two, 3 hots and a cot, sort of thing.

But I like the fact you want to be non-violent, shows good character. I know I come off as some sort of foaming at the mouth warrior, while I am a fighter, I don't go out looking for trouble, and would rather fix things here peaceably. However, these thugs seem bent on violence and destruction.

Not sure what the answer is, or what's gonna happen, just know I am ready.

BTW, not going armed to an armed event is suicide and what is a bullet proof shirt? you superman or sumpthin'? LOL

Now I'm starting to think you are pinko handing out bad advice to get people killed, what's the deal?

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IvannaHumpalot BarkingCat Tue, 07/31/2018 - 01:01 Permalink

What you are suggesting is not even the best mode of battle on a war ground much less a domestic protest.


Let's assume you killed 20 Antifa at Portland and the rest ran away. What do you think would happen next?

People who might have previously been on your side politically will turn against you.

An outpouring of emotion for the poor victims by the media and the entire country. It would be a terrible day for mourning. You would instantly turn the whole country sympathetic to Antifa. Their families and friends have permanently lost a person important to them, so regardless of the Antifa crimes of the dead, these non-Antifa relatives will hate you and come for you, forever, they will lobby against you and hate you and turn against your cause and have you hunted down by police.


The entire country would hate your side. Your side would be seen as violent terrorist rogue racist militia murderers, which in all fairness you would be.


Killing antifa is the stupidest thing i ever heard when the actual answer is to doxx and shame them with cameras and minimally-violent unmaskings.


a 3-on-1 unmasking is devastating to a masked antifa who may lose their job, friends and the support of their family

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