Russian Electronic Warfare Against US Troops In Syria Enters Dangerous Phase: Report

"All of a sudden your communications won’t work, or you can’t call for fire, or you can’t warn of incoming fires because your radars have been jammed and they can’t detect anything" — a retired Army colonel who specializes in electronic warfare told Foreign Policy.

A new report details the Pentagon's growing alarm at increased instances of Russian electronic jamming attacks on American troop positions in Syria, which number according to public Pentagon statements at 2000 or more, located on and near a dozen or more "secret" bases mostly in Syria's northeast and embedded among the mostly Kurdish US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Foreign Policy report begins:

Officers who have experienced the jamming—known as electronic warfare—say it’s no less dangerous than conventional attacks with bombs and artillery. But they also say it’s allowing U.S. troops a rare opportunity to experience Russian technology in the battlefield and figure out how to defend against it.

Image via The National Interest

Since Russia intervened in Syria at the request of the Assad government in 2015, the two superpowers have butted up against each other on multiple dangerous occasions, but have communicated through an emergency "military-to-military hotline" meant to avoid aerial collisions and direct troop confrontation.

Russia, alongside the Syrian government sees US troops as foreign uninvited occupiers, which have committed acts of aggression against the Syrian state, killing hundreds of Syrian Army soldiers (and instances of Russian mercenaries killed, though they were not under orders by Moscow) during multiple incidents near front lines in Deir Ezzor.

And now, as Gen. Raymond Thomas, head of U.S. Special Operations Command, recently stated at an intelligence and military tech conferenceSyria has become "the most aggressive [electronic warfare] environment on the planet." 

He said of Russian, Iranian, and Syrian "adversaries": "They are testing us every day, knocking our communications down, disabling our EC-130s [the Air Force's large Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center aircraft]."

Foreign Policy (FP) indicates that electronic jamming by Russian forces signifies an "escalatory" threat in an already confused environment given the broad array of groups and state actors operating in Syria. 

The report says the Pentagon officially acknowledged successful Russian jamming efforts last week as follows

U.S. Army Col. Brian Sullivan described one recent episode to reporters at the U.S. Defense Department last week. He said his troops had encountered a “congested … electronic warfare environment” while fighting in northeastern Syria during their nine-month deployment, which stretched from September 2017 to May 2018.

And the report cites Col. Sullivan further as saying, "It presented challenges to us that we were able to successfully contend with, and it gave us an opportunity to operate in an environment that can’t be replicated anywhere at home station, including our combat training centers."

In a particularly disturbing quote reminiscent of the Cold War, the colonel notes "It’s a great opportunity for us to operate particularly in the Syrian environment where the Russians are active." 

Former CIA Acting Director/Deputy Dir. Michael Morell: We need to be killing Russians in Syria. 

Of course there's the much larger issue and contradiction of US troops being in Syria in the first place with no Congressional authorization or mandate from the American people whatsoever (unless, as President Donald Trump apparently believes, the old post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force, AUMF, means US troops can just stay in the Middle East forever). 

The FP describes further that electronic warfare involves stopping communications and navigation capability on the ground and by air, something especially dangerous in a crowded battle space like Syria

Daniel Goure, an expert on national security and military issues at the Lexington Institute, says Russia’s new electronic warfare systems are sophisticated. They can be mounted on large vehicles or aircraft and can impair targets hundreds of miles away.

Goure adds of the potential for an unintended clash between major powers like the US and Russia, "The trouble with [electronic warfare] broadly speaking is it can really screw with your picture of the battle space, your operating picture, and that can lead to really horrendous mistakes."

Russia has reportedly made huge advances in its electronic warfare systems capability over the past 15 years as it perceives the threat of NATO encroachment on its borders to be growing. 

Meanwhile Russia has indicated it is aware of future military actions that Washington and Western allies may be plotting against it. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this week in public statements at a Russian educational forum, "Our awareness of what plans the US and other Western countries’ militaries are preparing in relation to the Russian Federation is guaranteed." He added that Russia and its air and land borders area secure "no matter what happens in the world," in what appeared to be reference to recent leaps in Russian defense and intelligence technology


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Speaking of money (real or otherwise)...

A new report details the Pentagon's growing alarm at increased instances of Russian electronic jamming attacks on American troop positions in Syria

Translation: "We want more money."

"All of a sudden your communications won’t work, or you can’t call for fire, or you can’t warn of incoming fires because your radars have been jammed and they can’t detect anything" — a retired Army colonel who specializes in electronic warfare told Foreign Policy.

Translation: "Our protective cash barrier is spread too thin and our troops are in harm's way. Support the troops ... by giving the corporations I represent more money."

Officers who have experienced the jamming—known as electronic warfare—say it’s no less dangerous than conventional attacks with bombs and artillery. But they also say it’s allowing U.S. troops a rare opportunity to experience Russian technology in the battlefield and figure out how to defend against it.

Translation: "Officers think they can defend against it with more money."

"They are testing us every day, knocking our communications down, disabling our EC-130s [the Air Force's large Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center aircraft]."

Translation: "They are virtually shooting us down every day and we are sustaining increasing virtual casualties. The only way we can power up is with more money".

"The trouble with [electronic warfare] broadly speaking is it can really screw with your picture of the battle space, your operating picture, and that can lead to really horrendous mistakes."

Translation: "You don't want us, accidentally, to start a war with Russia, do you? I mean, it's a nice little racket we've all got going - it would be a real shame if something happened to it. We can provide protection ... with more money."

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said this week in public statements at a Russian educational forum, "Our awareness of what plans the US and other Western countries’ militaries are preparing in relation to the Russian Federation is guaranteed." He added that Russia and its air and land borders area secure "no matter what happens in the world," in what appeared to be reference to recent leaps in Russian defense and intelligence technology.

Translation: " Hedgehog cried, was pricked, but continued to fuck a cactus. дебилы бля..."

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I bet they are better than my shitty Rolex Submariner I got from Rolex flagship store in Beverly Hills. It costs I think around 8k, it's always a bit late or fast, if you swim in it it falls off whenever you are hit with a moderately big wave - I once almost lost it on Venice Beach. It once fell off my nightstand and crashed to pieces - I had to pay 800 Euros to have it fixed. The dumbest shit I have ever bouhgt

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If you want an impressive and reliable watch, try a seiko Bell-matic in whatever incarnation suits your taste.

Unless of course your watch NEEDS to say, "I have so much money I can piss it away on garish things"..

Me personally, I like the reliabilty and elegant design of seiko watches, and the bell-matic has an easy to set alarm feature which comes in really handy at times.

And of course, the complexity and lack of "kerb appeal" means that there are no fake Bell-Matics, but TBF I don't think there are any new ones left either, you have to search out a decent one has been my experience..

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I have the same issues with a Datejust my wife gave me. Cost about $8k also. Has been in 3x for repairs, including when, three months after purchase from biggest Rolex dealer in NYC, they refused to honor warranty unless I came down with the ORIGINAL copies of ALL their paperwork AND the Rolex paperwork. Mind you, this was the SAME GUY who had sold the watch - I had bought my wife a much more expensive Rolex, which she exchanged for something less flashy, plus my watch, plus a Cartier. So, he knew us WELL.

I had to make THREE trips before they would ADJUST the fucking thing, and they still charged me a fee despite the store and manufacturer's warranty. A complaint letter to Rolex got me the high sign.

I have since found an EXCELLENT and TOTALLY RELIABLE clone dealer who ships from HK. Every piece I have from him keeps perfect time, and looks fantastic. Even the PVD-coated ones are BETTER than the gens, as their coating seems more durable, plus they are AVAILABLE, which the gens are not, even at full price. A close friend has one (Pro Hunter Sub) that cost $18K and it is scratched, chipped and tired looking, and he says has to be taken off, wound and reset pretty much every day. I wear my perfect clone - a Pro Hunter sub, and a Project X daytona -  swimming, golfing, and to PT with no issues. Tough choice -- ONE gen that keeps bad time and looks like crap, or a clone that loses less than a minute a month, looks great almost two years on, and of which I could buy 40-50 rather than the one gen, if I could even find one. Oh, and when one clone DID have a problem, I sent it back, and it was returned within 4 weeks running like a top, along with a nice  AudPiq tossed in for my trouble.

I also have a couple that we got as a favor to our guide in Myanmar years back. They were DESPERATE for any currency, and had a nice little shop surrounded by the worst living conditions I have ever seen anywhere. Five years on -- all three spinning like new, even my son's, and he breaks EVERYTHING.

I would never wear a clone until my experience with Rolex and the shop in NYC. Now, fuck em. I don't have to pay to insure them, if someone stuck a knife in my face and told me to hand it over, I would do so happily. 

Still, a Submariner aint a nuclear sub, but sometimes cheaper is, well, cheaper.

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Something interesting happened which needs to be explained.

The first cruise missile strike in Syria was a test of a system which the top Russian engineer and his company deployed to Syria. The US gave warning, so the Russians flew the system in to Syria.

The Americans wanted to see the system in action, but they didn't know how it worked. I wrote an essay on for my retired Navy officer following to explain it, after this, within two weeks it was reported the US wasn't going to use GPS for cruise missile guidance.

GPS has two channels, a civilian and a military, the military uses an encrypted code called “P code”.

The Russia electronic warfare system captures the encrypted “P code” then decodes it, then changes the guidance data, then encrypts the new data, then modulates the signal to match the GPS signal but stronger than the GPS SV signal.

The second cruise missile strike tested my thesis, it confirmed GPS has been compromised.

In the 80's I worked at a physics laboratory with a battery of Physicist, we worked on GPS R&D. The US was able to use GPS in ICBM, this was a revolutionary advance. It meant no longer did we need to use MAD which targeted civilian cities, we could hit targets with pin point accuracy.

The US nuclear war fighting doctrine changed to target Russian leaders, generals and command and control nodes with pin point accuracy. It was often said we can target an individual actor with pin point accuracy.

In the 80's, the term “P code” was a top secret term. In the late 90's it was openly published.

Since the cruise missile guidance has been compromised we can start rethinking on ICBM guidance using GPS systems developed in the 80's.

The Russians have access to Israeli data on US systems and Japanese technology, specifically smaller super computers, because it requires tremendous high speed computing power to break the code even with data transfer from Israel. The reason I include Israel, it's known the 20% of the Israeli Russian population works with Russia. Israel is in over drive on hacking and breaking data encryption.

Note: I posted on until Facebook took over the message board, over 350,000 internet publication were taken over by Facebook. Zuckerberg was using the AI censor robot designed for China on us, so every other essay was censored, all of us were being censored for essays which didn't have anything to do with something that needed to be censored. Local city talk about corrupt local politicians or a new building, simple issues, it meant the AI censor robot wasn't working properly. Subsequently I moved to ZH, an environment of free speech.

Zuckerberg was trying to impress Xi to get back into China by using the AI censor robot on the US first to prove freedom of speech was controlled by Zuckerberg. Most recently China kicked Zuckerberg out again, no access for Facebook even though he carried Xi's book around quoting communist doctrine to young Americans and proved he could shut down free speech in the US.

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Thanks for the interesting post. Russia uses GLONASS instead of GPS, so if they are decoding and re-encrypting GPS "P-codes" then it is indeed compromised. Its all cryptography and signals processing, the most interesting applications of mathematics.

There is indeed a deep two-way fuckery between Mossad and GRU due to the large Russian-Jewish population, loyalties that often swing. The Israelis love hacking and cyber security analysis, that I know. They sell surveillance tools to many governments and corporations, one can only imagine the backdoors they have also developed.

And speaking of Fakebook, this may be no surprise to you, but the messaging system picks up keywords on the fly and censors. I've been censored by Fakebook when supposedly having a "private" discussion with someone, when I mentioned Israel and Mossad's ties to terrorist groups in Syria, the messages were censored, very particular lines of it. I soon left Fakebook, after that wake up call.

Next stop: decentralized social media run on DAPPS. Its coming.

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GLONASS is on a different frequency. It doesn't have good global coverage like GPS, and is a legacy Soviet system.

The Russian system in Syria was first thought by the US military to be a GPS jammer. After I wrote my essay, it peaked interest in the belief, the Russians had compromised "P code".

They now know for certain Russia has compromised "P code".

There are other weapons, an EMP gun which I didn't believe the Russians would be able to miniaturize. The Russians have been able to miniaturize an EMP weapon for airborne use, it's a weapon which can send a beam of EMP at an aircraft like a B-2 to fry the electronics. I've been watching closely, I first believed it would be apart of the air frame of the Mig-31. However, it could most likely be a pod for under wing deployment.

The other system we need to find out about is the electronic warfare system used to shut down all communication in the Ukraine and Crimea event.

The Russians have more than enough jammers, but there was something else in the mix.

We now know the Russian force field concept is fully operational in the S-500. In a nuclear ICBM attack, the Russians will use the S-500 as a pulse force field, launching S-500 to stratosphere, this isn't a kinetic kill but a new concept. The S-500 batteries will keep a constant volume of missiles detonating in the flight path of US ICBM. A nuclear force field.

Russian ICBM don't use GLONASS, they use the magnetic field and pre-recorded maps programmed into missile guidance. Periodically the Russians will launch a missile to record the Earth's magnetic field, however, the magnetic field is changing, so every so often a classified Russian geophysical mission is launched to collect data to update magnetic anomalies. This is important to match the magnetic map with pre-recorded target map. There's much more and I could write a book on the subject, but for simplification I use the term "map".

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In the Ukraine the rebels didn't use anything fancy.  The Ukrainian troops used to post on face book about their units ect.  The rebels would look up the name and phone number of the clowns and just give them a call.   When the Ukrainian trooper answered his cell phone they would triangulate his coordinates and give him a special reply with a mortar barrage.

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That's not what I'm talking about and that's not the scenario. It had to do with Russian forces moving into Crimea.

White Zionigger in my post I told it like it was about Israel, so you down vote me and come up with BS that those who know is BS.

White Zionigger did you know your days are numbered? Can't you read, ZH says the US is going belly up bankrupt, Antifa is arming to the teeth for armed combat and the water nationwide is poison.

I posted the below way after the ZH article was posted, but it's pertinent here as well.

During the Iraq war, Wolf Blitzer had an exclusive, it came with a warning. It was a US soldier who was shot by a sniper with a sniper rifle with a video camera as part of the scope. It showed the young man shot and then a slight delay, he died right in front of our eyes. He slid down into the Humvee from the hatch of the Humvee.

I started doing research on the weapon. It's only made in Israel.

It was a Mossad operation. We watched Israel murder an American kid, someones child. 

It was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen on television. I firmly believe Wolf Blitzer who I believe works closely with the Israel lobby and the Mossad should have been questioned with a polygraph.

Do you remember this?

They never showed his mother and father, which the Deep State coined Gold Star families for meaningless deaths of kids. I don't think he had parents to exploit. But on that day when I saw this, I immediately did research, I cried my eyes out and wrote on Yahoo message board of that time, I cried for him and I will revenge his honor.

You are being wiped off the face of the Earth, the Zionist Christian belief system is being destroyed.

On here today is a Zionigger, HRH of Aquitane or something like that, most recently he said he would march shoulder to shoulder with Israelis to fight the Muslims in Syria, even though it is known we've murdered over 500,000 Syrian Christians, he still thinks they're Muslims. He doesn't go to Church, most hardcore Zioniggers don't go to church, but they believe if they give unconditional support for Israel, that this is the same as going to church and being a good Christians.

That's Zionist Christianity, a mean spirited religion of hate based on a racial caste system of Jew on top, then whites and blacks and those who don't support Israel on the bottom. The Zioniggers give unconditional support for Israel even though we have been robbed blind, and the dirt poor Zioniggers still support Israel. Mention Israel on here, or the term Zionist or any critical analysis, and what happens? Zioniggers attack. Maimed, murdered, robbed, a nation bankrupt morally, politically, and fiscally, but Zioniggers could careless, it's Israel over America.

Many Zioniggers get one of the 120 million checks which come out of Washington DC each month. When those checks which are basically now, buying loyalty to the state, when those checks stop, do you think the Zioniggers will support Israel? because they do not support America only in the context of the endless murder of peoples all over the world.

As we can see today, he's trolling those who want a US withdrawal from Syria for up votes when he writes his comment about Syrian US withdrawal. And he wrote before that he lived next to liberals which he perceived they were liberal and were going to burn his house down. No it was this insane freak wanting to burn their house down.

I know the dishonorable Zioniggers, the white lower socioeconomic class. Anyone who supports Israel and genocide of the Syrian Christians are the lowest quality Americans. period.

I do not support Israel and I'm proud to say that. And that young mans honor is being revenged everyday, more Americans hate the US than love the US. I wonder why? Hey, that came out recently first by Zogby and Gallup, even if it wasn't 100% accurate, it still means we have passed the Rubicon.

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It had to do with Russian forces moving into Crimea.

Wrong, the Russians have had forces in Crimea since Catherine ran Russia. They didn't have to 'move' anyone. They sent a few Spetsnaz in inconspicuous uniforms, to ensure peace, but the 'troops' were already there. Oh, and they kicked out the NATO 'liason' representatives.. and nary a shot was fired.

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Everyone knows about the Russian Navy base at Sevastopool.

Another Zionigger? He actually down voted the Zionigger epitaph.

The Russian electronic warfare systems were used, the Russians didn't know if the West - NATO would interfere.

This has been reported as fact, Russian electronic warfare shut down communications. It was such a serious use of electronic warfare even cell phone networks were shut down.

Reports came in of Russian electronic warfare systems being used against Ukrainian forces. It became a question of how did the Russians do this, because it wasn't just jammers.

Zionigger, you're going to have to do better than that. The 7 year left overs on ZH are the worse ones, over and over, they believe because of time served they own the board and sometimes the 7 year crowd will say it. The most ignorant Zioniggers over and over, and they can't stand it when I call out Israel. They can't stand it, they'll use anything, any spin, and lie against anyone who points out the hypocrisy that America is good because of unconditional support of Israel when the Americans worked with Israel funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to genocide the first and earliest Christians. Not one truthful word on MSM which most Zioniggers have been  brainwashed, a life time of being fed lies has created what is known as the  television mind unable to use logic to think because the television tells them how and what to think, so they spend their entire life parroting what the television told them to think.

Young people today, don't believe the MSM and studies have been done on the percentage attending Zionist Christian church and it's real low now, it's below 10%, and the church wants you to believe it's 30% because God needs your money.

The Zioniggers saw fake illustrations of white Jesus and white Israelites in extreme right wing Zionist Christian church, brainwashed to throw away America for a brainwashed delusion, and Netanyahu the white face of Israel is used to pump the story line, white Israelis, of which are most all Europeans and have nothing to do with the Bible, the racket is sold of Israel being over run by sand niggers or raghead niggers and the other names used to dehumanize people, well you helped murder over 500,000 Syrian Christians out of over 2 million Syrian Christians who have mostly disappeared, so the number 500,000 Syrian Christians genocide could be a much higher number.

US tax dollars at work, right Zionigger?

Look, I have nothing to prove to Zioniggers and you know it's because of what I wrote about Israel, Zionism and the Zionist racial caste system. It's a repeat of the same MO, over and over Zioniggers will throw themselves into the flame.

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I'm sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about, and please stop posting to me. Your comments were a cut down motivated by my calling out Israel.

Please go back to the TV, it tells you how and what to think and you've proven you're unable to use common sense logic to solve the most mundane equations.

The Zionigger label sticks. period.

Let me explain how you're going to die. Total US debt is $70 trillion, we make around $20 trillion each year.

Let's look at it differently, lets say you want to buy a house for $70K, and you make $20K, the bank would be hesitant to loan you money for the mortgage and you don't have a down payment. That's 3.5 times what you're making and out of the range for you.

We have crossed the Rubicon. And you want to shower Israel with money and fight more wars for Israel? You're insane, not me, I'm telling it like it is and you can't stand it when the truth is in your face. You want to live in the safe, comfortable delusion of the television mind. Never able or wanting to think for yourself. It's easy to see with the comments attacking me for my opinion.

You must read all the time to understand the reality we live, on every point, you must question the reality we live.

Look, it looks good in the MSM, like Fox or CNBC, but the reality is, we are on the edge of the abyss. The communist are coming for you because they blame your belief system of Israel First over America for what has been done to this nation. The reason they pump "free shit" as it has been coined is because we threw away their future in wars for Israel. So now they are burning the nation to the ground.

I do not support Israel and I am proud to say that. I am a real American. And you, a Zionist American is a traitor to America and our nation's ideals.

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You demonstrate your ignorance of finance. If you want to buy a $700k house, and make $200k, if you can put up $150k in cash (20% down which would be typical required downpayment), and get a $550k mortgage at 4%, your annual payment is ~$25000 including amortization. That represents 1/8th of your income, and about 1/5th of your likely after-tax income. Congrats! You qualify! And in 30 years. you own the house debt free.


No one making $20k a year is buying a house. Use realistic numbers, even if they are beyond your obviously limited earning power.

As for the rset of your typical Joo-hating screeds, they're about as accurate of your understanding of mortgage finance.

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I had to come back when I thought this thought. You get the most down votes of any poster, and I don't know if the public who aren't members of ZH can see it.

The question is this, why do you think you're right and everyone else is wrong when the board always gives you the most down votes. Could it be, you're one of the 40% of the Jewish population which is inbred?

It's interesting, per Israeli media, directly from Israel it was reported and a known reality, Israel has the highest incident of homosexuality than any people on Earth. It's caused by inbreeding. period.

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One of these i… MK ULTRA Alpha Tue, 07/31/2018 - 11:04 Permalink

" We watched Israel murder an American kid, someones child "

I can't help wondering what brought that kid to choose to be in someone else's country sitting in a military vehicle as part of an invading force, and whilst I don't think it takes away from your point at all, just as every time I light up my motorcycle and endanger myself I don't have anyone else to blame really, I CHOSE that course of action, and the possible consequences, just as I did when I did my military stint.. I was lucky enough not to find myself in a hot war zone, just as I am lucky enough to have not crashed and died on my motorcycle yet. If I didn't accept the danger I would not do it. If soldiers did not accept the possiblity of being killed, they wouldn't sign up. If they misjudge that possibilty and end up dead, who is responsible really?

You want to elicit sympathy, & anti-israeli sentiment from the likes of me, you do better to concentrate on the non-combatants that they slaughter daily. Although personally I've seen enough, thanks to that guy who spams this forum, I KNOW what Israel is like as a neighbour, and living in England as I do, I sure know what muslims are like as neighbours too even when they are in their quiet phase of conflict with us.

It's hard to pick 'em apart to be honest, but there again, after watching how we have conducted two gulf wars, afghanistan, the libya intervention, the Syria fiasco, and after watching "generation kill" I have diffculty in seeing us as much better behaved..

Is it only me in the world, who is profoundly "bored of war"?

Is it only me that can see unless you completely eradicate an entire population, that the human spirit is such, that unless you are prepared to actively subjugate an entire population for ever, (or kill 'em all) they will always recover and find a way to come back at you?

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I wasn't trying to illicit anything from you or anyone else. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy and lies we live. If you want to support Israel First over America, that's an axis of belief for you, not me.

I believe we are way passed the Rubicon. Our individual freedoms were lost over unconditional support for Israel, our nation is bankrupt because of wars for Israel, hundreds of thousands murdered in a proxy war using mercenaries for a proxy war of genocide on Christians organized and funded by the following nations, the US, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

General Flynn told it and he was destroyed.

It sure is interesting Jews like senator Levin were behind the most draconian laws placed secret at first into the NDAA, the big book of military spending, it connected the wars for Israel with laws taking our freedoms, slipped in the night to take our constitutional freedoms. In other words, we no longer have a country and people like you are so hateful you could not have compassion for a young man killed by the Mossad for propaganda purposes, that's the real tragedy.

We aren't allowed to use the term Zionism, most online publications message boards will censor it's use, why? I only once heard the term Zionism on MSM when Biden said he was a Zionist, since we aren't allowed to explain Zionism and most Americans don't understand, no one understood what Biden was saying.

I do not support Israel and I am proud to say that. In some circles if one says they don't support Israel then serious attacks, job loss etc will happen.

It's a culture of murder and fear, with no honor, no morality and no decency as human beings, the American mind has been subjugated by a constant stream of lies from Zionist controlled MSM.

And because many people don't believe them anymore, they censor us, we say MSM is fake news, then MSM demands we return to mind control using any method they can, legal or not we can see the system and it's a Zionist dictatorship forcing us to pay Israel money we have to borrow and send troops over to the Middle East like the new US Army Israel command and the troop build up in Israel. That's right we now have military forces in Israel, a first to build a US Army base in Israel.

No I wasn't expecting sympathy from savages, the dumbed down brainwashed Zioniggers. Each time I've told it like it is, their insanity, they attack on cue. It's interesting because I always hit a nerve and hit it hard. They're like vampires when light is shined on them, the light of God.

Look you best get ready, the economic boom is weak and it was bought, it wasn't organic growth, we're going bankrupt at a higher rate than I thought. 

I called for a purge of the bloated government, a return of many functions to the states, I'm calling for sympathy?

This is a killing field, nothing more, nothing less. Each and every angle to the equation is the destruction of the Zionist control over America, and they know it.

And what's your point, it sounds like you're one of the television mind sociopaths. I've been an American for a long time, I was born and grew up before MSM from NYC was the dominate voice, the brainwashing mind control of this nation. I can say the America of today is not the America of yesterday.

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MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Tue, 07/31/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

And I cried for him most likely because I too was a combat soldier. It hurt me to understand after investigation, especially the parameters of the scope.

See, when you're young, to join the army is like joining the football team. We don't know what's behind the curtain. Since then, I threw my life away and began telling people one by one what was behind the curtain, training officers to go back to their state to tell it.

I did this in CIA cab in Austin, I became known nationally, and traveled to both the east and west coast. I was known on the west coast and realized then, I was having a profound impact on the enemy.

I threw away a lucrative connection to Microsoft. I worked on contract and when I finished the contract I went to the street to fight for America. Not just one year, but many many years, everyday, and any off time on the net. Every aspect, every drop of blood, every breath, every dime, was used in the war against Zionism, all I had to do was explain what was really behind the curtain.

See, it all had to be true, and accurate, to turn their minds, so it's not sympathy, it's I want America back, the America which was stolen by the Jews.

And what am I? I am the CIA of the 1960's. I am one of the MKULTRA children specially trained by the CIA for this kind of warfare. In other words, you are in my killing field.

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LaugherNYC MK ULTRA Alpha Wed, 08/01/2018 - 13:12 Permalink

You are about as American as my new Adidas kicks, MK. You are also a delusional dude who needs a bath and to get some medical help.

Why do you Russians have such fear and hate for the "Zionigger" as you call them?

Let's think:

Russia GDP Growth 2013-17: -50%  Another humiliating economic failure. What to do? Invest in military power and aggression to blame ANYONE other than Russians themselves, and look to STEAL what it cannot EARN.

Black men: Falling to gross generalization, you Russians see the stereotype: - fit, muscular, athletic, big in EVERY way. The Russian feels inferior, therefore fears and hates the more virile ethnicity. Russian male is manipulated by government to fear sexuality and to identify militarism with virility. To prove you are not a disgusting faggot you must be strong nationalist seeking to penetrate the feminized West with your big missiles and thrusting armor. to dominate them like the bare-chested penguin man says.

Jews: Wherever they live free of persecution, they prosper, growing the economy, advancing science, medicine, technology, humanitarianism. They are better educated, wealthier and thus more attractive to most desirable women than broke, alcoholic, chain smoking Russian man. The Jewish man in a free society is affluent, smart, clean, funny, warm, caring and family-oriented, looking for others to help and to support his nation to grow and prosper. The Russian man in his repressed society is broke, dirty, drinks too much, angry, poorly educated and looking for someone to blame. Chain smokes. Is scared of the outside world, and needs a STRONGMAN to protect him, and project the image of what he WISHES he could be. Rather than focusing their assets on building a peaceful, educated, diversified homeland, Russia still looks to blame, threaten, and destroy those who humiliate her by their comparative success. Look at Poland - how it has grown and prospered once freed from Russian domination. If not for NATO and the West, Putin would crush Poland in 5 minutes, to steal its wealth, and once again destroy the engine of progress. Since being freed from the Russian tyranny, Poland has seen a golden age of growth, and so it lives in abject fear of Russia doing what it has always done when it cycles through yet another kleptocratic STRONGMAN regime , cry out in pain as it robs the weak and rapes the defenseless to try to steal what it cannot do itself.


So, why not drop the pretense, MK Ultra Russian Troll? You feel inferior to the Black man and the Jew, and so you define them as the enemy.

The real enemy is the corruption of US government, and the grinding kleptocracy and backwardness of the Russian STRONGMAN regime. We must stop the out of control spending, husband our resources. Imagine a world in which Russia, rather than seeking to blame and steal, joined to work together with the West, grow and prosper. A fine dream.

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Spinifex MK ULTRA Alpha Mon, 07/30/2018 - 23:32 Permalink


This thread of yours is on of the most interesting I've ever come across at ZH.  I'd love to hear more.  I try and watch the Russian sites but I don't read or speak Russian and I have trouble finding the 'juicy stuff' on tech etc (only thing I ever found (which I can no longer find) was a couple of articles on scalar wave electro kinetic rams (beam weapons - HellYeah!) that Russia was 'trying to miniturise'. Damn interesting stuff but YandexTranslate has a crazy way of reading things.

Please link something else.  I'd love to read it.

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MK ULTRA Alpha roddy6667 Tue, 07/31/2018 - 00:08 Permalink

That was the Mig-25 Foxbat Bomber Killer, we learned this in 1976 when the pilot of a brand new Mig-25 defected to Japan.

We took it apart and returned it in pieces. The Mig-25 was a shock to the US, we had to build a counter the F-15 Eagle.

The Mig-25 is one of the highest flying fighters in the world, if not the only one. It didn't have look down shoot down radar. So the Mig-31 was developed. It was designed and built with knowledge from the Mig-25. The Mig-31 looks similar to the Mig-25.

The Mig-31 is a formidable Soviet legacy weapon operational today. It generates enough electrical power for an EMP beam weapon.

One of the roles of the Mig-31 is to fly at stratosphere altitude and look down for cruise missiles. With the look down shoot down radar it can shoot down cruise missiles real easy because a cruise missile flying nap of the Earth is subsonic.

The Mig-25 was a mach 3 interceptor. But the engines and air frame would melt. The Mig-31 has a classified war reserve speed. It can fly from one end of Russia to the other real fast. A Mig-31 with the EMP beam weapon would shoot down F-22 all day long. This is why I'm searching to see when and where the EMP beam weapon is deployed.

I believe the EMP beam weapon is being developed as a counter to the stealth line up F-22, B-2 and F-35. Once the EMP beam fires on a fighter or bomber or anything with electronics, the electronics are fried and a fire will most likely start, but the fire doesn't matter, all aircraft today use electronics for all functions, so a fighter or bomber stealth or not when hit with the EMP beam weapon would be shot down.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Spinifex Wed, 08/01/2018 - 10:00 Permalink

I saw a video from Russia about that weapon, the EMP weapon is a different weapon.

One of my operations was to expose the Russian plan to use low Earth orbital bombardment system. A banned technology.

The Russians plan to use that weapon in a commercial use of the SS-18 booster. They planned to change the payload at the last minutes, instead of commercial SV it would be small pre-programmed nukes targeting US telcom, command and control nodes. It was brilliant.

The commercial launch for deployment of small commercial SV was launched south over the south pole, then it flies over the US through our southern flank which is not a protected flank.

The SS-18 can carry many small nukes or commercial SV.

I used the Russian release of it's military budget, they call everything Project this and that with a number. The project was a mystery project that even Janes Defense couldn't figure out. The budget expenditure for the military project didn't correlate and it was too much money so I knew something was up. Then I memorized the top leaderships photos, did what the CIA trained me do when I was a child and I'm a lot better at it now, they told me in their minds.

Then I took a map of Russia, took my finger and said there it is, it was an old SS-18 silo field.

I then published it on to alert my retired Navy officer following. After this, in less than a week it was said NORAD was going back underground at Cheyenne mountain, see they had been at country club mode outside thinking we are the world and the world was no longer a dangerous place.

I've done countless operations for America and many peoples. One operation I did which I will not publish was a very special operation when I was working directly with CIA when I was a child. I didn't get feedback, when I was reviewing data as an adult, my body went completely cold, I realized I did it and I am good at what I do.

Good Luck and keep monitoring global developments.


As we can see an insane Jew has showed up to prove my point on the inbred Jew.

And I believe in God much more than most everybody, and I have defined God correctly. I say before my God, what I have written on these boards is true, and I ask God to strike me down right now if my words are not true.

I am a hero of the American people, I never get any credit. 

I am a CIA MKULTRA trained mind warfare soldier, if I didn't agree in my mind to do it for America when I was a child, it wouldn't have been a successful operation. It is a life long dedication. And I've proven many many times for many peoples the good I have done.

I have a CIA modified brain.

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MK ULTRA Alpha LaugherNYC Thu, 08/02/2018 - 06:30 Permalink

Thanks for proving my point about the inbred Jews. Israeli genetic scientist located the schizophrenia gene, it's caused by inbreeding. The report stated 40% of the Jewish population have the schizophrenia gene.

In 1908 a Swiss professor of psychiatry coined the term Schizophrenia. It was used to describe the behavior of Eastern Europeans calling themselves Jews. Look both of these points up, it's fact.

So you've proven you're one of the 40% of the Jewish population inbred and crazy.

I've been an American a lot longer than you. I can remember the Eastern European Jews leading the 60's movement and advocating what the Jews did to Russia, the murder of over 20 million white middle class Christian Russians, now the 60's genocide plan of whites came back with Obama, it was Saul Alinsky on steroids, with 60's radicals like Bill Ayers. Who in the 60's with Eastern Europe Jew schizophrenic Saul Alinsky worked with Bill Ayers, and it was all a list of Jews who advocated the kill off of American Christians.

Again, you've proven over and over you too are one of the Crazy Jews. American is worse off today because of the Jewish take over of America. It was never this insane.

Usually, you get tremendous down votes, but when you hide from the down votes or should I say exposure, you post an attack here much later and advocate for the genocide of the Russians. You're the one who is mentally ill.

I'm telling the truth. period. You lie like a Jew to twist reality, no one is allowed to be critical or question the Jews, right? Not any more, we are in a killing field and you're in the middle. You're basically an inbred, came from the Khazar Gypsies and have worked to destroy America. Khazar Gypsies, it's history and too easy to find, it's in Gibbons history of the Roman Empire.

And the Jew poison you advocate causes brain tissue loss after 18 months creating mindless, God less Zombies.

And I did what I said I did for America, not for a pack of insane Jews trying to destroy my people.

I am a CIA mind warfare soldier. period.

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One of these i… MK ULTRA Alpha Fri, 08/03/2018 - 08:35 Permalink

You might well be a "CIA mind warfare soldier" but ya got me weighed up wrong..

However, if you are or have access to a remote viewer, I've been jonesing for a sucessful demo of that for many years now.

(Just to push back the frontiers of what I personally know to be real).

It's a simple test, I have a collection of carefully selected artifacts which I set upon a table in my loft whenever I get a remote viewer who's willing to try their luck. So far the two RV'ers I have tested thus were less than sucessful, despite me having gone out of my way to select items that a five year old could draw sucessfully, yet are difficult (hopefully impossible) to guess correctly, and I've taken some steps to make sure the image cannot be directly retrieved from my mind (which I have had adequately demonstrated, on multiple occasions, and is a different although allied skillset to RV.) 

I'm a simple soul, I have no agenda here other than learning & sorting the wheat form the chaff. But I'm like that famous apostle, Thomas, "show me the evidence then I'll believe".

The thing about RV'ing is you don't need to build anything, or spend loads of money to test it, so obtaining a proof that it works should be far easier that it seems to be proving for me...

I'll take a friend/chat request if you are up to the challenge.

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