Colombian Raid Yields $2 Million In Gold Bars

Authored by James Anderson via,

For those concerned about furthering cashless future where cash and privacy get further reviled, stories like these serve as an easy pretext...

News stories like this one below, can create the impression that cash / bullion / and even crypto currencies are the bastion of criminal and even terrorist activity.

Looks like a recent Colombian military raid found 54 kilos of illegally mined gold bar from targets who also produce cocaine.

Just over a week ago, the Colombian military reported this raid pictured below which produced over $2 million USD in gold value, given today’s current gold spot price.

Reported Illegal Gold Bars Confiscated by the Colombian Military

Illegal gold mining in the Amazon rainforest is not new news.

The fact that many of the illegal gold mining proceeds are funneling into further illegal activities is not surprising. Countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil (see a 2016 video clip below) all have evidence of illegal gold mining operations ongoing.

Illegal Gold Mining in Brazil, 2016

Colombia, and neighboring Venezuela today…

Although much safer today than the 1980s and 1990s, much evidence points towards continued Colombian narcoterrorist groups like the ELN and The El Clan Del Golfo involvement with illegal cocaine production and wildcat gold mining.

The ELN is also alleged to work with the Venezuelan Maduro regime as well. You likely know Venezuela is running out of its gold reserves, and her oil production is down 50% since 2014.

Where else might Maduro be getting some of his regim€’$ stay in power foreign cashflows?

Many eastern drug flows to Europe are reportedly running through dictatorial hyperinflating Venezuela into corrupt eastern African states all with various terror group inhabitants and war lords.

Ongoing DEA and CIA allegations both include that Venezuela is heavily involved in narco trafficking.

According to the CIA World Factbook on Colombian narco terrorism today and the ELN:

National Liberation Army (Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional, ELN):

aim(s): represent the rural poor against the nation’s wealthy and block the privatization of national resources

area(s) of operation: the nation’s largest remaining insurgent group operates mainly in the rural and mountainous areas in the northeast, especially Arauca Department, and is active in the northern and southwestern regions and along the borders with Venezuela and Ecuador

note(s): the group has a long history of engaging in narcotics production and trafficking, extortion, and kidnappings for ransom to fund operations

According to the CIA World Factbook on foreign ELN narco traffickers operating in Venezuela today:

National Liberation Army (Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional, ELN):

aim(s): enhance its narcotics trafficking networks in Venezuela

area(s) of operation: maintains a narcotics trafficking presence, facilitating the transshipment of narcotics through the country (April 2018)

Below is a map produced by the Colombian gov’t in 2016 of illegal gold mining (red) and illegal coca production (yellow) throughout the nation:

PDF source [ page 67 ]

In terms of cocaine production, the acres used to yield coca leaves in 2016 were believed to be the following:

Of course money and profits are large drivers in human action.

We humans can make things “illegal” all we want amongst one another, but without other profitable options, many of us will still seek pursue actions which produce most profits regardless of existing laws and or danger.

Most likely neither illegal gold mining nor narco cultivation problems lessen unless market forces, changes in existing laws, and local economies improve first and foremost. Historically no policy can stop human beings from attempting to alter their state of consciousness through drug use and or abuse. The side affect of prohibition often leads to violence and increased profit motives.

Why ongoing ‘drug wars’ continue:


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that sound your desk makes when you kick it with your knee, but you didn't kick it with your knee

same size box filled with any fiat currency on the planet doesn't have the same effect

BankSurfyMan Tue, 07/31/2018 - 19:58 Permalink

South America can grow it... Most of the economy sucks! I know the solution... Let banks and corporations handle the pot for now on! OBTW... Give the government of the United States regulatory control over of all weed that crosses the border! Smoke pot and rule South America. America isn't demanding more pot? Are you a F'Tard?

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Wonder where that gold will end up (and the cocaine, for that matter)? That's a brilliant scheme the Colombian government's come up with: let the impoverished peons do all the mining and refining for the cartels for next to nothing, and then turn around and steal the gold from the cartels! The cocaine's just a nice bonus!

It'd be nice if our government "allowed" Colombia to adopt sensible policies that wrest control of the profits from the cartels, but I won't hold my breath. If done right, coca exports (teas, etc.) and mining could put some money in the pockets of the average Colombian. The Colombians are generally good, family-oriented people and they deserve better than this! 

It's also important to consider that Colombia has the second-highest biodiversity in the entire world. Illegal gold mining involves nasty chemicals like cyanide, sulfuric & nitric acids, heavy metals and much more. These wreak havoc on ecosystems and poison both humans and animals. It's imperative that these ecosystems are protected for present and future generations!

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James the author of this post here. Could not agree with you more. There are serious policy errors at the source of these issues and they mostly start with the prohibition of drugs i.e. the 'drug war'.

As for Colombia today, Sam at Life Afar on Youtube has been doing some excellent videos showing the bright side of Colombia in 2018. I visited there in 2005, it is a marvelous country with real potential. The vast majority of its citizens are humble, bright hard working people. 

Check out some of the architecture in their real estate revamps on the linked youtube page above.

¡Bien chévere! 

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Why is that fiat money and stocks are talked up so much by PM haters on this site until stories like this remind everybody that gold and silver are still king?

Gold and silver reign bitches!!

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All leave cancelled for USMC. All aboard for helicopter ride to Caracas and to oil well-heads. Trump will talk turkey with Erdogan and haggle over carpets with Teheran but it is Dole Fruit Company time for Venezuela

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 The border region of Columbia (Revive Gran Columbia perhaps?) and Venezuela is the epicenter of major drug trafficking in the western hemisphere. Mexico and her Sierra Madre mountain range have taken over the Diamorphine business in the US with their opium production expansion (along with their imports from Kabul..touche!!) But Columbia still produces lots of 'raw' #4 for their existing markets: funneling through Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, plus on container ships/airliners to the East Coast.

Yeah, 'illegal mining' is dangerous to humanity and is contributing to global warming...too many peasants sweating it up. They need a snazzy term like 'Blood diamonds' for this 'illegal gold'. ZH is the place to source new terms like these if there ever was one.