Meet China's "Secret" Space Control Listening Base In Argentina Now Alarming US Officials

A recent New York Times piece has sounded the alarm over what Washington perceives as China's "expanding reach into Latin America," related to a space mission control center located in the heart of the Patagonia region of Argentina.   

It begins with an eerily beautiful description of an imposing structure, guarded by Chinese military personnel, unexpectedly rising out of Patagonian desert:

The giant antenna rises from the desert floor like an apparition, a gleaming metal tower jutting 16 stories above an endless wind-whipped stretch of Patagonia. The 450-ton device, with its hulking dish embracing the open skies, is the centerpiece of a $50 million satellite and space mission control station built by the Chinese military. The station began operating in March, playing a pivotal role in China’s audacious expedition to the far side of the moon — an endeavor that Argentine officials say they are elated to support.

Via The New York Times

The underlying perspective of the New York Times report over what is otherwise ostensibly a peaceful Argentine-Chinese space communications partnership is presented bluntly in the third stanza"The isolated base is one of the most striking symbols of Beijing’s long push to transform Latin America and shape its future for generations to come — often in ways that directly undermine the United States’ political, economic and strategic power in the region."

For Washington strategists the Chinese military-constructed "deep space research" communications base, defined visually by the massive antenna that juts out of the otherwise small facility in an isolated country area of Neuquen province, represents China's growing ability to sow deep economic inroads and expanding political influence in Latin America via secretive negotiations. 

The NYT notes "concerns" over Chinese tech infrastructure being established as part of an extension to China's global Belt and Road initiative:

But the way the base was negotiated — in secret, at a time when Argentina desperately needed investment — and concerns that it could enhance China’s intelligence-gathering capabilities in the Western Hemisphere have set off a debate in Argentina about the risks and benefits of being pulled into China’s orbit.

Base construction moved forward after a 50-year contract for was negotiated between the government of Argentina's former President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner (2007-2015) and the administration of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and approved by Argentinian parliament in February 2015. It finally went online in March of 2018.

A 2017 handout picture provided by local authorities shows the Chinese space station in Neuquen, Argentina. Reports say Chinese military personnel provide security around the base. Via Agencia EFE

The NYT charts China's significant economic inroads into both Argentina and Latin America in general, starting with the fact that China eclipsed the United States as South America and the Caribbean's top trading partner starting in 2015, topping $244 billion last yearover twice that of a decade earlier

This, the Times says, is what allowed China to make deep trade, infrastructure, and military inroads into Latin America at a time when both the Obama and Trump administrations focused their attention elsewhere in the globe, for example, on China's expanding trade corridor in central Asia.

And more specifically, the secret negotiations for the space control station with Argentina's president occurred at a time when the country and its neighbors were desperate to secure external loans and in some cases urgent bail outs:

Perhaps more significantly, China has issued tens of billions of dollars in commodities-backed loans across the Americas, giving it claim over a large share of the region’s oil — including nearly 90 percent of Ecuador’s reserves — for years.

China has also made itself indispensable by rescuing embattled governments and vital state-controlled companies in countries like Venezuela and Brazil, willing to make big bets to secure its place in the region.

Here in Argentina, a nation that had been shut out of international credit markets for defaulting on about $100 billion in bonds, China became a godsend for then-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

At the very moment China "was extending a helping hand" it then "began the secret negotiations that led to the satellite and space control station here in Patagonia". 

The NYT goes on the cite a number of Washington defense officials and analysts who present an alarmist scenario of what's described as China's discreet and "far-reaching plans" to hitch "the fate of several countries in the region to its own" in order to feed its "voracious appetite for the region’s oil, iron, soybeans and copper" — all the while surreptitiously laying down security and intelligence infrastructure

An arms control official under the Obama administration, Frank A. Rose, told the Times, “They are deploying these capabilities to blunt American military advantages, which are in many ways derived from space,” which he identifies as sophisticated jamming techniques that could "disrupt and destroy satellites" — though without citing specific examples of such aggressive acts happening. 

And further, the Times describes the potential ulterior capabilities and uses of the 450-ton Chinese antenna and space communications station

Antennas and other equipment that support space missions, like the kind China now has here in Patagonia, can increase China’s intelligence-gathering capabilities, experts say.

“A giant antenna is like a giant vacuum cleaner,” said Dean Cheng, a former congressional investigator who studies China’s national security policy. “What you are sucking up is signals, data, all sorts of things.”

Lt. Col. Christopher Logan, a Pentagon spokesman, said American military officials were assessing the implications of the Chinese monitoring station. Chinese officials declined requests for interviews about the base and their space program.

Though certainly worrisome that Americans' telecommunications data could be swept up by such a Chinese space listening post, it could simply be that China first and foremost seeks trade as well as tech partners throughout the world to allay the massive costs that come which such endeavors as space exploration (like most any other advanced industrial power today).

But then again as we've reported with increased frequency over the past year, China's rapid military and advanced telecommunications and weapons modernization —  undergirded by a burgeoning defense budget (it recently unveiled its largest in three years) - has been nothing short of remarkable, and is set to challenge the West on several fronts.

Perhaps, in what would be a nightmare scenario for Western officials who've been caught off guard, China has indeed already staked out a new massive intelligence-collecting outpost south of America's border under the guise of space exploration. 


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I'd be more concerned about the globalists leaking US high-tech out to China, following the "Best Adversary Money Can Buy" policy, considering they allowed China to rise through Kissinger in the 1970's, and the WTO more recently.  I can tell you it's not a coincidence that the Chinese were basically allowed to "hack" Hilary's private server with US Special Access Program classified data; and basic deductive reasoning tells me it was not her idea alone to let that happen.  We know where the Russians stand, but the real question is where does the Chinese government stand in respect to the globalist parasites' initiatives?


Nicholas Rockefeller: Generational Ties with Chinese Central Government

Adolfsteinbergovitch MasterPo Thu, 08/02/2018 - 01:48 Permalink

Black eye for the usa and their five eyes who thought south America was their little private bitch they could rape during their endless pizza parties.

What can they do about it exactly? Destroy their currency? That would only give China more room to deal with them.

They found the nicest way to dispose of their u.s. treasuries without panicking the markets: give them away as a collateral to countries still in the game...


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DownWithYogaPants Adolfsteinbergovitch Thu, 08/02/2018 - 02:38 Permalink

Western Private Central Banking Cartel pimps out everyone eventually.  The Argies may well be spendthrift douche bags but the banking cartel probably controls them so who can tell if their lack of management is from them or the bankers?  Well it has to be from the bankers because they rule all. I'd bet Argentina would do a decent sight better with out a Rothschild private central bank.

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Last of the Mi… Brazen Heist II Thu, 08/02/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

he isolated base is one of the most striking symbols of Beijing’s long push to transform Latin America and shape its future for generations to come — 


Kind of like Soros and his NGO's in the US, right? 

But oh wait, that's on US soil in your face every day and a direct threat to our constitutional society. Yup, I'm worried 'bout them Chinese in Patagonia.


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COSMOS kralizec Thu, 08/02/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

Its their country they can do what they want with it, the USA can take a hike and mind its own business.  With a robust Chinese military the days of USA military interventions in South and Central America are coming to an END.  Expect to see South American countries sign up with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

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Fireman Adolfsteinbergovitch Thu, 08/02/2018 - 06:35 Permalink

China needs to bite the bullet and flush that worthless treasury filth that they foolishly accepted for all that stuff they gave the USSAN massses through their Walfart feeding stations. USSA can't pay and wouldn't pay if they could. Anything they sign is worthle$$.


Pull the plug and implode the Wall St sewer and along with it the serial judaic wars waged by rabid Pentacon vermin and the Washing town pedovores. No more terror on credit, simply unleash the tsunami of toxic derivative garbage from USSA'S 3 centuries of terror on everyone else's dime. Call Orange Utang's bluff and flush the IOU petroscrip Saudi Mercan toilet paper dollah and bring down the Potemkin Village idiot "economy" of the anglozionazi abomination.


Death and debt without end...the USSAN way of "life"…

Jobs are for $ucker$

From Slumville to Trumpville

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Silly boy! Everyone knows that you have to keep the patient alive until you're done harvesting the organs! They can't pull the plug yet.... they have some organ harvesting to complete first. The problem is that Trump is getting in the way of that plan.

The Chinese need resources and customers to keep their business/society model going... but ultimately it fails as well.

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SybilDefense Adolfsteinbergovitch Thu, 08/02/2018 - 07:25 Permalink

Was in Panama recently. Bocas Del Toro on the Caribbean coast just below Costa Rica, returning after visiting a few years back.  Within 3-4 years, the town went from locals and some expats owning the commercial space, to now being 80% Chinese owned.  They control everything but a few trinket stores.  Pretty drastic change the locals are complaining about, and I'm told is more the norm than the exception in Central America.  C.A. is now like one big 7-11, but Chinese owned.  20-30 live in one apartment, and they must send their profits home because they are all dirt(y) poor. 

It's a good gig if you can get it... Being a gov pawn to establish a proliferative presence S of the USA.

Me, I'm moving to Peru, as the more southern latitudes in S. Am. seem to be less strategically important for the world shakers.  I will lay claim to lands of similar suitable climes as I've been accustomed to, and ring the bell when I need service.  On my own pampas, I will rule!

They will call him Goucho Bob!

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Gee  Do we just hear of this today via ZH. This antenna arrived in suitcases and with a bottle of compressed air inflated overnight and was immediately bolted to the ground.  The agreement secretly finalized using decoder rings with the Argentine government (past government).

Great ob our intelligence community (Little Green men in Crimea-on no not that sneak up event). But you do know that Trump sold us down the drain with Russia because Flint set up a meeting to open lines of communication with a super power armed to the teeth.  Brennan, Hayden and other Clinton ponies can go suck eggs. You too Mueller , Mr uranium One and Fast and Furious..

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China is the boogie man that the globalists desperately don't want us to see under our beds.  They are fucking communists for fuck's sake ("Xi Jinping is a Chinese politician currently serving as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China").  They have a President for life. They are a hive.  They still send political dissidents to prison, and they don't apologize for it.  And good luck buying any product that does not contain something they built.  

We don't do business with Cuba, but China. 

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css1971 LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/02/2018 - 07:33 Permalink

"They are fucking communists"


Nope. They allow private enterprise, private property.... So they're not even socialists any more, never mind communists.

"Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion."
― Friedrich A. Hayek

The type of socialism that uses heavy governmental regulation and the supremacy of the political party to control society... They're Fascists in all but name. Damned near classical fascism, they even have the nationalist stuff going too.

The irony of commies wearing Che t-shirts is going be delicious as Cuba switches to Fascism as well.

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The US earned its' reputation of strong arming nations to use the petrodollar, forced to buy US military weapons and hardware, and only get financial assistance if we can exploit their natural resources or use their land as strategic military bases.  China, on the other hand, is more than glad to invest all kinds of money to various nations as a way to build strategic and economic alliances,  China spends money on these 3rd world nations where the US extorts it.  Big difference.  The only ghastly thing about this dish build is the US response.  Anytime any potential military hardware is assembled anywhere---the US calls it a crime...meanwhile---the US sells more arms and has more bases globally than the rest of the world combined. Can we say hypocrite? 

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remember, the Chinese are reacting to our initial actions, same with Russia.

As a corollary thought, imagine the usa mic budget is slashed due to budget crises.

merica rolls back defense spending 50 percent and closes bases left and right.

then i ask if these adversary nations would be doing the military build out they are?

and if so, we just plain and simple need to get mean and lean.

one big lol to many "not gonna happen" ideas in the corollary thought.

therefore moar war, the bankster wet dream racket. dual boogieman created by the mic by aggressive

policy for 40 years. mission on going, whilst the homeland crumbles goes fuking broke.

a special thanks to lindsey grahm-cracker, and lump head at the cancer unit.

honorary mention to - dolten and mad fuk head...

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RedBaron616 new game Thu, 08/02/2018 - 08:45 Permalink

Nonsense. The Communists are doing what Communists always do. Push the smaller countries near them around. Take disputed territory, build up an island on rocks, and then militarize it. Is Australia about to attack China? Communists always blame someone else for their actions. It is what Communists have always done.

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EddieLomax Snaffew Thu, 08/02/2018 - 04:01 Permalink

You do realise that the Chinese hate us (westerners)?

They're not benevolently going about their business to improve conditions for their own people, instead they're aggressively moving in with a "I win, you lose" mindset for everything.

So to see them building military assets 1000's of miles around the world is alarming, they're a communist dictatorship and its time to treat them like that.  Trump is doing the right thing here, they're economy is basically a slave labour gig where the state controls everything, starve them of the export market, where they pump and dump to get market share, and they then have to either create a real market economy or go fall Stalin.

I expect at the first sign of trouble they'll go full Stalin on their own people.  So screw them and their polluted country.

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Kafir Goyim Anarchy 99 Thu, 08/02/2018 - 11:47 Permalink


The Chinese are very nationalistic.  Go get in a fight with a  Chinese guy in China, and see if the crowd stands and watches or if they no-questions-asked attack you en-masse.  It is them against the "foreigners" (their word for whites, even when the ethnically Chinese person saying it is living here in the USA, talking about white fellow americans)

Go try to get a hotel in China.  Most hotels do not allow foreigners to stay in them.  Only specially licensed ones allow it.   You are barely tolerated there.  

I don't care if you call them communist or not.  I agree that they allow some people to get rich and others to starve, so they are not text-book communists.  They are, however, authoritarian as hell, and after 1000's of years getting bitch-slapped by emperors and "the party", they do as they are told with nary a question, so don't expect they will suddenly "westernize". 

Do you want your kids to live like that?

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The US earned its' reputation of strong arming nations to use the petrodollar, forced to buy US military weapons and hardware, and only get financial assistance if we can exploit their natural resources or use their land as strategic military bases.  China, on the other hand, is more than glad to invest all kinds of money to various nations as a way to build strategic and economic alliances,  China spends money on these 3rd world nations where the US extorts it.  Big difference.  The only ghastly thing about this dish build is the US response.  Anytime any potential military hardware is assembled anywhere---the US calls it a crime...meanwhile---the US sells more arms and has more bases globally than the rest of the world combined. Can we say hypocrite? 

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RagnarRedux Space_Cowboy Thu, 08/02/2018 - 09:17 Permalink

Yeah, (((Globalists))).

(1993) C.I.A. Chief Says Israel Has Been Selling Advanced Military Technology To China For Over A Decade

"Israel has sold advanced military technology to China for more than a decade and is moving to expand its cooperation with Beijing, says R. James Woolsey, the Director of Central Intelligence."…

(2013) U.S. Furious With Israel For Selling Advanced Military Technology To China…

(2007) Israel Flagged As Top Spy Threat To U.S. In New NSA/Snowden Document…

Sayanim Everywhere

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

— Admiral Bobby Inman 
   Former Deputy Director of the CIA……

Forward: 90% Of The Foreigners Assisting The Communist Revolution In China Were Jews


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I think the globalists are being played themselves.  They think they have the Chinese controlled and they are dumb to their plans but that isn't the case.  The Chinese are playing them and us via our own hatreds and vanity and exceptionalism (in our mind).  You have to remember, the Chinese play long term in their strategies.  They know that their only rival on this planet is the US and they are doing everything they can to do things that will one thwart any attempt at stopping them and two make it difficult for them to maneuver. 

China isn't stupid, they know that space will be the deciding factor in the next war and they are making sure that they are the ones that will win.

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