Governor Calls For Calm After New Ebola Outbreak Confirmed In Eastern Congo

One day after a Denver man was promptly quarantined after returning to the US from eastern Congo, where he was working with sick people, and became suddenly ill Sunday (he was subsequently cleared), a new Ebola virus outbreak has been confirmed in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Governor Julien Paluku said on Wednesday, just one week after the country declared an end to a separate outbreak that killed 33 people in the northwest.

According to Reuters, the latest outbreak was found in the province of North Kivu, near the Congo’s border with Uganda.

Ebola virus confirmed in North Kivu,” Paluku wrote on Twitter. “I call for calm and prudence.”

While authorities did not say how many cases had been detected, Congo’s health ministry said on Monday that it had found 25 cases of fever near the town of Beni and that samples had been sent to the capital Kinshasa for testing. Congolese and international health officials deployed an experimental vaccine during the last outbreak, which helped contain its spread after it reached a large river port city..

This is the central African country’s 10th outbreak of Ebola since 1976, when the virus was discovered near the eponymous river in the north.

In responding to this year's outbreak in Congo, the world seemed to be better prepared - especially in comparison with the previous outbreak in West Africa. "One of the many painful lessons from the devastating West African Ebola epidemic of 2014 was that the world expected much more from the World Health Organization than it was then able to deliver," WHO spokesman Tarik Jašarević said.

During that outbreak, 28,616 cases of Ebola virus disease and 11,310 deaths were reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. An additional 36 cases and 15 deaths occurred when the outbreak spread outside those three countries, according to the CDC.

"Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the world is better prepared, not only for Ebola but for the many high threat pathogens, including pandemic influenza, that can cross the species barrier, from animals to humans, at any moment," Jašarević said.

As of now, WHO and other global health organizations are ensuring the end of the Ebola response in Congo and maintaining an increased vigilance to identify lessons learned and good practices in responding to such outbreaks moving forward, Jašarević said.

"Already, we can say we have contributed to improving surveillance systems, and for next time, will have in place protocols for vaccines and therapeutics," he said. "Another legacy is capacity building, such as training vaccinators who will now not only be able to respond domestically but can also help neighboring countries, too."


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Quarantine anyone, or is it ok for ebola to run rampant over Europe???

Uhm, is that a rhetorical question or do you honestly believe that something as minor as ebola should stop the Infinity Niggers™ program for all western nations?  If it's the latter and you think we should keep out these ebola infested jungle bunnies then you're a fucking racist and a Nazi worse than Adolf Hitler!

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Is there one of the bioweapon research centers that the US military has outsourced in the vicinity by any chance?

There is one in Madagascar where there just happened to be an outbreak of anthrax (I think from memory) a while back.

Well, Mr. Doody, why didn't you take five minutes and check out whether there was such an outbreak rather than grabbing something to say from your "memory" and vomiting it up all over us.

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Please explain how we can know "nature's intent"?

Or is that just the name for your rationalization of what that out-of-thin-air, connected-to-nothing hypothesis of a concept needs to be to fit the explanation you want?

You guys 'arguing' here wouldn't pass a first year logic or philosophy course. Get serious. your chatbot's are falling behind in these things. Not a modern design, I think. Unimpressive performance, really.

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"Get serious." 

Well lew1024, I do have a confirmation bias. I believe there are too many humans on the planet. The "developing" world produces populations that are unsustainable. Add in the socialist policies and the number of people an economy can support goes down. According to theory, capitalism can support more people than socialism. (Zimbabwe and South Africa confirm this theory.) Empirical evidence (looking at history) shows Communism kills vast numbers of people.

So my bias is to believe that large monocultures (like humans) spread disease at higher rates than sparsely populated areas.

I'm looking at evidence and history. 
Please tell me what your philosophy explains to you.

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Gosh and darn, I was just about to leave my panic room after the ZIKA all clear sounded. You know where ZIKA was going to create an army of pinheaded zombies to destroy the world? Can't seem to find any right now, but I'll be down in the hold of the Leakin Lena until Beanie Boy figures this Ebola stuff out. My guess is Dishonest Jew..uh John is behind it all.

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Thanks for your insight Herd. I was ignorant of this:

A 2007 study of the radioactivity of the coltan mined in Masisi and other parts of the North Kivu Province found "that grinding and sieving coltan can give rise to high occupational doses, up to 18 mSv per annum on average.

90% of the population mine this radioactive mineral because the country is too #%!$ed-up to manage farming.

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With Boatloads of Black males flooding into Europe....this might be something to take seriously. It's bad enough people of the Congo are going thru this, but it's best to prevent it from spreading. Will it take a serious Ebola outbreak in Europe to wake the Europeans up to what is happening to their nations? I hope not.

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"Urgent!!!!Urgent!!!!! VIRUS à EBOLA...."

Yes, because when you want to calm people down you start the communication with the word "urgent" twice, with 18 exclamation points after them, followed immediately with the words "ebola virus," in ALL CAPS.

I'm sure that'll calm those Africans right down.