New Iran Protests, Clashes With Police Gaining Steam After Week Of Plummeting Rial

Here we go again... The AP reports on a new round of protests now spreading to multiple cities in Iran after the dramatic drop in the rial early this week, based on emerging social media footage:

The videos were being circulated on Thursday. They show dozens of demonstrators said to be on the streets in the town of Gohardasht, west of Tehran. The protesters are seen setting fire to police vehicles and shouting “death to the dictator.” Police respond with tear gas.

Iran's state-run media briefly acknowledged the pockets of unrest in scant reports noting the protests were "without official permission" and isolated, but a series of social media videos emerged Wednesday and early Thursday which appear to show protests and clashes with police gaining steam across multiple cities

Demonstrations in Iran’s third-largest city, Isfahan on Wednesday. Image source: Radio Farda via VOA News

The Iranian rial dropped to an historic low this week just ahead of a new round of renewed US sanctions set to begin Monday, August 6

Previously in July protesters clashed with police in short-lived demonstrations outside of parliament in Tehran as merchants of the Grand Bazaar shuttered their stores while economic woes amidst looming sanctions renewal and runaway inflation meant they lost money by merely staying open.

Those prior protests lasted only three days and included a swift crackdown by authorities; however this week's protest will likely continue to grow through the weekend. 

Demonstrations involving crowds of hundreds were reported on Wednesday and Thursday in a handful of locations, including in the northern city of Rasht, as well as the city of Karaj, adjacent to Iran's capital.

Both cities witnessed fierce clashes with police deploying riot control measures, according to unverified social media accounts. 

Activist accounts have also claimed government messages were sent to cell phones in the country accusing the United States and Saudi Arabia of stoking domestic turmoil

The US government-funded news source VOA has featured this week's social media protest footage out of Iran and noted anti-regime slogans, including chants of "The silence of any Iranian [in response to Iran’s current problems] is a betrayal against the country.”

Iran's currency is now nearing collapse ahead of sanctions. Days ago an elite top military commander urged President Hassan Rouhani to take "revolutionary actions" to prop up the falling rial.  

Protesters appear to be responding primarily to a sharp hike in prices on imported products after the dollar's surge to record highs against the rial in black market trading. The unofficial rate of the Iranian rial plummeted to a record low at estimatesof between 112,000 and 120,000 rials against the dollar on concerns over the imminent return of full US sanctions.

Addressing Iran's president, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said,“The unique and extensive backing you benefited from in past weeks shouldn’t preclude you from taking revolutionary actions to control prices and prevent the enormous increase in the price of foreign currency and gold,” in an open letter published by the privately owned Tasnim news agency. “Decision-making in today’s difficult circumstances necessitates revolutionary determination and decisiveness in dealing with certain managers’ weaknesses,” the IRGC top commander said. 

With protests possibly in the early phases and as the August 6 US sanctions are set to take effect, things in Iran are likely about to get a lot worse.



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paging hasbara iran bashers, paging hasbara iran bashers

be sure to repeat the meme "pallets of cash" as many times as possible, and pretend it's relevant to the current debate.

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And while the warmongering jew supremacists continue to agitate for more & more wars, and continue to attack Iran & Syria on every hand by any and all means as well as the entire world; Lest we forget (((their))) past war crimes:

  "Operation Gomorrah: Firestorm created ‘Germany’s Nagasaki’"

"There is no doubt in my mind that the Allied bombing campaign against Germany in WW2 was one of the worst war crimes ever committed. While certain despicable self-proclaimed intelligence experts laud the deaths of German civilians as a result of the bombing as a ‘glorious slaughter’ and lament that ‘we didn’t kill enough of them’ I feel only disgust and revulsion at what was done to the German people by my forebears."



Also Read:

"The Bad War" M.S. King (banned by jewmazon at the demands of the jwc)

"Against Our Better Judgement" Allison Weir

"MegaCaust" Michael Walsh


And Subscribe To:

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You are aware that Iran houses the largest Jewish population in the Middle East, outside of Israel? Many left for the US, but the remaining population is between 10-20k and rising. They are protected by statute, and have representation in the Iranian parliament. There are a number of articles on the internet where Iranian Jews discuss there antipathy to Zionism.

Research and learn.

Spouting all that 'Joo' crap just makes you look like a Zionist tool, rather than a disciple of the sort of discerning intellectuality that many Jews over many continents and centuries have made their own.

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Yeah and "protests and clashes with police gaining steam..." Quick call Casey Jones back from the dead. Fire Tenders start shoveling the coal, fill the boilers.  Steam power is a powerful image as are locomotives.... "Woooo, Woooo, Chug, Chug. This is a direct analogy to human social dynamics and an apt reference ... in 1859!

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IF I were running the show in Iran -- I would know that the CIA is behind this 


And I would immediately issue an edict --- Get off the Streets --- if you refuse --- we will shoot to kill.


I would have snipers on roof tops --- and 30 minutes after the edict was issued - I would have them open fire killing every last one of these f789ers. 


This is how Egypt ended the protests that were getting out of hand a few years ago.  They shot dead 600+ protestors.


All has been quiet ever since


Whatever it takes - means - whatever it takes

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Naw, that’s gotten stale. It’s Russia and China again. Don’t be surprised if a Project Bluebeam or Project Fire Sign event (as predicted by Werner Von Braun) aided by 5G towers happens next.


The spice must flow to the black budget secret space program. And if you aren’t aware of these things you really ought to get up to speed...

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All these Hasbaras on da street of Iran:

ایران وایر‏ @iranwire 9h9 hours ago


تجمع اعتراضی مردم #شیراز #فارس


تجمع اعتراضی مردم #شیراز #فارس امروز پنجشنبه در خیابان داریوش #اخبار_ایران

Translated from Persian by Microsoft


The protest rally Thursday on the street #فارس #شیراز people today, Darius #اخبار_ایران

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"They show dozens of demonstrators"

They couldn't be PAID could they, that is not possible, not that ENORMOUS number!

Actually Iran has had its scientists MURDERED by Israelis left and right, and the USA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Judaism, helps and assists Israel.
IN all of the CRIMINAL behavior. They are waging war against Iran. (((THEY))) have used their control of our banking system and so forth like the FED, and have worked to undermine Iran's currency.

You know the "VICTORS" after WW2 created a new ex post facto law about "War Crimes" which had to be the most farcical "Justice" ever recorded, the Nuremberg Trials. They have been SHOVING the Big Lie down Whites throats ever since.

Read this while you can, the (((GANG))) is waging a war on Free Speech as well

Jewish Intellectual Activism for Internet Control
July 24, 2018 Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Dr Joyce is a retired professor from England.

The website is run and owned by former State Department employees:
The cost of Israel to the American taxpayer in 2003 $3 TRILLION!

Iran is a nation of some of the bravest people on earth, with courage AND morality.
That is enough for the overthrow of their elected government wouldn't you agree?
NO, gee what about the evil Ayatollah:

Ayatollah Khamenei Says Jews are Behind Feminism In Mother’s Day Speech March 19, 2017

As we speak, Jews are looking to incite young middle class women who watch American TV and movies in Iran to slowly chip away at their country’s norms. Right now international Jews like Facebook’s Cheryl Sandberg are encouraging Iranian women to use the social media platform to break the law, in stark contrast to Facebook’s rush to oblige the German state to censor free political speech.

While cuckservatives would applaud women taking off their hijabs in Iran, the goal is to open up a slippery slope. The head scarf in Iranian Islam is not mandated as a constricting beekeeper suit like in Sunni countries, but instead a tasteful and even fashionable outward show of modesty.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Jewish Ethnic Networking

Have Iran and Israël declared a new war?
Thierry Meyssan Damascus (Syria) 12 May 2018

General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Al-Qods Force, is the most respected combatant in the Greater Middle East. He has been seen on all the regional theatres of operation. His victories have made him a myth. Washington has apparently authorised Tel-Aviv to eliminate him.

U.S. launches campaign to erode support for Iran's leaders July 21, 2018

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The IRG MIC and their foreign policy of interference and intervention is killing the Iranian People.  Death to the Hidden Iman and their war monger deep staters. ;0