Socialism: So Bad Women Are Willing To Be Sexually Abused To Escape It

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

The democratic socialist nation of Venezuela’s collapse is showing just how far people will go in order to escape the horrors of big government. In fact, the situation in Venezuela has gotten so bad that women are willing to risk being sexually abused in human trafficking rings in order to escape the horrors of socialism.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality of government is bearing down on real people and making life incredibly miserable for those stuck in Venezuela.  It’s also no walk in the park for those who have managed to escape.  The Washington Post detailed one woman’s plight, and it’s a disturbing an harrowing tale:

In Trinidad, the International Organization for Migration, a United Nations body, has received 23 suspected cases of trafficked Venezuelans in the past three months — compared with no Venezuelan cases last year, according to Jewel Ali, the organization’s local director.

They include victims like Luz — who said she lost one of her three children in April after the hospital in her Venezuelan town ran out of medication to treat her daughter’s bacterial infection. When she was approached to come to Trinidad, the offer seemed too good to be true.

“But I told myself, I’m going anyway. I’m not going to lose the chance for my kids to be better off just because I had some doubts,” she said.

The ordeal — five weeks spent captive and repeatedly filmed being raped — had “damaged” her, she said. At one point, Luz said, she and a friend were tied up and raped side by side.

“We were looking at each other,” Luz said, tearing up. “We would cry. And I would tell her, ‘Sister, be strong, you have a daughter.’ I would just keep repeating that.” The Washington Post

As the oil-rich country buckles under the weight of a failed socialist experiment, an estimated 5,000 people a day are departing the country in Latin America’s largest migrant outflow in decades.  Millions have fled Maduro’s reign of terror creating an even bigger crisis.

Carolina Jimenez, a senior official with Amnesty International, said, “Venezuela’s unprecedented situation has turned a domestic human rights crisis into a regional human rights crisis. Countries in the region are not prepared to take in so many migrants and do not have the asylum systems needed to prevent job exploitation and human trafficking,” she said. “These people should be protected, but instead they are being taken advantage of.”

The beginning of the end for Venezuela came when Hugo Chávez became president in 1999. Spouting similar policies to those of American socialist Bernie Sanders Chávez forced a form of socialism on the people that resulted in many businesses collapsing or being nationalized. A purge of the state-run oil industry which was a center of opposition to his rule and essential to the nation’s economy removed thousands of workers, who were often replaced by political supporters with little to no technical experience. Venezuela’s slide into despotism increased in speed exponentially under current President Nicolás Maduro. The tyrannical authoritarian was a former bus driver and union leader who inherited power after Chávez’s death in 2013.

The United Nations projects 2 million Venezuelans will flee their dystopian native country and this year. That’s in addition to an exodus of 1.8 million over the past two years. Diplomats in Trinidad along with international agencies say there is also evidence of a horrifying trend: Desperate Venezuelans, mostly women, have become commodities to be bought and sold.


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But they want cute Nordic socialism!

Theyll totally be good to everyone and not devolve into oligarchical fuckery like all other socialist shitholes....SWEAR

Shadow1275 Ghostmaker Thu, 08/02/2018 - 21:57 Permalink

If the fucking Divorce laws in this country weren't so Feminazi friendly I might scoop up one of these Spicy desperate Latinas. On the other hand, I don't want them to bring their Socialshit systems over. That's the worst part, they leave bc their country/state is ruined by socialism, and then the dumbfucks vote for it all over again in their new home.

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Just to throw another angle on this, could it be possible that someone decided to start up some kinetic democracy for Venezuela, and this is how its going to be sold to the public?

From other stories I've heard about socialist nations, from people living in them, I do think the story is plausible. However, as we know any mainstream or big nonprofit info source is suspect, thanks to, oh I dunno, chicanery like the NYT hiring an unprofessional racist, or all of the absurd claims put out by the TV networks to get us to war in Syria.

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Rutalkingtome Skateboarder Fri, 08/03/2018 - 03:37 Permalink

This article shows one side of the coin. Look all this "democracies" from Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Colombia, etc) that the US has nurtured. People are leaving these countries whatever the price, killings, rapings, etc commited by the US trained cartels in Mexico Venezuela is struggling mainly due to the US sanctions since they refuse (so far) to be plundered by the US corporates.

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I see colombian women "fleeing" to prostitute in Mexico (the Caribbean area)  do not know how much they charge (not interested). What baffles me is since as everyone knows Mexico is such dangerous country why would they come here? They ve got democracy (american style), the same could be told about Guatemaleans, Hondureans, Salvadoreans, etc. all of them with US "compatible" governements taking the uncertain journey through Mexico to end up who killed, in a brothel? who knows.

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You are deluded self hating asshole! Chavez, then a bus driver, Maduro, took over a thriving country with huge oil exports then redistributed the money and ruined the oil industry by nationalizing it, now they broke. They weren't paying their bills, we then sanctioned them.

Get an education.

PERIOD, end of sentence!

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ONE whackjob obsessed SPAMMER -- with numerous log-ons!!!

•• Free This  (same WHACK JOB -- used to be "Mr Hankey" -- also banned)

•• sanctificado  (DON'T CLICK THE LINKS!!! --  Biblicism SPAMMER -- banned as powow/Wadolt/ravolla/lloll/pier/etc.)

•• More Sun (it's the JOOS!! -- whack job extraordinaire)

•• Annanuki  (another imaginary friend)

•• Jumanji1959 (another imaginary friend)

•• Adolfsteinbergovich  (another imaginary friend)

•• Cryptopithicus Homme  (another "imaginary friend")


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shamus001 Justin Case Thu, 08/02/2018 - 23:11 Permalink

Your so full of it!  Look, America sanctioned them when they stuck their finger at us. Madueuro already took over their congress, arrested opposition, seized any and all corporations that insisted on prices that made profit (driving them under) seized oil industries, farmers - WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD DIDNT HE SEIZE?

his govt system was corrupt, he refused to be voted out- making him a dictator to say the least, THERE IS 0 PRICE DISCOVERY BECAUSE HE CONTROLS AND MANIPULATES ALL THE MARKET. (sound familiar FED?) So you take his socialist govt, seizing everything in the name of the people, give it away, then soon theres no skilled labor for production, nor profitability.  FREE GAS?? REALLY? Last I looked ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD the production of fuel takes resources, manpower, energy- those all require $$ !

Take your sociast hell loving *ss and move down to Venezuelian Eden, please, and leave the rest of us to suffer in Capitalism... we'll manage without your ilk somehow.

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mabuhay1 Justin Case Fri, 08/03/2018 - 01:01 Permalink

The situation in Venezuela has little or nothing to do with any embargo by the US.  The government killed the oil industry when they seized it and ran it into the ground.  They closed the food and other manufacturing plants, so now people are starving.  They basically did what all socialists do, muck up the entire economy.  Yes, the US is now trying to force change but the only embargos are on the leaders, not the country or the public at large, and anyone saying otherwise are lying.

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vato poco Justin Case Fri, 08/03/2018 - 03:37 Permalink

oh, eat a bag of dicks. 

no matter how much you - and the socialist thieves in venezuela - might whine about how mean ol' Uncle Sam is, like, keepin' 'em down, maaaan .... not letting 'em borrow money an' chit, esse ....

none of that should mean jack shit to a country with more proven oil reserves than saudi arabia. they **shouldn't need** to borrow ANYthing from ANYone, now should they.

and if those mean yanquis with their embargos make their oil hard to sell, why then, los venes could merely *put it on sale at 5% off*. the chinese and japanese would buy all they could pump. but therein lies the problem: being a country run by socialist kleptocrats, venezuela can't even manage to pump the oil anymore. hell,they're SO fucked up, one reads stories that they may even be importing oil. to go with the nationwide lack of things like, ...oh .... toilet paper and food.

the USA didn't do that, fuckwit: socialismo south america style did.

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We get about two of these hey-look-how-bad-things-are-in-Venezuela-due-to-socialism articles every wee.

Everyone joins in the bash socialism and Venezuela party, but no one want to talk about the level if socialism in the US.....and the difference that comes when you are the world's reserve currency holder and can destroy a small player like Venezuela with a simple nod.

Socialism is for losers but countries can maintain it s long as they can sell bonds and go deeper in debt. Does anyone here really believe Venezuela is operating under a worse system than Greece? That Venezuela somehow has a special form of socialism so much unlike what we practice or every other major developed country in the world?

I think it is important to recognize what is really happening here. Western banksters have pulled Venezuela's line of credit to slap them back in line. That socialism is a scourge.....even in our own country....and the day we no longer control others country's currencies (like Russia and China) and lose reserve status, we could easily be just as bad off.....or even worse.

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not dead yet Free This Fri, 08/03/2018 - 03:00 Permalink

Contrary to your statement until recently Venezuela was paying on their foreign debt even though they were advised not to. Why would the US government want to sanction a country for not paying their bills? The sanctions were for supposed human rights abuses, most of which were committed by protesters and blamed on the government, and your clown in chief Obama put drastic sanctions on them for being "a danger to US security." Your pal Trump has called for military action. When Venezuela tried their own crypto currency Trump himself threatened to fuck over anyone who used it. Look it up. Also look up the fact that the US was trying to overthrow Chavez almost from the day he got ELECTED and why the NED has been down there for years creating and organizing opposition. The US was especially pissed when Chavez and Castro became buddies. While we're at it explain why we continue to fuck over Cuba. Yes Chavez and crew did a lot of mismanagement but we overlook a lot of their accomplishments for their people. I can see why people hate socialism but so many here let themselves be blinded by that hate that they refuse to see Venezuela is on the US hit list to be destroyed. Now they are moving on to Nicaragua and their ELECTED government.

The current media coverage of Venezuela is colored by those spouting US government propaganda. Most of the so called shortages are from mutinationals not wishing to be sanctioned by the US. If the US really cared about Venezuela instead of sending in the NED and economic hit men, drastic sanctions, and call for military invasion the US would be down there with aid and gently showing the people the error of their ways in supporting socialism. Yet the US won't do that because Venezuela is also about fucking over Russia and China who have invested in that country. Remember the panic when it appeared the Russians were going to take over the Venezuelan oil industry. Amazing that the US refuses to help country south of it's border and does everything it can to destroy it and it's people but has plenty of cash to prop up the most corrupt basket case human rights abusing crooked government country on the planet Ukraine that makes Venezuela look like paradise.

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Bendromeda Strain bshirley1968 Fri, 08/03/2018 - 07:38 Permalink

If Venezuela is a going concern under the present (or previous administration), then why isn't Com China propping up this oil rich nation? Could it be because socialism is always and everywhere another form of kleptocracy, which is why Chavez's daughter banked over a billion?

Venezuela is operating under a worse system than Greece because after disarming the population, semiautomatic and select fire rifle have been distributed to lawless revolutionary militias. Same as it ever was. That so many university educated fools are here to blame the US for the failure of socialism pretty much everywhere is just precious.

You wouldn't give us your clownbux on our worthless signature so we had to print our own. Wah!

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Mad Muppet Justin Case Fri, 08/03/2018 - 00:47 Permalink

Because Government programs almost always:
        waste a lot of money.
        don’t solve the problem they were designed to solve.
        create different problems in the process.
        require never-ending expansions in funding.
        never complete their task.

Gee, sounds like just the right amount of Socialism to me..../s.

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TheEndIsNear Justin Case Fri, 08/03/2018 - 00:50 Permalink

"If you say you’re against socialism, then they ask you about things like traffic lights and paved roads, libraries, hospitals, parks, universities, transit systems, airports etc., which are forms of socialism."

There aren't any traffic lights, transit systems, universities, or airports where I live, and only the main roads are paved. The tiny library and tiny community park are supported by voluntary donations. The small hospital 30 miles away is supported by customer fees and charity. 

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