America's Billionaires Battle Each Other For Political Control Over Europe

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

A contest for political control of Europe is gearing up between two American teams, one headed by the long-established George Soros, and the other now being set up by the upstart Steve Bannon, US President Donald Trump’s former campaign-manager. Soros has long led America’s liberal billionaires in controlling Europe, and Bannon is now organizing a team of America’s conservative billionaires to wrest that control from the liberal ones. Whereas Soros claims to represent the public’s interests, Bannon claims to represent the population’s interests  - that’s the ‘populist’ side of America’s billionaires, versus the established ‘public-interest’ (Soros) side of them. 

Two American brands of ‘philanthropists' will thus now be fighting for control over Europe's political markets (or institutions).

It’s a battle to serve either ’the public’ or else ’the people’, and each political brand will be struggling to keep Europe as an ally in American billionaires’ war against Russia (which all American billionaires want to defeat), but each team does this from a different ideological perspective, one being ‘liberal’, and the other being ‘conservative’. 

Just as there is liberal-conservative political polarization between billionaires domestically within a nation, there also is such political polarization between billionaires regarding their given nation’s foreign policies; and America’s billionaires are politically very highly polarized, both nationally and, increasingly, internationally as well. None of them is progressive, or left-populist. The only ‘populism’ that any billionaire currently promotes is right-‘populist', which is Bannon’s team. (Stalin was left-‘populist’; and Hitler was right-‘populist’; but neither dictator really was at all populist, which is simply democratic and against the aristocracy.) Both teams demonize each other within the United States for control over the US Government, but both are now competing against each other internationally for control over the entire world, by two different brands: liberal versus conservative. Both brands endorse ‘democracy’ or “the allies”; and both support spreading that ‘democracy’ by means of invading and occupying ‘dictatorships’ or “the enemies.” In Europe, this is called “imperialism”; in America, it is called “neo-conservatism” or “neoconservatism”; but no American billionaire actively opposes it (because to oppose it would be to oppose the aristocracy itself, the billionaires’ control over the Government — the very system that has been enormously successful for them, far more than the public itself recognizes).

After World War II, America’s billionaires took control of, first western Europe, and, then, after 1990, once the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact military alliance ended, they gradually took all of Europe. They did this not only by expanding NATO after 1990 (even as its mirror-organization the Warsaw Pact had disappeared and thus NATO’s nominal raison d’etre was actually gone) but by means of the EU, which was created in the 1950s as a joint effort by American and European billionaires and their agents — all of them being anti-Russian (or, as the public line at the time went, ‘anti-communist’). Their real aim was conquest, first of all absorbing all allies of Russia, and then ultimately of absorbing Russia itself — complete global conquest.

The public announcement of this new war by American billionaires for control over Europe, appeared on 20 July 2018, in the US neoconservative (i.e., pro-imperialism) neoliberal propaganda-site, The Daily Beast (it’s pro-Soros, anti-Bannon; and so says that Soros has “given away $32 billion to liberal causes” instead of “paid $32 billion to liberal causes” — for isolating and ultimately defeating Russia). This “liberal” article, against the “conservative” Bannon, opened as follows:


Inside Bannon's Plan to Hijack Europe for the Far-Right

Bannon is moving to Europe to set up The Movement, a populist foundation to rival George Soros and spark a right-wing revolt across the continent.

NICO HINES 07.20.18 9:57 PM ET

LONDON — Steve Bannon plans to go toe-to-toe with George Soros and spark a right-wing revolution in Europe.

Trump’s former White House chief advisor told The Daily Beast that he is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead a right-wing populist revolt across the continent starting with the European Parliament elections next spring...

Bannon has spent his career after the US military as an agent for various US billionaires, most recently for the ones that backed Donald Trump in the Republican primaries and so bought the Party’s nomination for him. Whereas the chief brain behind Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign was Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, the chief brain behind Donald Trump’s was Steve Bannon who had been hired for this purpose by billionaire mathematician and private-equity chief Robert Mercer who partnered on the operation with billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel. After Trump won the nomination, Bannon stayed on and his operation came to be funded most by the US-Israeli casino billionaire couple, Miriam and Sheldon Adelson. But all of the Republican billionaires(Jewish, evangelical Christian, and even some otherwise) were big supporters of Israel. Israel, of course, is allied with the Sauds, who own Saudi Arabia; and both Israel and the Sauds are even more focused on destroying Iran than on destroying Russia (the US aristocracy’s chief goal). Only America’s billionaires are obsessed to conquer Russia. They've been that way ever since World War II ended.

As the columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard accurately summarized in Britain's Telegraph, "The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover”

US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, and worked aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into the project. 

As this newspaper first reported when the treasure became available, one memorandum dated July 26, 1950, reveals a campaign to promote a full-fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen William J Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency. 

The key CIA front was the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), chaired by Donovan. Another document shows that it provided 53.5 per cent of the European movement's funds in 1958. The board included Walter Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles, CIA directors in the Fifties, and a caste of ex-OSS officials who moved in and out of the CIA.

Bill Donovan, legendary head of the war-time OSS, was later in charge of orchestrating the EU project.

Papers show that it [ACUE] treated some of the EU's 'founding fathers' as hired hands, and actively prevented them finding alternative funding that would have broken reliance on Washington.

There is nothing particularly wicked about this. The US acted astutely in the context of the Cold War. The political reconstruction of Europe was a roaring success.

However, his opinion at the end there isn’t entirely true, because at the same time, the CIA was working with thousands of secret Nazi and Fascist agents in Europe, whom the OSS had secretly collected and protected at the end of WWII and who continued secretly throughout the Cold War to carry out CIA operations to subvert not just communist agents in Europe but, even more than that, to subvert democratic agents in Europe who favored not subordination to the US but instead the democratic sovereignty of Europeans, over their own land's politics. Therefore, from the very get-go, the EU was a means to impose, upon Europeans, control by US international corporations, for the benefit of corporate America. That was the overriding purpose of the EU — subordination to America’s billionaires, no authentic democracy. Vassalage within the US empire was and is the goal of them all — to conquer, first, Europe, and then, the world.

Evans-Pritchard urges his readers: “In my view, the Brexit camp should be laying out plans to increase UK defence spending by half to 3pc of GDP, pledging to propel Britain into the lead as the undisputed military power of Europe.” This pro-imperialist view of his, is an extension of that by Cecil Rhodes late in the 1800s, for a UK-US global empire in which those two imperial powers — the old one and the new one — would gradually take control over the entire world. George Soros has been working for that objective feverishly. Steve Bannon is against that ‘internationalist’ viewpoint, and he favors instead the ‘nationalist’ one, but in both the liberal and the conservative versions, America’s billionaires will take in an increasing proportion of the world’s wealth. The contest between these two teams is over how best to achieve this objective.

There is also a second reason why America’s billionaires are rabid against today’s Russia, above and beyond that of America’s billionaires demanding to control the world. This reason is that, under Vladimir Putin, Russia’s policy has been to demand that all billionaires, both domestic and foreign, accept that in Russia, the welfare of the Russian public takes precedence over and above the welfare of any and all billionaires. This is a principle that billionaires everywhere, and especially the American ones who prior to Putin’s leadership were robbing the Russian federal treasury, cannot tolerate. So: in siding with America’s billionaires, Europeans have been siding also with billionaires as a class — siding with the super-rich — against the public, everywhere. Why would Europeans be doing such a thing? Aren’t they supposed to have at least some degree of choice in such a matter? Aren’t they supposed to live in a democracy?


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Europe doesn't stand a chance if it fails to refocus, now and fully, on the emerging geopolitical reality that is Eurasian integration--and NOT on the US or Europe's terms.

The tide turned in Ukraine when Clinton and Nuland arrogantly overplayed their hand and awoke the Putinbeast.

Now Europe has seen its high tide and is in retreat/decline.  The Soros model, augmenting fading European populations with floods of migrants, was always a plain stupid model.  Any social geographer will tell you two things about cultural wars:

1. Real conflicts occur when minority percentages exceed about 15% of the total, and tend to stop at about 30 or 40%. 

2. In most cases the percentages don't trigger social upheaval; the rate of change does.

The Soros model is guaranteed to cross both of these fault lines.  Therefore it is a suicidal strategy (by design?  Who cares?).

Europe needs to get its shit together, inventory their actual assets and competitive positions vis-a-vis China and the emerging Asian/Mideast powers (India, Iran, Indonesia, etc.) and scrape together a way to make themselves useful and relevant.  Bluster, imperial arrogance, murderous foreign policies and teeny militaries ain't it.

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MoreSun eforce Sat, 08/04/2018 - 10:48 Permalink

"A high-IQ white nationalism is a serious threat to Jewish globalism.

Jews know that the white race is their only serious competition that has the potential to threaten their Talmudic rule. They seek the marginalization of the White race for this reason.

Ultimately, Christianity and IQ are the two main reasons for Jewish hatred for whites. Cheap labor at home is third. In a divided land the most cohesive group will rule.

Jews have a high level of racial solidarity. This solidarity seems to be both the necessary and sufficient cause of social dominance. By reducing the White population to a minority the Jews will be able to control and/or eliminate all collective forces not aligned with their own.

A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open immigration can be seen in the following 1948 quote by David Petegorsky, former Director of the American Jewish Congress: “Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.”

Few know Hitler stated in Mein Kampf:

"It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master" (Hitler, 1, 11).

This is a long-standing jewish strategy. For a small group to dominate a larger one, bringing in a third party, complete with grievances and created anger, is the easiest means to have a reserve army to use against their enemy."

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Black nobility in Europe have been enslaving the world for about 1000 years. They have been successful for all that time in hiding their true power. Only now are people becoming aware.

The censorship battle will continue to gain steam- their continued control remains dependant on everyone being unaware of their power. The Vatican, the British crown, the European royals, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and new Billionaires...all working together to suppress information.

 The rulers know censorship is even more important than control of the finances or endless war or globalism for them to remain in power. 


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Otto von Hapsburgh, deceased, was also known as the father of the EU, and also known as the King of Jerusalem.  As much as these facts have been obfuscated over the years, it is well established fact.  His son is the Present Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Dragon and current head of the Austrian branch of the Order of the Golden Fleece.  These are the lackeys of the Jew-controlled Vatican:

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Zorba's idea Jim in MN Sat, 08/04/2018 - 16:36 Permalink

Jim, one important fact you might consider is the low birth rate for traditional European countries. It is incredulous that the NWO-EU is subsidizing this muslim immigration all the while creating indentured slaves out of its native population. Debt slaves normally can't afford children...without a lot of taxpayer subsidies. Has a familiar ring to it, No?

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This is the sort of thing that we should be discussing around here.  But in 2008, Uranium One was in full swing and Putin loved Clinton/Obama.  So, did the Israelis sabotage the US-Russian 'OILigarch' lovefest?  I'm still looking for the origin of the feud....figured it to be a simple mafia-style betrayal.  Something else?  Let's hear it.

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Scar Bro DingleBarryObummer Sat, 08/04/2018 - 09:17 Permalink

Bannon is owned by jews just like the entire alt-right and right wing groups in Europe. Literally the only person you can trust is Jeremy Corbyn because he won't bow to the jews. Full on smear campaign taking place against him for "anti-semitism" and refusing to "condemn" Putin ... and Iran ... and Hezbollah. The guy is literally BANG ON about everything and the jews are in full panic mode. It's mostly kept out of the mainstream ... and even here on ZH. Do your own research and it's obvious.

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Leftist ideology like bailing out the farmers that can't sell their products due to the trade war? And by the way, fascism is considered to be far right, it's similar to communism in that individuals must surrender their rights for the "welfare" of the state but also allows oligarchs to retain their properties so only the poor and the middle class are the ones that actually get screwed, which is pretty much what's going on under the leadership of the orange piece of scum. 

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We produce a little over 50% of the worlds supply of soybeans.

What most of you dont understand is, there are not enough soybeans to satisfy asia's total demand for them. The Chinese will try to buy theirs from other countries that produce, but unfortunately those other countries production is falling because Brazil and South Africa are falling apart. And if Thailand or Vietnam, or Japan can't get them from anywhere else but the US, guess where our soybeans are going.



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Posa 666D Chess Sat, 08/04/2018 - 19:28 Permalink

A waste of time 666... market fundies/ Randian libertarians  live in their own fact-free ideological swamp... they can't tolerate the idea that big time owners of capital hate competition, love monopolies and cartels, and love using the governments "they own" to loot the population and if that inhibits economic growth, so be it

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Griffin HowdyDoody Sat, 08/04/2018 - 10:16 Permalink

It is incredibly childish and stupid to imagine that Steve is going to wield some great influence over Europe.

Any one who has ever been to Europe knows that it is even difficult to get the Europeans to speak English, let alone obey some far right blogger from the US.

You can trick them into speaking English by trying to speak them in their own language. When you have abused it mercilessly for a little while they sometimes give up and speak to you in English.






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If Bannons face was slightly more melted, he would look just like Soros.


The simple truth in this, unrelated to this particular article above or your personal understanding of it is that, 

Bannon goes to Europe.

He starts a umbrella organisation with HQ in Brussels.

This organisation is intended to reel in all the horrible riffraff in Europe that are against Soros ideology, which just happens to be on the brink, burning money for nothing, ever closer to destruction.

What is the point of this you might ask.

There is of course the risk for those populist type political parties in Europe that decide to work with Bannon, that the people who have supported them might change their minds.






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To a non-french speakers, my french sounds great - very Gerard Depardieu. Unfortunately it is completely baffling to the French. My proudest moment was once asking a Frenchman at a garage where the water tap was, and he replied "Half past two". Many years of speaking Greek now mean that my French has been  subsumed, and after two or three words it becomes Greek - not that the French can tell the difference :-)

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STP shovelhead Sat, 08/04/2018 - 13:52 Permalink

LOL, the license plate of Quebec, says it all:  "Je Me Souviens" or "I will remember".  Those idiots will never forget.  It's like the ongoing deal in Ireland, between the Catholics and the Protestants, because the King of Orange or some weird royalty figure, lost a battle 300 years ago.  And they're still pissed about it!

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There is an operation against the left, ironically a Jewish creation. They have lost control of it, and their highly critical of Israel's actions. You ready stories of old Communist parties, becoming Anti-Israel, and many Jews leaving Communists Parties in West because of it. Now their turning to Conservatism and high jacking it, trying to make it Israeli Friendly after like 100 years of attacking it with their Marxism.

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I think his ideas on economics are better than the currently implemented ideas on economics: Growth must be achieved by increasing immigration to the point that younger workers from 2nd/3rd world countries replace an ageing Western population increasing pension demands.

Mostly it's jews that define terms such as "socialism" or "leftism" or "liberalism". Everywhere you look jews get involved in the conversation and drag definitions to suit their objectives. If socialism and liberalism mean affording care and freedoms to the citizens of this nation then I'm all for it. The fact is, both concepts have been hijacked and been taken to such an extreme that they now appear to be the opposite of what they began as:

Socialism - taking care of a nation's population - but through immigration and multiculturalism socialism has come to mean "taking care of foreigners who immigrate just for the privileges"

Liberalism - affording freedoms to a nation's population (ie. everyone) - This has now come to mean "placing restrictions upon a nation's population, dictated by minority groups with disproportionate leverage over government" - guess which minority group is at the forefront.

Every time I turn on the tv or watch youtube, I have a jew telling me what to think. At what point did we lose the ability to think for ourselves?

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