China's Military To Help Assad Retake Rest Of Syrian Territory, Ambassador Suggests

The Chinese Ambassador to Syria, Qi Qianjin, has shocked Middle East pundits and observers with statements this week indicating the Chinese military may directly assist the Syrian Army in an upcoming major offensive on jihadist-held Idlib province.

The "[Chinese] military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria," the ambassador said in an interview with the pro-government daily newspaper Al-Watan, subsequently translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Substantial rumors from pro-Damascus sources of a major Syrian-Russian led offensive to take back Idlib, held since 2015 by a Nusra Front dominated coalition (since rebranding itself as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham/HTS), have been swirling since the now successful Assad campaign to take back the whole of the south was initiated, and these sources indicate the battle could begin as early as September.

But crucially, Idlib province is now the ground zero gathering point of nearly all jihadist and ISIS factions remaining in Syria, including foreign fighters. According to some estimates there are upwards of 40,000 armed jihadists within the main anti-Assad factions in Idlib, embedded within a population of about 2 million civilians and internally displaced persons (IDP's). Thus the coming battle for Idlib is expected to be among the most bloody and grinding of the entire seven years of war, similar to Aleppo in 2016.

China is chiefly interested in allying with Syrian government forces to root out the significant component of Chinese Muslim foreign fighters operating in Idlib. The hardline Islamist Uyghur militants have entered Syria in the thousands over the past few years from the western Chinese province of Xinjiang, where the minority ethno-religious group has found itself under increased persecution and oversight by the state. 

In 2017 the Syrian government estimated their numbers at around 5,000.

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin emphasized mutual counter-terror interests in his comments while making indirect reference to Uyghur jihadists, telling Al-Watan: "...There is positive military cooperation between China and Syria in the domain of counterterrorism. We know that the war on terror and Syria's campaign against the terrorists serve not only the interests of the Syrian people but also the interests of the Chinese people and of [all] the peoples of the world.

He explained further of Chinese interests in the war: "There has been close cooperation between our armies in fighting the terrorists [who came to Syria] from all over the world, including terrorists who came from China. This cooperation between the armies and [other] relevant elements will continue in the future..."

Chinese Uyghur fighters have joined ISIS and other al-Qaeda factions in Syria. Image via the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

When asked about the upcoming Idlib offensive, Qianjin replied that China "is following the situation in Syria, in particular after the victory in southern [Syria], and its military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria."

Chinese Uyghur's have entered Syria in the thousands, confirmed through multiple of jihadi ​​social media sources and images.

And in a separate statement to Al-Watan, a Chinese military attaché to Syria, Wong Roy Chang, backed the ambassador's statement, albeit in a more reserved tone. Chang said, "The military cooperation between the Syrian and Chinese armies is ongoing. We have good relations and we maintain this cooperation in order to serve the security, integrity and stability of our countries. We – China and its military – wish to develop our relations with the Syrian army."

However, when pressed over whether Chinese troops would assist in the Idlib campaign, Chang said it was a "political decision" to be decided by Beijing.

Meanwhile in the broader context of this week's broader escalating trade war with Washington, and as China has long eyed being first in line torebuild Syria in close economic partnership with Damascus, Chinese companies in the Middle East will increasingly find themselves targeted by the West, as the US is seeking to prevent further Chinese and Russian entrenchment in the Middle East. 


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China is chiefly interested in allying with Syrian government forces to root out the significant component of Chinese Muslim foreign fighters operating in Idlib. The hardline Islamist Uyghur militants have entered Syria in the thousands over the past few years from the western Chinese province of Xinjiang, where the minority ethno-religious group has found itself under increased persecution and oversight by the state. 

IMO, killing off some Uyghurs is only a bonus.  It's more likely that the Chinese want to have some troops with combat experience and also to test some equipment under combat conditions.

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Bypassing Israel and Saudi Arabia for their oil needs from Africa keeps the problems around the two rogue nations from affecting the maritime routes, keeping the oil in a pipeline away from wars, pirates and terrorists.

It will also allow them to increase their diversity of suppliers. Spreading the economic love to their friends in Africa, forget the Jew and Arab warmongers.…

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Hey dickhead, would you mind removing me from this kind of stuff? 

You should work for Israel or the FBI or the NSA. They are looking for people like you to cover up their liberal thugs but making stupid witch hunts. 

Your future would be so bright.

Now look at this beautiful antonov 124 cargo on the photo. Another sign they can't do shit without Russian hardware... maybe they want to test it in conflict conditions? 

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Zerohedge used to be the pinnacle of high finance debate and discussion, with virtually all commenters being highly educated and from the anglo-west.

Now its a bunch of millennial 4chan scum from eastern europe, the middle east, and central asia, that dont have two cents to rub together and couldnt make it through one economics 101 lecture without quitting to go declare jihad on someone.  You're all worthless scum that ruined a great website.

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Wake up TruthHammer. Us poor black folk, greasers, and white trash are movin into your hood. You don't like it, you can move out. 

The fact is that white anglo conservatives ain't so united anymore because of all the shit you been pullin on Wall Street and and with the US petrodollar protection racket. 

As for the Chinese thinking of invading Syria, my question is whether or not Assad invited them or not. If not then they can just FO like the Anglo-Zionists should and right the hell out of there. 

What we are now seeing is the "multi-polar" world alternative replacing the worn-out and fake uniworld one of the US-led Ango-Zio empire. All the idiots on the alternative media who think this is so wonderful have bee sucked into the first stage of globalism where the elite of the four main power blocks, the US-UK-Israeli axis, the EU, Russia and China have decided to divide the world up into their spheres of influence, sustaining minor skirmishes here and there but avoiding any major wars. Like we are only given two alternatives? The unipolar world of the Anglo-Zio axis or the multi-polar one of 4 power blocks. 

As a Canadian I will go with the Hungarian concept of national integrity for all nations TELLING ALL OF THE POWER BLOCKS TO JUST FO AND STOP F-ING UP EVERYONE ELSE'S LIVES.  


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Logged in to upvote you - Absolutely, key points you've made. Western hegemony is breaking down in real time and the multipolar world order (and credit / finance system) is standing up before our eyes. The next winners are strong sovereign cultures that need global business, but are willing to make deals with other, once competing sovereigns along civilizational lines. True the BRI is a major stake, but we're seeing the new alliances form between players that can trust one another's basic word.

Clash of Civilizations has been proven the correct model of world order foresight. People forget that Huntington's view was not neoliberal globalism, it was cultural - as you state "national integrity." The neocon/PNAC order the rich families paid for is falling apart during their project. (This neocon order is also Canada's project of course, b/c of Soros/Browder/Freeland Harper/McCain/Clinton and today's Canada is among the worst globalizers).

Idiots, you cannot just build dams to contain civilizational forces. 

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Many forums do not display down vote counts. Can click on the down arrow, but nothing visibly changes.

Notice here that there used to be rating for the articles.

Side note. I wanted to test a web site in different browsers. I downloaded and installed Chrome for the first time ever. Click on it. First thing I see is that Chrome wants access to the gnome keyring. Sure, give Google that inside access. Ignored the request. Comes up again. Ignored. Tested. Removed. Purged. It was only a VM anyway. Nuke the VM from host to make sure.

Just a browser. Don't need it to manage/control my life.

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ZH used to be more about finance. It always had its share of idiots.


At this point, there isn't much more to be said about finance that ZH'ers don't already know (if they care about it). All you can do is speculate about which powers are manipulating what to what ends. It is all rigged. I think this is why ZH has moved to more sociopolitical articles and less chart porn and analysis.

Many of the "4chan scum" allegedly from "undesirable" places are the result of people waking up to the manipulations. I think the level of education here is still quite high. It's just that trying to make sense of an insane world is not always going to look like rational discourse.

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Checkmate, my ass. Oh, the courageous warriors of the PLA, showing up after all the fighting is over.

How does the PLA sell this to their soldiers? Qui bono? Dimes to donuts this is about testing Chinese military hardware. I severely doubt that you'll see any PLAs getting shot at. That said, they do have a slight over-abundance of fighting age troops thanks to the One Child policy.

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Also note the leaked memo between Russia and U.S. on ZeroHedge today.  Ergo...the only reason U.S. "generals" are willing to entertain consorting with Russians is because they want a three-prong balance of power with the Russians and Chinese who are more than willing to (1) end the conflict at this point and (2) provide the necessary materials/supplies/companies/manpower for rebuilding Syria.  

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Maybe they also want to make sure their 5000 terrorist citizens don't return home before receiving honorable bullet to back of head first. And after that its build build build from a grateful Syria who INVITES them there, then onwards to the silk road after that. Win/win arrangements can be so nice, the US should try it sometime, but their (((handlers))) would have non of that.

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Theosebes my man! You are interfering with the gushing praise-flow-narrative and adulation being heaped on the Chi-Coms for them courageously (if not taking it upon themselves to kill off some of its own citizens in Syria before they can return home!

Such valor, such bravery, such quick geo-thinking needs to be acknowledged & admired! ;-)

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See? I knew I was not getting with the enthusiasm of the action, nmewn. I tell ya', they just don't make them propaganda films today like they did when Mao was in charge. That back then was Patriotism, with a capital P. Made ya' wanna' run out for some fresh cultural revolution before heading off to re-education camp.

Seriously, you just know that they're in Damascus cutting some deal with Assad for some sort of development. It's all One Belt.

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I was thinking the same thing. China aint bound by the same bullshit etiquette the west and even Russia is bound by. 

I am not a big China fan but I am even less of an Al Nusra fan ever since I watched John Kerry testify that the US was arming "moderate rebels" al Nusra. 

Still, It would be such a black eye to the USA spooks to have China come in and directly clean up our mess that I bet it does not happen. 

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China and Russia have created a joint naval command structure for the MENA,lots being missed about

whats going on right now.Looks like it may well be based in Iran.Along with the two new Russian airforce bases,

I'd say a de facto defense pact exists,or an actual one has not yet been disclosed.Pakistan has joint military

exercises planned with Iran as well.Withdrawal from Afghanistan is merely a matter of time.Tick tock,before the Khyber

is closed for resupply.

Syria is now old news,Iraq and Iran should be the focus.The Empire will not go quietly in the long goodnight

regardless of who is president.

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Having seen Chinese influence in the Caribbean, my preference is for the opportunity to rebuild Syria and establish influence.  The Uighur presence is just an excuse and a bonus.

Chinese take a very long view.  They do not smash and grab, as we do in the West.  They infiltrate and establish lines of commerce.

Our mindset is ill matched in this sort of long game.


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Yeah, like they took a very long view in 1958.


And in 1966.


And in 1979.


And when any of the tens of thousands of riots that happen each year in China flare up and the state has to expend resources suppressing them.


And when they repeatedly reinflate their real estate bubble through massive construction that never brings a return. Because they're fucked if they don't reinflate the bubble every few years.


Them modern "Communist" Chinese, always taking the long view. 

ZH, always ready to provide myopic dicklickers.

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Chinese military is badass *now*. They leeched everything from US through the scumsucking UN, up to *.w

After that, kikes sold everything to anybody with bux *.

After that, CFR shared everything including *.

 But like Nikola Tesla, USA, realizing the craven nature of goblins and ratfuckers, withheld what was necessary for her security concerns.

Ab*ve. Zowie! FAANGs don't have it, because we didn't spell it out for them. Their spiders know where to start. 

So do I.

When I'm done.

I advise bribing their officers with visas and numbered grease accounts, and mass distribution of grades of dope and porn for the grunts.

Remember that?


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NickelthroweR deepelemblues Sat, 08/04/2018 - 01:11 Permalink


I believe you to be wrong on this one.  In the time it took us to build one skyscraper in New York, the Chinese built the largest High Speed Rail system in the world.  I live in California and we can't even get one SLOW rail system built to connect two cities near one another.  It doesn't matter that this is technology that is 175 years old - we just don't have the will to do it without bankrupting ourselves.  It is no longer possible to do these things.

I'll bet you this: If the USA had wanted a wall with Mexico in, say, 1938, it would have been built out of concrete and marble, function perfectly fine today, be visible from space and built on time and under budget.  

That spirit is now with the Chinese.  No one dares to go to war with them because it is an entire country of factory workers.  They can produce weapons and people faster than we can - it is now simple math.

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