Bin Laden's Son Marries Lead 9/11 Hijacker's Daughter, Says Family

The son of the late al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has married the daughter of the lead hijacker in the September 11th terror attacks, Mohammed Atta, according to a recent interview the family gave to The Guardian

The union was confirmed by Osama bin Laden’s half-brothers during an interview with The Guardian. Ahmad and Hassan al-Attas said they believed Hamza had taken a senior position within al-Qaeda and was aiming to avenge the death of his father, shot dead during a US military raid in Pakistan seven years ago.

Hamza bin Laden is the son of one of Osama bin Laden’s three surviving wives, Khairiah Sabar, who was living with her husband in a compound in Abbottabad, near a large Pakistani military base, when he was killed. He has since made public statements urging followers to wage war on Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv and is seen as a deputy to the terrorist group’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. -The Guardian

Hamza bin Laden. Photograph: AP

“We have heard he has married the daughter of Mohammed Atta,” said Ahmad al-Attas. “We’re not sure where he is, but it could be Afghanistan.”

“When we thought everyone was over this, next thing I knew was Hamza saying I am going to avenge my father,” said his brother, Hassan al-Attas. “I don’t want to go through that again.

Ahmad al-Attas, brother of Osama bin Laden. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

Western intelligence agencies have been trying to track Hamza bin Laden's whereabouts for the past two years, according to The Guardian, as he is suspected to have become a "central hub of al-Qaida" as the organization itself "continues to be organised around Osama bin Laden's legacy," and may become galvanized around Hamza. 

Another son of Osama bin Laden, Khalid, was killed in a US raid in Abbottabad, while a third, Saad, was killed in a 2009 drone strike in Afghanistan. Letter seized from bin Laden's compound suggest Hamza had been chosen as his father's successor. 

Bin Laden’s wives and surviving children have returned to Saudi Arabia, where they were given refuge by the former crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The women and children remain in close contact with Bin Laden’s mother, Alia Ghanem, who told the Guardian in an interview that she remained in regular touch with surviving family members. -The Guardian

Alia Ghanem at home in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with a picture of her son Osama bin Laden. Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian



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Bin ladens Dad ...

Wives and children

He fathered a total of 56 children by 22 wives. Mohammed never had more than four wives at a time—divorcing older wives and marrying new ones as needed to limit the number of current wives to four and stay within the letter of Sunni Islam marriage law. According to Carmen bin Ladin, Mohammed was planning to wed a 23rd wife the night he died, and was heading there when his plane crashed.[1] His best known son is Osama bin Laden, the notorious founder of al-Qaeda, the Sunni militant Islamist organization. Osama bin Ladin’s mother, Hamida al-Attas, was born and raised in Syria before marrying Bin Laden and moving to Saudi Arabia. She was Mohammed’s 11th wife.


On 3 September 1967, Mohammed bin Laden was killed when his company airplane, a Beechcraft, crashed during landing in Oom, 'Asir Province, in southwest Saudi Arabia.[2]

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On 911, Israeli nationals were arrested for driving white vans filled with explosives.  Story was dropped from media coverage shortly after 911.  All were deported for visa violations a couple months later without ever being prosecuted:

White vans with explosives -  - 3:04 min

NYPD radio - exploding white van - men arrested - -  1:13 min

Dancing Israelis not prosecuted - - 0:52 min

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i was thinking as i clicked on the title to read the article, and then as i read the article, i wonder.  the CIA created these fuckers.  but these are second generation.  maybe they have had constant monitoring / mentoring.  maybe not.

but i wonder.  what if they have lost control of this generation?  what if these guys want to be the real deal?  what if they don't go after civilians and go after langley?  this could be interesting if langley has to actually defend itself.  granted, they should be doing that now, but we are a nation/country of cucks.

either way, the first kid these two will surely have, will be royalty in the head chopper nation.  sort of like john connor.

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Amazing they can track everything law abiding/ tax paying US workers do...every transaction/every phone call/every email....but nsa/CIA has no ability to track immediate family of the most publicized terrorist in history.

as if these people live in caves and underground bunkers instead of well known luxury condos/apartments and properties in cities like Arlington Virginia, London, New York. They socialize with and keep their money in big regulated banks (HSBC, JP Morgan) and venture capital funds like Carlisle Group. The funds and cell phone numbers and addresses are easily gather by central intelligence if they want them.

Every thing is not a lie....but come on what is this crap? Who writes this stuff? Can you do a interview with the journalists asking why they don’t ask some simple questions? How they get requested to write this stuff? It would be interesting to hear the author answer detailed questions about how this sort of propaganda gets placed as it is.

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