Britain Welcomes Radicals - Again And Again

Authored by Douglas Murray via The Gatestone Institute,

It is more than a year since the UK suffered three Islamist terrorist attacks in quick succession. It is also more than a year since the Prime Minister, Theresa May, stood on the steps of Downing Street and announced that 'enough is enough'.

Yet the striking aspect of the last year has been how little has changed.

Consider, for instance, the lax controls on extremist preachers that the UK had in place in 2016. As reported here at the time, in the summer of that year, two Pakistani clerics performed a tour of the UK. Their seven-week roadshow took in numerous UK hotspots including Rochdale, Rotherham, Oldham and the Prime Minister's own constituency of Maidenhead. The two clerics -- Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman -- began their tour by visiting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at Lambeth Palace for a meeting on 'interfaith relations'.

How expert are these two clerics at 'interfaith relations'? Well, they are so good that their main credential is their enthusiastic support for the murderer of somebody accused of 'blasphemy'. Yes -- these two preachers are famed in Pakistan for having supported Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of the progressive Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Because Taseer believed in a relaxation of Pakistan's barbaric blasphemy codes (specifically he opposed the execution of a Christian woman -- Asia Bibi -- who was falsely accused of blaspheming the Muslim god), Qadri -- who was meant to be guarding the governor -- instead murdered Taseer in 2011. Qadri himself was subsequently tried, sentenced to death and executed by the state. After Qadri's funeral in Rawalpindi, Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman whipped up the crowds of the murderer's mourners. Rehman acclaimed the murderer Qadri as a 'shaeed' (martyr). The crowd subsequently chanted slogans such as 'Qadri, your blood will bring revolution' and 'the punishment for a blasphemer is beheading'.

Pictured: Salman Taseer, the late Governor of Punjab, Pakistan, accompanied by his wife Aamna, prepares to meet the US Ambassador to Pakistan on November 6, 2010. (Image source: Salman Taseer/Flickr)

Despite criticism from Shahbaz Taseer (the son of the man whom Qadri had murdered), the UK government had no problem allowing into the UK these two men who, as Shahbaz Taseer said, 'teach murder and hate'. On their tour of the UK in 2016, these two preachers were reported to have spoken to mosques packed with worshipers.

A forgiving person might point out that the Archbishop of Canterbury does not know what he is talking about when he claims that Rehman and Rehman are interfaith experts, and that until 2016 the UK border agencies and other authorities could not have known that the two men are preachers of incitement in their home country. A forgiving person might even have thought all these authorities were naïve but would not be so naïve again.

In 2017, however, it did happen again. In July of last year the clerics were back, ostensibly speaking at a conference on 'counter-terrorism'. The idea that either man would know how to counter terrorism when the only expertise that either man has is in encouraging terrorism makes their presence at such an event insulting to anyone involved in countering terrorism. Even more so given that their main facilitator in the UK would appear to be the head of the one-man organisation calling itself the 'Ramadan Foundation', run by Mohammed Shafiq, a man with his own dark history of extremism and incitement.

A cynical person might assume that the UK authorities had let these radical preachers in the first time because they were ignorant, and the second time perhaps because they were slow. But how to account for events just last month? In July of this year, Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman was in the UK yet again -- and againin Oldham. Also again, his visit appears to have been facilitated by the one-man-band, Mohammed Shafiq. The latest bogus 'counter-terrorism conference' at which he was speaking also involved not only local MP (and Shadow Home Office Minister) Afzal Khan, but also the father and grandmother of one of the victims of last year's Islamist suicide bomb attack at the Manchester Arena.

Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman, in his address at the conference, reportedly said:

"I stand before you to say we as Muslims stand against terrorism, these vile people are enemies of Islam and the whole of humanity.

"My mission in life is to promote tolerance and peace, you can see from the thousands who attend my events in Pakistan there is a yearning for the true message of Islam which is Peace and tolerance.

"I am honoured to visit Manchester to remember the victims and their families of the Manchester Arena attack and say we stand with you always".

Of course the thousands who attended his events in Pakistan did not always hear this message of 'peace and tolerance'. As the evidence of the aftermath of Qadri's funeral showed, they heard a message of vengeance, blasphemy, medievalism and violence.

But that is Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman.

The bigger question is for the UK -- and specifically for the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

In the past year, the UK has banned a fair number of people from entering the country. It has, for example, barred the Canadian activist and blogger Lauren Southern. It has also banned the Austrian activist and 'identitarian' Martin Sellner. Whatever anyone's thoughts on either of these individuals, it is not possible to claim that either has ever addressed a rally of thousands of people which they have used to extol a murderer. If either of them had done so, a ban from the UK might be explicable. Yet Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman has done these things -- and yet has been allowed into the UK three years in a row. Even in the year after Theresa May pretended that 'enough is enough.'

Perhaps the British government thinks that people do not notice such things. Perhaps the organisers of the 'counter-terrorism conference' in Manchester think that people are taken in by such pretences. Perhaps they think that the people of Britain do not mind. But the people of Britain do notice and I rather suspect that they do mind. Very much, in fact.


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The Archbishop of Canterbury is a lousy complicit faggot and a dirty communist. 

.... Lambeth..... what strikes a student of history about that name? Perhaps the name corresponds to the subversion of all but one Christian denomination to the task of breeding whites out of existence?  It’s just a coincidence. (Edit: Plus it’s a bit uncomfortable.)

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Brits, including that Britbob dude, lie through their teeth for a living. What better illustration than this one:…

Where they had a nuclear reactor in a landmark 17th century building in London whereas they declared the region nuclear free? 

Trusting Brits has always been and will always constitute a hazard. 


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Anyone has the right not to allow guns in their house.

Except...bad guys with guns, who ignore the rules, and rape his wife and daughters, and him with a bit of luck.  And "good" guys with guns (cops) who then get invited in in.  With their guns.

So to be clear, armed outlaws are fine, armed government thugs are fine.  The only people who really, really aren't allowed to bring guns to his house abiding citizens.

Good thinking, Mr Gun Free Zone.

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Second try at this. I grew up in southern alberta the son of Ukrainian parents who were good friends with a first generation Irish family who on multiple occasions growing up identified with the IRA. Goddamn they collectively sacked up and were tough as nails like my family. We were all catholic. Nobody's perfect. Saved in our own way.

It seems the Irish have rolled over, much like the UK. Much like Europe. Much like Canada to a slower degree, to a cultural suicide.

We're all basically fucked outside of small towns at this point thanks to unbridled immigration.

I was rooting for Ireland but after they rubber stamped gay marriage and more recently abortion, it's clear they are lost.

With some luck thanks in part to the Trump effect, I hope Canada along with Europe hangs on long enough to see a nationalist movement develop which allows the native sons to reassert control. 

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I read somewhere that there were never more than a couple of dozen active, hard core IRA men.

Think about that one.  The effect they had, with just a couple of dozen committed soldiers.  Never mind that many of their larger outrages were likely false flags, part of Operation Gladio.

What could a couple of dozen committed white men do in Canada or the US?  Or Sweden, for that matter?  Quite a bit, I'd wager.

Exhibit B: the response to "Islamic Terror" in the West.  Same deal.  A handful of committed hard men, a lot of assistance from the security forces ia false flag attacks (9/11 most notably), and look at what has been achieved in the West.

Exhibit C: jews in the West.  Refer to Exhibit B.

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Gatestone institute inciting racial hatred against Muslims (or would we call it bigotry?), by showing that Muslims incite racial hatred, or bigotry or religious nuttery, or whatever works to make the violence flow.

Can we look at the management of Gatestone Institute, to see where their priorities might lie? From their website:

About Gatestone Institute

"Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write."
— John Adams

Gatestone Institute, a non-partisan, not-for-profit international policy council and think tank is dedicated to educating the public about what the mainstream media fails to report in promoting:

  • Institutions of Democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Human Rights
  • A free and strong economy
  • A military capable of ensuring peace at home and in the free world
  • Energy independence
  • Ensuring the public stay informed of threats to our individual liberty, sovereignty and free speech.

The irony is strong in this one....

From Wikipedia:

The Gatestone Institute (formerly Stonegate Institute and Hudson New York) is a conservative geopolitical think tank that publishes articles, particularly pertaining to Islam and the Middle East. The organization has attracted attention for publishing false articles and being a source of viral falsehoods.[2][3][4][5]

Gatestone Institute



FounderNina Rosenwald

TypeNot-for-profitnon-governmental organizationthink tank

Tax ID no.


Registration no.5119586

FocusInternational politics


Key people

John R. BoltonAmir TaheriElie WieselR. James Woolsey[1]

Gatestone was founded in 2012 by Nina Rosenwald, who serves as its president.[6] Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton, now national security advisor, was its chairman from 2013 to March 2018. Its current chairman is Amir Taheri.[7][8][9][10]

Right, we had better believe every word they say, as it is entirely honest, unbiased and charitable in every way. Good to know.

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Younger ones have not been taught proper history and instead have been indoctrinated in our schools to a PC leftist agenda which could very well be the death of Western civilization.

The children coming out of the education system today are no less brainwashed than Muslims are.

In fact I do believe that the globalists have used the same methods on young westerners that Islam uses on their young.

Political Islam uses political correctness to its advantage extremely successfully, Mix that with open borders and the fact that the mainstream media, leftists, and Islamists all love authoritarianism and you’ve got all the ingredients for the rise Muslim supremacy, and its supported by the left

Get educated on something called taqiyya — circumstances in which the Quran, Hadith and Sira all permit Muslims to lie if it advances the cause of Islamists’ goal to build trust with infidels in order to defeat them.

Islamists effectively recruited leftists globally with taqiyya tactics to create a situation where anyone who is critical of Islam is considered an “Islamophobe” and lambasted by the left.

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If you replace the Islam references with the corresponding jewish ones, you achieve exactly the same effect.  

The difference is that jews run the world's financial system and have almost complete power over almost all western governments.  Muslims don't.

Muzzies are a diversion.  That doesn't mean they are harmless, but they are far less of a threat to the West than the jewish 5th column within.



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And yet the Gatestone Institute carefully avoids mention of Barbara Spectre and the destruction she visited upon Sweden.

Spectre and her handlers were directly responsible for lying to the Swedish and farther European populations about their true intentions for mass unfettered immigration from the third world.

But the Gatestone psychotics are just fine with that.

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Unfortunately, the more Muslims we import, the more terror events. It's the nature of the religion.

The greater their numbers, the more they practice or push for

Sharia Law: the most barbaric religious paradigm on the planet.

There's no way to soften their prime directive: "Convert or kill all non-believers."

Muslims don’t need or care about intellectual arguments, they have the Quran and the examples of Mohammad…

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It’s interesting who the mullahs are aligned with. Of the paramilitary arms aligned against us, we have Islam, with the creed you quote, we have ms13 with “kill, rape, control” and other darlings of the progressives like Nazi-tiny-Hogg and the fascist antifasistas — or that cunt they hired at NYT (who needs to be put on suicide watch — something tells me that she’s got some profoundly fucked-up tragic crap happening in her possessed soul.)

Anyway it’s all “For the people!”

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The leftist libs believe they are using the Muslims to destroy conservatives after which they think they will control the Muslims.

What they fail to see is the Muslims hate the left more than they hate conservatives for the left condones behavior that Muslims find so repulsive they murder those who engage in it.

The left is in for a REAL rude awakening.

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deep state = Vatican, globalists = Vatican, Vatican rule this world for centuries and never lost power from times of monarchies

to overcome democracy Vatican simply rule through secret societies for elites - Skull and Bones (Bush, Clinton), Knights of Malta (Soros, Rothschilds bankers of Vatican), Opus Dei, Illuminati
Skull and Bones is symbol of Borgia - creator of jesuits
Soros is christened from a child Knight of Malta, his power and orders comes from Vatican
Rothschilds are christened from first Nathan bankers of Vatican, their famous intelligence were jesuits that recruted Nathan, red shield from name and herb is symbol of roman legions, simple google check will tell you whole family is praying to Vatican big time

Vatican is luciferian - offshoot of catholicism - from almost beginning, it is stated directly in luciferian texts that Holy Ghost is Lucifer, this religion is available only for elites "world is not ready"

Jesus was socialist - this are followers of Jesus, true christians = luciferians

google "Vatican Nervi Hall interior photo" and see temple of popes in Vatican looking like a big serpent

yt JFK secret societies speech (5mins version)

google "putin hand sign horns" and see all those luciferian politicians and celebrities

google "benedict hand sign horns" to see more of luciferian Vatican

all national intelligence agencies are controlled by jesuits - intelligence of Vatican - rest is theater and actors

Banking belongs to Vatican from times of templars

communism was to weaken atheism and orthodox, it gave a lot of power back to Vatican

before communism and fascism Vatican was bankrupting (there was no country Vatican was created by Mussolini)

poor education is to keep god idea going

NWO is to keep vatican luciferian dominance for centuries - otherwise god will die and they can't allow this

religous wars still in place, we are living in middle ages

Trump is protestant

check Albert Pike world wars plans letters

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You are missing mountains of information and that has been used by people who do not have your interest in mind to make you look like a jackass.

You’re almost on to something though. Bergoglio is an anti-pope. There is only one (pope) at a time, and his “predecessor” is still alive. (This is set out in cannon 212 of Church law: There is no “pope Francis.” The Church can never undo what Christ instituted. There was ONE Peter. Period.

bergoglio/antipope Francis is a literally diabolical figure. He’s the precise opposite to John the Baptist. 


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First off Christ never instituted His church through Peter.  The Roman Catholic religion used the "Peter the rock" verse in the Bible to support their made up religion and confiscated part of Christ's teachings as their doctrine.  The Bible records no statement by Christ to setup Peter as the head of the Christian movement.  Peter never made such a statement either.  The Catholics added legality to their religion in order to control their flock and guarantee a future for their system.  It's a Christin-like religion, no more.  The Pope is not the Vickers of Christ; Christ needs no representative here on earth because He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us, not some carnal man.

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Politicians are criminal psychopaths willing to accept money to provide any services required if the bribes are sufficiently high and 'immigration services' are just one area of corruption.

As long as the very wealthy are rarely to never affected there is no problem with millions of ordinary people having their lives ruined, robbed, raped, and even killed.

The only caution is to keep it barely under control and bank the cash- that is the sole skill. If the UK goes up in flames later this year the wealthy will flee like they always do knowing they can buy their way in with the next country's political slobs.

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What? Brittain has some stupid cunt called a queen and some faggot inbred asshole family that people are supposed to give a shit about.

On one hand is Brittain honest? They have an oligarchy. We all do you see.

One may presume that the royal family and the new breed are of like minds because certainly it would be uncivilized to permit Brittain to suffer so at the hands of such hooligans.

It is sanctioned. It has always been sanctioned. The royal house is not stuck in a pin. This is the way they want it. Someone wants it that way. So that's how it is.

Look around you and know that the way the world is is the way someone wants it to be.

Everything is just the way it's suppsed to be.

New houses are being raised and chartered. New blood is being got. You just live here.

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Lamentations 4

12 The kings of the earth, and all the inhabitants of the world, would not have believed that the adversary and the enemy should have entered into the gates of Jerusalem.

2 Peter 2

22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

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British institutions are paralysed by the fear of offending anyone of the Muslim faith. Thus betraying the vast majority of peaceful, integrated Muslims living here. 

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One word.  Jews.

Looking at David Irving's treatment of Churchill, I suspect their corruption of Churchill was the finest move they ever made, in England and ultimately with the West.  If Churchill had actually worked for England, instead of for himself and zionism, we would likely live in a different world.

It's pretty easy to corrupt any politician you like when you control the monetary supply.

Incidentally, Irving didn't seem to be "woke" when he wrote "Churchill's War".  That came later.

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Britain is past the point of no return on its way to becoming the first or second caliphate in Europe (Under Sharia law, obviously); it's Just a matter of time.

The crown realized this fact and hedged its bets with the last royal marriage.

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Both the UK government and the Civil Service are riddled with left wing sympathisers. Many of them have probably been "educated / indoctrinated" at universities with policies similar to the ones in the US that you now call snowflakes.

How can anybody with that kind of background make rational decisions?

They ALL think the world owes them a living.

They are taught by academics, the vast majority of whom are DEVOUT left wingers.

The kids have absolutely no chance of making a positive contribution to society which is why they dream of getting into a Civil Service type position where they will never, ever, have to say sorry for their shitty decisions gone wrong.

They should all have to swear allegiance to the Queen, any who have an alternative belief should be fired and that includes any in government who make it possible for these headchoppers to even come here.

Bring back capital punishment.