Massive "Fire Tornado" Blaze Started By A Flat Tire; White House Declares "Major Disaster" In California

One the most destructive wildfires in California history, the Carr fire, is still raging with only about 40% of it contained while elsewhere in the state, especially in the north, fires continue to expand.

Overnight a seventh person was reported killed by the Carr fire as another in the north of the state expanded by 25% overnight, leading the White House to declare a "major disaster" in California in a statement on Sunday morning. President Donald Trump has ordered the release of federal funding for recovery efforts.

The deadly Carr fire has scorched more than 145,000 acres as of Sunday morning; and as CNN reports, the wildfire which began on July 23rd was actually caused by a flat tire

Photo taken Saturday morning. Via Antionio Paris/Twitter

The CNN report details the Carr fire's origins in late July — but one of the 17 currently burning across the state:

It happens countless times on roads across America: a vehicle gets a flat tire, usually just a temporary inconvenience.

But on one road near Redding, California, when a tire failed last month on a trailer and its rim scraped the asphalt, the result was catastrophic for an entire region.

The sparks that shot out July 23 from that minor incident, California fire officials said, ignited what is now the sixth-most destructive wildfire in state history.

The Carr Fire blazed a fiery path along Highway 299, lighting up mile after mile of dry brush as it crept up on residential areas.

One man, Ed Bledsoe, lost his wife and two great-grandchildren, ages 4 and 5, within only a 15 minute time frame. 

The man's family were victims of the previously reported "fire tornado," or what some are calling a "firenado" that ripped through Redding, which produced whirling winds of fire in excess of 143 mph.

"The tornado was hovering over the house," Bledsoe's granddaughter Amanda Woodley recounted to CNN. "It was just a tornado fire over the house."

Ed Bledsoe and other family members gave an account of the unbelievable and tragic moments the fire tornado struck :

He said his son drove toward the flames in the hope of rescuing his family members. "My son said the grass wasn't on fire, the trees were getting sucked up in the air and burning," Bledsoe told CNN. "He said when he opened his doors, the leaves hit him like somebody was slapping him. He said it was sucking his breath out, and he got back in his car and tried to get out."

Bledsoe was on the phone with his wife and great-grandchildren until the very end.

"It sucked the roof off the house and the walls fell out and the roof went right down on them," he said.

“This is historic in the U.S.,” Craig Clements, director of San Jose State University’s Fire Weather Research Laboratory, told BuzzFeed News. “This might be the strongest fire-induced tornado-like circulation ever recorded.”

The blaze has even created its own weather system, according to multiple climatologist reports. 

Known as a pyrocumulus cloud, the ominous red weather formations usually occur over volcanic eruptions or forest fires when intensely heated air triggers an upward motion that pushes smoke and water vapor to rapidly rise. They can develop their own weather patters, including thunderstorms with severe winds which then further fan the flames. 

On Saturday morning an astrophysics professor and Chief Scientist at the Center for Planetary Science at St. Petersburg College, Antonio Paris, posted a surreal photograph he identified as "firenado" that occurred Friday:

Meanwhile, a number of areas of the state, including parts of Shasta County where the Carr fire is still burning, are still under evacuation orders while firefighting teams endure exhaustion and casualties.

Among the six dead from the Carr Fire include two firefighters: one has been identified as Jeremy Stoke who was in the middle of a rescue attempt and another unidentified bulldozer operator killed while battling the flames. Some 1,500 structures have been burned to the ground in the Carr Fire alone, and state fire officials estimate the wildfires will cost California billions of dollars over the next decade. 

"What we're seeing in California right now is more destructive, larger fires burning at rates that we have historically never seen," Cal Fire spokesman Jonathan Cox told CNN.

In Northern California, the Mendocino Complex Fire surpassed the size of Carr fire by the weekend, and is now the state’s largest at more than two-thirds the size of sprawling Los Angeles, which has forced the evacuation of nearly 16,000 residents and destroyed more than 100 structures.

New reports indicate the Mendocino Complex Fire is threatening 9,000 structures.

Image via Reuters

Eyewitnesses have described entire swathes of charred land and streets that look "like a bomb hit" with cars and homes turned to ash. 

In total there are 17 wildfires which have ravaged pars of the state, some of them now nearly 100% contained, as over 14,000 firefighters from California and more than a dozen other states continue to work on the front lines.


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California is a disaster alright.  

......and then there is this fire.

What is a boat rash and how do you get it? Is that from boat whores?

And as for this being the "strongest fire tornado on record" ??? Please see the war crime of the firebombing of Germany as part of the bombing of civilian targets on the part of Britain and the USA.  It was so bad it led to the starvation of 300,000 Jews in the work camps.  This number was later inflated to 6 million for propaganda purposes.

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macholatte curbjob Sun, 08/05/2018 - 11:05 Permalink


Geoengineering Watch



The NASA satellite image above reveals massive climate engineering operations being carried out over vast expanses the Pacific ocean off of the US west coast.

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes…



Read the comments below that Antonio Paris photo on twitter.  Looks like the guy has posted a phony photo and is a fraud being promoted here by ZH.



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any_mouse Adolfsteinbergovitch Sun, 08/05/2018 - 14:36 Permalink

Dresden was a hoax. The images are faked. The church was supposedly restored exactly to its medieval state.

The London blitz bombing was concentrated on areas that were low rent housing. No strategic value. Post blitz high rent commercial. Urban Renewal. Londoners, like good sheep, were herded deep underground. They were told what had happened by the Media and the Government. Meanwhile The City of London was unharmed.

Contrast with Japan, where the industrial base was decentralized and distributed. Machine shop on street level with family living above. Strategic value targets. Post war, large centralized factories run by Corporations. Western Style. "Japan, Inc."

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JohninMK any_mouse Sun, 08/05/2018 - 16:56 Permalink

Unfortunately any-mouse, your take on the London Blitz is Fake News or in this case Fake History.

The main target of the Germans was the East End which, along with the housing you mention, contained the real target the London Docks through which at that time most of Britain's imports came and the munitions factories along the River Thames. Given the limited bomb carrying capacity of the Luftwaffe at the time they did a pretty good job.

For just an example, in your mind the films and photos of the fire that nearly burned down St Pauls, in the centre of the City of London, were clearly created by some kind of highly secret CGI even though the computers and technology needed would not be unclassified until around 50 years later. Get real!

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Nothing like dehumanizing a whole state.  California is a rigged state, not a stupid state.   In 1994 the voters of California overwhelmingly voted in Prop 187 that would disallow illegals from schools, non emergency health care, and other services.  The PTB just sent it up to one corrupt judge and he threw the whole thing out.  That's just one example.

Just FYI Redding is very conservative as are all the No. Cali counties that are burning.  The fire near me, which is the largest, was started, rumor has it, by a redneck farmer digging post holes with an auger.   He'll probably lose his ranch that's been in his family for a century.  Bet that will make all you conservatards happy in your other, apparently, envious states.


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That's nothing.  I'm right over the ridge from the Mendocino Complex fire.  That is FAR from a dramatization.  300-foot flames, massive pyroplastic? clouds that look like nukes went off.  I don't even know HOW this phenomena happen, except water/fire retardant from VLATs hitting massive heat, I guess?  Luckily, it was very cool and humid(er) last night and it helped a lot.  That fire is in the Natl. Forest, no homes... yet.

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Insurance does it through pooled risk. It works better when the whole population, including its glorified, welfare and child-tax-credit laden “working families,” act responsibly after the sex and reproduction, actually using some of their $6,431 in refundable child-tax-credit cash to buy insurance, rather than spending it on trips to Florida to copulate with boyfriends. Many of them skip the responsible expenditures, opting for mom-pampering since busy-working moms are said to never get a break, even though they are, in fact, indulged with an enormous volume of excused absenteeism in their “voted-best-for-moms” jobs. They also get subsidized housing, free food, free electricity, nearly free daycare so that they can stay under the income limits for welfare by working part time and monthly cash assistance.

A $6,431 refundable child tax credit can buy a lot of insurance, but instead their risk is spread among all of us who pay premiums. It is morally okay for them to do that since sex led to reproduction; that puts them above critique. Beach trips with boyfriends, $900 tattoos, nail salon jobs and master bedroom sets, purchased with child tax credits, are for kids, not for moms. And by skipping out on the pooled risk, they are setting an example for their kids to follow. 

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                  MOAR Pyro-Jihad

“Man arrested for setting blaze at Staten Island gas station,” by Joe Tacopino, New York Post, August 3, 2018:

A man caught on video nearly setting himself on fire after he sparked a blaze at a Staten Island gas station was arrested, cops said Friday.

Fakrol Islam, 26, was charged with arson and reckless endangerment for igniting the massive burst of flames outside a 7/11 at Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard early Monday morning, according to police.

Islam could be seen on video filling a portable gas tank and intentionally spraying the gas on the floor before lighting a piece of paper with a match.

A 21-year-old man nearby suffered minor injuries in the blaze….


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