Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Signals Imminent Biological Attack On The West

Authored by Pamela Geller via,

This too will be ignored by the complicit, sharia-compliant Western press. A biological attack is the intentional release of a pathogen (disease causing agent) or biotoxin (poisonous substance produced by a living organism) against humans, plants, or animals. An attack against people could be used to cause illness, death, fear, societal disruption, and economic damage.

EXCLUSIVE: Pro-ISIS Media Outlet Publishes Posters Calling For Biological Attacks In The West, One Of Which Depicts San Francisco

Over the past week, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media group has published a series of posters encouraging biological attacks on Western targets.

Excerpt from the transcript (MEMRI):


This transcript was prepared from the original English subtitles of the video

Narrator: “While the world is watching silently! The European governments are developing satanic chemical attack systems to be brutally tested on the cities and peoples, which refused humiliation and humiliation so the Muslim countries in Africa and Khorsan turned into testing fields of phosphorus bombs and toxic gas. The crusader alliance continues bombing Mosul, Raqqa, Al-Anbar and others… with various types of chemical bombs and incendiary gases. And similar to the enemies of God! We invite you, oh Muwahid [monotheist] who lives between the Mushrikeen [idolaters] that you clean the dust of humiliation and to renew the fatal nightmare in the land of the devil worshipers with a silent destructive weapon. It can not be detected or tracked it can not be escaped or avoided with simple equipment, extract the most harmful viruses and infection bacteria then release them safely by following these simple steps: First, try to find the most severe epidemics to treat.”

On Screen: “Hantavirus, derived from the feces and droppings of rats that carry the plague of the most serious plague at the moment. The Cholera virus is extracted from the patient’s waste. Typhoid bacteria, found in human and animal wastes in general and frequent in the dirty areas.”

Narrator: “Second, spread the bacteria extracted by type as follows.”

On Screen: “Sprinkle the liquid substances or the basics of bacteria with drinking water to take effect automatically. Sprinkle the crushed material on exposed fruit and public foods or scatter them in the air in crowded places – with caution.”

Narrator: “Third, try to be safe and avoid any danger that may affect you during the preparation of harmful substances.”

On Screen: “Work in a room with natural and industrial ventilation. Wear gloves and blouses during work. Put the goggles and goggles – according to chemical process requirements. Do not touch or inhale the materials. Isolating the workplace from the rest of the house. Wash your hands with sterile soap and water after each test.”

Off-Screen Voice: “To our brothers in Aqidah [creed] and Iman [faith] in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and elsewhere, your brothers in your lands have absolved themselves of blame so leap onto their tracks and take an example from their actions and know that Jannah [paradise] is beneath the shadows of swords.”


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yeah, and weren't y'all up my ass about ISIS being an American adventure? So we want to gas our own country now? Makes perfect sense.


I guess now you will say it is a super secret plan made up by our cia and gov't, and inside job don't ya know, we want to kill ourselves!!! bwhahahahahahahahaharg

Carry on with your bad selves, I am dying here!

Bomb them back to the pre-stone age! Loose the dogs of war for real now! No holding back!

You people are consumed with conspiracy theories, it is rotting your brains, so now you could not think yourselves out of a wet paper bag. I am laughing my ass off right now, you people are so deluded, it is hilarious!

Shit, go looking up the wrong tree, doesn't matter to me, we're all gonna die one day anyway.

EDIT - What? Crickets? chirp chirp chirp? Got nothing for me now? just down arrows and more insults for me? Marvelous!

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To the idea that we funded isis (yes, we did and Geller herself posted evidence to back that about 5 years ago) and that the deep state shit that would fulfill Husain’s wet-dreams (and W’s— yes, he started the 16 year plan) that they’d have any trouble killing Americans?

Are you freaking kidding?

Of course they want Americans dead! 

Who, for one instant, doesn’t think (take, for example Brennan) or any of those lousy communist Muslim traitor scumbags — all of Hussein’s people, Valerie Jarret on down....

OF COURSE THEY WANT US DEAD! The fact that they founded and funded Islamic shitbags does not contradict that.

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Gentle ZH User:

Kindly consider a quick email to The Tylers requesting the "re-homing" of Free This.


All it takes is a small wave of requests, and Free This will be "free" to Be Best, elsewhere. 


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This too will be ignored by the complicit, sharia-compliant Western pres

What does Isis have to do with “sharia”? Did you mean “talmud”?


It is sad to realize ZH is so enthusiastically part of this hasbara effort to pit the Christian West against the Muslim/Arab world. They sponsor the migration of millions of analphabetes; then they carry out attacks and blame them on Muslims; and finally ZH runs Gatestone articles, or articles such as this one, as the icing on the cake.


We know what’s going on Tyler. Can you ask your friends how’s the weather in Tel Aviv? I’m curious to find out.

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First of all, I'd love any idiot to try to make a biological weapon at home "with gloves and a blouses"... yeah...

trying to breed the hantavirus from rat crap...

sounds easy right?

and everybody knows that every muslim is a bioengineer who has a lab in the basement fitted for breeding just the right bacteria and while they're ad  it, they also all have engineering degrees to build defusers to spread their perfect bacteria.



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Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid mediated horizontal gene transfer could be a viable method. In fact, its widely used in GMO production and is without a doubt in the wild now with untold variations of genes held by the Agrobacterium cultures that have leaked from Genetic engineering laboratories.

Agrobacterium basically picks up genes from other lifeforms horizontally, and also can transfer them.

Genetic transformation of HeLa cells by Agrobacterium | PNAS

Agrobacterium tumefaciens is the only known natural example of trans-kingdom DNA transfer.

Not that I expect DAESH to do this. Nor do I think they're anything but an intelligence service mercenary network. Dixie cups.

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You guys hirin... Hasbara troll? Or just one of my fellow Americans under the influence of corporate-statist (Tribe centric) mind control and propaganda?

'Inside job': False flag is the traditional term...


Millions of conspiracies occur everyday. Robberies, murders, fraud, adultery even.. People conspire to do things secretely. But its become a loaded word. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Your posts are full of 'microaggressions' and trigger words. NLP.

Its only sad if you don't get paid for this and are unknowingly propagating disinformation. Love ya, and wish you the best though.

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