Saudi Arabia Suspends Diplomatic, Trade Ties With Canada Over "Blatant Interference"

In a world turned upside down by Trump's unorthodox approach to, well, everything, replete with trade wars and diplomatic scandals, we now have one more, and this one was out of the blue. Late on Sunday, Saudi Arabia unexpectedly unleashed diplomatic hell against Canada when it announced it had suspended diplomatic ties and halted new trade and investment dealings with Canada in a dramatic escalation of a dispute over the kingdom’s arrest of a women’s rights activist.

Saudi Arabia also recalled its ambassador to Ottawa and ordered the Canadian envoy to the capital Riyadh to leave within 24 hours, according to a foreign ministry statement cited by the Saudi Press Agency.

The reason behind Saudi Arabian fury and the collapse in relations appears to have been a recent instance of Canadian virtue signalling: the Saudi foreign ministry cited remarks last week by Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland and the Canadian embassy in Riyadh, criticizing Saudi Arabia’s arrests of women’s rights activists including Samar Badawi. Badawi is a Canadian citizen whose brother Raif Badawi, a blogger who was critical of the Saudi government, was already in jail in the kingdom.

Freeland said in a tweet Aug. 2 that she was “very alarmed to learn that Samar Badawi, Raif Badawi’s sister, has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia,” and that “Canada stands together with the Badawi family in this difficult time, and we continue to strongly call for the release of both Raif and Samar Badawi."

Canada's Foreign Policy echoed the statement on twitter one day later.

According to the Saudi statement, "the kingdom views the Canadian position as an affront to the kingdom that requires a sharp response to prevent any party from attempting to meddle with Saudi sovereignty."

The statement also noted clear that the arrests "were in line with Saudi laws, and those detained have been provided with due process during investigation and trial."

The loonie slipped as much as 0.2 percent to 1.3019 per U.S. dollar in early trading, following three straight weeks of gains in Canada’s currency - the longest such winning streak since January.

That said, neither Canada nor Saudi trade will be crippled by the decision: according to Bloomberg, there was a trade flow of $3.23 billion between Saudi Arabia and Canada in 2017, with Saudi Arabia exporting $2.14 billion, or 1%, of its products to the North American nation, and as Bloomberg's Javier Blas said, "I don’t see how this is going to put much pressure on Ottawa."



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Epic. NATO CIA, and EU meddle in Ukraine and many other nations all the time in direct physical and provable ways. Fake news about Russian meddling boils down to some Facebook advertisements and those can't be proven to be any more than click bait ad farms. The democratic party are modern day terrorists. And Canada has its own terror cell: Trudeau and his leftist SJW supporters who bitch about women's rights in Saudi Arabia but have nothing to say about the Western backed Sharia groups fighting (losing) in Syria. 

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I notice that all of the arab migrants are invading Europe, and not one is choosing Saudi Arabia as a country to invade. Partly because the Saudis would treat them ruthlessly as invaders, and partly because arabs and their beliefs are built around hate and tribalism. They see 'inclusiveness' as a sucker to be exploited. The Rothchildes have used this insight for 60 years in the Kalergi plan to destroy the western culture.

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Lets elect Hillary as a womans rights community activist and send her to Saudi Arabia in one of her pants suits. Start her off with a good transfusion of her faviorite geriatric doctors farmed supply of baby blood.
'If a baby weighs about 8 pounds, they'll have about 270 mL of blood in their body, or 0.07 gallons.
Children: The average 80-pound child will have about 2,650 mL of blood in their body, or 0.7 gallons.
Adults: The average adult weighing 150 to 180 pounds should have about 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood in their body.'
Yes, it is gross, but the rumors of Hillary, Bill, and Soros use of youth blood all continue.

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Joe Trader Free This Sun, 08/05/2018 - 22:26 Permalink

the "wahabies" are just another cop-out for islam - just like how all the terrorists can supposedly be brushed off as "mentally ill". over 52% of all verses in their numerous religious books are dedicated to cursing kafirs - aka "non-believers"

I'd love to see trudeau try to pump his own tires with a surprise attack on saudi arabia

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Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but things like this might be part of lines being drawn in the post-US hegemonic world.  Good point about SA being put in charge of human rights at the UN, that’s hilarious.  

The groups look like they’re:

1.  USA, UK, SA

2.  EU, Canada, Japan

3.  China, NK

Almost like the 30s all over again with the fascists vs democracy vs the communists.

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You are correct perhaps more than you know. The Liberals are the lap dogs of the Democratic Party & globalists. Ever since Trump has taken control of the U.S.A., the liberal apparatus has focused on at least two fronts (and likely many more). One is to neuter or take down Trump. The other was to move their globalist, nation destroying focus north to a country that was far more advanced along the socialistic/globalist way, Canada. Trudeau hasn't got the where with all nor the passion to lead a country. His handlers do all that for him. George Soros helped them develop their foreign policy (as per a mention by Trudeau himself in a newspaper article).

Canada is in serious jeopardy. I am not certain that a new government will be able to save them. Canada's problem with the Saudis is that they are slaves to the globalist agenda and part of that is pushing the sjw agenda full time, wherever you go.

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Turdo is not even close to Obama. Today he's marching in Vanc. Gay Pride Parade, Last week he was taking rain dance  lessons, last month he was dancing with the pakistan lesbien dance club. His fag Liberal Party is full of muslims and they went all out to save the White Helmets out of Syria and brought them to Canada which is aready infested with towel head refugies.  Me thinks he's he's getting ready to invade the US. 

P L E EEEAS send a drone drop, next Tuesday he's going to be in a TEPEE smoking a crack pipe with the  Pipeline demonstrators ai Kinder Morgan.
I'm ashamed and embarassed to live in CANADAAAAh.  Pleeease rush my green card.   

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I believe Saudi Arabia is just playing the US and Israel so they can get all the weapons they can, only to use them on Israel. The Saudi's are Muslim and eventually the Muslim world will unite against Israel.  I always believed this.  Individually, no individual Muslim nation stands a chance against Israel.  But they will have it in their minds eventually that the only way they can defeat Israel is by uniting.  Then it would get very interesting. I know this really has nothing to do with this article, but this is what was on my mind when the Saudi's were mentioned.  

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