The Death Of US And UK Neo-Colonialism

Authored by Martin Sieff via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The colossal project to re-colonialize the world started with United States President Ronald Reagan eagerly backed by United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 and over the next 20 years seemed to sweep all before it.

But we can now see that the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the 9/11 attacks in 2001 marked the turn of the tide.

 Since then one super-ambitious project of nation destruction and rebuilding after another generated by Washington and eagerly embraced by its main Western European allies has collapsed spectacularly.

As if living out one of Aesop’s Fables, the hammer of US kinetic power so eagerly embraced at the urging of neo-conservatives and neoliberals alike following the collapse of communism exhausted the Western welders of the weapon instead of their targets.

The reckless resort to indiscriminate military power in the US-dominated invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the following campaigns to topple the governments of Syria and Libya created unexpected consequences comparable to Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion – Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

Nevertheless, US and Western confidence in the triumph of liberal, free trade and democratic ideals around the world has remained almost totally impervious to the sobering lessons of recalcitrant global realities. The great reawakening of Western imperial and capitalist resolve heralded by Reagan and championed by his loyal spear carriers, Thatcher and her successors as prime ministers of the United Kingdom continued unabated: Until 2016.

Two epochal events happened that year:

The British people, to the astonishment most of all of their own leaders, pundits and self-selected Platonic guides and “betters’ voted for Brexit: They opted by a narrow but decisive vote of 48 percent to 52 percent to leave the 28-nation European Union. The disruptions and chaos set in motion by that fateful outcome have still only begun to work their way through the political and economic systems of Europe.

Second, Donald Trump, even more amazingly was elected president of the United States to the limitless fury of the American “Deep State” which continues unabated in its relentless and frantic efforts to topple him.

However, the motives of the scores of millions of Americans who voted for Trump were perfectly clear: They were opting for American nationalism instead of American Empire. They were sickened by the clear results of 70 years of post-World War II global imperium that had arrogantly and casually allowed US domestic industry and society to wither on the vine for the supposed Greater Good of Global Leadership.

A decade and a half of endless, fruitless, ultra-expensive global wars entered into by the feckless and stupid George W. Bush and continued by the complacent and superficial Barack Obama advanced this process of weariness and rejection.

Two years after the election of Trump and the British people’s vote for Brexit, the great surge of the West that outlasted the Soviet Union is clearly on the ebb: Now the United States is exhausted, the EU is falling apart and NATO is an empty shell – a paper tiger if you will. Why is this happening and can it be reversed?

Free Trade was never the universal panacea it has been ludicrously claimed to be now for more than 240 years since Adam Smith published his Wealth of Nations. On the contrary, the cold, remorseless facts of economic history clearly show that protective tariffs to safeguard domestic manufactures and advantageous export-driven balance of payment surpluses are the true path to economic growth and sustainable, lasting national power and wealth.

The idea that democracy – at least in the narrow, highly structured, manipulative and patchy form practiced in the United States is some sort of universal guarantee for happiness, national stability and growth has also been repeatedly confounded.

Instead, the Western democratic states have fallen into exactly the same intellectual pit that trapped and eventually wrecked the Soviet Union. They have launched a worldwide ideological crusade and poured wealth and resources into it to ignoring the well-being and advancement of their own domestic economies and populations.

Far from bringing eternal and universal world peace – the alluring Holy Grail of every dangerous idealistic idiot since Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant – these policies only brought failure, frustration and rising military death lists for the countries that pursued them instead.

This year, new hammer blows are following on the Reagan-Thatcher-spawned era of revived Anglo-American global leadership and domination.

The British themselves have palpably failed to cave out any secure or even plausible economic prospects for themselves in the world once they leave the EU. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya all remain wrecked societies shattered by the repeated air strikes that Western compassion and reverence for human rights and democracy have visited upon them.

Now India and Pakistan – two English-speaking democracies and members of the once British-led Commonwealth of Nations, still so dear to Queen Elizabeth II’s aging heart – have opted to bury their existential rivalry and jointly join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization – confirming it as the premier and by far the most powerful security alliance on the planet.

These developments, to echo US President Thomas Jefferson’s telling phrase nearly 200 years ago, are grave warnings. They are firebells in the night. They serve notice to Washington and London that their facilely optimistic “ever onward and upwards” drive to reshape the entire human race in their own image must be abandoned.

Neither the United States nor the United Kingdom is a remotely united society any more. Both of them need to turn inward to resolve their own problems and abandon the fantastic quest to reassert global dominance that Reagan and Thatcher launched nearly 40 years ago.

And they had better move fast. Jefferson’s firebell is tolling and the sands of time are running out.


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Capitalism is based on the private ownership of the productive forces (factories, offices, science and technique)

Capitalism demands end of slavery and monopolies, so without anti-trust and other devices we are still lost.  We are still colonists.

- State Capitalism is one form of perversion or corruption, a marriage where the state chooses the winners

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The author makes brief mention of Neocons. The Neocons are still in power. Sheldon Adelson is worth about $40 billion. He decided to make Trump president. Adelson is a Jewish casino businessman ( Kosher Nostra).

Adelson is a Likkud Zionist like Netanyahu, Jared Kushner, Ivanka, and now Trump too. So the Jewish Zionists are not done bleeding America yet. They still need USA to help destroy the temple on the mount and one more war - Iran.

Israelis can then:

1) Separate from their host USA and declare themselves a world nuclear power. Eventually expand their borders according to the Greater Israel Project into Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

2) Blame USA and Anglo-colonialism and deny their central role as brain parasite in their Neocon destruction of the USA.

3) Take a favorable position with China and Russia through Mafia tactics. Jewish Russian Mafia power is quite strong in Russia.

4) Become parasites in the One Belt One Road project - the only business in town.

Meanwhile, Christian Zionists are planning to double-cross Jewish Zionists. Christians think that they can build a temple, get a Jewish anti-Christ, and then backstab Jews to bring the Messiah?

Jews wrote the entire deluded paradigm of God's Chosen. Jews masterminded the stealing of Palestine. Now Christians think that they can deceive Satan's children and steal Jerusalem?

God is not going to give Jerusalem to Christians by lies and betrayal. The Messiah is not going to appear and thank you for out-deceiving Satan's children.

Christian Zionists are being played and they are always six steps and sixty years behind the Israeli Zionists. Examples: Israels attack on the USS Liberty, assassination of US President Kennedy, and 911 attack on USA soil. These should prove that God's Chosen (Satan's children) can do anything it wants to the USA with impunity.

What is a Christian Zionist to do?

First, acknowlege that the entire apocalypse story is a Zionist lie. Repeated in the Scoffield false-Bible. True Christianity is lost to centuries of false history and True Christianity will require at least a century of reverse engineering. The best current path to Christianity is to "judge a tree by the fruit it bears." 

As for the hyenas, what they steal, they cannot govern. The hyena cannot rule the lion.

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•• ssk81646 (above)

•• Adolfsteinbergovitch (above)

•• Free This (below, in all his 7th grade glory - JACKASS  as new icon!)

....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.



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You confuse free market capitalism with corporate cronyism, then suggest socialism is the answer?  Why do you think that socialism is the default panacea?  Have you considered other alternatives?  What of the pitfalls of socialism?  Are you suggesting a steady-state economy rather than a market economy?  How do you plan to overcome our innate self-interest? 

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Capitalism is a word invented by Marx. That is all you need to know about it.


" Instead, the Western democratic states have fallen into exactly the same intellectual pit that trapped and eventually wrecked the Soviet Union. They have launched a worldwide ideological crusade and poured wealth and resources into it to ignoring the well-being and advancement of their own domestic economies and populations. "


Is the author truly ignorant that the same (((people))) responsible for the Soviet Union immigrated to the USA and infiltrated all of its cultural and political institutions?

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This is not about 'isms', this is about policy.

Tarrifs should not be about protectionism but about fairness and economic justice. Tarrifs should be decided in a trade court and at the core they should cover the the economic cost of regulation in product and service provision to ensure local product and services compete with higher 'sound' regulated costs can compete with foreign entities operating in a socially destructive fashion free of regulated costs.

So tarriffs to cover the increased cost of a higher minimum wage because you know, most of us are not fucking arseholes and want the poorest workers to have a reasonable chance at a reasonable life. Worker safety costs because companies should be responsible for the health and surety of income in the event of injury, of their employees. Environmental controls because hey, we all want to live healthy and happy, in the cleanest possible environments. Taxes because they pay for infrastructure, a more healthy and sound society, a more broadly economically active society, that's federal, state and local and there should be a total ban on tax holidays, one in all fucking in. Could add in some more like, training, companies should be forced to pay for training, a regulated cost and regulated requirement, it should not be dumped back on the individual or the state, or cheap foreign labour. Conditions of employment because fuck the 1%, fuck insatiable greed, fuck the psychopaths, I want to work to live not fucking live to work and I will strive to force that fucking in the system.

So fair trade tarriffs across the board, to ensure fair competition and of course either pay the tariff or improve conditions in your country.

What is going on at the moment is not protection, that is a lie, it is a China tarrif, Wallmart poor mans tax, basically works out to something like a 25% income on the poor to fund a tax cut for the rich. Trump can not see past his own insatiable greed, look at the morons gold plated office.

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What matters more than the form of organization is the quality of people at the Top.  When your society is hijacked by psychopaths, destruction follows.  Capitalism, socialism, fascism, communism, republicanism, "democracy": all become suborned to Pathocracy. 

Political Ponerology:  A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

If the many managerial positions are assumed by individuals deprived of sufficient abilities to feel and understand the majority of other people, and who also exhibit deficiencies in technical imagination and practical skills - (faculties indispensable for governing economic and political matters) - this then results in an exceptionally serious crisis in all areas, both within the country in question and with regard to international relations. Within, the situation becomes unbearable even for those citizens who were able to feather their nest into a relatively comfortable modus vivendi.  Outside, other societies start to feel the pathological quality of the phenomenon quite distinctly.  Such a state of affairs cannot last long.  One must then be prepared for ever more rapid changes, and also behave with great circumspection. (2nd. ed., p. 140)

This bit from the article above is just plain annoying:

"On the contrary, the cold, remorseless facts of economic history clearly show that protective tariffs to safeguard domestic manufactures and advantageous export-driven balance of payment surpluses are the true path to economic growth and sustainable, lasting national power and wealth." 

No, the path to healthy economics lies with SOUND PUBLIC MONEY. 

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lol. another epoch of history is ending. it is the age of aquarius, however that translates to asia. germany will salvage europe with the euroasia nexus but the brits are finished, forever. kind of fitting end to the queen, the last symbol of british dignity and resolve.

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No.  The (((parasites))), having debilitated, maimed, and, eventually killed their latest hosts -- we speak of centuries if not millennia -- will have morphed, migrated, and intermingled with other, now more vibrant hosts.  Round and round the earth (((they))) go, where (((they))) stop, no one knows.  The Wheel of Samsara, some call it.  We have a library of other metaphors.  The question I ask:  Do we have a single example of humanity prevailing for any length of time while under attack by such?  Has anyone left plans for a victorious campaign?

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You can put many blames on jews and Israel if it makes you feel good.


Now if you ever were looking for the truth, you would realize that Israel can almost do nothing without US unconditional support. Only US constant and unconditional support enabled Israel to pay for such a level of military spending. Only US support prevents Israel from being legitimately placed under sanctions regime until it liberates Palestinian Territories in the 1967 borders.


Did jews or Israel invent and placate the mammonic heresy that economic success is a sign of election by God ?

No. that’s the work of anglo-saxon puritans.


Were Astor, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Morgan, Watson, DuPont jewish ? Are Gates, Buffet or Bezos jewish ?

No. They are not. Most of them were or are protestants. And they all were or are US citizens.


No other country ever as much valued the oligarchs as the US did. This is your country.

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Here, let me rephrase this POS article, If your not a lying POS LIBTARD, you will loose, daily!! If you don't cooperate, you will be put out of business, If you don't bow down and lick their boots, you will go to jail and be voted a POS. 

Fuck..., anyone here could add to my string all night long. Fuck the LIBTARDS, you lying sacks of UNEDUCATED shit. 

Hit the down button LIBTARD, it will do you good, MFER's. 



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Real judgment of the freedoms and quality of life in any country are best measured by those outside who want access live and work there permanently.  Britain has received approximately 4 million Indians and Pakistanis since the 1960s, in a country with a population of 65 million. So desperate to gain access that some would even hang on to aircraft undercarriage to enter the UK. In recent years, tens of thousands wait in makeshift camps in northern France in the vain hope of being able to cross the channel into England. I wonder how many foreigners have migrated to India and Pakistan? Now they are both members of the SCO no doubt millions will be risking life and limb in order to gain access to the new Asian utopia, I don't think!

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The problem is both the US and the UK have lost citizenry-control. Both countries have shadow governments and media operatives that work unseen to manipulate sentiment and events in-line with an overall world-government objective (Neo-Marxism). The so-called elites behind the curtain are after total control which is why we will continue toward totalitarian dictatorship. It will not be a one-man show nor will it be readily recognizable as such, rather there will be a Cabal of select ultra-wealthy liberals who will negotiate with each other as to which levers to pull and valves to turn in order to "guide" culture and civilization. But the tightknit Cabal has more work to do to infiltrate deeper into world governments. The EU's Parliament is a proto-type test to tweak how they must proceed. As the Cabal coalesces their power, more draconian rulership will become apparent. The noose will tighten slowly so as to be un-noticeable. Certain events are planned that will cause citizenry to demand totalitarianism (for safety reasons). For the Cabal, it'll be like taking candy from a baby. This, in a nutshell, is the outline of how the West loses its democracy.

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Why do you refer liberalism as "marxism" westerlings? Culturally it's the same thing, the only difference is economical aspect: liberalism is about spreading exploitation of others and individually amassing and respecting that plunder (i.e. spreading capitalism), where s marxism is about distributing plunder of capitalist exploiters and parasites. But because western trash has amassed considerable wealth through plunder and conquest of the world, western trash would like to keep all its ill-gotten loot, so western trash thus like to spread its propaganda and demonization with the world marxist instead of liberalism. Under which banner have you plundered, pillaged and looted most of the people of the world off their material possession, westerlings: marxism or liberalism? Have you genocided those native the only true Americans, the Red Americans, claiming to bringing them liberty and freeing them from their land, or have you marxized them? ehehehehehehe

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This article makes that bloody orange retard seem like he is actually interested in withdrawing the US from all their criminal undeclared wars, coups and interventions. He is actually doing the opposite to boos the coffers of the arms industry, himself and his mega billionaire mates.

No one truly knows what rump represents as he has more sides than an octahedron...and they're just the visible one's. Rather trust a leas I know he will bite every time.

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I seriously doubt that US voters gave much consideration to "nationalism vs. empire". The vast majority voted for a larger share of "what's in it for me?"

That said, US expansionism and colonialism has been failing epically since WWII. I don't know why exactly, but it's definitely a sign of hope for sovereign nations and self rule.

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Death to euro colonizalism of Celto-Germanic trash too! All liberal cultural colonialism must end as well! All people must learn to respect cultures of others, not to seek to subvert or colonize them as westrerners so regularly do.