Martin Armstrong: Why Has The Magnitsky Film Been Banned In USA & Europe?

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The Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes has been pulled from everywhere. You do not ban a film in Europe and the United States if it is wrong. This is perhaps a huge cover-up that goes really beyond comprehension. The film was funded by ZDF TV in Europe and they have the power to prevent it from being shown despite the fact that they are taking a huge loss. They would not do that unless there was political pressure behind it.

Trump canceled his meeting with Putin he said until this “Russian witchhunt is over.” The Magnitsky Act is being expanded throughout the West. Canada in 2017 passed its version of the Magnitsky Act. Denmark and Sweden moved for versions of the Magnitsky Acts. Estonia voted to ban entry to foreigners deemed guilty of human rights abuses in a law targeting Russia and inspired by the Magnitsky case. We also have versions of the Magnitsky Act adopted in Britain, Lithuania, and Latvia. This is clearly not to help Browder get his money back. This is the start of a narrative that is trying to convince everyone in the West that Russia is the dark enemy and then we MUST go to war to annihilate them once and for all. This is the script that is being sold to justify war.

There is NO WAY that Russia or Putin killed Magnitsky. He would have been a witness against Hermitage Capital and everyone behind the entire case. The way prosecutions are carried out is always to get a witness from inside the case to testify against everyone else.  I do not believe the story being spun that Magnitsky was a whistleblower on government.

He would have been the PERFECT witness to build a case against those in the shadows that may have gone back to the theft of money from the IMF and the Bank of New York ordeal. Putin even said that this goes to the SOVEREIGNTY of Russia – the attempted takeover.

The Magnitsky film never investigated who started Hermitage Capital with the seed capital. It is absurd that Putin would have wanted to kill Magnitsky when he would have exposed how and why the corruption, which preceded Putin, was engaged in taking over Russia.

It also makes no sense WHY would Congress enact the Magnitsky Act to try to get money back for Browder who resigned his American citizenship. They have also used the Magnitsky Act to keep adding people who have absolutely no connection to Magnitsky. The case is far more than just Browder. That is what Putin is seeking access to in the USA.

Is this to protect the justification for war with Russia? Even Merkel in Germany said she feared that  Putin would interfere in the German elections, which never took place. The entire socialist agenda is collapsing. Those in power have NO way to prevent it. The only way that they see to reset the world economy is another war? So pay attention. The peak is probably around 2027.

The national average of deaths of prisoners in the United States attributed to suicide is 7%. They are attributed to really mental torture and abuse. I saw way too many suicides myself and attempted suicides. They were not due to guilt, they were typically the innocent who just see that death is better than daily torment and depression. Nobody gives a damn about prisoners in the United States and there are NO human rights groups that EVER visit or pay attention – I NEVER saw even one ever visit. They chant and yell about everyone else around the world but NEVER the United States. I personally would NEVER donate a dime to any of them including the American Civil Liberties Union – its all just BS.

The ONLY reason the Magnitsky Act has any traction is that it demonizes Russia and sets the stage for war. That is why this film was shut down in Europe and the USA/Canada. It exposes the lie behind the whole affair. They have used Magnitsky’s death to justify war. The film shows that if he was a whistleblower, it was on Hermitage Capital.


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Browder is a scum bag lying sack of shit and should be serving hard time in a Russian prison for tax evasion (and looting Russia), not spewing his bullshit and lies on CNN.

That any of the MSM outlets would have that asshole on acting as a "pundit" or "expert" on Russia tells you everything you need to know about the "news media" in the USA. It makes me want to fucking puke.

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There are ties to Browder which should be examined in more detail.

Not only is Steele part of this shady group but there are ties with Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Perepelichny (who all meet thier untimely deaths) around Bill Browder (directly/indirectly)”

As Browder responds with “I do not recall” and “I do not know” on any substantial inquiry in the court, the US judiciary could be very interested in hearing Perepelichny. This menace to Magnitsky Act was eliminated one week before the bill passed the US House: on Nov 10, 2012 Alexander Perepelichny was found dead outside his mansion in London. The police investigation did not bring any tangible result but the theory of “Russian mafia” involved was timely injected into the international media. One month later Magnitsky Act was signed by president Obama…


Interview with Alex Krainer:


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Some more connections:

Most readers will identify Bill Broder with Hermitage Capital, but few will recall that the investment firm was also funded by one Beny Steimetz, the Israeli oligarch and financier just arrested (August 14) by Israeli and Swiss anti-corruption officials for widescale fraud and money laundering. The Russia privatization shark who was once Israel’s richest man is a subject for another report. I only bring him up here to point at two facets of this war on Putin. First, the Jewish connection in all this is something that just needs to come out. Secondly, the ring of profiteers bent on Putin’s demise all have gigantic skeletons in their wardrobes. A story citing one Putin hater, when investigated, always leads to ten more. This is no coincidence…

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"Keep sucking Putin's nads"??  That's a really juvenile comment . . . how long did it take you to come up with that gem? As usual you bring absolutely nothing to the discussion on ZH.

Didn't your mommy tell you your not supposed to use the internet after 10 p.m.?

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Ex NSA Bill Binney explains why the DNC server emails were "leaked" not "hacked". See: "Bill Binney in His Own Words" -

He also gives great information about the deep state.

"The Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes" is available here with a bit torent client:


This documentary starts out telling the story the way Bill Browder tells it, but then goes into the lies and falsehoods of the Browder story.

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I saw the Magnitsky Behind the Scenes movie, 2 hours and 5 minutes.  Very well done.  The producer is anti Putin Russian human rights guy who initially buys Browder's story hook line and sinker.  As he's editing the movie certain things fail to add up and he starts digging further eventually confronting Browder with additional questions and information.  In the end the producer and Browder get into a heated confrontation (real, and all part of the movie) and then the producer exposes Browder's activities and the Magnitsky fraud for what it is.


Guess who the number one sponsor of the Magnitsky act was?  US Senator John the traitor McCain...

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Does anyone have a link to seeing the complete show in English language?

I apologize for being such a dope in computer usage, but any help is most appreciated.

 BTW, ANYTHING THAT IS PUSHED BY John McCain is going to be subversive to the real interests of we commoners.

 I see that if I had looked farther down I would have gotten a decent link to the material. I rooted around for a couple of hours to get it, but was unsuccesful, so I thank you for giving me something to start with.

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Thanks. Yes I've read that article earlier. Did you see this one I've posted some days back, also written by Martin Armstrong (which ties to the article you've posted)?:

"who really was behind the plot to blackmail the former head of Russia Boris Yeltsin to stop him from running for reelection in 2000 and hand-pick Boris Abramovich Berezovsky?"
"The demand was to appoint Berezovsky as the new President of Russia and for Yeltsin to step down and not run in 2000. Yeltsin, realizing he was set up, turned to Putin who nobody had heard of. As the story goes, Putin promised to take care of everything if Yeltsin appointed him instead, Yeltsin resigned on December 31,"


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The "prequel" is indeed required watching, thanks for the link:


Note however, the CIA letter (at 17:30 in the film) discussing how Browder was offered by agents within the Penitentiary service to cease Magnitsky's medical observation and provisioning (CIA moles or bought stooges conveniently in the right place at the right time???) is signed by Valerie Plame!

Although by that time (2009) she had been retired 3 years so it actually could be a useful alias, and if true, quite damning.

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Thanks for the info. We should also point out that if it was Nov. 2012, the Republicans were in the majority in the House of Representatives. So, yes, just like the NDAA of 2012 which strips Americans of their god-given rights, this piece of trash legislation was given to us by the traitorous Elephant wing of the War Party. The Democrats are bad, but the Republicans are no better. Hillary is bad, but Trump is no better. Treason!

The Federal Reserve is still perfectly free to make debt slaves out of US citizens. Treason! Where is the Orange Hero?

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....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.




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Russia is threatened on all sides by peaceful prosperous democracies that do not torture, imprison or kill those who speak out against their governments, nor have a fraction of the power or will to invade the freezer for an ice cream cone let alone Vlad’s hyper-equipped hitman army of goons and gestapo agents, not to mention the fleets of chain-smoking disinformation agents banging away at keyboards using the all new ePravda and UberTass. 

Wil all these Putinites stop insulting our intelligence? Vlad is building a wall of paranoid excuses to live his dream... the East German apparatchik raised to Holy Russian Emperor, “reunifying” the Soviet states no matter how they bleat.

Just be bare-chested man, and ADMIT, in your excellent English this is what you plan, and stop pretending you cant protect your vagina from the timid assault of pathetic, under-armed, under-manned, under-funded and disinterested Europussies who have succumbed to the plan of the brown invasion, and have no resources left with which to fight.

History prefers tyrants who play it straight. You keep changing your excuses. Just state your purpose, and get on with it. Otherwise, what’’re all them hyperpenises for?

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You tube had it up, but with Russian dubbed over the English an obvious intentional mistake so they can say they didn't ban it... Just rendered it useless.  Any other link comes and goes like the wind, sometimes midstream.  Have been trying to share it with the wife for some coffee table fodder, but I've given up.  I saw it. I know.  One more exposed to the truth

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