Retired Green Beret Explains How The Coming 'Global State' Is Being Reached

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces ) via,

It is important to review concepts I detailed in previous articles in order to present the topic in this one. A Global State will be almost identical to Orwell’s “1984” when it is realized (“metastasized” is a more appropriate term for the cancer of globalism), in these details:

  1. The entire surface of the globe cannot be conquered by a single entity/nation, but spheres of influence can be established that will “offset” one another: “Super-states”

  2. The Super-states will be almost identical to “1984’s” of Oceania (America, England, and the English-speaking nations), Eurasia (Russia and Europe), and Eastasia (the Orient).

  3. The impossibility of global conquest by one nation-grouping is due to the need for a region ruled to be comprised of ethnically “homogenous” peoples with a leader of that genotype. This serves to “congeal” groups of people while isolating them from the other spheres and creating “enemies” needed by the State to maintain a continuous threat, war production, and a population with one accord.

  4. Each nation-group/Super-state will have a totalitarian system in place that parallels the other states and is mutually supportive either through cooperation or through their existences providing “enemies” to maintain a directed, driven population as outlined in #3.

  5. A contested area of the globe with natural resources changing hands constantly (the Middle East, Africa, and the Polar regions), with populations relegated to slavery or servitude by whichever Super-state is in charge at the moment.

The UN has been a “paper tiger” for many years, but it is such only from a military perspective. In terms of finances, it has been corralling in the world’s financiers (such as the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements), and establishing a world court (in the Hague) slowly but effectively. From a “dogmatic” perspective, the UN is fostering its phony narratives throughout the world: illegal aliens are termed “refugees,” and Al Gore’s nonsense about climate change has been incorporated into “biodiversity projects” such as Agenda 21 and others that not even the “REMF” (look it up) Senator’s son could foresee.

The UN is globalism, and more: the UN is the vehicle... the convening body of approval, the face, and the administrative apparatus of the coming global state.

These plans have been in existence for more than a century. From the moment the United States was formed, the efforts have been unrelenting both domestically and internationally to control the banking and return administration of the “province” to England, a European power we fought against twice and subsequently rescued twice from two world wars.

Oligarchs in all nations have sold their countries out in favor of an “Elysium” style society on earth, a “1984,” where laws are inflicted upon the peoples as their leaders violate every one of them. A global society where the only words for a citizen are conformity, obedience, and productivity: a planetary “Gulag” broken down into several regions for administrative purposes and where each region is mutually self-supportive.

The concept of the United States as a sovereign nation is a mirage: the reality is a miasma resulting from the stench of decades of controlled dysfunction and destabilization to bring the nation to the brink of collapse while giving the taxpayers the illusion they’re still free and that their votes in the rigged elections still count. All throughout the United States the quality of life – employment, family structure, faith, and true communities of neighborhoods and neighbors that help one another when needed and still mind their own business...these qualities have almost completely vanished.

The votes are only to provide the color of authenticity and approval of the citizenry as the politicians ply their trades: the business of government to enrich them personally while they pillage the nation’s assets, selling them off to other nations and destroying the country. They care not for their “constituency,” and their only honor is to themselves for self-aggrandizement. Their only loyalties are toward power, wealth, and exemptions from the laws that govern other men.

Such is the point that we have reached, and where we are. The illusion is maintained: “We’re strong, united, and defending the Homeland.” All of it obfuscates the true actions and objective:

The United States is being turned into a total surveillance state in preparation for a “collapse,” the complete enslavement of its citizens (Socialism into Communism, complete with gulags), and its dissolution and subsequent “absorption” into the system of global governance.

The NY Post published an article by Rich Lowry on 7/30/18 entitled Like it or not, America is now seriously debating socialism.” It details the methanous-reemergence of Bernie Sanders in the forefront and his “Medicare For All” plank, a platform estimated by the Mercatus Center (a conservative firm) to cost around $33 trillion for the first 10 years if it’s emplaced.

Really? Socialism? Lenin himself said that socialism is the final step before communism: and these morons are going to eat it right out of the hand of Bernie Sanders.

It is not so far-fetched as you may think: Olympia Snow (R, ME) brought Obamacare to the floor of the Senate, and within a small matter of time it became law…a law that is still bleeding us even after the President knocked the individual mandate out of the picture.

The stultified masses will “bite” on it hook, line, and sinker as another entitlement, and it has the surest method of funding: taxes. The unstoppable, SWAT team and LEO-enforced taxes raised by the politicians upon their serfs, the public. The media has never ceased their barrages against the President.

The globalist vehicle to ensure complete accountability of the citizens from a legal perspective is mandatory health care...and one that cripples the country in the exact same plan that Cloward and Piven introduced to President Johnson that took effect: the creation of a welfare state to implode the system.

Time Magazine article posted on 6/11/18 by Alex Fitzpatrick has a title that summarizes the fostered complacency and resignation that the Media and globalists are using to mold the people. The title is “Drones are here to stay. Get used to it.” The article mentions there are 1.1 million drones registered by the FAA (don’t you just love that one? More revenue and ad valorem…the “registered drone” business). Of this total amount, 918,000 are listed as “hobbyists,” and 194,000 as “commercial” drones.

This article does not mention the number of drones used by the Federal government, by law enforcement, and by government agencies.

The drones have GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities. They have cameras. Ta-dah! The cameras can be linked, and the images captured and used by the government. The happy Hallmark family in the park doesn’t realize their happy Saturday drone flight’s recordings and images can be snatched up by law enforcement and the fusion centers.

That Petraeus and his “Internet of things” statement is coming to fruition: all of the computers, cell phones, devices in the home, CCTV cameras, data recorders in the cars, trash recycling firms (sifting your trash), satellites, drones…all of it is caging us in. The other countries are leading the pack: China is breaking new ground that will find its way into the U.S.  England (especially London) is a complete surveillance labyrinth.

They’re collecting biometric data from us in the airports, with the CCTV cameras, and with the cellular telephones. The Android model is taking biometrics of pulse, voice recognition, and transmitting user location with composition (others in the room with you). All for no reason, right? Just to foster loving togetherness and a feeling of belonging to a social group...a remake of “teaching the world to sing,” but this time without Coca-cola.

Wrong. The cage has to be emplaced, and laws made: laws to try and wrest our remaining freedoms from us. They want the guns, they want to adulterate the vote (allowing illegal aliens to vote) and destroy the fabric of society. They want to destroy the United States, and they’re succeeding, on a daily basis. Edward Snowden was only able to reveal a small fraction of what is happening, and that information is astounding. Think what they’re doing now, and look what they’re doing, right before our eyes.


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It's a spiritual war and it doesn't matter if you believe it or not (except for your own well being). THEY know it is and they have been preparing for a long, long time. If you don't know who Alice Bailey is and the true nature of the U.N. then it is time for education. It's never too late to get woke... the real kind.


The Fuel Project Know Your Enemy  Pt. 63 - The U.N. Background (suggest watching it all)…

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I disagree with a lot of what he says. But "we've heard quite enough drivel'? That Attitude violates the ethos of the board, "General" (Really? I guess this is your first attitude adjustment from an NCO, huh?). I happen to think that all of this "super-state-global-slavery-thing" is too complicated and doesn't solve the REAL problem, which is TOO MANY PEOPLE. I look for a HUGE bio/chemical/nuclear war that will wipe out the thorn in the side of the The elites, ensconced in their prepared doomervilles in Paraguay, the Pacific Northwest and China will live like kings because the 50 million people left will inherit the resources of the entire planet.


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What makes you think it's female???  Avatars can be misleading. 

When all the "gates" are in place, the collapse will begin, to push people into demanding protection from .gov.  Until then, just watch the lemmings swizzle their favorite poison while they continue to contribute mightily to the obesity pandemic.  Over 90% of the U.S. population is beholden to the machine in one form or another.  As long as .gov keeps the juice flowing, the proles will stay submissive.

On the other hand, the 3% has now become the 6% and this is a good thing...




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We won't live on our knees. Our tyranny will occur whilst we are on our feet, slowly plodding from one cage to the next. It won't look much different than your morning commute. You'll work up an appetite for the weekend, all the while saving up for that much needed vacation. 

For fuck's sake, we're already well within the confines of the machine. Don't expect something electrifying and obvious to happen to catalyze the mass consciousness against the current social structure. Truthfully, the situation is much more mundane than that. It consists of the concept of Mondays, meetings, deadlines, quarterly reports, policy proposals, mission statements, focus groups, and guys with guns who put you in a cage or kill you if you fuck up too much.

You can't be this fucking oblivious. There has to be more to your manliness than being pacified by advocating rebellion on a message board. For good, I fucking hate you.

Edit:*For good reason, I fucking hate you.

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GentleUser:  You may wish to send an email to The Tylers requesting that the feral Jackass known as "Free This" be "re-homed" to an island far, far away.  Or just shot in the head.

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