UCLA Makes Students Pay Classmates To Promote "Social Justice"

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform,

The University of California-Los Angeles has hired 18 students at $13 per hour to combat “social injustices” and “privilege and oppression” following a semester-long recruitment campaign.

Hosted by the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program, the Diversity Peer Leaders project is a year-long internship during which students facilitate workshops on social justice issues in exchange for leadership training and compensation from UCLA.

According to the job application, each DPL is paid $13 an hour in exchange for working 30-45 hours during each of UCLA’s four academic quarters, including summer. 

If all students put in just 30 hours per quarter, the program would cost at least $28,080 annually, but if all the DPLs were to work the maximum hours, the cost would rise to at least $42,120 per year. 

Reached by Campus Reform, a UCLA spokesman did not dispute these estimates, but stressed that the program is funded by the school’s Students Services Fee, rather than tuition or taxpayer dollars.

That $376 per term fee is not optional, costing each student $1,128 every academic year. Over a four-year degree, the fee amounts to at least $4,512 - more if a student takes longer to graduate.

UCLA student Arik Schneider mocked the DPL program as “a project of the Department of Redundancy Department,” asserting that “all the goals of this project seems to already be facilitated by multiple other programs, groups, and systems” on campus. 

Schneider - who is also the Chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter - also criticized the way that UCLA requires students to fund the program. 

“Students should only be forced to subsidize programs which are necessary. It is the perfect example of the worst of Big Government, Big Bureaucracy. It does nothing and turns into a bottomless pit for money,” Schneider told Campus Reform

The money could be spent elsewhere, he suggested. 

“The cost of the program alone could have gone to multiple scholarships, and potentially given a disadvantaged student a full ride through college,” Schneider pointed out. “Instead the money goes to luncheons and echo-chamber sessions, in which participants attempt to out-victimize each other and not actually solve any problems.”

The DPL program, he said, is just another way UCLA uses student funds “to promote an agenda at the expense of those very students.”

Louis Madrid IV, a senior studying History, is also displeased that mandatory fees are being used for projects like DPL.

“It should be financed by donations,” Madrid told Campus Reform.

“If UCLA is going to force students to pay for these programs through their fees then they should inform students exactly what these programs are attempting to do instead of hiding them behind student fees.”



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DAHHH, seen it all now! Our Hallowed Halls of unEducation have now exceedingly become a full blown Communist whorehouses! Pumping out little communists by the fistful, we are foooked!

Where is my caishe!???? Send in the helo's!!!

Participation trophies and free checks for outstanding work, comrades! Here is a pin for you lapel too!!!

Social and justice should NEVER be used together! They've bastardized the english language to boot.

Liberal ideas so good, they must be mandated:

That $376 per term fee is not optional, costing each student $1,128 every academic year. Over a four-year degree, the fee amounts to at least $4,512 - more if a student takes longer to graduate.

ted41776 Free This Mon, 08/06/2018 - 17:57 Permalink

asians are the ones who get shafted even harder than whites by these "academic" institutions. they have the privilege of having to score about 25%-30% higher than their non-asian peers to get into the same schools. whites only have the privilege of having to score 15%-20% higher than non-whites (and non-asians). some fucking privilege


murkan fair and unbiased legal system.... lulz pathetic

white africans are getting the ultimate privilege though. they get the privilege of being murdered, having their property taken away, while being called racist by a bunch of black africans. because that's democracy

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Beam Me Up Scotty ted41776 Mon, 08/06/2018 - 17:58 Permalink

Just give everyone an "A".   Just give the professors a big check.  Why waste everyone's time??

Or better yet, go the socialist way:

You work your ass off, get a 4.0 GPA.  Your roommate parties every weekend.  In fact your roommate parties EVERY DAY!!  He/she/ze FAILS.  We are going to give some of your GPA points MR/Ms/Mz/Mx 4.0 to the partier.  You both graduate with a "C".  Have fun with your socialism.

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Coming soon to the UC system - Free Speech Monitor Bonus!

Do you have concerns about what some of your fellow students are thinking, or the non-approved vocabulary they exhibit? Do they support Trump, or hold conservative/fascist views about working, want to selfishly keep what they earn, or have negative views of undocumented immigrants or other afflicted, disadvantaged and oppressed minorities?

If yes, SPEAK UP and earn $50 for each report you file with your campus commisa..., um, commissioner!* You'll be doing yourself a favor by improving the level of political discourse on campus, and earn some extra beer/weed money at the same time!

*Students with European heritage need not apply.

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"social justice" and "privilege and oppression" are code words for anti-white males.  They are forcing white males, who pay student fees, to fund programs that advocate against their own self interest.  That is anti 1st amendment.

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Great! These morons are learning how to pick other people's pockets while they claim to address fake problems! These idiots will never work in the private sector so this is setting them up to be useles government employees.

Ban KKiller Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:02 Permalink

You can teach that in college? Shouldn't they know how to use "white privilege" by now? You know, to buy coffee and tuition? Or a car? 

They are in college...not a lot of oppressed folks there and if they feel that way they should quit and get a job. 

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Social Justice huh? Well say goodbye to your air conditioning on hot summer days, because I sure the fuck won't fix it if my money just goes to somebody else.

MusicIsYou Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:03 Permalink

Social Justice huh? Well say goodbye to your air conditioning on hot summer days that you had better get used to your ballsack soaked with sweat all day long, because I sure the fuck won't fix it if my money just goes to somebody else. And good luck programming a machine to rationalize and fix what is wrong with the system. The Social Justice crowd will be shown justice, no more food because industrial freezers and refrigeration is not getting fixed, oh you'll see justice.

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Let the women,equality,gender etc. studies majors make some real money for awhile until they settle down to a career in the fast-food industry.

Never One Roach sanamien1 Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:23 Permalink

Behind closed doors the real instruction is how to create chaos and violence and join anteefah imo. Most of these violent leftist groups try to control college kids and use them to create mass societal violence and eventual overthrow of the government with murder of all those who stand in their way. We see the tip of this with BLM, anteefah, the DNC, MSM, etc.

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