North Korea Nuke Launch Site Dismantling Progress "Goes Beyond Summit Commitment"

Amid desperate attempts by the neocons and their media lapdogs to disparage President Trump's agreements with North Korea's leader, claiming Kim is violating the terms, 38North has confirmed that not only is progress being made on dismantling its nuclear missile launch facilities, but "activity at the launch pad appears to go beyond that commitment."

As we previously noted, these stories of supposed North Korean betrayal by NBC, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal are egregious cases of distorting news by pushing a predetermined policy line. But those news outlets, far from being outliers, are merely reflecting the norms of the entire corporate news system.

The stories of how North Korea is now violating an imaginary pledge by Kim to Trump in Singapore are even more outrageous, because big media had previously peddled the opposite line: that Kim at the Singapore Summit made no firm commitment to give up his nuclear weapons and that the “agreement” in Singapore was the weakest of any thus far.

That claim, which blithely ignored the fundamental distinction between a brief summit meeting statement and past formal agreements with North Korea that took months to reach, was a media maneuver of unparalleled brazenness. And big media have since topped that feat of journalistic legerdemain by claiming that North Korea has demonstrated bad faith by failing to halt all nuclear and missile-related activities.

Which makes today's news from expert satellite imagery analyst Joseph Bermudez Jr even more notable.

Commercial satellite imagery from August 3 indicates additional dismantlement activities are ongoing at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station since last observed. At the vertical engine test stand, used for testing and development of engines for ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles, the North Koreans have continued to tear down the steel base structure and appear to be removing fuel and oxidizer tanks from dismantled bunkers.

At the launch pad, work on the rail-mounted processing/transfer structure used to support rocket launches continues, with two-thirds of the west wall and a third of the north wall having been removed, and its components remain on the adjacent ground. While the launch pad activity seems to be related to dismantlement, as it stands right now, we cannot rule out the possibility that it could be the beginning of a project to modify the structure for other purposes.

While dismantlement of the vertical engine test stand represents a fulfillment of Chairman Kim’s agreement with President Trump conveyed publicly during the post-Singapore Summit press conference, activity at the launch pad appears to go beyond that commitment. These activities, however, must be viewed cautiously as “first steps” since neither are presently permanent or irreversible. The demolition of the test stand’s concrete foundations, launch pad’s gantry tower, pad foundation and exhaust deflector, etc., would represent more permanent and irreversible actions as there is no known facility with equivalent capabilities elsewhere in the country. The coming months should provide more firm indications whether these are indeed the “first steps” in reducing the North Korean ballistic missile threat.

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As we concluded previously, a media complex so determined to discredit negotiations with North Korea and so unfettered by political-diplomatic reality seriously threatens the ability of the United States to deliver on any agreement with Pyongyang. That means alternative media must make more aggressive efforts to challenge the corporate press’s coverage... and today's news seems positive (but we will see what spin it gets).


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does little rocket man realize he'll be dealing with the folks who invaded Libya after the mid-terms?…

As the bulk of our military effort ratchets down, what we can do -- and will do -- is support the aspirations of the  ̶L̶i̶b̶y̶a̶n North Korean people.  We have intervened to stop a massacre, and we will work with our allies and partners to maintain the safety of civilians. We will deny the regime arms, cut off its supplies of cash, assist the opposition, and work with other nations to hasten the day when  ̶Q̶a̶d̶d̶a̶f̶i̶ Little Rocket Man leaves power.  It may not happen overnight, as a badly weakened  ̶Q̶a̶d̶d̶a̶f̶i̶ Little Rocket Man tries desperately to hang on to power.  But it should be clear to those around  ̶Q̶a̶d̶d̶a̶f̶i̶  Little Rocket Man, and to every ̶L̶i̶b̶y̶a̶n North Korean, that history is not on  ̶Q̶a̶d̶d̶a̶f̶i̶'s Little Rocket Man's side.  With the time and space that we have provided for the L̶i̶b̶y̶a̶n North Korean people, they will be able to determine their own destiny, and that is how it should be.

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The reason Kim Jong Un is asking for sanctions to be removed is because he is taking a huge risk. He's saying, I've done what you wanted and I've taken a risk. If you don't reciprocate, then this will end badly for everyone including me.

So as we can see, Trump hasn't given no sanctions relief. Could it be insane Bolton or what? Or maybe Pompeo who is an insane Zionist Israel First over America, which plays well to 40% of Trump's base but not to the rest and most of the US population.

Both Bolton and Pompeo are brainwashed insane asylum level pro-Zionist. Both of these men are Deep State on steroids.

Trump needs to begin sanctions relief now if he wants to be re-elected.

No wars in his first term and withdrawal from Syria would be smart. The Americans are sick and tired of war. The only ones who want war are the 40% of his base who are Zionist Christians.

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Exactly.  Not a single concrete thing has been accomplished.  Just talk.  I keep seeing articles here about Trump "winning", like that article on Iran supposedly calling for negotiations just before sanctions kicked back in, yet nothing practical ever comes from these rumors.  Iran isn't negotiating, North Korea isn't negotiating, China is definitely not negotiating, no one is negotiating.  They know the US economy is about to topple, so why should they negotiate?  Still waiting for that whole "art of the deal" thing to start, but let's be real, it's not going to happen.     

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Something odd is happening here on ZH?

There are more articles that don’t quite smell like zh. There is some very active trolling that’s becoming increasingly common. Old fight-club regulars are pretty visibly absent.

And this is maybe paranoid, it extends far beyond just little old me. Not even downvotes.

I know that there’s a core of zh-ers who don’t like me, lately it’s like my posts aren’t even appearing.

I don’t know even the rudiments of http but is it possible that an external hacker institutes a shadow ban on a website?

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It's not being removed at all, is my point.  People can't claim Trump is "winning" when he hasn't accomplished anything except talk.  We've been hearing this song and dance for at least three decades with NK.  This is not the first time they've sat at the negotiating table and then nothing happened.  Plus, the neocons surrounding Trump in the White House are not going to allow peace with NK.  Trump is their sock puppet, just going through the motions, entertaining his base while the real decisions continue to be made behind the curtain.   

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beemaster, I didn't give you a down vote. I had wanted to ask if you worked with bees.

One issue, the world is not our friend. And Bush I and Bush II did so much damage to our reputation. And Obama defeatism and apologies to the world didn't help. The world saw a two faced weak leader who conducted wars on many nations in secret.

So the up front tell it like it is, tell it to your face is what our enemies appreciate. Being told what is what to their face, so they can gauge where they stand. It's crude, but it works because the world is not our friend. And as Trump says, they're competitors which is exactly correct.

I believe Pompeo wanting to conduct secret operations against Iran is not a smart move and is being driven by his Zionist Christian beliefs. He's better than the former globalist Exxon chairman on following Trumps orders on trade issues and following orders in general, but not on the geopolitics of war, his West Point regimentation was during the time the American military was converted to a mercenary force more loyal to money and unconditional support for Israel. Rank for general officers has to be approved by congress, it became conditioned into the military one must prove their loyalty to Israel, it has evolved to Israel First over America and wars for Israel. We are sick of it and everyone can see.

And what else can be seen is more spending for more wars for Israel with the advent of a US Army base in Israel and Israel Command. It's sick, and these Ziofied Generals could careless about the burden on this nation and the cost.

So Pompeo needs to get his head out of you know where and begin a phased sanctions relief for North Korea now.

If he and Bolton don't do this, then we know they're Deep State over the Americans. And for the Ziobots who want war with Iran we're borrowing money at a rate which can't be sustained. A war like we have conducted for Israel in the past would cause not only social unrest, but war here, and believe me when you're killed for this, there will be no body bag for you.

Netanyahu is know as a pathological liar, the recent trick on you proving Iran was still working on the bomb, was paperwork from when they were building the bomb, it was stored in a warehouse. This is now used to con America for more wars for Israel, and no one except insane Zionist Christians, insane Deep State, and the insane Israel lobby and their neocon dogs, these sociopaths and those who would make money on it pump the belief the war with Iran is on. It will destroy Trump and they could careless. Why, because this group could careless for you and it's all insane Israel First over America.

This is the insanity which we face everyday.

Edit note: If you don't believe, just look at the new sanctions on Russia making it impossible for the president to conduct foreign policy for an adversary. It's sick and has made it a drive for war with Russia instead of an agreement for peace. These nuts don't understand most people can see, it is only laying the ground work not for war with Russia, but a bloody civil war here. At the time, someone in congress should have questioned the sanity of McCain.

Good Luck and it is most likely and we know McCain was interrogated by Russians in the POW camp. We know McCain talked, his NVA code name is "song bird". At this time I believe McCain is seriously mentally ill and should resign or be impeached for leading the new Russia sanctions. And we can see, MSM always uses Graham, if you, Ziobots believe Graham is a normal human being then you need to know, inbreeding causes homosexuality and Graham is a closet homosexual who needs to go. period.

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MK ULTRA Alpha Newspeaktogo Wed, 08/08/2018 - 01:27 Permalink

Can you read?

Edit note:

Iran is melting down, they may attack to use a war with America to crack down. I've wrote that before. They're in a meltdown because the peg to their currency was the dollar. Iranian currency is now in free fall.

Again, there is a higher probability a war will be started by Iran to engage the Americans to justify a hard core martial law on it's people to maintain power.

Do you believe the debt ridden US economy can sustain a war with Iran? I mean on the ground, that's what Israel and Saudi Arabia want.

An air war, it's still costly, and it will prove to Americans, the defense built up was for more wars for Israel.

Trump would be a one term president. He should have waited until his second term to prove his campaign promise, however he's under duress from the Mueller insanity, so he believes if he completes this campaign promise, the Israel lobby and their mind controlled slaves the neocons and the blood thirsty mean spirited Zionist Christian would help him. No such luck, the Jews and their neocon dogs are working over time to kill him. And the Zionist Christians can't even see it. Why, because they want more war for Israel.

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Is this like NK dismantling their nuclear test site which was already unusable?  Yep!  North Korea expanding key missile production at manufacturing plant, all while they play at taking down one missile site.  The Trump devout claims "mission accomplished" far too early, I think.  Winning?  If we are going to be realistic, it's not even close.…

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That revelation about expanding missile production was proven to be false. More propaganda from the neocons to justify aggression against NK.

While the US dithers and tries to screw things up behind the scenes it's South Korea that is taking the lead with the North. Thus I doubt, but could be proven wrong, the US will do a Libya on NK and piss off SK. The only ace SK has in this game is they can kick the US out of their country if the US continues to harass NK. SK risks losing the favored nation trade status, that has been a big instrument in their economic success, and possible US sanctions by taking the lead in opening up NK, which the neocons don't want, to the world and possible unification which many Koreans want. The US military in the past has stated they do NOT want a unified Korea especially one with nukes. Sounds like they trust SK even less than NK on the nuke question.

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I haven't heard anyone declaring victory...unless you count Trump, but if you don't know how to filter his tweets by now you're as dumb as Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and friends.  For me, my interpretation is mission ongoing, but looking fairly decent so far...better than any of the crap that happened before with NK, anyway.  That doesn't mean this will succeed, but at least it has a different feel to it.  All the previous efforts looked and felt exactly the same.

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Biggest question is: why underground testing? NK is supposedly this rogue, mad-dog nation, but they politely make sure their testing conforms to the "atmospheric test ban treaty" (which should be known as the "Pig-in-a-poke" us...nukes are real!).

The whole issue is a litmus test for intelligence. Here you have these supposed super-secret, ultra-powerful weapons (using 1920's technology), that were supposedly used on a defeated, demolished nation (Japan). But when they would have been useful to actually, you know, WIN A WAR (Korea 1950, Vietnam 1968, Afghanistan 2002-2018), it's crickets.

Everyone is terrified of them...why? Hiroshima and Nagasaki are gorgeous, picturesque tourist heavens. Bikini Atoll (allegedly the "most nuked spot on earth") instead of being a vitrified, glowing crater in the ocean, is in the top five of dive tourist spots (and I can attest they make damn fine martinis).

The old saying is spot on: "It's easier to fool a man than convince him he's been fooled."

Well, you've been fooled.

And to the inevitable apologists that will insist I am insane/stupid/wrong, I challenge you to prove me wrong. With actual evidence. Oh, and probably should read this book:…

If you read it, and honestly still "believe" in nukes, you are beyond help.

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not only is progress being made on dismantling its nuclear missile launch facilities, but "activity at the launch pad appears to go beyond that commitment."

Translated to MSM-speak: "Intelligence officials concerned about increased activity at North Korean nuclear launch site."

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have you ever done something, you just wish you had not.  if you are human, you probably have.  well today, i was clicking on this link and that link effectively surfing the web.  and then it happened.  i was staring at a picture of paul wolfowitz, or as i say paul woofowitz.  it was his fucking wikipedia page.  i can't imagine what i had done to end up there.  but i recovered nicely and closed that browser.

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•• roea.rita (above)

•• Adolfsteinbergovitch (above)

•• Sanctificado (above)

•• Free This (coming soon, in all his 7th grade glory - JACKASS  as new icon!)

....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.



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So, Hawaiians pull your kids out of the storm drains. Guam is not tipping over either. 

Anti-Trumptards, take a deep breath and relax ;-)