India Folds: Top Refiner Buys US Oil To Partially Replace Iranian Crude

Authored by Tsvetana Paraskova via,

Indian Oil Corp, the biggest refiner in Indiahas purchased a total of 6 million barrels of U.S. crude oil for delivery between November and January, as it has started to look for a replacement of Iranian oil cargoes ahead of the U.S. sanctions on Iran’s oil exports returning in early November.  

The 6-million-barrel purchase was the first time that Indian Oil Corp (IOC) - which was the first Indian refiner to buy U.S. oil last summer - has bought U.S. crude oil through a mini-term tender, the Indian company’s Director of Finance A.K. Sharma told Reuters on Wednesday.

IOC is buying 2 million barrels of U.S. Mars for November delivery, one million barrels of Mars and Eagle Ford each in a combination cargo for December delivery, and 2 million barrels of Louisiana Light Sweet (LLS) to be delivered in January next year, Sharma said.

Ahead of the return of the U.S. sanctions on Iran, India’s state refiners boosted their Iranian oil purchases, pushing up Indian oil imports from Iran by 30 percent from Juneto a record 768,000 bpd in July, according to preliminary tanker arrival data that Reuters has obtained from trade sources.

Iran is said to have started to offer India cargo insurance and tankers operated by Iranian companies as some Indian insurers have refused to cover oil cargoes from Iran in the face of the returning U.S. sanctions on Tehran.

Hindustan Petroleum was said to have cancelled a crude oil shipment from Iran after its insurer refused to provide coverage for the cargo on concern about U.S. sanctions.

India’s imports from Iran could start to slow from August as some big Indian refiners worry that their access to the U.S. financial system could be cut off if they continue to import Iranian oil, prompting them to reduce oil purchases from Tehran.

HPCL, for example, will not be buying oil from Iran in August, chairman M. K. Surana told Reuters last week, but did not elaborate on whether the refiner would resume importing Iranian oil after that.


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6 million barrels?

That equals 1 1/2 ships.... bigly deal



Ultra large crude carrier (ULCC)

It is also known as ULCC. The weight extends from 325,000 to 550,000 dead weight tons. Their capacity is up to 4,000,000 barrels of oil and they are used in the Persian Gulf to European and American to Asia.

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Let's do the math.


6 million barrels over 3 months is 2 million a


Divided by a 30 day month, we see that India

will be importing, out of the 10 million barrels

the US produces daily, 


barrels of exceptional US crude oil, including

some re-exported from elsewhere.


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Yup. Iranian sanctions provide cover for a massive DC shakedown to buy US product... at higher costs... but who can feel sorry? The EU and the rest of these bastards fold like a cheap suit... all except China and Russia.


India could easily counter threats from Drump by terminating contracts for US energy, construction and military purchases and buy Russian product instead. Freeze US banking assets in Indian banks as well. See what happens then. Sign a trade and friendship agreement with SCO and OBOR program. Instead, they piss their pants and cave. Pathetic.

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India needs good relations with both the US and Iran. They are not going overboard either way. Like tbe Chinese, they have substantially increased current purchases from Iran, so that they can keep their word to Trump that they won't increase their purchases sfter the sanctions set in. 

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After I just watched Lindsey Grahmn geefully say that the Iranian regime will fall without a shot being fired, you can sure bet a revolution will start very soon.  Not sure what the hell they think will replace it.  I doubt they care, but the Persians are a helluva lot more sophisticated than say the Bedouin.

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India was always a bit of a bitch

Isn't it just hilarious how the US is going after anybody who dares question its stoopid Zionist bullshit. Whack-a-mole foreign policy.

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from a common sense point of view its crazy, they are next door neighbors and the extra distance should be heavily taxed b/c of the extra emissions thrown into the Earths atm, but who really cares about the Earth anyhoos? Its all about the money. 

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The same people that are coercing Europe to not turn to its reliable next door neighbour [Russia] and source energy from pipelines, but instead get it from across an entire fucking ocean by tankers from US shale.

We live in a world run by degenerate money worshippers with ZERO values. The worst part of all, are the spineless cucks in Europe that bend over to this absurdity.

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It's just a matter of time until the world gets tired of all the NeoCon bullshit. Being ordered around by a gang of crackpots out of Washington D.C. Alternative systems are coming as workarounds. Be careful what you wish for because the americans just might get it themselves.

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I'm still befuddled by the "reasons" for the Iranian sanctions.

Sponsoring terrorism? - US and Israel

'Malignant' actions (like um...toppling countries and killing millions ?) - US and Israel

Weapons research? For ONE bomb? Seriously ? - US and Israel have thousands.

Rocket research?  Ditto and Ditto  - US and Israel have thousands pointed you know where.

And remind me, it is IRAN that gets accused of behavior unbecoming and worthy of sanctions?

Not saying Iran is lily white, but .. day-umm. 

I think the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are looking on like "the US and Israel have acted SOO long against logic and the laws of nature, that they are surely due for some serious karma and a corrective ass-whooping by mother nature."


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The India mentioned in this article is a company not the country. That is what the US sanctions are targeting companies not countries.

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Whilst sanctions are part and parcel of international diplomacy the current type of sanctions the US are using are particularly troubling. They use the privilege the $US holds courtesy of the remainder of the world against companies. The fact the US have brought these type of sanctions into play is a insight into just how much trouble the dollar hegemony is in. 

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