Pakistan's New Leader Is A Democratically Elected Populist-Visionary

Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, which translates to the Pakistan Movement For Justice and is commonly known by its abbreviation as the PTI, came out on top in the latest elections after campaigning on a strong anti-corruption platform, but it was nevertheless a supposedly “controversial” victory because of the opposition’s claims of “military rigging” and the West’s efforts to “delegitimize” the vote.

To briefly explain, the Supreme Court disqualified former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from office last summer and he has since been arrested for corruption, but instead of lauding this as a positive move in the right direction by an emerging democracy, it was condemned by some domestic political forces and foreign countries as supposedly being a “military-driven conspiracy” to tilt the future elections to Khan’s favor.

The narrative that his opponents have propagated is that he’s therefore nothing more than a “stooge” of the Pakistani “deep state”.

That’s not the case, however, because Pakistan’s democracy is continually improving, and the only way for it to achieve anything sustainable of significance is for the highest law of the land to be upheld irrespective of the polarized political feelings surrounding the Supreme Court’s ruling last year. Without law and order, no matter how controversial its manifestation may be, no country can ever hope to build democracy, and it’s very telling that so many millions of Pakistanis were attracted to the PTI’s anti-corruption message.

That in and of itself speaks to the need to proverbially “clean house” by holding elected officials and their business partners to account, which is what the Prime Minister-elect has promised to do. This will in turn improve domestic political administration and encourage the trust that’s needed to attract diaspora investments, which can then contribute to Pakistan pursuing value-added projects that turn the CPEC-transiting country into more than just a “Chinese highway”.

Internationally, Khan’s view of foreign affairs closely aligns with what many have interpreted the military establishment’s as being, though that shouldn’t be understood as a bad thing or abused as supposed “proof” that the armed forces “rigged” the vote to help him win.

Pakistan’s new leader seems to understand the value of “multi-aligning” his country’s international partnerships in order to promote the shared goal of multipolarity. This could predictably see him continuing with the fast-moving and full-spectrum Russian-Pakistani rapprochement in parallel with “rebalancing” Pakistan’s traditional relations with the US, all the while never shying away from talking tough to India when needed but nevertheless signaling his intent for pragmatic cooperation. The previous administration was perceived by many as being “too soft” on the US and India, so Khan is merely channeling their frustrations independently of whatever the military’s position towards these two countries may be.

The bottom line is that Pakistan’s next Prime Minister was democratically elected in a free and fair election. Bringing corrupt politicians to justice and embracing populism aren’t indicative of “military meddling”, but are the sign of our times, with Khan being the latest visionary leader to enter into office by appealing to the people’s desires.



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is this what you are referencing? Quantifying an entire race from one “scholarly journal” does not make it correct. 

I've seen Khan speak many times.

Former Cricket star. Breathe of fresh air......Deep State fuck’n in 3...2...1...

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In Pakistan restraining the crazier Mohammadan's and trigger-happy generals (especially if combined!) is the best anybody can hope for there...short of hitting it from space.

As for Khan...he'll have his day and then go away...

Democracy in Pakistan?  Uhh huh, right...

Corruption rooted out?  No nation has succeeded on that score so, no.

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One used to regard the comments as more valuable than the article. But just look at the load of crap that greets you here. We have got to have moderation. Otherwise the site will fail -- and that might be what a concerted campaign is seeking, along with the tech censorship of unauthorized opinion.

Let's have moderation that chucks out everything crude and dim-witted, but open to any genuinely held opinion expressed with a minimal level of intelligence and courtesy., another free speech site, is a possible model. 

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cut him some slack, he is obviously going through some shit, i think that he thinks that posters on zh are gang stalking him or something like that from what i can tell. not that gangstalking doesn't exist but i doubt half the users here exist purely to torment him.


Nidstyles, i will tell you this, you're one of the posters on here that originally woke me up to the zio scumfuck conspiracy years ago and i can't thank you enough for that. I can tell you're not an ancap anymore but i do appreciate it.

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Imran has not aged well.He used to drink a lot of beer and the ladies loved him.

Apart from marrying that Goldsmith bitch,and having kids of the Rothschild bloodline which makes him a

little conflicted, he's a very smart patriot.He cannot be bribed.Hope he lives long enough to do whats required,

I doubt it though,Uncle Scam will try to kill him as sure as apple pie on the 4th.

Say goodbye to the Khyber Pass supply route if he can survive.

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He has been building support for over 20 years.

I knew he would win this time as he and his party were often named in media.

Coincidence he used corruption as part of his economic and social agenda culminating with the conviction of Sharrif?

He is also urging the UK to return stolen funds held in London.

As mostly everywhere else, the Pak people are tired of the corruption and same old and have chosen someone with fresh ideas.

Talk is cheap but he said "For every step India takes towards peace, i will take two". Is that the Pak military speaking?

Things are moving to a head and Pakistan and its neighbours are moving into a time of incredible transformation.

And yes indeed, what about Afghanistan?

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"...Without law and order, no matter how controversial its manifestation may be, no country can ever hope to build democracy"

Or retain a Republic

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Republics suck, they are only marginally better than mob-rule democracy. I say we deport all the leftists and welfare whores, then the rest of us can just go on and live life as we see fit.


Sadly, the Constitution either authorized our current police state, or did nothing to stop it.

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