SEC Is Probing Musk's "Going Private" Tweet To Determine If He Lied

With Elon Musk refusing to name any of the parties from whom he has allegedly "secured funding" after launching a huge short squeeze in Tesla yesterday with his now infamous Tesla "going private" series of tweets, it was only a matter of time before the regulators - who have so far stubbornly ignored Tesla - started asking questions.

According to the WSJ, that time is now, because the SEC has inquired with Tesla about Elon Musk’s announcement that he may take the company private "and whether his claim was factual", or in other words, whether Musk lied when he said he had secured financing.

The regulator also asked why the disclosure which kept people glued to twitter for hours was made on the social network rather than in a regulatory filing, and whether the firm believes the announcement complies with investor-protection rules.

According to the WSJ, the SEC inquiries - which originated from its San Francisco office so it will be relatively easy to visit the Fremont office - suggest Tesla could come under an enforcement investigation if regulators develop evidence that Musk’s tweet was misleading or false.

“Frankly, the bigger issue is going to be whether the information is correct or not,” said Ira Matetsky, a partner at Ganfer & Shore in New York, who outlined questions the SEC might ask. “When Musk tweeted this, was he saying this was something that was definitely going to happen? Something that might happen? How would a reasonable investor interpret that and was it consistent with the facts as they existed at the time?” - BBG

And while it is mostly semantics, so far it remains unclear if the SEC had opened a formal enforcement investigation based on the answers it received from the company. 

"To put that out unless he absolutely has financing secured and is ready to make the bid that could be market manipulation," Keith Higgins, a Ropes & Gray partner who formerly led the SEC’s corporation finance unit, told Bloomberg. "He could be in big trouble if that turns out not to have been true."

The biggest risk for Musk is if regulators find that he made a statement only intending to goose his company’s share price, or as he likes to put it, "crush the shorts." Under US securities law, companies and corporate officers can (and will) be held liable for making misstatements or omitting information that shareholders need to make informed investment decisions.

In his email to employees on Tuesday, instead of detailing the circumstances around the "pre-commited" going private deal, Musk blamed short sellers and other pressures public markets put on companies as factors in announcing he wanted to take the company private.

However, that's not enough.

As we noted earlier, one potential problem is that merely the intent of a "going private" transaction, triggers rule 13E-3, which requires the company to file a Schedule 13E-3 with the SEC as well as furnish the required disclosures to the company's shareholders. Note: the rule is triggered in either case, even if the intent to go private is ultimately unsuccessful.

13E-3 or no, the SEC will demand to know just what is going on, what the Board knew and when - recall it stated today that it was made aware of Elon's plans last week and yet there was no mention of this in the 10-Q's "Recent Developments" section - and if Musk was even sober and rational when he tweeted what he did.

Meanwhile, Tom Farley, the former President of the NYSE, had some advice for the SEC:

Dear @SEC_News, this is an easy one: ask TSLA to show you the agreement(s) signed by their funding source(s) by 5pm EST that demonstrates the funding is “secured” and “certain.” If there is no such agreement, require a statement by 5:30pm. Inspire market confidence.

And while Musk has historically been extremely cavalier with his tweeting, this time it could cost: if found guilty of stock fraud, he would surely be on the hook for billions as the lawsuits start piling in, with the worst case scenario giving Musk an unlimited amount of time to tweet to his heart's content... from prison.

The stock dropped back under $370 on the news, and is rapidly approaching the $359.8676 conversion price of the $920 million of convertible bond due March 2019, which some have speculated is the entire reason behind the "going private" spectacle.


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And he shall be Elon

And he shall be a scammy man

And he shall be Elon

In tradition with a green-energy Obama plan


Elon, Elon likes his money

He makes a lot they say

Spends his days counting

In a Tesla Tent by the motorway


He was born a fraudster

To pawn on a Christmas day

When the New York Times

Said Whitey is dead and the war's begun

Alinsky has a son today


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Something really smells:

In the beginning Tesla looked like a good business venture because of limited oil reserves in the world and the promise of increasing oil prices. 

The prospects for vast profits were very promising for the people who control US fiances, and Musk an insider bought a controlling interest of the company.

Eight years ago Musk brought the company public to raise funds developing its then upcoming Model S electric car.  However, the company was also at the time awash in red ink. It had lost $290.2 million since its 2003 founding, and its first-quarter loss in 2010 was $29.5 million, but a $465 million U.S. Department of Energy loan helped the company gain some momentum.

Musk's companies, Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, together have benefited from an estimated $4.9 billion in government support. The figure underscores a common theme running through his emerging empire: a public-private financing model underpinning long-shot start-ups.

It is government money being used and not exclusive private money for such risks, but what is the difference when the same people control US fiances, the Fed, and the government? 

A year before Musk announced his recent intention to take Tesla Motors private all things seemed to go wrong for the company, like thousands of Model 3s electric cars dormant in various parking lots as if they are not selling (as if they have really tried), production delays, and numerous unprecedented numbers of Tesla austos catching fire with occupants dying - very dramatic. The stocks stocks begin to fall and then Musk just recently announces his plans to go private.  

What promise does Musk really see in his various models? Has this very connected man or the people behind him made efforts to screw SH's by depressing  share value?  

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•• Adolfsteinbergovitch ("I TORMENT THE WOMAN WHO SUCKS DICK!")

•• Cryptopithicus Homme (bitcoin spammer - imaginary "friend")

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dozens and dozens and dozens of banned log-on's -- more than seven years!


....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.

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the regulators are going to talk themselves into a tangle. Apparently he was asked (prolly from media) if he would consider taking the co. private, he responded, i would consider taking it private at $420 a share. then someone(prolly media again) said the funds were secure. the gvt is going to go nuts chasing their tails about so many things they really know nothing about.

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Elon /Tesla are now officially screwed but not because of the SEC 

because this makes him and the horse he rode in on ..Redundant…

No pollution. Inexhaustible energy source, now safely transportable and a refill takes 3 minutes and range twice that of Gasoline (because of it higher energy). Down side ..H2O emissions .

Oh and works Now and today. and no more lithium disasters,

He is Fucked! 

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He is fucked, but not because of this mate.

These hydrogen cells are fine but don't solve the essential problem - they are net energy sinks i.e. it takes more energy to manufacture the hydrogen than we get out of it. Society will go back to the 18th C. technologically without fossil fuels at this stage and for the foreseeable future (100 years). It's simply magical thinking otherwise mate. You need HIGH NET ENERGY to make any new technology helpful.  This is an emphatic, demonstrable net energy negative sum technology. Please think things  through. You're better than that i think.

I am tired of posting the orginal CSIRO data. Look it up please. I think even Thunderfoot on Youtube  (don't really like him but he is on sure ground for this sort of debunking) does a complete filleting of this nonsense. If we had hundreds, nay thousands more nuclear reactors , possibly we could look at hydrogen cells as the equivalent of a solar cell convenience energy subsidy tech. But we don't. 

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This poster is one of the 8 and 7 year crowd, they always dump on posters like some territory dogs dumping on posters that this is their board, it's all the time with the same MO.

Everyone knows and it has been said a billion times, microbes are used to make dirt cheap hydrogen.

Microbes are used in many processes today, from penicillin to ethanol. This was a known fact at the Chemistry Department UT Austin. I worked, or was enslaved for a grade as a lab rat back then.

I helped a scientist map the nucleus of various elements atoms with a laser. I was worried we would blow up Welch Hall at UT Austin.

In the last several years, the brain dead Zionist controlled CNN, said scientist have just discovered how to enrich uranium with a laser, and it said everyone was worried Iran would learn how to do it. It has been known for years, this is typical fake news and fake scientific discovery which I have seen CNN repeatedly pump. Sometimes I will immediately say, that's not right and a year later it's proven by empirical studies proving it's wrong and public reported in news conferences. But CNN never reports on that.

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put a couple of 1/4 amp wires (like the ones on the inside of an old transistor radio) on a large flashlight battery. fill your water pail or sink with salt water. Connect the wires with aluminum foil wrapped around them Then turn on the battery (connect the wires). the veru small bubbles you will see are hydrogen.  Now- think about the fact that it takes an energy source - salt water, a capture vessel, a refined metal (aluminum), transportation costs for all the above, and waste / storage costs.  Well there IS plenty of salt water on the coasts, but inland - someone has to go and fetch it.

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Jew shorting wolf packs in NYC got their heads handed to them. The SEC belongs to the Jews, they're never called out.

Jew shorting wolf packs have a network of media and analyst they use to spread rumors to take companies down.

They use "bullets, a bullet is 100 shares shot below the bid to step a stocks price down. They use "naked shorts" an unlawful short, they do not have to cover to increase shorting interest. SEC never enforces the law on this. But if the companies stock drops they can cash in, only Jews are allowed to do this.

You, mom and pop America are not allowed to know the term "naked short", "Bullet" and the term "Zionism". (The first use of the term Zionist on MSM was when Biden stated he was a Zionist, mom and pop USA didn't know what it meant.)

I can name names and each and every racket of Jew controlled Wall Street.

I spent $40K to find out how the Jews were doing it in the tech market crash. It was a bleeding of mom and pop USA who were using on line day trading platforms like E-trade. This correlated to a Russian Jew in Israel, which today the Russian Khazar gypsy Jews are 20% of Israel's population. He bragged to the world he had developed an encryption key to break into any and all internet accounts. The Jews in NYC went through every account. The robbery funded huge pools of unregulated capital stolen from mom and pop America which are called Hedge funds. I watched them do this.(it was the same as when Rosenfelt came to power and in 1933 outlawed an American from owning gold, they used crowbars to open bank safety deposit boxes to steal gold and no one was paid for it, there is tonnes of data on this.)

So in this case, many people spent their money to jump on the shorting band wagon and lost, the Jews are using the SEC to call foul because it destroyed all their work, after Tesla was destroyed, they would move to the next company to steal your money bleeding you Kosher.

I made well over a million in the 90's tech market to fund operations.

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Any proof other than your assertions MK? Not trying to be a dick, but the claims look like scientific lying to me - few facts sprinkled in with "i am great i have secret knowledge ex-CIA" insecurity bullshiting.


I am happy to be wrong . You say a lot of interesting things.  But you also talk demonstable factual BS sometimes.  I don't want to discount any inside research you may have done. But i find it hard to differentiate between you insights and your insecurity projections.

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Give me a break. I am not ex-CIA, I have never been paid one dime by the CIA, I am one of the MKULTRA children. I am not trying to make you believe anything, one must do that on their own. (I am not an experiment, I am an operational model.)

You're attacking the messenger not the issue. Not one specific point have you stated, and you're calling me a liar. I lived that life, how many times now have you tried to wipe your ass on me with zero depth and knowledge of what I write.

This is typical of the television mind, brainwashed from a life time of being glued to the television.

Is it your Zionist mind, striking out at the truth, go back to the television, it will tell you how and what to think.

This has been a pattern, tell it like it is about your Jews and then a weak attack. Over and over the same pattern of those who've sold their souls to the Jews.

And I doubt you can understand naked shorts, bullets, short covering and short squeeze, where do you think that comes from, that is from directly trading in the market.

Please admit the truth, you're a Zionist supporter of Israel First over America, any comment is resisted by you to stay well within the parameters of your programming.

I do not support Israel and I am proud to say it.

For me, it's like being in the MATRIX with Ziobots unwilling to question their reality.

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I was asking for evidence,  and not slurring you. The exCIA suggestion was something like you claimed a few days ago (ex-Marines or intelligence i think you said). Even straight below you claim similar Roger Stone status :

"MK ULTRA Alpha MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 08/09/2018 - 11:11 Permalink

I was using encryption in the military long before the internet, long before you were born. One needs to look ...

You litter most of your otherwise interesting posts and theories with fallacious claims from authority and inside information through your service, then simply slur those who point out that you are mistaken or simply claiming an hypothesis as a fact. Very immature MK. Moreover i didn't disect your clsims, or fillet your thesis - i could have but that takes a lot of time, and i wasn't the one making claims, you were, and i am not going to play that BS game of assymmetric energy of having to try and disprove your falsehoods .


You go straight overboard with character slur of me.

YOU are the one making the claims, often extraordinary.  Clearly the onus of proof is on you - the claim maker - not me, who was simply asking for proof. I reference in detail constantly,  and if someone asks for proof when i don't i eagerly provide it. Right or wrong i learn little bit by little bit. 

You're attacking the messenger not the issue. 

No - i am asking the person making the claim to provide evidence.  What a ridiculous dishonst sophistry to attempt to conflate asking for evidence with killing the messenger.  If you are just  the intemediary messagenger, then show the message. What a contempable attempt to reframe the claimant as the messenger of someone else making the claim. Cant have it both ways MK.  What a classic example of agency transferance (you lil victim? You made claims yet you interpret a simple request for evidence both as a personal attack upon you and unreasonable.  No accountability . Pooor lil victim MK ... sob. How dare i have the temerity to just once rather than praise a comment of yours BUT actually ask for any proof, even a lil!! You gaslighting hypersensitve coward).

Still don't see anything but uncorroborated truth by assertion MK. I LIKE a lot of what you say Amigo.  Your reaction however suggests that you would rather attack and deflect than refute logically or provide even a scrap of factual evidence.  All cool. Your chouce of course. I was just testing for BS. You didn't prove otherwise unfortunately.  You do say interesting stuff and state direct knowledge of these things. But No evidence mate. You unfortunately confirmed my worst suspicions - you're an inferiority complex attention seeking bullshitter and wannabe Q clone who makes huge claims to inner knowledge and experience but then attacks - and character attacks too without diagnostic refetence - anyone who dares ask for simple evidence or accountability.

You're full of shit. Disappointing because you are clearly widely read but have a fair bit of confused info mixed in. As the following comment notes too about your encryption key bluff - you simply don't know what you are talking about but consider any requests for evidence betrayal and that only fools would not believe your clear intellectual superiority . What's that called again ...? Oh year - a Narcissist. 


My suggestion - you are clearly intelligent enough but appear to be addicted to status fantasies and bluffing your way through.  Just lose them MK because it discredits the interesting stuff you do have to say. You have research noone else does sometines, and that is great. But tell us how do we differentiate hypothesis from BS from actual knowledge if you mix em up in what looks like scientific lying or gaslighting but could merely be insecurity and thinking you need to claim to be all knowing. You don't.  You're smart enough without that. But  stop confusing slurs with arguments. 

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How old are you? And what country are you posting from? Can you even answer my question when you make demands of me?

You've insulted me so many times now with a nasty comment, what makes you think I care about you? You've down voted me each time you insult me. Why do you think I need to respond to you? I never respond to you. Why do you think I would want to have any debate with you on anything? It would be a continuation of the same crap from you.

I've lived an incredible life. I am not required to do anything you tell me. When the poster said hydrogen uses more energy to be meaning full, when I know there is a dirt cheap method, I can't post it? immediately I knew it was incorrect. I spent nearly ten years in the university. Go do the research, it was an insult by you and you've done it before. telling me some of what you say is BS, but some of it is good.  With no examples of what you believe is BS. Please don't post to me.

And who made you board police? Everything I write has to be as accurate as possible. I don't lie to people like the Americans who are television minds. You lie to others and yourself, of course with that kind of mind you can't believe the truth.

How many times have you run me down now. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I do not want to be pulled into your ego match because I know how it will end, in more sound bite cut downs. I absolutely do not care if anyone on this board or anyone on the planet believes I'm an MK ULTRA ALPHA. It doesn't matter because the greatest nation in the world will use all it's power to destroy me and so many have copied my essays, many, many thousands straight from my heart only to see my words used by people not even old enough, saying they too are MKULTRA. The CIA terminated, in a great purge to destroy all CIA personnel involved in MKULTRA. I believe it was called the Saturday night massacre.

Furthermore, people like you have said I wasn't in the military, it's funny because I have named my commanders and told them to call my commanders in such and such city. I am a Great Warrior of the American people in more ways than one, and for you, you can't stand it. Most people believe from television the CIA is real glamors like James Bond, I can assure it's not, and all of my missions have out done the CIA hands down. I have written many here. do you believe CIA could penetrate to Kim Jong Il, I did and told it in detail. That's a real story and I have risked my life many times realizing later someone in DC or CIA told about MKULTRA, not in my conscious but like I have tried to explain in my subconscious. You have no compassion for your fellow man, no, you're running me down proves a sociopath conditioned television mind. You're not honoring me for what I have done for this country, no it's run me down on points you say are BS. I've asked this board before, can you trust any poster on this board? I guess the up votes on that meant every on here are good people?

MKULTRA wasn't that big until I started writing about it and using CIA cab in Austin. I went with the flow, because I used my MKULTRA story to plant a seed in their minds of what was behind the curtain, the seed grew.That is just another example of the sacrifice I have done for you. I've written well over ten thousand essays on the net about MKULTRA. How many Americans would leave a lucrative opportunity with Microsoft to drive a cab to find out what was wrong with this nation to help you? not one, we no longer have a country. Have you done research to find out about chipping the brain with a false memory? I have marched all the way into the core of what the enemy is doing, and now it's out in the open and what do Americans do? They can't wait for their brain chip. The question is do you deserve what I have done? we can see, absolutely not, I am who I said I am and have done what I have said I did with zero embellishment and zero exaggeration. Americans are superficial plastic people who only think of themselves. The television has conditioned the dog to be evil and to seek evil.

It's the God's truth, I have a CIA modified brain. And what I did for this country is absolutely true and after all that, there is absolutely no requirement to do what you tell me to do. I have explained in detail. My IQ is so high it scared the researchers and they scared me, that was in the early 80's, I explained when the CIA came to Korea when I was in the army, in late 78 and spring 79, I didn't know about the MKULTRA congressional hearings, I said to myself, I've done everything you asked of me CIA, why do you come to compromise the mission. It scared me, I thought they were coming to kill me, the hero of the story in Korea. I have done everything this nation asked me to do and the American people wipe their ass on me every chance they can. I have not received one dime for this nor credit and what do you do? try to tear me down.

You can't even remember what I have written. Your memory is a conditioned retention of data, it was conditioned only to remember the weekly news cycle. You wouldn't be able to remember what I have written on here, that's not being mean, I am telling you about the American mind. My memory is real good, and I know it seems out of this world because you have never heard this before and you were conditioned in television logic and television fantasy. You have looked into a world that is not real and parrot that reality.

I've hit a nerve and you can't stand it. Everything I have said is as accurate as I can be. I'm not here for the child game of up votes. The euphoria rush of endorphins.

I have said many times, this is one of the only sites I can post on after Facebook took over 350,000 online publications message boards. I am not here to win a popularity contest because the unconditional support for Israel is not what I am all about.

Your mind is hate the blacks and love the Jew. I am not going to think that way and you can't stand it.

Zionist Christian is a racial caste system of Jew on top, whites and then blacks. In some places if one doesn't think that way it's big trouble. You've been brainwashed all of your life, from church to TV. You'll think up any way to discredit me, it won't be direct about this, it'll be something else and you've proven it.

The real tragedy is your unwilling to do independent research, it's because you're a TV head. You can't break through the neural pathways programmed into your brain to be able to process data in pure objective reality. You prefer to stay well within the parameters of your programming to not question your reality. By the way, television programming is designed for the lowest common denominator.

One who thinks inside the left right paradigm can not think rationally. One screens their thoughts through a screen designed by others. They can never know God nor themselves.

A life time of being brainwashed grows neural pathways like bars of a mind prison, a mind cell, one can never escape the mind prison. They will parrot their mind control brainwashing to their graves. 

We can see many on here who parrot their brainwashing. They will do anything, resist any and all attempts to deprogram them. They will resist with extreme violence. They use every chance to try to hurt me, but it can't stop me from posting what I want to post. They want to kill me to shut me up.

All of what I've written is true to the best of my knowledge. I will say, and I know God real well, strike me down right now My Lord if I have lied on any of this. Do you know God? It is impossible with a mind controlled religion which has defined God with human emotions. The religions have assigned the male gender. God has no gender and no human emotions.

I didn't read your post because it's the same cut down reality you always run on me. It's the hate of blacks and the Jews will help us keep them down, right? Why do I have to subscribe to your belief system, am I not a free man?

I do not support Israel and I am proud to say it.

That's the best I can do for you.

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MK ULTRA Alpha RationalLuddite Thu, 08/09/2018 - 05:51 Permalink

"All the best mate." now you're saying you're one of the Australian communist posting all the way from Australia with hate for America. Thanks, now we know.

It's the same pattern, communist Australians always coming here to dump on America.

I thought you were an American. Was it my military experience and the statement I am a Great Warrior of the American people, of course this would threaten your hate rant for the US. I am the target of that hate for America. How many Australians come here over and over spewing hate for America? it's a lot more than a few.

The only one with delusion is your hate rant for the Americans after we worked hard to help you with the Japanese. We're not perfect. And I have spent a lot of time trying to help the Australians.

I guess when I sent this everywhere in the US, I first published this in a newspaper in a Navy base city for my retired Navy officer following, it made it to the pentagon and state department and to your nations think tank and military, I guess this was delusional. I will report it for your benefit again. It made a big splash when I wrote it and I've written many essays for Australia. Perhaps you should have explained your motive and where you were posting from, I've had many attacks on here from the communist Australian haters, you're not the first and certainly not the last.

Let me find it. This had the Australians jumping around like Kangaroos. Even the US Ambassador in 2016 jumped around like a Kangaroo, it was Waltzing Matilda on steroids, he did the spectacle and what did your national say, this is interference in Australia politics, he didn't care because it was the truth. And there were many more spectacles for the purpose of preparing the Australian mind for war.

The truth is like a sword, it is powerful when used properly. Everything must be true or they won't do it.

I will write what I've written before about my relation with my God.

My Lord has given me a golden shield, it shines brightly, it blinds my enemies. It is my honor. My Lord has given me a shining silver sword to plunge deep in the heart of my enemy. It is the truth.

Australia I have given you a golden shield and a silver sword. I have armed your mind to make you strong. It doesn't matter the anti-American Australians who come here each day to bad mouth America, you're going to be a man and defend Australia.

Many examples like Oliver who comes here all the time to spew his hate for America, always saying Russia is going to destroy America, that doesn't matter, he even hates the UK so I suspect just like the French communist in WWII who helped the Germans to invade France, there are Australian fifth column operatives who will work with the large foreign population to do the same. Australia is preparing. A prepared Australia increases the cost exponentially. Below is one of my mind warfare operations on Australia. I've written many essays, around three months ago or so, I was to trying to get the Australians to revamp the shale production area because of a major strategic weakness in petroleum logistics. Who cares what you think, we now know your motive. The below was written from many years of military experience, university, work abroad, CIA and Korean mind warfare training. I've entered the mind of many peoples and planted seeds, I have done this all of my life. It has to be true.

I started planting seeds for Australia in 2011 in the US and then a major offensive on the US and Australia in 2016.

It is my duty. This is my job and I am good at what I do. I'm a CIA General officer. It was the most classified mission in the history of my country, they could not pay me because I would be compromised. I did it for no money. I am an American.

I've used the MKULTRA story to make it interesting to plant seeds in the mind of my nation. So everything must be true or the seed will not grow.

Read the below. This war plan comes from the Chinese mind. Australia had been compromised by Chinese propaganda and Chinese soft power had bribed Australia.

Chinese Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander War Plan.


Since the beginning of the communist takeover of China (1949), the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander has always been the real government of China. The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) was window dressing to appease the masses.

Xi, the Chinese leader, is an extraordinary politician. He has successful brought the military under CCP control. No one has understood the importance of subordinating military leadership to CCP national leadership. There is no longer a dichotomy between national leadership and military leadership.

Xi's plan is a sweeping reform of the military from top to bottom. No Chinese leader until Xi has had the power to reform the military.

Xi is a nationalist, not a globalist. On one of Xi's visits to meet with the communist Obama, he said, I am going to destroy the United States. When Xi touched US soil, he told a reporter, the dollar hegemony was history. He said it with anger and conviction.

Since then, Xi has worked tirelessly to destroy the dollar world reserve currency.

The communist Obama during this time was overheard on an open mic state, the Bretton Woods agreement was the world's problem and it was an agreement by a “group of old white men”.

The dollar reserve currency values economic trade in US dollars. All commodities are valued in US dollars. Obama works for “Open Borders”, one world government (UN), one world bank (world bank), one world currency, and one world religion of worship of the state. This is the long term goal of international communism. Xi doesn't work for a one world currency plan. He works to replace the dollar world reserve currency with Chinese Yuan as the new world reserve currency.

The US military and Federal bureaucracy will do nothing to endanger their pension. When this is over, there will be no federal pension.

War planning of the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander.

The Chinese have developed a weapon which can delay and destroy US power projection in Asia. The Chinese fishing fleet is a dual purpose asset. The Chinese military subsidizes the building of long range fishing boats. The fuel for the fishing fleet is subsidized by the military.

The strategy is a learning curve development from years of combat with the American. In the Korean war, US tactical strategy was the use of firepower. This became the tactical doctrine of the US Army. Find, Fix, Firepower- defeated the Chinese army in the Korean war.

In the Vietnam war, the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) developed a tactical doctrine to defeat the US tactical firepower doctrine. The tactical doctrine was to “hug the Americans”, which meant the closer the attack to the Americans, the less firepower could be used to defeat the NVA. This was a successful strategy which didn't go unnoticed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Senior Chinese Field Marshals with experience in the Korean war developed the maritime militia strategy in the late 80's. Today, the Chinese fishing fleet numbers between 700,000 to 800,000 sea going fishing boats.

The Chinese have consistently used the term, “maritime militia” to describe the dual use fishing fleet. And now, the term “People's War” as an option for the South China Sea geopolitical conflict fills the media..

In order for ease of understanding, we will round up to 1,000,000. This is because of coastal freighters and an aggressive maritime build. 1,000,000 times 30 means, 30 million combat soldiers will be landing in nations as far as Australia. And this will be the first wave.

Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of long range fishing boats is similar to the “human wave” strategy used by the Chinese in the Korean war. After landing, “Hugging” the Australians with millions of Chinese combat soldiers means US firepower is neutralized. Thus, the US and the Australians will be faced with a “fait accompli”.

There is a specific distinction between regular and reserve military and the militia. Chinese militia number in the 50-60 million range. The militia are former regulars and reserves in the age range of 25 to 50 years old. The input of 10-15 million crew for the fishing fleet must be included.

The militia is an unpaid asset tailor made for nationalism.

The Chinese have stockpiled small arms for a “People's War”. The range of weapons are modern AKM, AK-47, SKS, to older bolt action copies of Russian Mosin Nagant, German Mauser 98K, and the old Springfield we sent up the Burma Road in WWII. The number of stockpiled weapons for a “People's War” is a state secret. A rough estimate of small arms losses from 1945-1949 Nationalist Chinese, Japanese, and 1949 estimate of Chinese PLA strength would be around 20 million. Subsequent regular and reserve modernization from early AK-47 and SKS would be 10 million. Thus, small arms stockpiles in the 30-40 million range would be a conservative estimate.

The trigger for a “People's War” is an economic downturn which throws 200 million to 300 million Chinese out of work. The CCP must divert attention from economic failure to protect the CCP and party cadre. Prosperity for the vast majority of Chinese workers is still an illusive goal. Nationalism is being used as an outlet for frustration to divert attention away from economic failure.

The Chinese war machine and economy require greater and greater amounts of petroleum. They are stockpiling crude oil at a rate of 10%-20% above present needs. Disruption of crude oil shipments will force Chinese leadership to launch the South China Sea “People's War”. The nations producing oil and natural gas in this region are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

The South China Sea geopolitical conflict provides a convenient target for the CCP. It combines ancestor worship, racial-tribal, and nationalism ideology to refocus and subvert demands for internal political change and reform. The Chinese believe their ancestors discovered and claimed the entire South China Sea and the “White Devils” thwarted Chinese historic ambitions.

Recently, US Army Colonel Hanson made a statement in Australia which the Pentagon stated wasn't official policy. Colonel Hanson made the statement - Australia must decide between the Chinese and the Americans. I take exception to the Pentagon and this nation not supporting Colonel Hanson.

The Obama strategy was called the “Pivot”. It was a plan to redeploy military assets and strategic focus from the Middle East to the Pacific. It has been a resounding failure. The Chinese conducted psychological warfare operations to counter the Obama “Pivot”. These operations have been highly productive at countering US deployment of strategic assets to Australia.

Over the last five years, the Chinese propped up the Australian real estate market with $35 billion in direct real estate investment. Strategic infrastructure vital to the defense of Australia was leased to the Chinese. Natural resources investment and partnerships with resource firms caught in the commodity economic downturn were served up on a platter for Chinese capital.

The Chinese bribed the Australians and now the Australians stall US strategic asset deployments. The Chinese economic policy is to stop capital outflow, but in the case of Australia, investment of all types were officially sanctioned and encouraged.


The US must conduct a mind warfare operation in Australia. We must plant a seed in the mind of the Australian people. Colonel Hanson must be supported by our nation.

Colonel Hanson requires technical support to assist him in the education of the Australian people. The above is CIA data, it needs be said the above is CIA data and is the war plan of the Headquarters of the Northern Front Commander.

Colonel Hanson and his team create a spectacle to gain the attention of the people. A group of Australians will be designated supporters and opposition. Military, Political, Clergy and Business leaders must work in unison to prepare the Australian people for war.

The technical team and Colonel Hanson use the media system, civic, church, and business group meetings to increase awareness. The opposition, who are working with us, make demands with legitimate factual claims. The supporters work to discredit the opposition with legitimate factual data. Over time the opposition softens and compromises with full acceptance.

Colonel Hanson is the external foreign input which through spectacle brings attention to his cause. The nation focuses on Colonel Hanson because it is new data, unusual, and an angle which must be explored. The opposition attempts to thwart the spectacle. The supporters work to discredit the opposition. The opposition folds and the new narrative of the importance of US strategic asset deployment becomes the mind of the people.(the will of the people)

It is an educational awareness operation designed to plant a seed in the mind of the people. The seed will grow. 

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I am not  going to find the article, it came out right before the crash. It was a de-encryption key and he stood before the world and said it.

Since it is common knowledge Israel is deep into encryption and de-encryption, may be you need to find out.

If you didn't know about an encryption key and a de-encryption key then it's you who doesn't know what you're talking about.

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I was using encryption in the military long before the internet, long before you were born. One needs to look up the article and I am not going to do it.

An encryption key is a random string of bits created explicitly for scrambling and unscrambling data. Encryption keys are designed with algorithms intended to ensure that every key is unpredictable and unique. The longer the key built in this manner, the harder it is to crack the encryption code.

You're log in password is encrypted and after this, all systems required a longer encryption key.

There is no de-encryption key used on the internet? We have been using de-encryption keys for a long time. They can now read everything on the net.

Symmetric-key algorithms[1] are algorithms for cryptography that use the same cryptographic keys for both encryption of plaintext and decryption of ciphertext. The keys may be identical or there may be a simple transformation to go between the two keys.[2] The keys, in practice, represent a shared secret between two or more parties that can be used to maintain a private information link.[3] This requirement that both parties have access to the secret key is one of the main drawbacks of symmetric key encryption, in comparison to public-key encryption (also known as asymmetric key encryption).[4][5]

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Israel has announced another break through, and this is latest bragging. They can decode the algorithm for ASE and RSA the most advanced encryption key. If one can decode the algorithm there is no security on the net. This is the most recent bragging.

This means, Russian Jews 20% of the Israeli population can break in to a system, company, government and hold them for ransom. Why? because they can cut through any and all security.


Product: Data Encryption and Decryption Method
Developers: Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, Leonard Adleman
Start of Development: 1977

In 2002, Prof. Adi Shamir became the third Israeli winner of the Turing Award, generally recognized as “The Nobel Prize of Computing”. The Israeli scientist and his two colleagues, Ron Rivest and Leonard Adleman, gained the distinction for their joint develop

ment of an algorithm that is used in a public key encryption method. The breakthrough was made in 1977 while the three were engaged in research at MIT and the algorithm’s name consists of their initials.
The RSA method is based on the multiplication of two large prime numbers and enables transmission of encrypted and signed messages between different parties, and their subsequent decryption. The security of encryption using this method stems from the long time period – estimated at thousands of years – required for an unauthorized person to decrypt the code. The method led to a revolution in global computer communications and enabled a form of previously unknown data security.
In 1983, RSA was patented as a communications system and an encryption method in the United States. Among others, this method is implemented today in “smart cards” that are installed in home television sets and that enable only authorized consumers to receive and decode the commercial communications satellite’s broadcast signal. Furthermore, the “smart cards” allow the company operating the satellite to charge each customer for the specific programs and films that he watched.
RSA is similarly used in internet data encryption and enables transfer of confidential data – for example, credit cards – between vendor and buyer during e-commerce. This encryption and decryption method is also implemented in the fields of economy, banking and state communications. The RSA algorithm also enables the digital signing of messages.
In 2008, Prof. Shamir was awarded the Israel Prize for Computer Science. The judges’ citation stated among other things, that Shamir’s “decisive contribution to the reinforcement and strengthening of Israel as a global center of excellence in the field of encryption and decryption.”

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Another point and I've railed about it for years, I went down to the Austin tech festival to get the kids to start using light and a crystal for data storage. The US government has been moving to cloud. What is cloud, it was a plan thought up to use all the server farms after the tech crash, it evolved to be the latest thing in tech.

Later cloud data storage and cloud computing would be controlled by tech firms, because the small hand held devices have reached the limits in power and storage. So to continue the profits for systems like iphone, the cloud became the new mantra. It means smaller lighter laptop computing.

Cloud is an easy way to store data and use cloud for computing. The US government and US military have now compromised the security of the United States.

Cloud can be hacked and internal security is compromised by traitors. They have given up our data to cloud, huge mistake.

I can't make you understand how important this is to me. There are many kinds of light, there is a light which can be used for data, there is a crystal that can hold the light, however another light must be used as a containment field for the crystal.

They will not do the R&D on this because cloud is the money maker.

Also light can be used for a CPU, it would be the most powerful super computer, because it operates at the speed of light with no heat.  No longer will we use operating systems. The CPU and the mechanics is the operating system.

The spending on this is no longer vital to tech firms because of cloud. We could have been able to do it.

On these two points, there was research in the old days. It was classified around the time of the transistor. I believe it was Bell Labs.

Tech firms only want money on the cheap. Back then AT&T would spend a great deal of money on this kind of research. It was also a component of national security.

I may be wrong on AT&T ownership of Bell Labs I don't feel like looking it up for you to verify, but I always try to be as accurate as possible. I don't know if it's still classified, but Bell Labs did the proof on Crystals. There are different kinds of crystals with different properties. I know they found it and didn't know how to use it.(See, Bell Labs used the Alexander Graham Bell method of research, it was also a method of bringing many disciplines together, like material engineering, they didn't call it material engineering back then, but that's what is was, testing many elements and compounds for application. The operative term today, would be Applied Physics.)

See, civilian use of technology is a new phenomenon. Lets look at it as a pie chart. Most of the pie chart for high tech was the military, with a small amount of the pie for the civilian sector. Later, with the advent of desk top computing specifically for desk top accounting, later desk top publishing, and other business application.

The civilian use of the high tech pie grew, until the present R&D for exotic tech advance has slowed, because a legacy product will be capitalize for profit with limited funding for major leaps in exotic technology. The military would invest in technology that might work or it might not. Back then we were a rich nation and a dollar went along way, the military could afford the investments across a wide range of exotic tech.

All of what the huge technology firms make their billions was a spin off of military funded R&D.

Turning our national secrets over to tech firms is a mistake. Today, technology is used to control us with primitive tech with a new function, it is used to monitor and control us for the government agenda. One, this is not a function of government but a cabal,and two it makes money for the tech giants.

When I railed they are using brain chips for false memory. No one listened, well it's out in the open and the tech firms are telling you how wonderful it will be to have a false memory from an embedded chip in your brain. The cabal is funding it for your fun right? and the government is working with them. It's in your face now.

How about Black helicopters, remember? well I tracked them to their base many times. It was the new color of military helicopters, not the Navy grey and US Army OD green. So I check everything. That's my job and I have never been paid one dime for it.

Good Luck 

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You're a Jew, I had looked up the alias before, it's the name of a Jewish woman in the UK. At the time, which was months ago, I thought you were one of the 40% of the Jewish population who are inbred. The Jew is not smarter than the rest of the population, no, you work together to do the American in. Another homosexual Jew on here is LaughterNYC, he's a homosexual Jew in NYC who advocates the genocide of Russia and most recently he stated we shouldn't treat cancer patients to save money. He's one of the most hated on here, he's gets the most down votes. And you, it's the Jewish superiority scam, coming from an inbred homosexual Jew with inverted logic.

You're full of it, on this board you run the same scam all the time over and over on a host of posters. There is a universal encryption protocol. How are codes broken? with a cyber key. period. Huge amounts of money is used to build cyber keys. The Chinese spend tremendous amounts and thousands upon thousands of programmers working on a cyber key(de-encryption key). They're working on one right now funded by State Security, and another funded by PLA. I watched a Chinese programmer go right through UT system directly into a UNIX core without a pass word. Tell me about hacking? When I worked for the University of Maryland Far East division, they told me close all holes. I broke into US Federal government computer system in DC, it was easy, and I had to do it, be the enemy to know how to do it. So I could fix it. Back then it was early internet around 98. I remember now, it was one government system, but it was easy and there was software on the net to do it. I broke into civilian sites with the software for hacking. One software could use HTML source code to do it. Back then I could code in HTML.

I had to fix a Sunwork station, I learned UNIX from a web site at MIT, I begged them for two months, disconnect it so I can fix it. They didn't think anything was wrong. They shut it down and told me, you have 30 minutes. I went in and fixed it. Then I was a threat to the other programmers and the manager. So they had a new class in UNIX with a professor from the US came to teach it, for military and the other programmers.

I'm in Austin, Texas. I have held the title programmer, programmer analyst, and techie for Microsoft for hardware, software, and network engineering. On one project I am the one who connected a Redmond server farm with Nortel, Northern Telcom, I worked with an engineer, called him up, told him how to do it, called back the next day, connected, no one at Microsoft could do it and I had seven gold stars next to my name, not one on that project had that. I also did the same for Newfoundland. The project director called me on the phone, it was a woman who worked directly with Bill Gates to thank me for making the project work, it was one of Bill Gates pet projects.

In another case I obtained the generic pass word to make the project a success. I had no choice, it would have taken me a week to reprogram the security on the password program because they made mistakes in the match of passwords they were providing customers. People called from all over to tell them I was the only one at Microsoft who helped them and they tried for weeks.

When it was known I used THE generic password, you could hear a pin drop.

I had seven stars next to my name, no one had that.

In the orientation, and all of these people were top in their field. A man came in to give us a security talk, he didn't say his name. When he started talking I said you're CIA Officer John Stockwell, he said that's my brother. Two managers told me, it's a rumor and you've confirmed it. I noticed he was watching me all the time and then I found out he was listening to me all the time. I now believe, he mostly likely called someone, a former CIA and knew who I was. I haven't used the Stockwell story on here because I wasn't sure of his knowledge on MKULTRA, but I've provided proof from other events in my life on here.

I had not used the metal nanoplasma to wake up from MKULTRA at that time, I did it in 2005, and defeated their programming, busting through neural pathways to bring my subconscious into my conscious.

I have been directly responsible for advances in technology for the national security of the US. period.

Let me do some more bragging to give it back to you who trash poster after poster using the same MO over and over.

First in certain semiconductors, first in objected oriented code, first on the internet and I can explain each of these in detail. I can name names, laboratories, firms etc.

Dr. Kalokota and I were the first on the internet before Al Gore discovered the internet. He was the one who forced me with a bribe to take a special class in object oriented code. He told me you will be given an A for an undergraduate course, because it was a PhD level class taught by IBM. That is the beginning of AI.

Where did you graduate from university?

I gave up a lucrative connection to Microsoft to help you, after this I drove CIA cab for 7 years. It may be more or less, but I like the number 7. Around 7 years would be better. I always try to be as accurate as possible.

All of my life, Americans and the Jews tried to kill me, many, many times, this is another example, IBM wanted to hire me twice, I couldn't pass a corporate physical. The second time, the IBM doctor told me, you have to see a doctor right now. I went to the VA, I told them, they ran test, and said nothing to see here. Then I went to Korea to conduct a mission. It was an important mission, I had planned for many years. I have told it here many time.

In Dallas when I drove another CIA cab, not the same mission as Austin, the cataloging of each and ever kind of mind in this nation, and a deprogramming platform, planting seeds in the mind of man.

The Dallas operation was a full scale no holds barred empirical research project on JFK. The Jews killed him. period

So when I was in Dallas sometimes I wouldn't feel good. So I tried again, I would have to take a polygraph, but it was the same, they take you in the office, insult after insult, I told one woman, I can leave this building at anytime, I don't have to have medical care by the VA. If I told you what that person said and did you wouldn't believe it. If one wants abuse from the women hating men, go out to the VA. With the Jews at the VA it's the same. There is one Jew in Portland who has tried to kill me many times. I can write it in detail.

But I went to an old DAV lawyer at Dallas VA to tell him all the things the VA has said and done. He started saying you're agent orange, I said no I'm not agent orange. He flipped out on me and started yelling at me. You're agent orange. I woke up the next day, I remembered the disposal at Camp Page, we called it defoliate. I can name the names, Lt Nepal ordered it, and private Nichols was assigned to me to do it. We didn't know any better, and Lt Nepal, it wasn't his fault, it was my fault. He was a young West Point officer, his first assignment. It is my duty to train him.

So in Austin after the loss of my second attempt at being hired by IBM, I went to the VA, that was over twenty years ago. After the Dallas mission, I had time to order all records. It took a lot of work. I decided I needed to know the VA lab code.

And many records they can't find, but I have tonnes of proof.  

I put it in Google, it was over 50K hits agent orange. I could sit here to write how many times the VA has worked to kill me. This is why I always say, the VAs are kill centers and a place to run human experiments. The VA has wounded more men and women veterans in any war and battle in US history. It is corruption on steroids. I can show you what Jews said to me, I can show you the Jew in Portland and what he did and is still doing. I wrote a claim, the VA here made me do it and I told them I don't want to do it. I wrote it, I got a nasty letter from Portland. I only spent less than a month and a half directly trying to get medical care in Portland. But now after 2010, to around 2017, Portland has jurisdiction over me, call after call to the so called VA here, until I said jurisdiction is a legal term. This Jew in Portland attacked me in 2010 at VA HQ Portland..I had a Jew doctor who was angry because he was being complained on, I heard it, outside the examination room, he came in not even looking at it, took a wooden tongue suppressor shoved it in my mouth and went back and forth real hard.

The Jew in Portland, who attacked me later, wrote one of the most nasty letters to me, I showed it to a professional woman, she said this is "hateful" this is "vindictive". There is no record in the secret claim file, that is still being controlled by Portland of the letter. My medical records from my first tour of duty is missing.

I tracked down who wrote the letter in Portland, it's a long story. See all I wanted was a Oregon veteran camping card. But the guy on the phone insisted I file a disability claim. I told him over and over I don't want to go through that process. The Jew wrote a nasty letter on that as well. LOL I set the bait, when I went up to the VA HQ in Portland, they have a new VA building now. But I went up to cancel the claim which I never wanted. When the Jew heard my name, the Jew pitched a fit in front of this nice woman who had calligraphy tattoo on the inside of her right arm. The nasty letters from the Jew are not in my file. Even military medical records are missing.

She went in to shock, her eyes opened real wide and she lost all the blood in her face, her face went real white. I can take a polygraph on it.

I know the Jew real well, 40% are inbred and they work with inbred homosexuals to do you in. period.

How would you like Jews tell you, "We know you're Jesus" then a Rabbi "Is Jesus Christ here in the flesh." I had something to say to him and he ran away. It means a death sentence because the Jews if I'm Jesus, then they will have to kill him again. 40% of the Jewish population is inbred, they marry into their blood line. This happened in Austin.

I know the VA is medical malpractice on steroids. I know because I go to Seton in Austin, it was there that I realized the VA is a racket to turn veterans away. I talked to a Navy Commander in 2010, who was helping veterans, he said the VA works to run you off, you must stay and fight them. All I wanted was treatment not money. The VA is medical malpractice because some doctors at Seton lectured me on medicine, medical professionals were more than happy to teach me. Not all, but around 90%. period.

The Jews are pushing us for a war with Russia to kill us. They are an inbred species. period.

Again, do not join the military it's lower than 50 50 if you will get any medical care, and I've talked to many veterans. I can take you to veterans right now who have lifetime injuries who refuse to go to the VA. Why? because the culture of the VA is to make sure you know not to come back.

I could sit here and write all on MKULTRA, then I can go under the harshest FBI interrogation and use third party polygraph for a quality control to check their work. I've been to the FBI many times, they are full of themselves, and will not listen. They will not put me under polygraph.

And I can say, I know the CIA has my file, I've written how I know on here.

Is America worth it, and it's in your face everyday. The nation is corrupt at all levels, never before has there been this level of corruption and I know our history.

So I have done everything I could to help the Americans, and when I show you about the Jew, brainwashed attackers throw themselves at me, why? because the Jew is a gypsy and they have brainwashed you. period. And if the VA is forced to give me medical care, I don't want it, because it is a risk to give them control. period. I have seen felony after felony at the VA and they will cover for each other.

How would you like to do everything for this nation only to realize this country is lower than dog shit. It's because of the Jew. period.

Lets do what they do, the Ziobots, say it fast because this is all they have in their minds, Ju, Ju, Ju, Ju, Ju, again if you don't bow to the Ju, then the programmed Ziobot attack. Is that a normal mind? Is this a normal country? It is one of the most extraordinary evil nations in history. It is because of the Jew and I'm trying to get people to come out of the brainwashing. It's like I'm the man fighting for America in the MATRIX. I'm in the Outer Limits and you're in the Twilight Zone, it is because you were programmed by NYC Zionist Khazar Gypsy Jews. Do these kinds of minds question they're reality?

The US government breaks the law, constitution and bill of rights every microsecond of the day, 24/7. In the NDAA, we were placed, at first secretly under a martial law system of government, now it is in your face.

How would you like to give everything you could possibly give, and then after years of study, you find, America is evil beyond the belief of citizens. I use the MKULTRA story, which is of the best of my knowledge as humanly possible to make it  interesting to enter your minds to help you.

The MKULTRA mission had many enemies of America and one of then was the Jew, they're a fifth column, and as you can see today, the 60's CIA was correct on everything.

Back then, the FBI was a masonic organization controlled by Jewish mafia, it was a war between the CIA and the FBI for the soul of America. The television history of America is a lie. Today, the US federal government including the CIA is controlled by Zionism. This is no longer the America of the ideals of the past. America was never this way and we have been broken down over and over to do this to us.

Now Ziobots get back to Zionist Khazar Gypsy Jew television from NYC, you need to be told how and what to think in inverted logic.

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I was tired today, I didn't write well, I went off on a tangent using the VA explaining, using the VA as an example, there are many Jews and homosexuals working against America. I have seen their destructive methods in many areas of our nation. Many Americans see this and won't say it because of fear of being labeled. The truth is enemy number one in America, why is that?

Every word I write is to the best of my knowledge.

Isn't it incredible, and I know it's hard to believe, I've had Jews telling me I am Jesus. What would happen if the corrupt FBI did a full scale interrogation using polygraph and tape recorded testimony with third party quality control of their product. Not even the FBI can take the truth.

I can explain it in detail, I had to leave Austin for a while. I've been to the Pacific Northwest on different missions, and this was the reason for one of my missions.

Because it scared me, when I was a child they said the same thing and I didn't want to wake up from MKULTRA.

Lets look at real clear objective evidence of God. And I have showed God many times in my life for America.

This is my section chief from my first tour of duty in Korea in 1976. The unit was the 1/31 FA at Camp Stanley Korea. There were two batteries, A battery and B battery. The Commander of A battery was Captain Stephen Hickok. He is a retired Colonel living in Madison Mississippi.

This is my section chief from the FDC, that means Fire Direction Control. I planned the mission for a year before I joined the Army, I asked for the weapon, Honest John, the duty position, and the country, Korea. Back then, it was around a year after Vietnam, no one would go. The Navy couldn't man the ships and the Army couldn't field the troops. I stood with great honor for the American people.…

Look at his medals, he proudly displayed. Both of these men are Great Warriors of the American people.

On the day of my section chiefs death, I had a feeling I must find the Commander.  I found him on that day. The FBI can get the phone records for that day.

I had the same feeling I must find my section chief, I was busy and didn't have time to do it. The next day, I found the section chief's number. I called, his wife said he died yesterday. I waited for the obituary. I called her, I told her about what a great man he was, and did he every talk about the Commander. she said yes. I didn't know about agent orange at that time, but now I know he died early in his life from agent orange exposure. The VA killed him. She didn't know why he was so sick.

All three of these phone calls can be investigated by NSA, CIA and FBI to prove this. I know NSA has it.

This has happened all of my life.

There have been many peoples saying they are the original Israelite, it's like the strata in ancient cities, building city after city on top of the old city.

The Bible uses the history of the original Israelite, it's has been added and added by successive peoples. The last of the original Israelite was the era of King David.

What we have today is a gypsy empire who call themselves the Jews. You will say that's impossible, it's in the Bible. The Bible has been rewritten many times.

There are over 124 kinds of Jews. Most of them are gypsy tribes.

Some day, I we'll write all the times, I showed you God. And I always preface a mission with written data about God before hand, then I do it, to put a seed in your mind.

The Gypsies have conditioned this nation through the control of media for our people to be evil and to seek evil. Can man be conditioned like a dog?

I have written before God is not a human, it doesn't have human emotions the books have defined God, there is no gender the books have used, it is not a man, nor woman. It is a force, it is the most powerful force in the universe. It has infinite power and knowledge. It is in the past, the present and the future.

If I told you everything, one could not understand, so we will go this far for you to open your mind.

You best get a view, this is not a walk through.

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An anti-American Australian, you whine about what I wrote to this poster. This poster has the same MO, it comes on here many times now, to trash posters and then demands for a message board? a citation? of someone who wrote an opinion.

This was the first time with me. But I've seen it over and over, what this poster does. Most always, this poster is wrong, the reality of this posters mind, is because it was a long term member of the board it can trash posters, and then runs off with no cross examination of what the poster wrote. It's a cheap cut down.

When I say, I used encryption in the military before the internet, and before this poster was born. The first use of encryption by me, was the KY-38, it is obsolete today so I can write it here. The next exposure was in 404th Army Security Agency, this was the NSA of the Army, I can't write it here because it would be a breech of comsec, communication security. The 404th was disbanded and rolled in to Military Intelligence, this is common knowledge and the war between MI and ASA had been going on for years, this is common knowledge. MI won the war.

My next exposure was at the University of Maryland's Far East Division at Yokota AFB. I was told to close all security holes in their systems.

The next exposure was a US government cyber security expert. I told him how to crash the internet. He said, after I told him about cracking the internet, do not ever tell anyone what you told me. I picked him up at a cyber security conference in Austin for the ride to the airport in CIA cab.

So one of your grievances was I told a poster who trashes posters all the time with same MO which most of the time, is science through a political filter or to assert this posters belief this is their board because of time served. That has been a pattern on the board and they actual say it in posts.

I use to drop in to read articles on my way to another site called Seeking Alpha, I was truly amazed by the business articles on ZH. I always looked at the board. It was made up of people incapable of reading the articles. They never discussed the article, but it was a major hangout of the far left, drunks and drug addicts(not cannabis). They would even talk about it, it was like a bar room brawl. This was an extreme left wing board, the 7 and 8 year members are the worse ones. Only when ZH posted current events, only now because of the television mind needed a better explanation of events there is debates or fights about current events. They can relate to that. When Trump won, the left wing nuts, fought a hard core battle to keep the board extreme left, they were resentful and many stopped posting. It's not as bad, but many now have hidden the left wing past to still be board players.

As I said, this site became one of the only places I could post after Facebook took over 350,000 internet online publications, many newspapers, there have been posters on here telling about it too.

On my newspaper message board, I first noticed it when a long time poster, who was critical of the editors page, and he was always well mannered on the debate on the extreme left wing editor's essays. Well he started asking is anyone else being censored. Later everyone around me was being taken out.

I was writing about an important environmental issue. We were on the edge of understanding where the algae was getting it's nitrogen from. A young man who knew about it was giving supporting data was censored. And said he was just censored.

So it was not just the right wing, he was left. So then I began tracking down Facebook. What was happening was Zuckerberg's AI censor robot made for Facebook for re-entry into the China market was censoring everything in sight. Well it wasn't working correctly, an AI censor robot designed by Facebook for the China market was being used first on the Americans to prove to his mentor Xi, he could control speech in the US to impress Xi for his approval for Facebook to enter the China market.

So when you tell me in your cut downs saying how nice you are to try to bring me into your hate trap, that the poster who uses the tech cut down over and over on many posters was correct on cyber, and didn't believe there is encryption and de-encryption keys for the internet? then requires each poster to prove what that poster wrote, well it's a chicken shit cut down and the poster is known. It never hangs around to back up what it wrote, and then you side with the poster for a cut down, well now we know you're one of the communist Australian anti-Americans like Oliver.

An Australian helped me once.

I worked hard to help Australia was because in elementary school it was an escape in my mind of what I was going through in MKULTRA. Something about a bird in a tree and a Kangaroo knocking people out. I still sing it.

The Americans will most likely not be able to help Australia like in the past in the event of a global war, so I worked hard to open Australia's mind to be prepared. It was for a memory.

Listen to me, each and every Australian anti-American on this board and other boards posting anti-American, anti-Australian and anti-UK comments are listed by Australian Intelligence. This is the law, every thing in and out is being monitored.

Not army MI, but Australia's external and internal security services, why? they're scared to death, they know war is coming. It's a life or death survival issue. In time of war, they, not the army is going to kill you, they have no choice. There is a huge anti-Australian foreign population. They're worried about the survival of Australia, not about war crimes trials, because this war is going to be a huge kill off of the global population. 

It's not because of some political reason, it has nothing to do with Australia's Intelligence politics. These posters are considered a fifth column, in war time they are considered combatants, it's not going to be a round up, there will be no time.

Again, any and all posts coming in and out of Australia are being monitored. Again, it has nothing to do with their politics, it has everything to do with their survival.

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tunetopper MK ULTRA Alpha Thu, 08/09/2018 - 10:07 Permalink

Considering your comments, its the legalists for sure who dont like it.  They nonchalantly speculate all day long about mergers and things that never amount to a hill of beans on CNBC incessantly.  All the while they hide behind a veil of "journalist" license.  Then Musk gets bombarded by a collusion force of short-sellers- likely -as you say (New) Yorkish (small round) Hat Wearers Having (money as their god). YHWH.

Would be pure joy if Musk had been told by a large Israeli bank or a Russian Oligarch (loyal to Israel) that they would backstop him at $420/share and he was smart enough to make that publicly known thru this enigmatic tweet.  He would then put the justice department in a bind - because of the foreign investment implications and of couse the fact that there are several other pools of money that could step up.

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sessinpo FBaggins Wed, 08/08/2018 - 17:02 Permalink

FBaggins Cryptopithicus Homme Wed, 08/08/2018 - 16:48Permalink

It is government money being used and not exclusive private money for such risks, but what is the difference when the same people control US fiances, the Fed, and the government


Government money IS private money because ALL government money is backed by the slave wages of the citizens. Government does not create wealth. Government only creates currency that facilitates the transfer of wealth created by private citizens.

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Jtrillian Cryptopithicus Homme Wed, 08/08/2018 - 16:48 Permalink

It will be interesting to see if Elon gets away with this or not.  He now must prove he has secured the financing he claimed or he should be found guilty of market manipulation. 

Of course, if Hillary could get away with deleting classified information after she was subpoenaed simply because there was no "intent" then surely Elon can get away with it too as he is undoubtedly among the protected class of Americans whom the law does not apply. 

As for the rest of us... intent or not.  We'd be rotting in jail... in both cases.

That affluenza is a terrible disease.  Let us hope they find a cure soon.

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