Trump Hits Putin With New Sanctions Over Skripal Nerve Gas Attack

Trump must be getting really nervous about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to announce, because on the same day that Russian assets plunged after the text of the proposed "crushing sanctions" contemplated by the Senate was leaked, sending the ruble, Russian stocks and bond plunging, moments ago the Trump administration announced it was hitting Russia with new sanctions punishing Putin's government for the March 4 nerve-agent attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the U.K.

While Skripal and his daughter survived the attack attributed to the Russian nerve agent Novichok, a British woman died and her companion became gravely ill after coming in contact with the substance just miles from the site of the March attack.

The State Department said in a statement that under the 1991 Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act, Russia was found to have "used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or had used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own nationals."

No public evidence confirming Russia's involvement has yet been released, and instead UK and US authorities hope the public will accept the conclusion on faith alone.

As a result, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed off on a determination that Russia violated international law by poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter in March. Although the U.S. joined European countries in publicly blaming Moscow within days of the attack, the Trump's administration had never issued the formal determination that triggers automatic sanctions under a decades-old U.S. law on chemical weapons.

This was the second US response to the alleged Russian nerve-gas attack: in March, the US expelled 60 Russian diplomats as part of a joint response with allies to the novichok attack. Russia responded by ordering an equal number of US envoys to leave.

The State Department said the sanctions are expected to take effect around August 22 but didn’t immediately say what they would entail. According to separate press reports, the sanctions would come in two tranches:

  • the first tranche of sanctions would ban licenses for export of sensitive national security goods to Russia.
  • the second tranche could then downgrade diplomatic relations, suspend Aeroflot's ability to fly to the US and to cut nearly all exports and imports.

The ruble extended its decline on the news, plunging over 3.3% on the day.

As NBC adds, "the decision could bolster President Donald Trump's claim that despite the noise of the Mueller probe that he calls a "witch hunt," his administration has been tough on Moscow in practice and has hit hard when needed."

Actually, scratch the "could": by greenlighting the new sanctions, Trump hopes to endear himself to either Mueller, or the US public, as the US president who has launched wave after wave of crippling Russian sanctions, thereby demonstrating his innocence.

One almost wonders if Trump did not warn Putin about precisely this in the letter he delivered to the Russian president through Rand Paul.


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No public evidence confirming Russia's involvement has yet been released, and instead UK and US authorities hope the public will accept the conclusion on faith alone.

Reminds me of another nation that used fake Russian aggression as a pretext for war...

"What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

"This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.

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This was engineered by McCain.

MI6 has always manipulated the US in to war after war. A good example in modern history was a British Empire agent code named Intrepid, he was in NYC and developed the British intelligence network in the US. He was in direct contact with Roosevelt(Rosenvelt). The majority of Americans were sick and tired of war after WWI and the treatment of veterans after the war. The majority of Americans were against assisting the British Empire in another of their wars.

This is just one example of MI6 manipulating America into war.

There has been no real evidence of nerve agent used in Syria in the two incidents. I know nerve agent real well, I was Nuclear, Biological, Chemical defense of a nuclear weapon's detachment, WSD/K, I have seen what nerve agent does from Top Secret films. It was horrible but I had to be trained. Later my section was the only section to pass an IG inspection, I made 100%. I can tell you everything, but I promise you no nerve agent was used in the two incidents in Syria requiring cruise missile attack. This was my second job in the unit, my main job was arming nuclear weapons.

The Chemical warfare labs of the UK was in this area, now called the UK, but they're still running the Imperial British Empire from the London banking district called "The city" and around 30 million are still obeying the crown. The UK is a democracy in name only, all systems of Imperial Great Britain are still operational from crown companies used for espionage to illegal trade to the crown running the show.(The Bilderberg group is the royals and their Jewish bankers running the world choosing American leaders to lead us in to war after war, the recent activity is wars for oil because Europe and the UK are running out of North Sea oil.)

The UK chemical warfare center is real close to the second use of nerve agent. They nearly died. It was from a bottle discarded by MI6 who stole a copy of the Russian nerve agent. If it would have been the real Russian nerve agent then I promise you more than a few people would be sick, many hundreds would be dead. It may have been a training agent for chemical warfare based on the Russian nerve agent. It is a weak agent, not the real thing.

McCain is a mind controlled Manchurian Candidate from the POW camp in North Vietnam. He used the Senator Jeremiah Denton coat tails to rise to Senator.

The Pentagon has refused to release details of McCains treason in Vietnam. He gave away the altitude of attack and how we fight in the air, this allowed SAM crews to shoot down many US aircraft. At that time McCain was featured on Radio Hanoi.

In one of my investigations, I was seated at a table talking to an old Command Sergeant Major at the VA, Itwas just small talk, a Marine working at the VA came by and said how are you doing Sergeant Major, I knew then he was real and the medals he was wearing on civilian clothes were real. He was a Command Sergeant Major of military intelligence, I said Sergeant Major I need to ask you something. When you were in Vietnam did you hear McCain make anti-American speeches on Radio Hanoi. He said I was at such and such which was the Military Intelligence Command and Army Security Agency(the NSA of the Army I was in 404th ASA for two years.) It means, the Command Sergeant Major was giving me classified data on McCain.

He said yes McCain made those speeches. McCains NVA code name is "Song Bird" he was the only POW not promoted and his father was an Admiral. That is the only reason he was not kicked out of the Navy with dishonor.

The Russians interrogated McCain and they put him under chemicals similar to MKULTRA. I have watched McCain for years. I know each and every classified data on McCain.

Lets get back to nerve agent, the US Army has training agents, not full strength. What we are seeing in Great Britain could be a training agent stolen by MI6 and then the bottle was tossed on the road by a car leaving the scene. If a real nerve agent was used in the first incident, everyone around would have dropped dead, I promise you. What I saw were not the symptoms of nerve agent. On the second incident, it was said, the woman thought it was perfume. I promise you and I do not want to relive my chemical warfare training, she and anyone around her would have gone into violent convulsions, everyone would have been dead in less than a minute, it doesn't matter how much. These UK Mofos think the Americans are stupid.

Look at MI6, Sir Andrew Wood, an MI6 operative meets who in Canada? McCain. McCain was working with MI6 and tried to get out of it with lies in his new book, The Restless Wave. McCain then took the Steele dossier from an MI6 courier and hand carried it to Comey.

Why would a man try to destroy a man trying to help the American people recover from economic roiling of the economy for over 30 years? McCain works closely with Senator Feinstein, and Feinstein has been pulling the strings on the coup against Trump, her long time aid, former FBI agent has been deeply involved in all of this.

So now, Trump under duress from Mueller, a man you saw commit felony after felony at FBI director, we all saw, some said he was a Marine in Vietnam why is he doing this?

Why is Trump being destroyed is because he prevents them from looting the nation to its destruction and Clinton would have helped with the looting.

The Russian Khazar gypsy Jews in this nation want to destroy Russia, the same as the 1917 genocide of over 20 million Christians, the names of the Khazars doing this, are the original Khazar names.

Trump is being forced to make cruise missile strikes in Syria by Deep State advisors loyal to Israel First over America and now he is being forced in to burning all bridges to peace with Russia when the Russians DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THE CHINESE ORBIT.

That's the best I can do for you.

Edit note: I can take a polygraph on each word of the above. And when the plan was to be friends with Vietnam, when a high ranking Vietnamese was in DC, remember the bear hug McCain gave him and showed his love, well he doesn't want the NVA releasing any data about it. Again, the above is classified data, that's Top Secret data released to me in a private conversation at the VA by a US Army Command Sergeant Major of Military Intelligence.

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 I think everyone on ZH knows I’m a Trumptard, but I have to disagree with a paragraph you inserted, actually more like just a few words:


”Trump is being forced . . .” 


All due respect for I found your comment fascinating, but as much as I support Trump I don’t think he’s anyone’s “Hero”. I don’t believe anyone can “force” him to do anything. That’s one of the reasons I voted for him knowing he’d make decisions I wouldn’t like nor agree with but they’d be “his” decisions. Trump’s mistakes are his own that I attribute to him directly. I am extemely disappointed in him for this bullshit. Not so much his sanctions on Russia I care about but his “reason”. Of ALL people Trump should know the dangers, evilness and no good that can come from manipulating the masses with false flags. HYPOCRACY, MR. TRUMP! 


Note: This is the first time I have not called Trump, President Trump. 

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Let me explain. Trump is under political duress, it was a poor choice of words. He's forced to burn all bridges with Russia from people like McCain. That's irrational and he knows it.

If he doesn't, then politically it will hurt him. They'll jump around in a savage dance for his head and use the TV to make him bleed. Already people like you are being turned against him. Do you watch TV? of course you do, it is influencing a negative opinion on Trump. Do you really believe he wanted to pile sanctions after sanctions on Russia, when he said we need a relationship with Russia? well more and more sanctions isn't a positive relation.

We've seen time and again, McCain working over time to destroy Trump, McCain has only one purpose and that is to take Trump out. It has nothing to do with accusations of Russian chemical warfare.

Trump is in the middle of a politically motivated Mueller investigation and McCain is doing everything he can to make collusion stick. If Trump wanted to talk with Russia and make peace, then it's collusion. Is that rational? that's totally insane.

Trump wanted a new beginning with Putin. It was an extremely important meeting, the media cut Trumps and the American people's throat. They want war, and it will kill us too and they could careless. They've stirred it up to civil war level in the USA and they're driving for a war with Russia. Is that rational?

So Trump must toe the line for us. He's surrounded by Deep State operatives. He tried to appease the Deep State with Bolton and the sanctions on Russia.

Sanctions and the Khazars push for war is being blown out of proportion. It's irrational at this point, and has driven Russia into the Chinese.

What was Trump trying to do when he met Putin? He was saying we need to talk and have some kind of relationship. But what I'm seeing from the media, the Deep State and people like McCain is insanty for inbred Jews.

He can't do what he wants, the neocons have already tried to sabotage the Korea issue with fake news. It's fake news everyday. Why all the lies?

His advisors are lying to him and I can prove it in spades.

Edit Note: I looked up your posting history using Google, you're indeed a Trump support, you rip peoples head off and suck their brains.

I believe Trump is a hero. I really do, if it were Clinton or any of the Globalist sell outs, then within four years, our economy would be in deep trouble. We're on the edge of the abyss. We couldn't sustain the nearly $900 billion annual trade deficit. With global population ramping up, we can't take more people. We can't provide unskilled labor with jobs so we would be paying through the nose.

Homeland Security announced recently unlike Obama Homeland Security who wouldn't explain the over stay on visas, saying they didn't know. Well a recent finding showed nearly 700,000 over stays in one year, this confirms what I've been saying, the 11 million illegals number is wrong, even the Lt governor of Texas said it's over 30 million.

If over stay is nearly 700K each year and they flooded in expecting amnesty during Obama, well the number is closer to 40 million than the 30 million number.

The DNC and many democrat states are allowing illegals to vote. In the last election it was over a million voted illegally because they're illegal. And there were millions of ghost voters, because it was easy to see, more ballots cast than adult population. So I figure Trump won the popular vote.(it's real funny, when illegals enter the country and can vote illegally to vote me out of my house and country LOL it funny, I laugh about it all the time, it's so so funny.)

This time will be more cheating, they've told us, and a federal judge ruled recently no one has to prove citizenship to vote in America, there is no way to stop it. Trump can be voted out of office by cheating. So I try to do the best on explaining the political dynamics so more people can accurately gauge their reality. I'm not perfect.

And again, I do believe he is a hero, no one could have stood up to this and turned the tables. His own party is trying to kill him, the media actually tries to kill him not just with fake news actual people saying kill him, and the federal workers like the FBI and DOJ are trying to kill him, the homosexual former CIA officer on CNN said the CIA was going kill him, well I have never seen this in my life.

Trump is trying to bring back jobs and what is everyone trying to do? kill him.

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Also, I can say with no doubt in my military mind, there has been no nerve agent attack in the two Syrian incidents. And in both the UK incidents there was no nerve agent attack.

Does Trump know what nerve agent does? no he is a practical business man. He is surrounded with many dangerous people who are advisors.

If Kelly, McMasters, Mattis and Pompeo didn't know there were no nerve agent attacks, then something bad is wrong. Just a pin prick, the end of pin, a small amount will kill so fast there is no taking people to the hospital.

Atropine must be shot into an artery immediately, but these people in Syria showed no signs of nerve agent. In UK, the first so called nerve agent victims passed out on a bench, no they would be dead in less than a minute. And the woman who thought it was perfume and her husband would be dead in less than a minute. She rubbed it on her face.

What I saw was impossible. One small pin drop, the size of a needle tip, can kill over a thousand people in a minute.

These were training agents in the UK or it didn't happen. And only made them sick?, a soldier without a gas mask, called a protective mask in the army would die in a minute.

I had to watch film after film and had to be gassed with CS many times. In the films were classified testing of nerve agent. In one film, the amount of nerve agent was shown, then a sheep was put in a gas chamber, then the extremely small amount was put in the gas chamber. It wasn't aerosol like they are claiming in Syria, but it was dropped on some kind of small container and opened in the gas chamber. Within less than a minute, the sheep was having convulsions, the sheep was dead in less than a minute. There was a stop clock on the screen.

The convulsions are extreme violent jerking, an it causes one not to be able to breath.

If it was aerosol in Syria as what we were told, it would have killed thousands and thousands of people, there would have been no need for the hospital. Then we see White Helmets with no mask, using water on people and carrying them around for a television show. It was impossible, they would be dead in a minute.

One must take atropine immediately or you're dead in less than a minute. In the military everyone knows this, and it's drilled into each and every soldier to do this  immediately.

The Russian nerve agent was said to be much more powerful than what I'm talking about. I can promise, the people around the former spy and his daughter wouldn't be walking around, they would be dead. The woman who thought it was a perfume bottle, everyone around would be dead. In both cases, there would be no going to the hospital and recovery for anyone.

I believe it was all staged, and correlated to the Singapore use against Kim Jong Un's brother which was played by media for months. So it sold well in the UK.

The four military officers advising Trump would know it wasn't a real nerve agent attack in the UK and Syria. All four lied. So you see what Trump is up against, he is surrounded by Deep State players who are lying to him. Who could careless for the American people. This is how low America has sunk when this nation can no longer trust it's military.

Edit Note: I made mistake.

I had a heated exchange on here when the Syrian gas attack was said to be chlorine gas. I said I went to chemical warfare school, and all that. I stated chlorine doesn't do what is being said it did, it displaces oxygen close to the surface. And during WWI it was used to fill fox holes and bunkers with chlorine. This was taught in chemical warfare school. It requires large amounts to do this, I didn't see this in Syria. To kill, it requires tonnes and tonnes of chlorine gas.

Again, all five of these chemical warfare attacks were false.

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What would be real is to put the four officers in a combined congressional hearing. Lock the door, then drop a pin prick of not the Russian nerve agent but the weaker VX  and tell them it is VX, those officers would go nuts trying to break down the door. It would kill everyone in less than minute.

Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, and Pompeo have lied to Trump period.


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I didn't go over the nerve gas assassination of Kim's brother until now.

The US said it was VX nerve agent. I reviewed the video, that went from a clear close circuit camera real clear, to an out of focus for the attack. This wasn't a VX nerve agent assassination. The target couldn't walk to the entry and to the airport clinic. Anyone within proximity would be dead. The two women would be dead. The police he spoke to with hand gestures to his face would be dead, the airport clinic workers would be dead.

As I have explained above, there is absolutely no way this could happen. Pompeo was at CIA during this time and was advocating secret ops in Iran, the CIA on the ground in Afghanistan like combat soldiers killing people, not intelligence gathering.

He bragged during Senate confirmation for state department secretary about the killing of the Russian contractors and the number killed. It was the sickest confirmation I've ever seen.

Trump is being lied to about the nerve agent incidents, led by the nose.

These people are liars, Pompeo, Mattis, Kelly and McMaster.

Again to make it real, we need a combined congress and these four liars in a locked Senate, and just place the two women's gloves on the floor in the middle. I can guarantee, no one would leave that room alive. And these four liars know it.

All four have committed treason.

We're being set up for wars across the entire world. Why hasn't there been a graduated phased sanctions relief for North Korea to give Kim political support?

It's real serious, I doubt Trump will be a two term president. The Deep State are milking him for all he's worth and to the Deep State he's not worth much and they have proved zero respect for him, to do what they have done.

It's like betrayals in Roman history. We always hear conspiracy this and that, well let me help you. The study of history is full of conspiracies of state.

We're living in an "Et tu Bute" conspiracy. Means, when Julius Caeser was murdered, he said to Butus, you to Brutus. If these liars are willing to do this to Trump to push him in to war, they're capable of doing anything to him.

I have used Google to look for a US Army film of test of animals in a gas chamber. I can promise you, I was honor graduate of the 8th US Army Korea nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare school. I had the highest passing grade of 100%. And in my unit, I passed an 8th Army IG inspection when no one had a passing grade for their section. I have a document in my possession will prove I did this. It is signed by West Point officer Lt Nepal, he was my warhead team Commander in WSD/K. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He's a retired Colonel. I still have his letter of appreciation. If you question it, then I will write word for word what is written.

We have seen five hoaxes for war. All lies, does UK woman May, the leader of the UK, does she know what nerve agent will do?

Let me make it absolutely clear to you, if you ever used Raid to kill a roach, you will see the roach going in to violent shaking., That's nerve agent for roaches, it attacks the nerve system. In a human or mammal the violent shaking is much worse than the roach and much quicker. It's kills in less than a minute.

Hundreds in the airport would have died in minutes. There was no way, Kim's brother could have walked. period.

There was no way the spy and his daughter in the UK would have survived. And they said it was a Russian nerve agent? It's many times more powerful than VX. It's so powerful, I doubt a soldier could give himself the injection needed to live.

We have been lied to by CIA, MI6 and KCIA to start a world war.

Now a simple question, why didn't mainstream media do a good investigation? as we can see MSM can't tell the truth on anything.

Edit Note: I made a mistake.

I had a heated exchange on here when one of the Syrian gas attacks was said to be chlorine gas. I said I went to chemical warfare school, and all that. I stated chlorine doesn't do what is being said it did, it displaces oxygen close to the surface. During WWI it was used to fill fox holes and bunkers with chlorine. This was taught in chemical warfare school. It requires large amounts to do this, I didn't see this in Syria. To kill, it would require tonnes and tonnes of chlorine.

Again, all five of these chemical warfare attacks are false.

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Yes, but unfortunately there was a new contract not so long ago and Russia likes fulfilling the contracts unless there's a clause that allows legitimate exit. 

US and their puppet masters in the American private sector want to destroy Russia because they didn't get enough look in.

But just like they thought they could destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya for a takeover, their plans will not work with Russia, either.

How about America devoting time, energy, and money to improving the conditions of their own citizens? Russians can take care of themselves. 

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There is no evidence for any of these fake anti-Russian allegations.

i don’t believe anything the US government says, except sometimes the weather reports. 

And the weather reporting is wrong 75% of the time.

The US government’s Russia reports are wrong 100% of the time. 


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There is still ZERO evidence that the ‘Skripal’ event - well - even took place !!! 

I agree with the first poster - something BIG - this way cometh !! 

((( They ))) can’t even tell a LIE these days - that the people actually believe ! 

We could be coming to the end of the road and at the end of that road - is - a FUCKING cliff !!! 

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I'm watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam war.  It's about how the we invaded Vietnam and how much the american citizens were lied to. Also how all the locals ended up hating us. You could take this same film and just change the name of the country to Iraq, Syria Libya or Afghanistan and it would all be the same. Not quite so many casualties on our part but pretty much the same results.

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Jim has been claiming for months that peace is about to break out all over the planet. Seems it's been delayed for the next hundred or so years. It's best to plan ahead. Now is the time to stock up on those sticks and stones to fight the next war as the survivors of the current rush to peace emerge from their bomb proof bunkers into a radiated wasteland.

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