As Anti-'Open Borders' Populism Spreads, Merkel & Macron's Poll Numbers Plunge

Authored by Duane Norman via Free Market Shooter blog,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are now faced with their worst public approval ratings, hitting record lows, as conservatism and populism spreads across the European Union.

According to a YouGov poll released last Friday, Macron’s approval rating dropped by five points to 27% against 62% disapproval.

Notably, at this time last year, Macron’s approval rating was at 50%. The sharp drop in support comes after one of Macron’s bodyguards was filmed savagely beating a protester.

Macron’s former bodyguard, Alexandre Benalla, hit and stomped a young man whilst wearing a police visor on May 1st. Benalla, who was not a policeman, had been given permission to “observe police operations” on his day off.

Many accused the incident of being covered up when it was not reported to police and that Benalla’s punishment – two weeks suspension without pay and being transferred to an administrative job – wasn’t enough.

Although the Benalla scandal certainly didn’t help Macron, his low approval numbers come after many conservative victories. In the last year, elections in Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Austria saw populist movements spring up with citizens voting for strong borders, to protect their heritage, and to reject globalism.

With Macron’s turbulent poll numbers, Germany’s Merkel is also experiencing less-than-stellar performance reviews after public support for her coalition government fell to 29%.

Merkel’s approval rating has fallen since she opened Germany’s borders to more than one million refugees and migrants during the peak of the immigration crisis. Her coalition government’s 29% rating is also the first time in history the alliance has ever dropped below 30%.

As detailed by Breitbart, Merkel barely won a fourth term in September 2017 – with the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) gaining ground.

The AfD also hit a new high of 17% support – and polls even showed that 74% of citizens were unhappy with the current German government.

Across Europe, more and more citizens are waking up to the threat of open borders and illegal immigration. Even if many do hold anti-immigration views or beliefs, they often keep their opinions to themselves after seeing what happens to those who do dare to speak up. However, even if most citizens choose to remain silent in the face of an invading force hellbent on unrooting and transforming their culture, they have made their voices heard through voting.

Populist and conservative movements have sprung up all across Europe, with nationalistic leaders being elected into office in an attempt to curtail and reverse the flow of migrants and refugees into traditional communities – and more movements will certainly keep igniting across the European Union as citizens decide enough is enough and put security and safety ahead of feelings. The citizens across Europe finally standing up must pray, however, that it isn’t too late to put an end to the dire threats infecting their countries.


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It would have been nice/better if anti-war would spread too. It's the sole reason for the millions of refugees. But then, humans are inherently short-sighted. It never occurred to them their governments have been (silent) supporters of/instrumental in wars that destroyed other nations/people. If it did, it never mattered until they, themselves are hit with the consequences.

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Well I don't know if it's worldly naivete on the part of euro-peon leaders or a lust to grow the ranks of their bureaucratic functionaries or a real conscious effort to "change" the cultures of the nations in europe but even the term "open borders" is jacked up, why even have a border if it is left undefended? 

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She goes down as a more ridiculous historical figure than Chamberlin.  

We are fighting to-day for our life, for our liberty, for our all; we cannot go on being led as we are. I have quoted certain words of Oliver Cromwell. I will quote certain other words. I do it with great reluctance, because I am speaking of those who are old friends and associates of mine, but they are words which, I think, are applicable to the present situation. This is what Cromwell said to the Long Parliament when he thought it was no longer fit to conduct the affairs of the nation: You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.

Simply stated: the greatest and grandest example of lack of forethought and consequences in her half of a century, historical, indelible, irreversible.…

Germany Warns U.S.: Sanctions on Iran Could ‘Boost Radical and Fundamentalist Forces’

Meanwhile in a compound in the US desert you have again the pedophile murdering on our own soil, now Germany wants to surrender to globalism and relativism irrespective of the costs to children, I as an American say NO!…

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You will notice that the problem does not only take place in Europe as it has grown beyond appalling in Australia right now:…

Also please note that defending one's borders becomes fashionable again only in destitute third world countries like India:…

Or UK:…

So the wheel is cranking up again. Slowly but it will eventually catch up with what's left of our once glorious white civilisation.



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Yes. Australia is a sick pedophile Satanic murdering den of dogshit. Time for it all to be burned down. 

These Rothschild puppets in Germany and France are done for. Why? Rothschild is done for. Meaning? Satanic Judaic Zionism is dead and done for. All over the world. And as this happens, every last pedophile and trafficker will be wiped out in tandem. For those abominations of Satanic Judaic evil in particular, were tied into pedophilia—they were abominations. None of them will survive. Not a single pedophile will be left alive. You burn down the Satanic Judaic 'religion' first. The rest follows. 


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Feel the same way, burning. Hang in there please.

Watergate lasted 784 days. Old Trickee Dlikee almost looks like a saint these days. 
 "There will be no white wash at the White House"
He at least had the dignity to resign,
President Richard Nixon - Address Announcing Resignation
‘If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished, and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.’ 
The criminal bitch never ever wins but will not fuck of. They all work for Her!
Pizza, Podesta, Comey, Clapper, Mueller, Justice, State, CIA, FBI, Dems, Media, PaleFacebook, Gurgle, and a gaggle of intellectualy paralysed zombies watching CNN. And Don Lemon. And Soros. Backed by the RothchildrenRUS, MI6, GCHQ fairy tales from Fusion Gps with just a whiff of Novichoke, choke.
As another Dark Ancestor once said "Your either with us or against us".
Well M.F. times have changed.
Avast Lads! There be Skulls and Bones in the locker and fresh Arkancide in the air.
Slaves to traffic, Drugs to Peddle, Arms to Deal, Guns to Run, Gold to Smuggle, Mobs to Rule, Favours to be Paid, Lie's to be Told, Rules to be Bent,  Rich's to be Lost, Regimes to be Tumbled, Servers to be Bleached, Boys to be Whipped, Demons to Worship, Babies to Burn, 11's to 9. And the really bad stuff.
If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." ~ GHB
If we knew?  Poppy Schiff has been taking too much the family medicine down at Bo Grove if he still thinks we havn't caught on yet. I knew. Some have not forgotten. Plenty are learning fast.
"If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses"! 
"They would chase us down the street and lynch us." ~
I can vote for that.
His name was Seth Rich. 
Nooses?  Lynchings? Pizza?
The wrath of the people is coming i can feel it.
Rant off. Have a nice day ZH'gers.


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Trump DOJ is investigating Clinton Foundation: federal agents load boxes into Boeing 757 at Little Rock Airport

Posted on August 9, 2018 by Dr. Eowyn | 30 Comments

Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not do things with fanfare.…


In April 2018, The Daily Beast reported that “sometime last fall, without saying anything publicly at the time,” Sessions had “quietly appointed a prosecutor to probe Trump’s foes” — John Huber, U.S. Attorney for Utah. The left-leaning Daily Beast calls Huber’s appointment “could be an unprecedented disaster” for Democrats.

On July 31, 2018, Sessions made a brief stop in Little Rock, ostensibly to hold a “press event only” news conference at 10:50 a.m. to talk about efforts to combat violent crime.

Yes indeed, it makes perfect sense for Sessions to fly more than 1,000 miles from Washington, D.C., to Little Rock for a press conference.

On August 7, 2018, Little Rock’s Newsradio 1029 reported that federal agents were seen loading boxes into a DOJ-owned Boeing 757 at Little Rock Airport.



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The Hildabeast is just middle management.  Like the CIA's Tim Osmond in 2001 (aka OBL), she is turning from an asset to a liability very quickly.  And like Timmy, they will try to convert this liability to a sort of asset. In Timmy's case, the Lee Harvey patsy of the Mossad/Neocon inside job.  (Their major FF's always need an individual patsy.  If they have more than one, then it legally becomes a conspiracy which makes the official story messier.) Stay tuned for the Beast, but I am rather confident she will either be thrown under the bus legally, or more probably, die of "natural causes" during the next 12 months to avoid a trial.  Maybe a directed energy weapon, either microwave or scalar.  They autopsy as either a heart attack or a stroke.

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Wait, I thought Australia was showing us the way for dealing with ethnic invasion?  Apparently not.

Seems pretty obvious to me that if your quiet, peaceful, once-homogenous suburb is getting invaded by gangs of black fellas, and there aren't any guns to be afraid of, you rally the neighborhood, find about 20 men with balls, make yourselves simple wooden (plywood) shields and one-handed wooden clubs, nothing elaborate needed, do a bit of drilling together (medieval military tactics widely available on you tube)'s on.  A phalanx of 20 trained men will easily clean up a horde of 100.  They won't come back in a hurry.

When I first saw "neighborhood watch" signs I assumed that's what it was.  Didn't realize it was just spying. 

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You missed the effort to hide this monetary slave system is heading off the cliff and they need to print print print, they need more tax slaves to prop up the system. 

You  missed, the only way to occupy the greater Isrl project, is to have more people that conform to their racist theology and ideology.  So again just like WWII they have to drive them into waiting arms.  Nothing like daily scaring those chosen out of their countries.


And the only real threat to this system is an uprising of righteous people with christian believes not the popes version..  Perhaps another martin luther, or perhaps the great reform will be russian orthodox this time around.

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You brink the fabulously wealthy elites that rule those countries might have something to do with those wars, not just the foreign countries that sell them arms? You think it might have something to do with the brutal factionalism in many of those countries, where one religious or ethnic group seeks to get dominance and the riches that come with it for a few families? Me thinks it has a lot to do with the people in the countries that the refugees flee from, albeit no one wants to blame anything on his or her own people. 

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 It's the sole reason for the millions of refugees.

It manifestly is NOT and it is way past time people stop posting this nonsense. Refugees seek refuge - that is historically, and logically in neighbouring countries.

These millions are economic migrants and seek welfare given to them by idiot, virtue-signalling liberals in Western countries and stolen from indigenous tax-payers in those countries.


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JC: You're peddling bunk that's repeatedly retailed by racists and MIC shills... while refugees come from lots of nations, the vast majority entering the EU recently are from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq... others from the wreckage of Clinton's Balkan wars... the remaineder are background noise

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Fuck off, Trumpturds.  Hypocritical cunts.  You want to end chained migration?  Then tell Melania's parents to fuck off back to the brothel they lived in when they sold her to Donald.