Lord Rothschild: The New World Order Is At Risk

Over the past three years, an unexpected voice of caution has emerged from one of the most legendary families in finance: Lord Jacob Rothschild. 

Lord Jacob Rothschild

Readers may recall that as part of the RIT Capital Partners 2014 annual report commentary, the scion of Rothschild family warned that "the geopolitical situation is most dangerous since WWII." One year later, Jacob Rothschild again warned about the outcome of "what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world", and then again in August 2017 he cautioned that "share prices have in many cases risen to unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is by no means assured."

Little did he know that they were only going to keep rising, but related to that, he also made another warning which the market has so far blissfully ignored:

The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end. Geopolitical problems remain widespread and are proving increasingly difficult to resolve.

Fast forward to today when in the latest half-year commentary from RIT Capital Partners, Lord Rothschild has made his latest warning to date, this time focusing on the global economic system that was established after WWII, and which he believes is now in jeopardy.

The billionaire banker pointed to the US-China trade war and the Eurozone crisis as the key problems putting economic order at risk, and the lack of a "common approach" - a reference to the gradual unwind of globalization in the wake of President Trump - that has made "co-operation today much more difficult":

"In 9/11 and in the 2008 financial crisis, the powers of the world worked together with a common approach. Co-operation today is proving much more difficult. This puts at risk the post-war economic and security order."

It wasn't clear if he was referring to the post-war fiat standard that emerged once FDR devalued the dollar relative to gold, and then fixed a price for the yellow metal, a tenuous link that was subsequently destroyed by Nixon who finally took the US off the gold standard, or the primacy of the dollar which emerged as the world's reserve currency after the end of WWII, but whenever one of the people who profited handsomely from the "post war world order" warns it may be on its last legs, it may be time to worry.

With global risks growing, how is Rothschild positioned? The Lord writes that "in the circumstances our policy is to maintain our limited exposure to quoted equities and to enter into new commitments with great caution" and indeed, in the first half, RIT had a net quoted equity exposure of only 47%, historically low. The reason: the iconic banking family is concerned that the 10-year bullish cycle and market rally could finally be ending.

The cycle is in its tenth positive year, the longest on record. We are now seeing some areas of weaker growth emerge; indeed the IMF has recently predicted some slowdown.

While Rothschild noted that "many of the world’s economies have enjoyed a broad-based acceleration not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, with as many as 120 countries seeing stronger growth last year" he also cautioned that "we continue to believe that this is not an appropriate time to add to risk. Current stock market valuations remain high by historical standards, inflated by years of low interest rates and the policy of quantitative easing which is now coming to an end."

One potential risk is Europe, where debt levels have reached "potentially destructive levels":

The problems confronting the Eurozone are of concern – both political and economic – given the potentially destructive levels of debt in a number of countries.

There is also the threat that the global trade war escalates substantially from here, as Chinese stocks have learned the hard way:

The likelihood of trade wars has increased tension and the impact on equities has been marked, for example by early July the Shanghai Composite Index had dropped some 22% from its peak in January.

Rothschild also echoed the recent warning from the head of the Indian Central Bank, warning that the shrinking of global dollar liquidity is hurting emerging markets:

Problems are likely to continue in emerging markets, compounded by rising interest rates and the US Fed’s monetary policy which has drained global dollar liquidity. We have already seen the impact on the Turkish and Argentinian currencies.

Finally, Rothschild remains understandably "concerned about geo-political problems including Brexit, North Korea and the Middle East, at a time when populism is spreading globally."

* * *

Rothschild continued the shift away from US capital markets exposure announced two years ago, noting that his "exposure to absolute return and credit assets continued to generate steady returns and on currencies, the net asset value benefited from the strengthened US Dollar."

Compare the collapse in the fund's USD exposure, which as of June 30 was only 29%, to the 62% as recently as December 31, 2016.

Not surprisingly, RIT's investment portfolio continues do quite well, and has now returned over 2,400% since inception

Below is a snapshot of where every hedge fund wants to end up: the Rothschild investment portfolio:

Finally, for all those wondering where the Rothschild family fortune is hiding, here is the answer


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Dear Lord Rothschild,


I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty's Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet:


"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

I should be grateful if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.


Yours sincerely,


Arthur James Balfour.[1]


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Lord Rothschild should be shopping for a coffin instead of still trying to control the world.

He has contributed massively to worldwide social upheavals all his rotten life but now it is time for him to step down.


All his accursed family ever brought to this world was bloodshed and grief, looting and tyranny, and all of it in the interest of sadistic control of entire populations.

The least he could do is keep his big, fat mouth shut while all his decaying internal systems are shutting down.

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The purpose of a One World Government for the Rothschild (((banksters))) was to establish a One World Bank concentrating credit and debt control for the entire globe into their hands, necessitating the transfer and the enforcement of trade with the new fiat currency from the US Fed and the US military to the  proposed One World Bank and to the proposed One World Government (the UN) backed up an international military police force.  

The globalist proposal is simply an extension of the present post-war Western Anglo-Zionist system which is responsible for:  mountains of debt for the West; a dollar worth less than 1/3 of what it was worth right after WWII; US-Israeli-engineered 9/11 false-flag terrorism and endless wars of conquest and continued plundering of weaker nations in the Middle East; the debt-rigging and enslavement of countless poorer nations around the globe; Zionist Nazism and apartheid in Israel; the creation of the ever-growing, communist and militaristic superpower of China; the concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer irresponsible hands; Western economic privation with the draining away and offshoring of countless industries and jobs in the name of free-trade; the devastation of national sovereignties and cultures; and, the virtual extinction of a Christian civilization. 

The concentration and control of money and finances has proven that the owners can buy anyone and anything they want, including entire nations.  As long as the creation of money and the control of credit and debt remains concentrated in the hands of a few people who are accountable to no one but to themselves, it will remain the main instrument of their power and our enslavement. 

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New World Order?????  Look at that piece of shit and all the other old, elitist, scumbag traitors of humanity...it's not the New World Order they're afraid of losing...it's the OLD World Order.

The New World Order is what we should call the uprising that will put these monsters behind bars or hanging from ropes.  Either way, I'm fine with. 

I hear Guantanamo Bay is a lovely place now...newly renovated to house 13,000 new prisoners.  Gee, I wonder who Trump is preparing to fill that place with?

Pack yer bags now Hitlery...maybe you'll get a top bunk in the gray bar hotel.  Water boarding is so refreshing in this heat, too. 

Just sayin'...  ;-)

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Their New world order is them being freed from the constraints of God which is also what the Masons mean by liberty and justice for all, The problem for them is the constraints of God are built into creation and they know it. So they had their Kingdom and now it will be gone soon, and they know it,that is why they are screaming as they know what comes next

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Oh the poor jew supremacist rothschild whining because his rape and pilliage plans for all the western world might be reaching a plateau.

rothschild and tribe, the funders & creators of the murderous bolshevik jew rampage that killed the Christian Czar & Familly and threw in another starved & murdered 25,000,000 (million) Christians to boot.

The funder & main creator of the EVIL known as so-called israel, that has been on a worldwide terrorist murderous orgy eversince. Stop israeli war crimes Now!

Don't worry world, him and his (((tribe))) will find the jew coals to heap on their murderously hideous destructive fire. They want you burnt to the ground and silenced forevermore.

And they will never stop, with their dying breath they will strive to hang on to your Christian throat. 


Shut down all jew supremacist foreign agent organizations such as; Aipac, Zoa, Adl, Aclu, Splc, Jdl, Jdo, Jwc, Ajc, Cfr, and yes the Naacp (jews) and a thousand more, using the FARA ACT and The RICO Laws-NOW! 


"Against Our Better Judgement- How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel" Allison Weir

"The Bad War" M.S. King (banned by jewmaon due to the screeching of the jwc)

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"Mein Kampf" Adolf Hitler (don't let the jew lying propaganda deceive you, this is a great book)

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"The New Jerusalem" Michael Collins Piper

"The Iron Curtain Over America" John Beaty 

"Breaking The Spell" Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom 

And watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" 


........When America? 

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"200 Years Together" by Solzhenitsyn "

Not on purpose, just couldn't list them all; an excellent resource book that. Packed full of relevant facts, history and a life story that must be known by all.

PDF LINK TO "200 Years Together":


LET'S GET THE TRUTH SUCH AS THIS INTO OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS; instead of the two proven jew fraud books of Elie the weasles Night & Anne Frank's Diary-BOTH PROVED FALSE so-called history, pushed by the everlying jews. 

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