New Emails Reveal Steele Had "Extensive" 2016 Contacts With #4 DOJ Official While Compiling Dossier

The former British spy who used Kremlin sources to assemble a Clinton-funded anti-Trump dossier, which the Obama administration used to spy on the Trump campaign, had extensive contacts with the Department of Justice's #4 official before and after the FBI opened its Trump-Russia probe in the summer of 2016, according to new emails recently turned over to Congressional investigators. 

That official, Bruce Ohr, was demoted twice after the DOJ's Inspector General discovered that he lied about his involvement with opposition research firm Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson - who employed Steele. Ohr's CIA-linked wife, Nellie, was also  employed by Fusion as part of the firm's anti-Trump efforts, and had ongoing communications with the ex-UK spy, Christopher Steele as well. 

In short, Steele was much closer to the Obama administration than previously disclosed, and his DOJ contact Bruce Ohr reported directly to Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates - who approved at least one of the FISA warrants to surveil Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Steele and the Ohrs would have breakfast together on July 30 at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington D.C., while Steele turned in installments of his infamous "dossier" on July 19 and 26. The breakfast also occurred one day before the FBI formally launched operation "Crossfire Hurricane," the agency's counterintelligence operation into the Trump campaign. 

“Great to see you and Nellie this morning Bruce,” Steele wrote shortly following their breakfast meeting. “Let’s keep in touch on the substantive issues/s (sic). Glenn is happy to speak to you on this if it would help.”

Calendar notations and handwritten notes indicate Ohr followed up on Steele’s offer and met with Simpson on Aug. 22, 2016. Ohr’s notes indicate Simpson identified several “possible intermediaries” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

One was identified as a “longtime associate of Trump” who “put together several real estate deals for Russian investigators to purchase Trump properties.” Another was a Russian apparently tied to Carter Page, Ohr’s note of his Simpson contact indicated.

Steele offered Ohr many other theories over their contacts, including a now widely discredited one that the Russian Alfa Bank had a computer server “as a link” to the Trump campaign, Ohr’s notes show. 


In all, Ohr’s notes, emails and texts identify more than 60 contacts with Steele and/or Simpson, some dating to 2002 in London. But the vast majority occurred during the 2016-2017 timeframe that gave birth to one of the most controversial counterintelligence probes in recent American history. -The Hill

Bruce Ohr and wife Nellie, who Fusion GPS hired for anti-Trump effort

Disturbingly, Steele appears to have been lobbying for a Putin-linked Russian oligarch and Paul Manafort associate, Oleg Deripaska, while the former UK spy was also involved in the anti-Trump effort - asking Bruce Ohr to "monitor" Deripaska's efforts to obtain a Visa to attend an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in the US. 

[Perhaps this explains why the Obama administration granted Russian Trump-hating lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya - a Fusion GPS associate - a special visa under "extraordinary circumstances" to enter the US and participate in the Trump Tower meeting and a DOJ lawsuit against her Russian client, Denis Katsyv.]

Emails in 2016 between former British spy Christopher Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr suggest Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of a Putin-linked Russian oligarch, and at times seemed to be advocating on the oligarch's behalf, in the same time period Steele worked on collecting the Russia-related allegations against Donald Trump that came to be known as the Trump dossier. The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele's research and the oligarch's affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele to compile the dossier, was also part of the ongoing conversation. -Washington Examiner

With recent comments by President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani suggesting there's evidence the American public hasn't seen, one has to wonder what we need to "stay tuned" for... 


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for those who (wisely) don't clik on links: I took a gamble and went there. story relates a USG (DOJ?) 757 flew from D.C. to arksaw, where it was loaded up with what looked to be boxes & boxes full of docs. then it flew back to D.C.

that's ...... very very interesting, if nothing else

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I'm beginning to think that the libtards don't really care that these people committed treason and tried to not only sway the election but remove a sitting president after he was elected. They really don't care, the libtards are so fucked up they would throw out the constitution tomorrow if it meant that they could have their dictator of choice as president. It's a crazy world!

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@ chubbar,

We’ve been Tyrannically Lawless for so long that when even the most logical laws are broken, enforcing them becomes impossible with the constant barrage of Deep State PsyOp carried out by their Presstitute appendages.

The Criminal actions of spying, Political Persecution & Espionage carried out by highly Compartmentalized Levels of the CIA, FBI & DOJ on a Presidential Candidate should be indicative of the absolute, complete, open, in your Faces Tyrannical Lawlessness the Republic and The American People find themselves in today.


In a sane world, no doubt Maxine Waters should have been immediately arrested for inciting violence.


However, we’re now living in some sick, twisted, warped, Tyrannical Lawless Dystopian Reality.


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Yea- my whole family and most of my social network are liberals. If you politely inform them about said conspiracy and collusion, they simply do not believe you. If you show them to articles containing direct evidence or links to evidence, they will ignore it as long as possible, hoping you forget it. If you confront them about it, they will tell you that you are wrong and then chastise you as a Trump supporter. If you tell them you are not a Trump supporter, they will tell you you are being manipulated by Russia propaganda or are a Putin supporter. They will do pretty much anything they can to avoid taking a good hard look at factual evidence on the record. Politics is truly the new religion.

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Yuri Bezmenov said that once the 15-20 year process of National Demoralization had taken place, you could show the populace the real information and they would refuse to believe it.  He said, that you could tell them about the Soviet Concentration camps and even brought them there, in person, they'd deny the information!

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I'm with you about liberals not caring about committing treason. Why should they? They are protected by the Deep State machine filled with members on both sides of the aisle. They own the media and have well planted operatives in key positions many layers deep in the alphabet agencies. What have they to fear?

And all that comes out of Republicans is more crying about big bad Rosenstein won't give them the documents they need. Whaaa, whaaa. But they do get good TV time out of it. Trump meanwhile sits at twitter crying how bad Mueller & his team are & how crooked the whole thing is. Cry away but you have all the power to set it straight with the stroke of a pen. But no, the Repubs keep crying & Trump keeps tweeting while neither do a frigging thing about it, even though they both have the power to force the truth to come out. They have no intention of doing so, just more air time. Keep the people riled up with accusations and NO ACTION.

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Bongino just broke that suddenly Mark Warner who sits the the Senate Intelligence Committee wants to meet with Julian Assange  behind closed doors.

Adam Waldmen the lobbiest who represents Oleg Deripaska.  A Russian Oligarch, intimately tied to Putin.  Waldmen, also represents Christopher Steele too. He seems to speak for him in various text exchanges with who? Oh, Mark Warner, the Democratic Senator on the Intel Committee that’s been Corrupted from the start with leaks. 

But who was Waldmen also, maybe not “representing” in as much contacting & having frequent meetings with?


Julian Assange from Wikileaks.


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